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Labor (of Love) Day
Another holiday show. The high point (or low point) was arranging the songs so that Fred Astaire sounds creepy.

Get Some Sleep
Sleep Won't Help Me Argent Ring of Hands
I Just Wanna Go to Sleep Baghdaddios Willie Horton Hears a Who
Z2+C Flop Whenever You're Ready
Dream About You Andrew Million Dollar Movie
Sarabande from the Holberg Suite
-Edvard Grieg
Israel Chamber Orchestra  
really like this oneGood Night The Beatles The Beatles
Indian Funky Stalker
Snow Flower Ananda Shankar Ananda Shankar
Svara Kalpana Ramnad Krishnan Music of South India, Songs of the Carnatic Tradition
Jhala Raga Gunakali Collection: Instrumental Music of Mediaeval India
The Pupil and His Master Ustad Vilayat Khan Soundtrack: The Guru
Yaar Nach La Johnny Zee Collection: What Is Bhangra?
Everyone's Watching You Hit Me Greatest Hits Vol. 17
Pin Up Wünderband Wünderband
Through the Wall Shrödinger's Cat Big Beat a Cappella
I've Got My Eyes On You Fred Astaire The Astaire Story
A Load of Loud
really like this oneSummer Song Thin Lizard Dawn Thin Lizard Dawn
Blast Armchair Martian Armchair Martian
Tear Me Down Woggles Wailin' With the Woggles
Shine Wondermints Wondermints
Till the End of the World Rolls Round Lucky Pierre My Temptation
Lover Be True Lustre Kings Collection: Ultra Swank, Cacaphone Sampler '99
Bowin' Electric Sean Grissom Just Cello
More Than a Feeling Tom Corbett and David West Smokin'
A Bluegrass Tribute to Boston
Rising TonesTM
Log in b Moondog A New Sound of an Old Instrument
Hamlet tot Alles Wie Groß Alles Wie Groß
The Trot The Lothars Oscillate My Metalic Sonatas
Weary Not Beaten Him Our Point of Departure
Tiger Rag Nuclear Whales Thar She Blows
Jaunty Kazoo Song kazoo alert! Charlie Lewis previously unreleased home recording
Here Come the Robots
Ausnahme Rechenzentrum Rechenzentrum
Join the Evolution Servotron Entertainment Program for Humans (2nd variety)
Let's Take the Fresh Step Together
I Want It All
Trans Am Red Line
Bad Birthday Servotron No Room For Humans
Delay the Vocals by 1167 Milliseconds
Some Girls Ultimate Kaos CD Single
Fire Eater Rusty Bryant Collection: Funky Guitar Beats
Thunderbird Rene Hall Collection: Rock 'n' Roll Fever: The Wildest from Speciality
Something in the Air
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Labelle Collection: Movin' On Up, Vol. 2
Don't Mess Around The Other Side Collection: 100% Pure Funk
Beware of Dog Bernie Worrell Funk of Ages
The Ether Pilot Tom Spacey Collection: Beautiful Noise: The Apocalypse
Loveland Blenders Loveland
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

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