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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Brian Eno  On Some Faraway Beach   Options Enobox 2: Vocal    0:00:00 )  
Insomniacs  Maryanne Lightly   Options Switched On!  Estrus  0:06:26 )  
Doors  Summer's Almost Gone   Options Waiting For the Sun  Elektra  0:09:23 )  
Fantastic Baggys  Let's Make The Most of Summer   Options Anywhere the Girls Are! The Best of  Sundazed  0:12:30 )  
Link Wray and The Raymen  Summer Dream   Options Mr. Guitar  Norton  0:14:23 )  
Chesterfield Kings  Top Down Time   Options Surfin' Rampage  Mirror  0:16:38 )  
Charlie Gracie  Wildwood Boogie   Options Fabulous  Park  0:20:20 )  
T. Rex  Celebrate Summer   Options Great Hits: The A-Sides 1972-1977  Edsel  0:22:10 )  
John's Children  A Midsummer's Night Scene   Options various - Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From the British Empire and Beyond 1964-1969  Rhino  0:26:04 )  
Cute Lepers  Terminal Boredom   Options Can't Stand Modern Music    0:32:05 )  
Pranks  Your World Falls Down   Options Modern Communication  Screaming Apple  0:34:08 )  
Boss Martians  Living, Dying   Options Pressure in the SODO  MuSick  0:36:48 )  
Real Losers  Still Rock n Roll To Me   Options Time To Lose  Wrench  0:40:01 )  
Soupy Sales  Muck-Arty Park   Options various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 9: 1969  Hip-O Select  0:41:49 )  
Danny and Dusty  New York City Lullaby   Options Cast Iron Soul  Blue Rose  0:46:05 )  
The Baseball Project  Jackie's Lament   Options Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails  Yep Roc  0:49:37 )  
Dean Carter  Black Boots   Options Call of the Wild!  Big Beat  0:56:17 )  
Sonnets  Anniversary   Options Mystery Girl  Failed Experiment  0:57:52 )  
Interview with Ken Mansfield  
Aug. 30 marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apple Records. To commemorate the occasion, we talk with Ken Mansfield, who was Apple's first U.S. president. Ken has collected his experiences of working with the Beatles and other music giants like Roy Orbison, Nick Gilder and Upsala College's own Allen Klein into a great book called The White Book. www.fabwhitebook.com  
Interview with Ken Mansfield        1:01:24 )  
Jackie Lomax  Sour Milk Sea   Options     1:19:25 )  
Interview with Ken Mansfield pt. 2        1:23:12 )  
Beatles  Don't Let Me Down   Options Let It Be Naked  Apple  1:32:28 )  
Interview with Ken Mansfield pt. 3        1:35:44 )  
Myracle Brah  Message '78   Options Super Automatic  Rainbow Quartz  1:51:39 )  
Meagan Brothers w/ Mike Fornatale  Heart In a Frame   Options s/t  myspace.com/meaganbrothersmusic  1:54:05 )  
Jason Ringenberg  The Life of the Party   Options Best Tracks & Side Tracks 1979-2007  Yep Roc  1:57:33 )  
Southern Culture on the Skids  Whole Lotta Things   Options Double Wide & Live  Yep Roc  2:00:48 )  
Chris Sprague  Trucker Brown   Options Diesel Made For Two  Spinout  2:04:23 )  
Red Simpson  Big Mack   Options Roll Truck Roll  Sundazed  2:05:33 )  
Mezcal Brothers  Firecracker   Options Go Go Rhythm!  Spinout  2:07:40 )  
Sir Douglas Quintet  She's About a Mover   Options The Complete Mercury Masters  Hip-O Select  2:10:54 )  
Black Angels  You On the Run   Options Directions To See A Ghost  Light in the Attic  2:23:09 )  
The Misunderstood  I Cried My Eyes Out   Options Before the Dream Faded  Cherry Red  2:27:36 )  
The Front Line  Got Love   Options various - Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970  Rhino  2:32:55 )  
Foxboro Hot Tubs  Dark Side of the Night   Options Stop, Drop and Roll!  Jingle Town  2:33:15 )  
Gary Usher  Mag Wheels   Options Gary Usher: Barefoot Adventure The 4 Star Sessions 1962-66  Sundazed  2:35:09 )  
Woody Peakers  Firestone   Options Beat Solution  Screaming Apple  2:36:50 )  
Hentchmen w/ Jack White  L.A.M.F.   Options Hentch-Forth Five  Italy  2:40:24 )  
The Time Beings  Watcha Gonna Do   Options     2:45:11 )  
Vibeke  Tonight   Options The World Famous Hat Trick  Pop Detective  2:48:14 )  
Donna Loren  It Only Hurts When I Cry   Options various - Summer Beach Party: Songs From the Classic Beach Movies of the '60s  Varese Sarabande  2:50:08 )  
The Titty Twisters Orchestra  I'm the Lonely One   Options Deluxe Lingerie Only ... Please  Soundflat  2:53:02 )  
Zodiac Killers  UFO Invasion   Options Radiation Beach  Rip Off  2:55:59 )  
Neanderthals  Both Wheels Left the Ground   Options Shutdown 2002 B.C.  Spinout  2:58:09 )  

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/28/08 12:08pm Sean Daily:

First comment! Woo hoo!
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:09pm Bad Ronald:

First comment after Sean Woo Hoo
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:10pm Bad Ronald:

wait a sec... The Doors? Who are you and what have you done with Mr. Belock
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:10pm Parq:

Great start, Joe. Always loved that Eno track, especially that stark, child-like piano outro.
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:10pm GP:

3rd comment..YESSS...did we bring any of the women with us?
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:10pm Rubble:

Three's a charm!
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:11pm rubble:

oh rats. :)
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:11pm Harvey:

When summer's gone, we'll be listening to FMU
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:12pm tim:

Hey Joe my name is tim I used to live with Adam berao. He lives four doors from my brother. He first live gig out was at a house party at my house. I live in philly but am in the Catskills listening today and tomorrow. Peace
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:13pm tim:

Adam berado that is
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:13pm dj shimmy:

summer's almost gone... let's make the most of summer... the FALLEN LEAVES can only be so far behind...
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:16pm no no age:

Seems like all the ladies have left
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:16pm tim:

I did a radio show at WLFR still the only non commercial radio in south jersey. Used to be a lot better?
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:19pm evan:

holy weird reunion. Tim - Evan here...living in Montreal but did a show at WLFR around 93-95. Am good buddies with Paul Glaser who used to live with Adam & jeremy back in the Noise Museum days...
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:20pm SmokinJ:

First Schlitz of the day is dedicated to you Joe old boy..
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:22pm bzul:

East coast ladies out to grab lunch
out to grab lunch
out to grab lunch
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:23pm Rubble:

I may be a girl but I'm no lady :)
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:25pm dale:

Yo, Joe! Do you have Teenage Heads version of 'Topdown'? I can shoot it over if you want it....
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:26pm Joe B:

Hi everyone, thanks fer tunin' in ... no, Dale, don't have it, that'd be cool!
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:27pm jake:

bzul - hahahahahaha
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:27pm dale:

Best song under 2 minutes...what's the email address (I don't think I can attach it throught the contact page)
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:31pm jeff:

how about "summer song" by slade, it's on the import of slade in flame
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:35pm Rubble:

Oh no.. last summer set of the season...Noooooo!
When is summer technically over? Maybe you can stretch it out! And then there's indian summer!
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:35pm tim:

Evan far out don't know you was on last around 88. Yeah hell remember jeremy Jeremy. I lived with paul and adam at the port house. Far out man gotta get back to work up here at the glass shop in the catskills. Me and my girl are both artist. doing alot of art up here. gotta go back to philly tomorrow to my other job. Peace man
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:44pm Carmichael:

Do the Mouse, Soupy!!
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:44pm ross:

this soupy sales kicks ass!
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:45pm Carmichael:

Do Hunt & Tony play on this?!?
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:46pm Pookie Mutt:

oowha - oowha
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:46pm dale:

David Bowie was a session player, though...
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:48pm Carmichael:

Yes, he was. I love "Can't Help Thinking About Me", credited to the Lower Third.
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:49pm dale:

I sent the Teenage Head song to joe@wfmu.org....hope that's your email...
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:50pm Joe B:

Thanks Dale, got it!
  Thu. 8/28/08 12:53pm Sean:

That was a great song! Thanks!
  Thu. 8/28/08 1:28pm Sean Daily:

Yoko Ono didn't break up the Beatles. The Beatles broke up the Beatles.
  Thu. 8/28/08 1:33pm Bad Ronald:

Gotta say I prefer the naked mixes better!
  Thu. 8/28/08 1:35pm Jeb:

Hey Dale,
You may know this, but it's not Teenage Head's version of Top Down; they wrote the song.
  Thu. 8/28/08 1:55pm GP:

Has anyone seen that book called "Recording the Beatles"...I am a bit young to remember the Beatles, however I know a lot of their songs...but I am really interested in recording and classic sound technology. Is the "Recording The Beatles" book a good investment?
  Thu. 8/28/08 1:57pm Joe B:

Rubble? Any ruling on that book?
  Thu. 8/28/08 1:57pm Bad Ronald:

Is that the book by Mark Lewisohn?
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:01pm Joe B:

Geoff Emerick
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:02pm dc pat:

McCartney broke up the Beatles
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:03pm gumby:

  Thu. 8/28/08 2:03pm Dominick:

Recording the Beatles is by Kevin Ryan & Brian Kehew
Most certainly a good investment.
Mark Lewishon wrote Beatles, the Recording Sessions which details the EMI logs of what happened at sessions.
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:03pm Bad Ronald:

Thanks Joe
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:03pm fishmonkeystew:

Hey Joe, thanks for the SCOTS! If you ever get a chance to see them live, take advantage of it. Great show! (I saw em open for the Reverend Horton Heat once).
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:03pm Parq:

Whoa yeah, live Southern/Skids! Great video bonus disc with that album.
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:06pm Dominick:

Geoff Emerick wrote Here, There & Everywhere, My Life Recording The Beatles
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:06pm Joe B:

My bad - Emerick's book is: Here, There, and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of The Beatles
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:07pm Bad Ronald:

Got it!
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:08pm Joe B:

Fishmonkeystew - check out the archive from 2004 - SCOTS was here! Yeah, the video disc of that live album is great - should have been a whole DVD!
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:11pm gumby:

  Thu. 8/28/08 2:12pm GP:

Thanks Dominick. It appears to be out of print at this point but I see some used copies show up now and then.

Joe...another thanks for S.C.O.T.S....it is indeed, truly a memorable experience to see them live.
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:13pm Rubble:

Great interview!
Check out the Lewisohn books at the library, never read. The Mansfield book is great.
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:14pm ?:

Emerck's book shouldn't be out of print. Didn't it jut come out a couple years ago??
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:18pm GP:

It is the Ryan and Kehew book that is out of print...There is a rumor that they were going to do a 5th printing
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:20pm Dominick:

The Ryan & Kehew book seems to be available
The Lewisohn book is out of print
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:23pm GP:

Dang....(thanks again Dominick) $100 !!... need to put this on my Christmas list
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:26pm gumby:

I wish I had a dollar for every book about the Beatles
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:27pm Rubble:

you'd have at least 4 or 5 hundred dollars gumby :)
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:27pm Bad Ronald:

I wish I had a dollar!
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:29pm RZ:

I had a dollar, but I donated it to wfmu.
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:31pm ?:

  Thu. 8/28/08 2:46pm GP:

Is there anything Jack White can't do?
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:49pm TIMOTATO:

Awhile ago you ran thru the concert list and I didn't have a pencil with me. Where/when did you say the Figgs were playing? Thanks!
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:50pm Joe B:

aug. 29 - knitting factory
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:53pm north guinea hills:

now, if we could only get the figgs to play a bill w/ the fuggs....
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:53pm ?:

what about the fags
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:55pm gumby:

How bout a Figgs - Whigs gig?
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:55pm rubble:

you forgot a G
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:56pm RZ:

Good show!!
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:58pm Sean Daily:

But I wonder if it's a UFO invasion? It's a very subtle theme in this song...
  Thu. 8/28/08 2:58pm Joe B:

don't forget the Friggs
  Thu. 8/28/08 3:43pm ?:

or the Frogs
  Fri. 8/29/08 10:17am mike tp:

joe surprising interview with kenmansfield. never heard of him leave it to you to pull this out of your bag of tricks. the tune rite after the interview by myracl brah was perfecto. a home run. say hi to your lovely and talented bride.good people and good vibes. here comes the fall oh yeah heard a cut from new fall lp tune is wolf kidult man. later brother.
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