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Nuts Make It Crunchy
There was opportunity after opportunity to do a show without the distraction of one-minute fun cuts. I missed every opportunity.

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Don't Waste Time, Play the Kazoos Now!
Come Back, Corrinna kazoo alert! Stop and Listen Boys Monkey Junk
Just Someone I Used to Know Rhonda Vincent The Storm Still Rages
Lee Highway Blues Gerald Evans and Joe Mullins Just a Five-string and a Fiddle
Sometimes the Truth Is All You Get The Low & Sweet Orchestra Goodbye to All That
Malume Soul Brothers Collection: Soul Brothers: Urban Dance Groove
One Season The Roches Nurds
Artie Shaw Has His Head Screwed on Straight
Any Old Time Artie Shaw
with Bessie Smith
The Very Best of Artie Shaw
Stylish Girl Remix for WFMU Steinski  
Play   Buckle Up: R&B PSAs
Lorraine's Car Cake Like Bruiser Queen
Finger Us The Pattern Immediately
Gonna Miss Yer Train The Shazam Godspeed the Shazam
Play Those Desert Sessions
Hanging Tree Desert Sessions 7 & 8
Jollity Farm Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band Gorilla
Winners Desert Sessions 7 & 8
M. Dupont The Dining Rooms Numero Deux
Interpretive Reading Desert Sessions 7 & 8
Don't Worry The Hippos Forget the World
Ed Wood/Criswell Collage
Kodak City Special
Bad Dreams
Criswell Predicts
Bela's Funeral Dirge
The Worst!
Bela Lugosi
Josh Alan Pre-original Cast Recording: The Worst!
Ed Wood: The Sinister Urge The Accidentals Mostly A Cappella
Main Title Howard Shore conducting Lydia Kavina Soundtrack: Ed Wood
Psychedelic Sandwich
Sonata in D Major
Wendy Carlos Well-Tempered Synthesizer
Caroline Action Figures Little Citizens
I Know It's Late Rizzo Phoning It In
The Slug Orange Alabaster Mushroom Space and Time
Light of Love Dissidenten The Jungle Book
Baby, You're So Free Cosmic Rough Riders Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine
Yes, It's Too Bad The Gang of Saints Collection: Psychedelic States: Georgia in the 60s
Orchestral Suite #1 in C
-J.S. Bach
English Chamber Orchestra
Raymond Leppard conducting
Collection: Bach for Breakfast
Rollercoaster Is Right
"What's My Line?" closing theme
Milton DeLugg and Lou Busch Collection: Classic TV Game Show Themes
B-13 Jump, Little Children Magazine
Minute Merengue Harry Breuer and His Quintet Collection: Incredibly Strange Music Volume 1
Is There Something on Your Mind? The Drowners Is There Something on Your Mind?
Swan's Splashdown Perrey & Kingsley Collection: Incredibly Strange Music Volume 1
Nuts Make It Crunchy
The Best Thought The Salteens Short-term Memories
Bangs They Might Be Giants Mink Car
Harmonies from Hell Travesty, Ltd. Teen Comedy Party 2000
Perfidia 3 Mustaphas 3 Play Musty for Me
For the Longest Time The Heebie-jeebies Hurry Up and Wait!
Omniman Travesty, Ltd. Teen Comedy Party 2000
Run the Other Way The Briefs Hit after Hit
Dr. Shill's Ear Spray Travesty, Ltd. Teen Comedy Party 2000
Nice Day The Salteens Short-term Memories
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

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The K (kazoo alert!) indicates the presence of one or more kazoos.

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