December 17, 1999
Simi Valley, California, meet Albany County,
New York

ArtistSelectionAlbum   (Label / Date)

Anthony Davis

Song for the Old World

Song for the Old World
(India Navigation '78)
Griot Galaxy Zycron Kins
(Black & White '81)

Spade Cooley
Big Band
(vocals: Freddie "Careless" Love)

Heartless Fool

Spade Cooley Big
Band 1950-1952

(Harlequin '51)

Susan Raye
One Night Stand The Country All-Star Festival
(Capitol '69)

Curtis Gordon

One Blue Moon, One Broken Heart

Play the
Music Louder

(Bear Family '56)
Guy Klucevsek "Viavy Rose" Variations Transylvanian Softwear
(John Marks '94)
Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet Skarga Podhara Unblocked: Music of Eastern Europe
(Ellipsis Arts)

Iva Bittová
Studenec Ne Nehledej
(Ariola '94)
Heiner Goebbels &
Alfred "23" Harth
(vocals: Dagmar Krause)
Es Lebt Eine Gräffin in
Schwedischem Land
Goebbels Heart
(Eva '81)

Folk group from Afanasievka Ne Budite Tam Letal Pavlin
(Pan '67)
Fa Sol La Singers Happy on the Way The Half Ain't Neve Been Told
(Yazoo '31)
Famous Hokum Boys Terrible Operation Blues Complete Works in Chronological Order
(Wolf '30)
H. Henry Brown Preachers Blues St. Louis Blues: The Depression
(Yazoo '32)


Give Me an Old Lady

On the Road Again: Furry Lewis
With Bukka White & Gus Cannon

(Genes '69)

Americo Kossa & Orelio Jefe Shingombela Kerestina: Guitar Songs From Southern Mozambique 1955-1957
(Original '55)

Deftene Belete Mengesh


Ethiopian Urban and
Tribal Music

(Rounder '71)
Edward Panisi Tamanangu Kalimba & Kalumbu Songs
(Sharp Wood '57)
Junior Reid Strange Things Boom Shak-A-Lack
(Greensleeves '85)

Half Pint What More Can I Really Do? One in a Million
(Greensleeves '84)

U. Roy

Festival Wise

With a Flick of My Musical Wrist
(Trojan '70s)
The Rhythm Rulers Power Pack Harry Mudie & Friends: Let Me Tell
You Boy

(Trojan '70s)
Great Circle Saxophone Quartet Now What? Child King Dictator Fool
(New World '94)

Susie Ibarra's Trio Arboles Radiance
(Hopscotch '99)

Le Mêm(e) Trio

Etude II Pour Trio

Etudes Pour Trio

(Altri Suoni '99)

Ken Vandermark
Joe Harriott


Straight Lines
(Atavistic '99)

Muhal Richard Abrams

Mama and Daddy

Mama and Daddy

(Black Saint '80)

Tiny Grimes Marie Tiny Grimes and His Rocking Highlanders
(Collectables '50)
Illinois Jacquet Take the A Train Genius at Work!
(Black Lion '71)

Gino Washington

Now You're Lonely

Out of This



Prisoner's Song

The Excello Story Volume 3
(Hip-O '58)
Jerry Irby Drivin' Nail in My Coffin Jerry Irby
(Collector late '40s)

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