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September 7, 2007 Options
So, how many more Osama videos do you think the Pentagon's
black ops fellers have left in the can?
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Mary Lou Williams' Girl Stars 

(Listen: )
Mary Lou Williams 1945-1947
(Classics 1945)
Thelonious Monk Trio  Bemsha Swing   Options Thelonious Monk Trio
(Prestige 1952)

Walt Dickerson

Selina's Fantasy   Options Impressions of A Patch of Blue
(MGM 1965)
Wilber Morris Trio  Flamingo   Options Collective Improvisation
(Bleu Regard 1981)

Talkover Music:
Gender Wayang Pemarwan 
Gending Pemungkah   Options Music for the Balinese Shadow Play "Th Mahabharata"
(CMP 1989)

Lord Power 

Let's Do It
(Listen: )
Jamaica Before Ska
Owen Gray  Sinners Gonna Weep and Mourn   Options 7"
(Coxsone )
Mark Holder  Our Love Will Go On   Options Cameo
(Vulcan 1976)
Lee Scratch Perry & the Upsetters  Black Panta   Options

Jonny Greenwood
Is the Controller

(Trojan 1974)
Shorty the President  Underworld Way   Options 12"
(Success )
Death Trap  Death Trap   Options 7"
(Studio One )

Talkover Music:
Melvin Jackson 
Funky Skull   Options Funky Skull
(Limelight 1970)

Roy Hogsed 

Babies and Bacon
(Listen: )
Snake Dance Boogie
(Bronco Buster 1953)

I Ain't Lazy Baby I'm Just Tired   Options Hot Western Swing 1937-1948
(Krazy Kat )
Tennessee Jim & His Tennessee Playboys  I'm Hanging My Tears Up to Try   Options Rock & Roll Country Style, Volume 1
(American Country Music )
Lefty Frizzell  I Love You Mostly   Options Look What Thoughts Will Do
(Columbia/Legacy 1954)
Janis Martin  Hard Times Ahead   Options The Female Elvis:
Complete Recordings 1956-1960
(Bear Family 1960)

Talkover Music:
Bud Isaacs 
Steel Guitar Breakdown   Options Bud's Bounce

Rev. A.W. Nix 

The White Flyer to
Heaven (Parts 1 & 2)
(Listen: )
Complete Recorded Works in
Chronological Order 1927-1928
(Document 1927)
Elder Roma Wilson  I'm So Glad, Trouble Won't Last Always   Options

This Train Is
a Clean Train

(Arhoolie 1994)
Brother Joe May  My Conversion   Options The Best of Brother Joe May
(AVI )
The Salem Travelers  Give Me a Few More Days   Options The Complete Halo Recordings
(Jakeworks )
Jubilee Humming Birds  A Sinner's Plea   Options Memphis Gospel 45s
(n/a )

Talkover Music:
Gulintangan Orchestra of Brunei 
Gendang Sri Rama   Options Borneo
(Playa Sound )

Sun Ra 

Dance of the
Living Image
(Listen: )
The Night of the Purple Moon
(Thoth Intergalactic 1970)
Cooke Quintet  Hard 8   Options An Indefinite Suspension of the Possible
(Black Hat 2007)
Miles Davis  Right Off   Options The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions
(Columbia 1970)

Rob Reddy
Small Town 
God Damn   Options The Book of the Storm
(Reddy Music 2007)

Talkover Music:
Liquid Liquid 
Bell Head   Options Liquid Liquid
(Mo Wax 1981)

Kenge Kenge 

Kenge Kenge
(Listen: )
(World Music Network 2007)
Unidentified  Unidentified   Options

Bougouni Yaalali

(Yaala Yaala 1999/2000)
Matata  Picha Yako   Options Matata (Wild River)
(President 1972)
Aiye-Keta  Irin-Ajo   Options Third World
(Island 1973)

Atabat (2)   Options Highway to Hassake
(Sublime Frequencies 1997)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/7/07 9:31am Pamela:

Hi, morning! From DC.
I must say, that walking purple thing on the home page is pretty freaky...
  Fri. 9/7/07 9:38am Doug:

Good morning Pamela! Don't be afraid. Let the walking purple thing be your friend!
  Fri. 9/7/07 9:42am Matt:

Lee Perry sounds so he friends with the purple thing?
  Fri. 9/7/07 9:57am pat:

Hi from DC too. I would say it's more of a purkle thing.
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:04am Matt:

I never realized how much I love Lefty Frizzell before.
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:05am north guinea hills:

greetings from greenwich village!
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:06am Brandon:

Its like the DC room in here. Maybe we are all government workers wasting your tax dollars listening to FMU!!!
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:06am george:

Greetings from London UK!
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:08am Vivian:

A grand morning from Atlanta Ga. Thanks for the Mary Lou Williams!
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:14am Doug:

Hello D.C. (my old stomping grounds), the Village, London and Atlanta!
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:31am Wes:

Great stuff, Doug!! The Memphis Gospel 45 is the sound Captain Beefheart tried to capture on the Mirror Man Sessions. Best white bluesman ever, in my opinion, and he's got his radar tuned into the old religion.
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:35am Pamela:

Nah, I work for a nonprofit. Didn't know government workers could stream!
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:36am Brian Sanders:

Greetings Doug from across the water. All this righteous singing got me to thinking about New Orleans. How are things down there; we hear nothing anymore in the UK.
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:42am north guinea hills:

i work for the feds here in greenwich village (dept of commerce), and i'm streaming!
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:44am Doug:

Brian, New Orleans and vicinity is still a vile, embarrassing blight, but America has moved on, Brother. Until Lindsay Lohan gets out of rehab, we just can't deal!
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:45am Wes:

New Orleans is still in need of rebuilding, and people are still in need of help, meanwhile tax dollars are spent by the tons for endless wars and helping international welfare recipients with money and weapons. Oh, and the Saints just got CREAMED lastnight :(......
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:45am brandon:

not strictly government, but we do waste tax dollars....yay! And oh boy, do I ever stream.
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:49am Brian Sanders:

On a lighter note, Doug. Have you booked for five nights of Lucinda at the end of the month in NY?
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:50am nh_dave:

This has to be my favorite miles song of all time... I love when fmu plays it. This is why freeform rules
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:52am Doug:

I love Miles's "Duran" from the same session even more but I ALWAYS play that track. I have to force myself to branch out.
  Fri. 9/7/07 10:57am nh_dave:

Doug on a funnier note a few years ago a buddy and I were in Chicago. We went to Dusty Grooves and behind the counter there was a huge package with 'Doug S, New Jersey'. Us being FMU'ers we got a big kick out of that.

As always friday mornings are so much better with you spinning.
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:03am Doug:

Let's see: Food/clothes/shelter vs. another purchase from Dusty Groove. I'd pick Dusty every time (and have and have).
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:04am seanh:

really loving this song block
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:06am Clint:

I always want the drums to be more up front on that Jack Johnson stuff. Won't Miles please give the, um, drummer some?!! Not that it keeps me from loving those tracks -
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:11am ken montgomery:

I go to work at noon on fridays and always listen to your show before I go. Makes me want to call in sick. (because i enjoy your show!)
ken just thought I'd say "thanks."
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:14am Lars:

yet another from DC! (are there more wacky-jazz folks in the district?) the Reddy track was on the money... definitely on my list of things to check out.
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:24am jeffrey:

Do not forget Mahavishnu Jon McGlaughlin on Right Off!!!!
Rippin guitar. Fabulous era! And isn't there more to that than played? more guitar?
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:26am Doug:

Ken, you feel a little warm to me. Better stay home.
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:33am Paul:

I'm listening in DC, too. DC radio is pretty awful, now that one of the local NPR stations is getting rid of ALL musical programming.

Soon it will be all political talk blathering, all the time.
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:37am Doug:

I spent my formative teenage years listening to WPFW and WGTB. Without those stations I would never ever have ended up on the radio.
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:39am fer chripes sake:

Give the Druggist some!
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:39am Marko:

Great African music! Especially poignant for me because a wonderful missionary (Art Reifel) who attended our church and served God in Africa for over 40 years just passed away last weekend. His "home" country was Nigeria, working with the Housa people in northern Nigeria. Might you have something from Nigeria to play in memory of Art?
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:42am Marko:

**Correction - make that the "Hausa" people. I slipped into phonetic spelling again. Or should I say, fonetik?
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:44am Doug:

Marko, I've run out of time for today. Only one track left and it's already cued up in CD machine #3. Blessings to Art and all who loved, and were loved by, him.
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:44am jeffrey:

Doug, I spent my formative teenage years listening to FMU, circa 68, which is why my damage is brained as well
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:44am Clueless:

Doug - Are you any relation to that fellow who has that airshift over at WFMU?
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:45am Lars:

WPFW still has some great DJs -- Sunday and Tuesday afternoons, especially (I forget their names at the moment). I think I even ambitiously applied for a job there last fall.
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:54am Doug:

Jeffrey, I am so jealous of people who grew up with WFMU. (I was always jealous of the New York City kids I went to summer camp with. They were -- and still are, no doubt -- so fucking cool.)

Clueless, yes he is my father's granddaughter's mother's husband.

Lars, I still catch snatches of WFPW when I visit my parents down in Maryland. Is Bama still on the air doing that amazing blues/R&B show. Damn, his voice alone was music.
  Fri. 9/7/07 11:58am Lars:

we have something called the Bama Hour with Jas Funk. don't know if that's the same thing.
  Fri. 9/7/07 12:27pm holland oats:

oh man, i'm workin a pharma design job right now, all i need is SYNTHETIC BLOOD in my ears!!
  Fri. 9/7/07 6:02pm Gregory:

Late playlist clarification:
The Wilber Morris song listed as "Flamingo Anderson" is the standard "Flamingo." Anderson was the lyricist for it. Probably some confusion in the CD playlist.
Almost as importantly, it is well worth looking up the Duke Ellington version of this song, which was arranged by Billy Strayhorn, and then the Charles Mingus version (on Tijuana Moods), which was heavily borrowed from the Strayhorn arrangement, and is unbelievably beautiful.
  Fri. 9/7/07 7:01pm Doug:

Gregory, whoa brother are you ever right. The blog I downloaded that track from listed it as "Flamingo Anderson" (Grouya). I have corrected the error above. I am simply thrilled that you caught this flub! Thanks.
  Thu. 9/13/07 6:52pm Rob EYRE:

Do you get enough credit for the peorplle/proople/people we have never heard of , who sound like the best RADIO for the World. You give us 1 Kenge Kenge,2 Rob Reddy,3 Elder Roma Wilson,4Death Trap,Wilber Morris,Roy Hogsed et al. My fave is of course Unidentified. I hope the powers never tax them. Luvverly
  Thu. 9/13/07 7:13pm Rob:

Ears are but a set of sideways cornucopia. Stuffing those horns o' plenty full of ripe morsels of sound every week is the sublimest damned thing!
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