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My First Real Show
This was my first time behind the board running my own show. Sure, I screwed up the opening and unintentionally played the Jackie Gleason LP at 45rpm, but I got to do everything I wanted.

Now It Can Begin
(Baby) I Need You Imitation Life Scoring Correctly At Home
really like this oneCamping This Perfect Day  
Break Forth, O Beautious Heavenly Light kazoo alert! Elm Street All-Kazoo Band 1978 Sessions
Birth Focus Hamburger Concerto
80-96 Dantes Everything You Always Wanted to Know About 60s Mind Expansive Punkdelic Garage Rock Instrumentals But Were Afraid to Ask
Instruments With Square, Metal Reeds
Harmonica Concerto (Villa-Lobos) Allegro Moderato Robert Bonfiglio  
really like this oneVariations On a Folk Song Jozef Bugala & Hans Rauch, accordions  
Is That Spanish?
One Mint Julep The New Xavier Cugat Orchestra Hot! Hot! Hot!
Laberinto de Amor Elemento 10 Sólo Para Ti
Spanish Blue The Aqua Velvets Soundtrack: Blazing Longboards
Assanhado Jacob do Bandolim 100% Handmade Music
Brass to a cappella
The Man I Love Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason presents Velvet Brass
The Girl I Love The Cadillacs Collection: Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight - 28 Doo-Wop Classics
You Gotta Change Kitty Love Collection: Shakin' Fit
Let Me Tell You The Nutmegs The Rajahs of Acappella
Hotel Destiné Toby Twining Music Shaman
Mighty Love Todd Rundgren A Cappella
Something Slinky, and Be Sure to Follow All the Rules
Baby Doll Lounge Kamikaze Ground Crew Madam Marie, Temple of Knowledge
Brazil Geoff Muldaur Soundtrack: Brazil (1985)
Keine Ahnung Anton Karas Vienna, City of Dreams
In the Past We the People Collection: Orange, Sugar, and Chocolate - Psychedelic Microdots of the Sixties, Volume 1
In the Future
Looks, Looks, Looks
Sparks Indiscreet
They Don't Care Fastbacks Zücker
Greatest What?
Part of the Problem R. Stevie Moore Greatest T*ts
I Feel Love Messiah Twenty First Century Jesus
The Ouija Board Laurie Anderson The Ugly One With the Jewels
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Robert Fripp & the League of Crafty Guitarists Show of Hands
Is a fish an animal?
really like this oneMammal They Might Be Giants Apollo 18
Extra Ball Is Lit Trout Fishing In Quebec Where Are They Now?
Prom Night In Pig Town Trout Fishing In America Truth Is Stranger Than Fishin'
Dog Terry Adams terrible
Dog Dreams The Story Grace In Gravity
Sound alike
Mr. Radio
-Jeff Lynne
Electric Light Orchestra No Answer
really like this oneSounding Song Cerebral Corps Attributed to Cerebral Corps
Then Came You Boccherini Time Machine
Orange Ed Alleyne-Johnson Ultraviolet
David Bowie is our inspiration.
T.C. vs. Dr. D Tomm Carroll & Dr. Dimento  
Bars Dave Savadge as Barry Newman  
Panic in Detroit David Bowie Scary Monsters
Ice Ice Baby Big Daddy Cutting Their Own Groove
The Man Who Sold the Buick Dave Savadge  
Fantasia in C minor, BWV 906 Huguette Dreyfus  
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

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