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Off the Air!
I arrived at the station to find that the line to the transmitter was broken. We were off the air. I kept music coming out of the studio for two hours before we were connected to the transmitter again. The good part: I got to read the official FCC we're-back-on-the-air announcement!

Disco Reductionism
really like this oneMethinks I Love You Wop Bop Torledo  
GE Promo   GE Presents the Ultimate In Stereo From Command
She's Da Flava Old School Players Trunk Funk Flava
Hawaiian War Chant Ray Charles Singers GE Presents the Ultimate In Stereo From Command
Chant of the Jungle Sid Bass and His Orchestra Collection: Space Age Pop, Volume 2
Fire Up This Funk (Listen Mix) Poison Clan Zooism
I like my stupid life, just the way it is.
A 4th Gymnopedie Rod Argent Red House
B-Complex Pylon Chain
Third Most Stupidest Guy Jr. Gone Wild Too Dumb to Quit
really like this oneRadios of Heaven Odds Good Weird Feeling
Euphoria, Order & Chaos
Eight Corners of the Horizon
really like this oneChange Boingo Boingo
In Memory Rod Argent Red House
How do you do that with your voice?
Down Into Muddy Water Brother Phelps Anyway the Wind Blows
Blue, Blue Heart Scott Goddard You Break It, You Bought It
Down and Out In This Town Preacher Boy Gutters and Pews
Sugar Hot Water Hot Water Music
Music For a Found Harmonium Penguin Cafe Orchestra Broadcasting From Home
Fast As You Dwight Yoakam This Time
Hank's Last Ride Mustang Lightning Mustang Lightning
It's the 100th aniversary of the Stars and Stripes Forever March.
Star and Stripes Forever kazoo alert! Elm Street All-Kazoo Band 1978 Sessions
Half of Wednesday We the People  
Take a Walk With Fleshtones Fleshtones Beautiful Light
Loony Toon Mo Boma Myths of the Near Future
If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It) Parliament Chocolate City
She's So Shy The Meditations The Return of the Meditations
Waltz The Hollow Rock String Band Traditional Dance Tunes
Primeiro Amor Baden Powell Seresta Brasileira
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

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