April 30, 1999
Set 101 candles aflame for
Edward Kennedy Ellington

ArtistSelectionAlbum   (Label / Date)
Joe Bonner and Johnny Dyani Soap Opera Suburban Fantasies
(Steeplechase '83)

Rubén Gonzalez


Introducing Rubén Gonzalez

(Nonesuch '96)
Nico Gomzez and Afro Percussion Inc. Cuba Libre Ritual

Duke Ellington

East St. Louis Toodle-oo

Flaming Youth
(RCA Victor '27)

Hamiett Bluiett

Body and Soul

Barbeque Band

(Mapleshade '96)
Coleman Hawkins Yesterdays Hawk in Germany
(Black Lion '60)
Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston The Return of Rocky Mountain
Slim and Desert Rat Shorty
Buffalo Skinners:
The Asch Recordings Vol. 4
(Smithsonian / Folkways)


I'll Never Be Yours

The Recordings of Grayson and Whittier
(County '27)

Jimmie Dale Gilmore Nothing of the Kind Spinning Around the Sun
(Elektra '93)
Souled American Six Feet of Snow Around the Horn
(Elektra '93)
The Mekons Roger Troutman I Have Been to Heaven Back: Hen's Teeth
and Other Lost Fragments of
Unpopular Culture
(Quarterstick '82)

Narciso Martinez
(with Lydia Mendoza)

Medalla de Dios

Father of Texas-
Mexican Conjunto

(Arhoolie '54)
Slim Willet El Paso Gas Slim Willet
(Collector early '50s)

Duke Ellington Across the Track Blues The Works of Duke, Vol. 12
(RCA '40)

Oscar Brown, Jr.

Humdrum Blues

Sin & Soul
(Columbia '60)
Ray Bryant Trio Prayer Song The Ray Bryant Touch
(Cadet '67)
Joe Harriott and John Mayer Subject Indo-Jazz Fusion
(Atlantic '67)
Desert Musicians of Rajasthan Raga Sindhi Bhairavi Woman Talking Book:
Introduction to Asia
(Womad '76)
Jangér Group Puhti Puhti Saput Anduk The Roots of Gamelan
(World Arbiter '28)

Steve Reich It's Gonna Rain Steve Reich Works 1965-1995
(Nonesuch '65)

The Beau Hunks

In Dreams, I Kiss Your Hand,


(Basta '99)
Duke Ellington
(with Joya Sherrill)
Long, Strong and Consecutive Pretty Woman
(RCA Victor '45)

Armando Sánchez y
Son de la Loma

Ensaladas de Montunos

Y Sigue la Cosa
(Montuno '82)
Orquesta Ritmo Oriental Si No Hay Posibilidad Me Voy La Ritmo Oriental Está Llamando
(Globestyle '88)
Los Alcaran La Paramin La Paramin

Gilberto Gil Lunik 9 Caetano / Gil / Gal
(Fontana '69)
The Soul Children We're Gettin' Too Close Friction
(Stax '74)
Bobby "Blue" Bland Turn on Your Love Light
Here's the Man
(Duke '62)
Pearl Dickson Twelve Pound Daddy Frank Stokes' Dream:
The Memphis Blues
(Yazoo '27)
Kumasi Trio Se Minga Biara A Kumasi Trio
(Heritage '28)
Louis Armstrong This Black Cat Has Nine Lives His Last Recordings
(RCA '70)
Ramsey Lewis Trio Arrivederci Roma Pot Luck
(Cadet '63)

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