April 16, 1999
Some music to die for

ArtistSelectionAlbum   (Label / Date)
Angel Viloria y Su Conjunto Típico Cibaeño El Aji Caribe Los Reyes Del merengue
Angelo y Su Conjunto Modelo Invitacion Agui est´ el Son
(Las Los)


Further East

Ska Authentic

(Studio One '64)

Prince Far I & the Arabs Time Stone Turning Cry Tuff Dub Encounters Chapter IV
(Trojan '81)
Unidentified Cucuk Yugoslavian Folk Music of Macedonia


Dance of Satan

Giuseppi Logan Quartet
(ESP '65)

In-studio interview and audio survey with Michal Shapiro, producer of
Dancing With the Dead: The Music of Global Death Rites (Ellipsis Arts '99)
Artist Selection
Pastor Ediemae Layne Funeral Eulogy for Elder Marguerite McClain
Jane Leuchter Eyl Male Rakhamim
Lileh Choir of Dmanisi Zari Ritual Lamentation
Keith Mahone Hualapai Bird Song
Nasioi People of Papua New Guinea Funeral Music
Antanosy and Mahafaly Peoples of Madagascar Kalokalo
Eureka Brass Band Sing On
Los Camperos de Valles El Llorar
Gabriel Souza Carvalho Amura Sebina, Dabuiá Koké, Coraja Ajaré
Fong Naam The Nang Hong Suite
Koo Nimo and the Kumasi Ensemble Fontomfrom Drums
Unidentified Music for the End of Mourning

Ahmed Abdul-Malik

Ya Annas

Jazz Sahara

(Riverside '58)


Let Yourself Go

Take Me to the River
(Hi mid '70s)
Rev. Kersey Tell Me How Long Negro Religious Music
(Blues Classics '49)
Cast Album
(Porter Singers)
As I Go Tambourines to Glory: Gospel Songs
by Langston Hughes and Jobe Huntley
(Folkways '58)

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