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At Sixes and Sevens Over Nines
Filling in for Stan let me make some noise on a quiet night.

Life of Crime Samm Bennett & Chunk Life of Crime
Hello Hawk Superchunk Come Pick Me Up
Scaling µ-Ziq Royal Astronomy
Telstar? Takako Minekawa Ximer
really like this oneIt's My Party Lesley Gore Collection: It's My Party, The Mercury Anthology
Holiday Commercial Alan Hawkshaw Collection: Music for TV Dinners, the 60s
All the Things I've Lost Skeleton Key Fantastic Spikes Through Head
King of the Bad Groove Le Pimp Collection: Unknownwerks
Adding Music to Words
really like this oneMasochism Tango Tom Lehrer Songs and More Songs by Tom Lehrer
Hey Now Now Swirl Ask Anybody
I Wanna Hold Your Hand Beatle Barkers  
Shout The Interpreters Back In the U.S.S.A.
Bugler's Holiday The Nuclear Whales Thar They Blow
Just What I Needed Replicants  
Brain Dead Endorsee Doc Tahri Einstein Was a Bullfighter
Perfect Scrambled Eggs Negativland Collection: Potatoes, a Collection of Folks Songs
Listen to this set and find out more about it!
Physical Health
Doctor Rock Roger Ruskin Spear Electric Shocks
More Food News You Can Really Enjoy Graham Kerr Do Yourself a Flavor
Reduce Your Cyclosporin Gretchen from Cardiology  
really like this oneBedside Manner Nichols & May Nichols & May Examine Doctors
Music In the O.R. NPR news report  
Trisha Is a 28 Year Old Graphic Artist Healthtalk Self-Health Tapes All About Headaches
Doh Wah Diddy Fun Factory Fun-Tastic
More Gauze Nichols & May Nichols & May Examine Doctors
Quadriplegia The Adults Action Street
Druggist Coyle & Sharpe On the Loose
Reggae Physician Burning Spear Appointment With His Majesty
The Miracle of Birth (Part One) Monty Python Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Sewer Groin Dystopia One Attempted Mustache
Love-Itis Harvey Scales & the 7 Sounds Collection: Shakin' Fit
Women Know What They Want
I've Still Got My Health Ethel Merman Cassette: Songs from Call Me Madam and Panama Hattie
That's All Brother Mae West Queen of Sex
Did You Think I Would Let You Go? Cinnamon The Many Moods of Cinnamon
Triple Track Dance Hall Crashers Collection: Short Music For Short People
Soda Pop Moon The Grave Robbers Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Can-Can kazoo alert! Leonard Solomon Collection: Orbitones, Spoon Harps, and Bellowphones
Short Set
Charm School The Showcase Showdown Permanent Stains
Borstal Boys The Faces Collection: The Best of the Faces
Fugue Christopher Watcha Gonna Do?
Makes Me Feel Good Pete Ham Golders Green
Rising TonesTM
Rude Boy Rock Lionrock City Delirious
Peanut Vendor Tommy McCook A Tribute to Tommy
The Bigger the Fool (the Harder the Fall) Lonesome Standard Time Mighty Lonesome
Rockhouse The Incredible Casuals Collection: Our Favorite Texan: Bobby Fuller
Farewell to Whiskey/Silver and Gold Two-Step Rodney Miller's Country Dance Band Collection: Contra Dance and Square Dance Music of New Hampshire
Shine Halelujah Shine Bill Monroe 16 Gems
Money Musk Owen Snake Chapman Walnut Gap
Money Musk Highwoods String Band Feed Your Babies Onions
La Tempeste D'estate Lorenzo Arruga, Dave Lombardo, and Friends Vivaldi: The Meeting
Danger Signs The Electric Banana Blows Your Mind
Ad Gloriam Le Orme Ad Gloriam
Appeal to the Happy Savage Resurrection  
Like a Drug
The Desert Sessions Volumes V & VI
On the Corner The Go Watcha Doin'
All Kindsa Girls The Real Kids Better Be Good
Stuck In Lonesome Town Lustre Kings Mark Gamsjager Rocks & the Lustre Kings Roll
really like this oneRompan Tudo Los Shakers  
Did I Lose Control?
Cat o' Nine Tails John Zorn The String Quartets
Letter to Starlog Weird Lovemakers Flu Shot
[http remix]
Celluloid Mata Mix Oscillations
It's a Sin (To Tell a Lie) Brent Spiner Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back
Genetic Engineering Optiganally Yours  
really like this oneThe Monkey Never Lies Europa String Choir The Starving Moon
Saxuality Candy Dulfer Collection: Move to Holland Hits
Engel Rammstein Live Aus Berlin
DNA Bourées Eileen Ivers Wild Blue
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

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