January 29, 1999
Best music for making babies: Mr. Al Green

ArtistSelectionAlbum   (Label / Date)
Joe King Kologbo & His High Grace
All Fingers Are Not Equal Sugar Daddy
(Electromat '80)

João Mate

Mama Na Wamina
Anga Monanga

Mozambique One

(Globestyle '89)


Kayamba Dance: Giriama Wedding
(Real Audio)

Kenya & Tanzania: Witchcraft & Ritual Music

(Nonesuch '75)
Unidentified Arouia Idaoua Ouf Emri Tuareg Music
(Folkways '60)

Strobe-Nanafushi (Satori Mix)

Kodo Remix 1
(Columbia '98)

Isan Slété Hua Ngawk Yawk Sao Songs and Music From Northeast Thailand
(Globestyle '89)
Sunarto and Group Gendhing Dolanan Street Music of Central Java
(Lyrichord '76)
Penghulu Along Uda Flower Dream Songs and Healing Sounds in
the Rainforests of Malaysia
(Smithsonian / Folkways '91)

Warren Smith

Ann of Nzinga

Cats are Stealing
My $hit

(Mapleshade '98)

Marzette Watts Geno Marzette Watts
(ESP '66)


Friends Call Me a Fool

Just Walkin' in the Rain
(Charly '54)
Arthur K. Adams The Same Thing Across the Tracks: More Nashville R&B
and Doo Wop
(Ace '62)

Jimi Hendrix

Once I Had a Woman


(MCA '70)

Funny Papa Smith

Tell it to the Judge (Parts 1 & 2)

The Original
Howlin' Wolf

(Yazoo '31)

Dock Boggs

Danville Girl

Country Blues: Complete Early Recordings
(Revenant '27)
Maire O'Sullivan The Fairy Lullaby World Library of Folk & Primitive
Music: Ireland
(Rounder '51)
Goerge Gruntz / Allen Ginsberg Bop Lyrics and An Eastern Ballad Cosmopolitan Greetings
(Migros Genossenschaft Bund '92)

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson

A Very Precious Time

Winter in

(Strata East '74)

Marvin Gaye I've Got My Music Midnight Love & The Sexual Healing
(Columbia / Legacy '82)

Al Green


1320 South Lauderdale Avenue
(Hi '69)
Get Off I Don't Know What It Is But It Sure
Is Funky
(Southbound '73)
War Fidel's Fantasy War
(Avenue '71)
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