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PGB's First Show on WFMU
I didn't really deserve this show. After all, I won the slot in a drawing. But what a show it was. It was Bill Kelly's Sunday afternoon slot with a big audience. I spent so much time preparing in the FMU prod room, that Doug Schulkind referred to me as "the hardest working man not in show business." My greatest accomplishment was not receiving any phone calls from listeners saying "where the #@%!&* is Bill Kelly?"

I wanted to start with music from the late, great Sav.
really like this oneWild Thing Dave Savadge The Complete Sav
Our Love Will Still Be There The Troggs Archeology: 1967-76
No Matter What Goes Right Trout Fishing In America Over the Limit
really like this oneMetamorphosis 2 Philip Glass Metamorphosis 2
really like this oneThe Little Old Lady Contradicts Herself   movie: Gates of Heaven (1978)
Songs about God (for and against).
The Voice of God Uncle Bonsai Myn ynd Wymyn
Down In Yon Forest The Voice Squad Good People All
really like this oneOn This Day, the First of Days The Children of St. Dennis in Toronto  
really like this oneRejoice Argent Ring of Hands
Dear God XTC Skylarking
One In the Spirit The Squirrels 15 Big Ones From the Squirrels Group
Chattanooga Blues Austin & Lee Allen Roots and Blues Retrospective (Columbia)
Break Forth, O Beautious Heavenly Light kazoo alert! Elm Street All-Kazoo Band 1978 Sessions
Pennsylvania 6-5000 kazoo alert! Elm Street All-Kazoo Band Return of the Elm Street All-Kazoo Band
Swing on Sampler Demo kazoo alert! PGB & Dave the Sav in L.A.  
Country Music (the country is France)
Ecris-moi Tino Rossi My Most Beautiful Tangos
Western Dream Ranch Romance Western Dream
Border Widow Norman & Nancy Blake  
Dot Matrix Minuet Neal Gladstone  
Go Go Gorilla (Remix) Go Go Gorilla Stuck
The Physical Nichols & May Nichols & May Examine Doctors
It Only Makes Me Laugh Danny Elfman So Lo
Eggnog The Twang  
Out of This World Dissidenten Out of This World
TV, That's For Me Lynn Roberts  
Soon Ah Will Be Done Don Kerr and the Liberation Gospel Choir  
Oh No Not Susan
-Jeff Lynne
Electric Light Orchestra On the Third Day
really like this oneHello Susie
-Roy Wood
The Move Shazam
Partner Songs
really like this oneWouldn't It Be Good Nik Kershaw Human Racing
really like this oneLida Rose/Dream of Now Barbara Cook & the Buffalo Bills Original Cast: The Music Man
really like this oneMy Sick Mind The Roches Nurds
Last of the Teenage Idols The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Next
Drums à Go-Go Sandy Nelson Drums à Go-Go
Bulgarian Rhapsody Bulgarian State Vocal Choir From Bulgaria With Love
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
-J. S. Bach
  Celebrate God's Mighty Deeds
Richie's Theme The Marquettes  
really like this oneCherry Blossom Clinic Revisited
-Roy Wood
The Move Shazam
Feel Good Music
Open All Night The Diners Open All Night
Bad Check Kenny Neal Devil Child
I Feel Good Bobby McFerrin The Voice
You Make Me Feel Good The Zombies Collection: Time of the Zombies
really like this oneI Feel Better Than James Brown Was (Not Was) What Up, Dog?
California Flash
-William (Billy) Joel
Atilla Atilla
My Friend Billy Aztec Two-Step The Times of Our Lives
California Man
-Roy Wood
The Move Split Endz
Rising TonesTM
Doomsday Machine Alexander Courage Soundtrack: Star Trek (1967)
really like this oneHere Comes Bob Sparks A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing
really like this oneCar Crash Dave Savadge Film Music
Love Can Be Bad Luck Was (Not Was) What Up, Dog?
really like this oneLittle Floater NRBQ Wild Weekend
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

The arrow (really like this one) indicates a particular favorite.

The K (kazoo alert!) indicates the presence of one or more kazoos.

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