PGB's playlist March 8, 1999 email to PGB
Good To Be Back!
After six months, it was great to be doing my first show from the new studio in Jersey City. It went much better than I expected.

It's been a long time since I've played kazoo music on the air.
Kazoo Boy kazoo alert! Rodney Alan Greenblatt Baby Sea Robot
really like this oneGood Vibrations Beach Boys  
Good Oscillations Moving Parts Wrong Conclusion
Sweet Georgia Brown Nuclear Whales Thar They Blow
Ain't Gonna Get You Yet Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans That Unhinged Thing
Y-Spy Bernie Worrell Funk of Ages
Wearing Shades On Rainy Days Melony Satisfaction
Feel Underball Gimme Back My Ball
What Kinda Monkey Chris McDermott & His Wild Combo Trippin' Out with Chris McDermott & His Wild Combo
Kathleen Roachford Roachford
Gold Digger The Bent Scepters Blind Date With Destiny
Everything's Fine The Surfing Brides Sparky's Dinner
Blow Adrian Zolotuhin Bachology
More Guitars (and Violins)
Point B Michael Hedges Taproot
really like this oneThe Guitar Lesson Dave Savadge The Complete Sav, Part 1
The Guitar They Might Be Giants Apollo 18
Dirt Bike They Might Be Giants John Henry
Could It Be You? Superstar  
really like this oneConcerto in B Minor for Four Violins, Opus 3
The Academy of Ancient Music (Christopher Hogwood)  
Sylvia Focus Focus III
Listen to this set and find out more about it!
Paranoia...and what to do about it
Dave Emory Mix    
really like this oneFree Love Voice Farm Bigger, Cooler, Weirder
The Upper Way The Violinaires  
I Feel Good The Uptown String Quartet Just Wait a Minute!
Das Lied vom Branndtweinhändler Ute Lemper Ute Lemper Sings Kurt Weil, Volume 2
Killing Floor Elliott Sharp Terraplane
Were the members of ABBA from another planet?
Dancing Queen
Does Your Mother Know?
really like this oneO What a Shame
really like this oneGet On Down Home
Roy Wood Mustard
really like this onePropaganda
really like this oneAt Home, At Work, At Play
Sparks Propaganda
Finish up in the country.
Straight-8 Boogie Fly-rite Boys Big Sandy presents the Fly-rite Boys
Texas Gales Wretched Refuse String Band  
Unter dem Rhein F.S.K. Collection: Sturm and Twang
Fujiyama Mama Petty Booka Collection: Japan Nite Sound Sampler
Anyway the Wind Blows Brother Phelps Anyway the Wind Blows
I Can't Remember 6 String Drag High Hat
Hot To Trot Danny Elfman Music For a Darkened Theatre
Brand New Car Buddy Scott Trio Buddy Scott Trio 3
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

The arrow (really like this one) indicates a particular favorite.

The K (kazoo alert!) indicates the presence of one or more kazoos.

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