August 6, 1999
Seek out Hector Lavoe and Ye shall find un gato
muy trágico y hermoso

ArtistSelectionAlbum   (Label / Date)
Cecil Taylor Get Out of Town Love For Sale
(United Artists '59)

Clifford Jordan and John Gilmore


Blowing in
From Chicago

(Blue Note '57)
Herbie Fields
(vocals: Joe Gregory)
Shoot the Arrow to Me Stupid The Changing Face of Harlem
(Savoy '44)
Charlie Spand Soon This Morning No. 2 Juke Joint Jump: A Boogie Woogie

(Columbia / Legacy '40)


What Do You Want Me to Do

In New York
(RCA Victor '29)
Bunny Berigan
(vocals: Chick Bullock)
Melody From the Sky The Great Soloists
(Biograph '36)
Dolores Del Rio Ramona Stars of the Silver Screen
(RCA Victor '28)
Walter Horton Miss Darline Mouth Harp Maestro
(Flair / Virgin '69)

Reverend Pearly Brown Nothin' But Joy It's a Mean Old World to Try to Live In
(Rounder '73)

McCollough Sons of Thunder

He Touched Me
Saints' Paradise:
Trombone Shout Bands
From the United House
of Prayer

Folkways '90)
Arthur Prysock They All Say I'm the Biggest Fool Morning, Noon & Night
(Verve '63)
Millie Esperson Just Another Seaweed The Soul of Texas Blues Women
(Home Cooking mid-'60s)

Wynonie Harris Do It Again, Please Playful Baby
(Route 66 '52)

The Six


A Casual Look

Oldies But Goodies Volume 4
(Original Sound'56)
Beverly Buff No Part Time Love Rockin' Boppin' Girls
Anita Carter As the Sparrow Goes Ring of Fire
(Bear Family late '50s)

Wynn Stewart

How the Other Half Lives

The Challenge Masters
(AVI '58)
Jimmy Murphy Take This Message to Mother Southern Roots
(Ace '65)
Stanley Brothers I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow All-Time Legends of Country Music
(Columbia / Legacy '50)
Rico Bell and the Snake Handlers Bar Where No One Talks Dark Side of Mersey
(Bloodshot '99)

Steve Earle

and the Del
McCoury Band

I'm Still in Love With You

The Mountain
(E Squared '99)

Los Montuneros Son Barranquillero Los Montuneros
Hector Lavoe El Cantante Comedia
(Fania '78)
Unidentified Mejorana Street Music of Panama
(Original '60s)
Marimba Orquesta Gallito Cumbia Barulera Al Paso de Cumbia

Los Belmonts El Celosa Classicos del Rock'n'Roll Mexicano
(Rey del Jaliscos)
Los Strwck Vanidosa La Suegra
(Kubaney '70)
Rodrigue Milien et Son Groupe
Musical Coumbite Creole
Pere Laurenceau Rackêt

John Lindberg


Dimension 5

Dimension 5
(Black Saint '81)
Derek Bailey / George Lewis /
John Zorn
The Legend of Enos Slaughter Yankees
(Celluloid '92)

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