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Guest Shot #1
Frank O'Toole let me take over the middle of his show.

Let's get the orchestra started.
Hey Betty Dramarama Sci-Fi Hi-Fi
Outer Limits Chris Mars Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Hey Leo Terry Hughes and the Backyard Party (45 single)
It's Memorial Day listen to this public service announcement.
Dwayne Stomp PSA    
Meet James Ensor They Might Be Giants John Henry
Goya Grennadine  
Vincent Van Gogh The Squirrels 15 Big Ones From the Squirrels Group
Learn the Russian word for "pineapple."
Stradaniya Kukuruza Crossing Borders
Pineapple Symphony Kraftwerk  
Pineapple Translation Sergey Ryklin & Alla Ryklin  
Pineapple Sparks Indiscreet
Pineapple Rag
New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra  
Any rags today?
really like this oneGraceful Ghost
-William Bolcom
Paul Jacobs  
Ron 1 Boogie Ron Massaro  
Return of the Elm Street All-Kazoo Band kazoo alert! Elm Street All-Kazoo Band Return of the Elm Street All-Kazoo Band
Rising TonesTM
The Chant
-"Jelly Roll" Morton
Uncle Yokes Black Dog Jazz Band  
Piano Roll Blues The Andrews Sisters  
Until Your Mama's Gone
-Roy Wood
The Move Message From the Country
EnyaloopTM sound bed
really like this oneOn Your Shore Enya Watermark
Bill Challenger The Fastbacks Zücker
Forgotten Dreams   Leroy Anderson In Latin America
Tae Kwan Do sound bed
Tall Gall Blues Joe Houston and His Rockets  
Fireball XL-5 Barry Gray TV: Fireball XL-5
Fireballs Rubinoos Basement Tapes
Concert in Space
really like this oneBeat Bomb Wop Bop Torledo  
Two-part Invention In D Minor
-J. S. Bach
Wendy Carlos Switched On Bach 2000
really like this oneI Didn't Have Much Sense In My Head But You Didn't Seem to Care At All Dave Savadge The Complete Sav
Insanity Boingo (Danny Elfman)  
Three that go together perfectly.
The Thought of It Louie Louie  
Foolish Heart The McGuire Sisters Right Now!
really like this oneIng The Roches A Dove
One last one before Frank.
The Three Stooges Go To Hell Dave Savadge The Complete Sav

The arrow (really like this one) indicates a particular favorite.

The K (kazoo alert!) indicates the presence of one or more kazoos.

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