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We're an independent freeform station broadcasting at 91.1 fm in New York, at 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley, and with gobs and gobs of online offerings.

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[click on the photo for the soundbite of the day]
Greetings from WFMU
Tomorrow's Yesterdays, Today!

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WFMU stream (Schedule)
Options The Glen Jones Radio Programme
Give the Drummer Radio stream (Schedule)
"Franco et Orchestre T.P.O.K. Jazz - Matata Ya Muasi Na Mobali Ekoki Kosila Te"
Rock & Soul Ichiban stream
"The Tempos - Pardon Me"
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Radio Boredcast stream
"Andrew Sharpley - Slow - for Radio Boredcast (Radio Boredcast Day 14)"

News from the Freeform Front

Lots of great events are coming up at Monty Hall... Coming up at Monty Hall:
Sat Nov 28 - Prove It All Night with Pat Byrne featuring Ike Ufomadu, Ashley Brooke Roberts, and Music from Désir Decir | tickets $5 at the door
Sat Dec 5 - Rocket From the Tombs / EZTV | tickets
Sat Dec 12 - The Real Kids / Baby Shakes / Wyldlife | tickets
Sat Jan 16 - Laura Cantrell / Michael Shelley | tickets

Playing Today

The WFMU time is now 1:12pm EST on Sunday. (Full Schedule.)

6am to 9am Options Burn It Down! with Nate K.
Special: Tim Evans (More info)
9am to Noon This week only: Options Underwater Theme Park with Meghan
Special: Meghan fills in for Jeff Sarge
Noon to 3pm Options The Glen Jones Radio Programme
3pm to 5pm Options Teenage Wasteland with Bill Kelly
5pm to 8pm Options Hello Children with Faye
8pm to 10pm Options Gaylord Fields
10pm to Midnight Options Therese
Midnight to 3am Options The Avant Ghetto with Jeff Conklin
3am to 6am Options Circle Time with Mark R.