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Home and Away
Half the stuff was from home, and half from the station library.

I really like the band name "Evolution Control Committee."
Social Misfits Atomic Boy Sonic Cocktail
Claudine Imitation Life Scoring Correctly At Home
C'mon Tomato Monkey Chow Call
Could It Be? Hit Me Greatest Hits Vol. 17
Leave Your Pride The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies
Illusion Is Real Engines of Aggression Engines of Aggression
really like this oneRocked by Rape Evolution Control Committee 7"
Falling TonesTM
Pretender Plunderphonic (John Oswald)  
This Time Dwight Yoakam This Time
Coffee Split Lip Rayfield Split Lip Rayfield
Baby Scratch My Back Slim Harpo Hip Shakin - The Excello Collection
He's Got All the Whiskey John Martin The Church of One Bell
Rising TonesTM
Gratitude (short version) Danny Elfman So-Lo
Tell Me Why It Is So Hard to Be Oh So Lovely Shantel Higher Than Funk
Fantastic Cat Takako Minekawa Recubed
Polynesian Fertility Dairy Chant Phlegm Poppin' & Milkin'
Memories of Pangea Pangea  
Gary Gilmore's Eyes London Punkharmonic Orchestra Symphony of Destruction
After the Fox Peter Sellers and the Hollies Soundtrack: After the Fox (1966)
really like this oneHerz an Herz Blümchen Collection: edelstück (januar '96)
A Short Set
Dusk In the Garden of Vocakesh Vocakesh Paradise Revisited
Baseball Song kazoo alert! Elm Street All-Kazoo Band Talent Night 1976
An album side from the age of album sides.
Hocus Pocus Gary Hoey Animal Instinct
Swamp Snake The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Next...
Norrgardennyvla Fred Frith Gravity
really like this oneThe Coming of Kohoutek
Once Around the Sun
Infinite Wanderer
Music From the Spheres
Argent Nexus
Thirteen Things to Do Virna Lindt Bachology
Hocus Pocus (U.S. single version) Focus Ship of Memories
Circle and Fall Wünderband Wünderband
Falling Semisonic Great Divide
View From the Ground Lazlo Bane Il Transistor
Falling Down Beggars Beggars
Cartoon deflator Moüse Think Like a Mountain
I Fall Down Parasites Rat Ass Pie
Some Sand In Your Shoes
Let's Rock Instead The Oscillators Let's Rock Instead
Sammy the Sidewalk Surfer The Surfettes Collection: Del-Fi Beach Party
Surfer Joan Michael Shelley Too Many Movies
Sand Castle Physics American Institute of Physics  
It's A Certain Frank Nobody? No!
Roving Rocks American Institute of Physics  
Less Than One In Ten Beatnik Filmstars Boss Disque
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

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