August 27, 1999
Mr. Bernstein, you've made a perfect record

ArtistSelectionAlbum   (Label / Date)
Freddie Hubbard Without a Song The Hub of Hubbard
(MPS '69)


Most of All

A Sanctuary Within
(Black Saint '91)
Eric Dolphy Geewee The Berlin Concerts
(Inner City '61)

Henry "Red" Allen and
Coleman Hawkins
My Galveston Gal 1933
(Smithsonian '33)

Red Mckenzie
and his
Mound City
Blue Blowers

Never Had a Reason to
Believe in You

Jack Teagarden
(RCA Victor '29)
Soundtrack I Love You Much too Much, Muchacha Wake Up and Live
(Hollywood Soundstage '37)
Earl Hines Orchestra Topsy Turvy The Father Jumps
(RCA Bluebird '40)

Ethio Stars

Eshet Eshet

Ethio Stars &
Tukul Band
(Piranha '81)
Jackie Wilson (You're Love Keeps Lifting Me)
Higher and Higher
The Brunswick Years
(Brunswick '67)
Slim Smith Sitting in the Park Souled on Reggae
(Music Club '69)
Garland Jeffreys New York Skyline Ghost Writer
(A&M '77)

Who Me? Monsters and Robots
(Cyberoctave '99)

Steven Bernstein

Roumania, Roumania

Diaspora Soul

(Tzadik '99)
S.P. Balasubrahmaniam Va Va Vanchi South Indian's Golden Tenor
Oum Kaltsoum Khassamatni Volume III
(Anthologie de la Musique Arabe '31)


Valentín de la Sierra

Juanita y María
(Arhoolie late '40s)

Boozo Chavis

Pallet on the Floor

The Lake
Charles Atomic

late '50s)

Jim & Jennie and the Pine Barons Angel Band Jim & Jennie and the Pine Barons
(Phovsho '99)
B.F. Shelton Darling Cora Music of Kentucky
(Yazoo '27)
Waylon Jennings Walk on Out of My Mind Love for the Common People
(Buddha '67)


(Like Me) You'll Recover
in Time

The Real Mr. Heartache
(Country Music Foundation '67)

Red Foley Guitar Shuffle Hank Garland & His Sugar Footers
(Bear Family '50)
Andrew "Voice" Odom It's My Own Fault Farther on Down the Road
(Bluesway '73)

Young Jesse

Make Me Feel a Little Good

Stompin' 6
The Coasters Shopping for Clothes Young Blood
(Atlantic '57)

The Skatalites Wheel and Turn Tribute to Tommy
(Heartbeat early '60s)
Sylford Walker Burn Babylon The Mighty 2: Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson
(Heartbeat mid-'70s)


African Soul

Big Noise 2
Unidentified Parago Drums of Death
(Avant '96)
Unidentified Tallan
Caribbean Revels:
Haitian Rara & Dominican

Folkways '92)

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