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Playlist for 01 October 2008 Options | Dying by Technology

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Music fur Allum  Rock n Roll Arian   Options Twice 
  0:00:00 ()
Evolution Control Committee  We WIll Rock You   Options Double The Phat and Still Tasteless      0:05:54 ()
Ruins  Reversible Sabbath   Options Everything Comes And Goes - A Tribute To Black Sabbath      0:07:24 ()
Motorhead  Runaround Man   Options Motorizer 
*   0:09:59 ()
Larry          0:13:41 ()
Formatia Valea Mare  Sarba Lui Culin Lascar Dusu   Options     *   0:20:48 ()
Niyaz  Beni Beni   Options Nine Heavens 
*   0:22:38 ()
Three Mustaphas Three  Kalaxhojne   Options Soup of the Century      0:28:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
John Zorn 
Bubblin Singin   Options Cynical Hysterie Hour      0:35:50 ()
Holger Hiller          0:43:50 ()
Unknown  Track 1   Options La Linea    *   0:44:09 ()
Omo  Oversized   Options Kalk Seeds: Karaoke Kalk Compilation No 2 
*   0:47:56 ()
Vert  Soon Come   Options       0:51:57 ()
Ivor Kallin and John Bisset  Track 1   Options     *   0:56:13 ()
The Sensational Sexton Ming Band  Texas Stan   Options A Lifetime of Nervous Gutaches #1: Rare Recordings 1979-2002 
  0:58:29 ()
Ivor Kallin and John Bisset  Track 6   Options       1:00:41 ()
French Frith Kaiser Thompson  Loch Lomond   Options Invisible Means 
  1:01:29 ()
  The first 2008 Presidential debate in one minute         1:13:57 ()
Galaxia  Do They Know It's G8 Time?   Options  
  1:13:04 ()
The Ruby Suns  Oh, Mojave   Options Sea Lion    *   1:16:23 ()
Shugo Tokumaru  Parachute   Options Exit 
*   1:18:48 ()
Go Takao  The Morning That Sunset Cicadas Sing   Options Anthology Of Japanese New Folk 1960-1976      1:21:49 ()
Giant Sand  Belly Full of Fire   Options proVISIONS 
*   1:25:20 ()
Murray Head  India Song   Options       1:29:50 ()
Holger Hiller  Fresh Young Girls in Commercials   Options Little Present 
  1:33:58 ()
Yamasuki SIngers  Yamamoto Kakapote   Options Le Monde Fabuleux des Yamasuki      1:39:04 ()
Clare and the Reasons  Obama The Rainbow   Options       1:41:40 ()
Henry Love Vaughn  Vote Vote Obama Vote   Options  
  1:43:26 ()
Black Talent Workshop  Go Home, Commie   Options       1:47:41 ()
Pigeon Funk  Mess Call   Options The Largest Bird In The History Of The Planet... Ever! 
*   1:57:13 ()
Lee Scratch Perry  Santa Claus   Options Repentance    *   2:01:09 ()
Curumin  Caixa Preta   Options Japanpopshow 
*   2:06:00 ()
T. Raumschmiere  What Are You Talking About?   Options I Tank U    *   2:08:19 ()
Marty Fryberg  Stinky Cheese   Options  
  2:29:04 ()
Obama, Barack and Friends  Yes We Can   Options       2:32:27 ()
The Fastles  Slim Fast Revolution   Options  
  2:37:54 ()
Brian Joseph Davis  I'm Every Song   Options       2:41:23 ()
  too much goin' on!    
  2:49:07 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 10/1/08 9:04am Bad Ronald:

Woo Hoo Hello!!!!
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:04am Vicki:

  Wed. 10/1/08 9:04am Lizardner Dave:

Good morning.

Say it.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:05am sahak:

hello folks
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:05am cat:

  Wed. 10/1/08 9:05am Parq:

>>listening to Benny<<

Um, yeah.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:06am HotRod:

Rock me! ROCK ME!!!
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:06am marionfrenchie:

good afternoon.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:06am joerg:

The official US time is 9:06 am EST
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:06am annie:

  Wed. 10/1/08 9:07am Bad Ronald:

The unofficial time is 4:20!
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:07am Swami:

Shoe in deli
whooo whooo
thirst cement
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:08am Ken:

Happy Rocktober everybody!
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:10am Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 10/1/08 9:10am Lizardner Dave:

And happy Rush Hoshana to all (VH1 Classic aired 24 hours of Rush for the holiday).
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:11am cat:

This' matching the heavy rain - weather report from Berlin..
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:12am Vicki:

raining in Londin too
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:13am St.Even:

Raining ass-kickery in Denver.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:14am Bad Ronald:

A bit hazy in NYC
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:15am Lizardner Dave:

72 degrees and dry in my office. Let's go up to the chopper for traffic...
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:15am Vap:

Sunny greetings from Macedonia.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:15am cat:

Vicki, thanks for the tracks!
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:16am Lizardner Dave:

"They've taken my satchel of song titles and nobody here knows your name".

Right there, I think you have the title of next year's marathon premium.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:16am Vicki:

London Weathercam

(you're welcome for the tracks)
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:17am Negator:

Good Morning, Larry.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:22am C:

is larry a real human?
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:24am paul:

hello ken
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:25am Ken:

Larry is real and he is in trouble. If anybody wants to write a letter to him, I will forward them. It would mean a lot to him. Letters are good. My computer crashed which is why the show is so off-kilter...
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:25am jan:

gute yontiff, ken! Wondering if Listener Larry is real. really really real.
Or is he like courteney T edison? Coincidently another listener wonders the same thing
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:26am cat:

Maybe he's some kind of alterego..?
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:46am steve:

Ken's programme - a beacon of hope in a sea of despair.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:47am Ken:

This hasn't happened to me in four years, when I saw my playlist disappear before my very eyes during the RNC Remix..
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:48am annie:

anyone doing anything special for the palin comedy hour tomorrow?
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:51am GP:

Morning to all,
Annie: I'm actually looking forward to it. I actually missed the president debate, so I might as well see this for the history books.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:52am annie:

i have no teevee, so i'm hoping to find a live feed on the net... or maybe just invite myself to the nearest teevee.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:52am GP:

is that really Amy in that photo or that performance artist over in England that dresses like her and acts like she is passed out, etc. in public?
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:54am HotRod:

That image is terribly frightening, Ken! Palin Whitehouse?
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:54am stingy d:

does that really exist gp?
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:56am GP:

stingy bet..I'm trying to remember where I saw it...stand by for link soon.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:57am dc pat:

DC weather cam:
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:58am Brian:

Rather quiet here today.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:58am C:

Did anyone see Palin last night tell Couric with a straight face that she's read EVERY newspaper and magazine?
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:59am Swami:

Palin= Quayle with dugs.
  Wed. 10/1/08 9:59am annie:

funny, just watching that now
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:00am sahak:

can voting for mccain and palin be considered a impious act?
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:00am dc pat:

what's more scary is that she was asked what specific papers she reads and couldn't name one.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:00am cat:
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:01am annie:

word, and bay buchanan just supports her all the way"real leadership skills"
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:01am Bad Ronald:

She (Palin) sure is one vapid piece of work!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:02am Ken:

I dont know how you can dis Sarah. She so perky!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:02am Parq:

Ron, that's Vice President Vapid Piece of Work to you.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:04am Laurie:

In honor of VP debate tomorrow and the sinking economy, I bought this lamp:

I think you'll agree with me that it is awesome.

That store also has fake taxidermy. Like, colorfully painted wooden moose and cow heads. The also have "stuffed animals": They look like life-size children's toys. Witness the moose:

I can't remember if any real taxidermy is involved with those or if it's all fake. I kind of want one.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:04am annie:

i am SO looking forward to this tomorrow.. perky is as perky does..perky will get us in deep trouble..
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:04am Lizardner Dave:

It's Lochtober!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:06am Bad Ronald:

I bet her head whistles like a tea kettle when the wind blows!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:07am dc pat:

in honor of sinking economy, I'm going to buy a Rickenbacker 360 v64 12 string (re-issue, I'm not crazy!)
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:08am cat:

stormy Berlin :
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:12am Laurie:

I've got a pen.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:12am GP:

stingy d and everyone else here it is:

Too funny...I needs me a bigger monitor..I did not realize that was a shopped photo of Sarah on Amys body....Amy CAN look pretty disturbing sometimes.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:13am cat:

LOL - genius!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:13am Laurie:

I've got a bracelet too.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:13am Bob:

I'm impressed that, having lost your playlist, you're still adding images as you go instead of waiting until the show is done.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:13am Liz B.:

I'm with Laurie, "I've got a pen" is the best!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:14am Doug:

I need the 1 minute debate ... where to get?
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:14am Lizardner Dave:

It's Talktober!!!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:14am john:

no mention of Brilliant General Petraeus?
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:15am marionfrenchie:

HA HA! too funny
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:15am Doug:

Oh, got it.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:15am annie:

doesn't bono want to feed africa?
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:16am david c.:

Ken - love the show - is there a source for the 1-minute debate audio??
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:16am Negator:

There should be more Kenny Rodgers in Africa!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:17am Ken:

I'm sure if you search for the one minute debate you will find it, and whoever does, please post the link here... it is a youtube video I think.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:18am cat:
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:18am Lizardner Dave:

First with the link!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:18am Ian:

Wow! I thought this was the Animal Collective. This is great!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:18am Lizardner Dave:


At least it's LINKTOBER!!!!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:19am cat:

Ooops found it now
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:29am Doug:

Oooh ... Howe Gelb.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:36am marionfrenchie:

that kid looks wicked creepy !
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:37am anne:

hey Ken, greetings from Seattle!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:37am Bad Ronald:

Head's too big!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:38am Negator:

  Wed. 10/1/08 10:38am JCityJensen:

obama better punch mkkkain in the next debate
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:38am GP:

50% muslin - 50% rayon
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:40am Hoatzin:

Wow, that guy is just like me - I haven't listened to your show in a few weeks either! It's like he's inside my head!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:43am C:

What is Larry in trouble for? He kind of scares me.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:46am cat:

I'm into Secular Humanism (100%)
- according to this..
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:48am T=T:

Good morning music!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:50am sahak:

haha!!!!! a funk song about communism
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:51am Lizardner Dave:

I think Larry is a stalker. And you know what that means: IT'S STALKTOBER!!!!
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:52am bzul:

Tics and treats and scaaary fun in Mocktober!

Palindrone: Sentence of curious construction that shows the same vacancy forward or backward, perkiness notwithstanding.

Sarahndipity: Unexpected lode of glee to be mined when the Queen of All Dips drops onto the national stage. Example - "It was pure Sarahndipity that Tina Fey's bag of tricks got fresh-stuffed so suddenly."
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:52am GP:

How bout that "9 is a magic number" song?
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:54am Carmichael:

Good morning Ken and constituency.

I'm upset that I missed Motorhead, but that's tempererd by my hearing the Black Talent Workshop.

Funky, funky Commies.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:55am JCityJensen:

any more boat casts?
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:56am marionfrenchie:

I think Larry is none other than the devil and he possessed Trouble yesterday and is trying to get us to do bad things through Ken's show.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:56am Dickdong:

Are you sure this isn't Ron Geesin?
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:58am JCityJensen:

good campaign updatessss
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:59am Laurie:

I'm kind of glad Palin's overshadowing Biden with all of this media attention. I like Biden, but he has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. That "articulate" comment was sooooooo cringe-worthy. How long ago was that? Four months? Six? It feels like it's been a year two years since the campaigning started.
  Wed. 10/1/08 10:59am Ken:

Hello DickDong! That does sound like Geesin, don't it! JCJ - there will definitely be more boatcasts! I hear Arthur KIll calling my name!
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:01am Laurie:

Great campaign updates:

(Thanks, Liz B!)
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:06am Parq:

Laurie, the nude Vice Prez Barbie take on that blog -- it burns us, precious.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:08am annie:

seriously folks; when was the last time we had such fun at election time, eh?? talk about early christmas
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:11am Parq:

Stream team take note --I keep losing the Windows Media stream.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:12am Carmichael:

I'm enjoying the enthusiasm of this group.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:14am JCityJensen:

is it old news now?
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:15am HotRod:

Early Christmas is right! Barack to the Future!
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:16am Carmichael:

I just lost the stream also.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:18am Liz B.:

Sorry about the brief blip in the real and windows streams, I reset the server, so hopefully the universe is aligned once again. Keep me posted if anything sounds wacky again.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:18am sahak:

woohoo billy jam!
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:19am HotRod:

What a wonderful show, Ken!

We should organize a Ken & HotRod DJ night! Besides, everyone needs to see your ridiculously good-looking goatee!
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:22am Parq:

Dubya stopped being a barrel of laffs for me around the time that I realized we were entrenched in wars in two countries, the Constitution was in shreds and the economy was in shambles. Largely for that reason, I have to force myself to see the funny side of Vice President Barbie.

Will do, Miz Liz. Thanks for being on it. So far so good.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:25am Rob W:

Ken, I might suggest DC's Tavern in Hoboken as a venue for 7 Second Delay in Hoboken, very FMU-friendly place on 8th St. west of Jefferson. Then again, Louise and Jerry's is also friendly to FMU and it's right on Washington St. which means you could get passers-by involved.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:27am GP:

Liz B, Is there anything you can't do? Thank You
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:28am C:

And may I suggest a tavern in DC for one of your remote broadcasts? I think you have a substantial audience in the nation's capitol.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:29am Ken From Hyde Park:

I saw some news about the bill on internet radio royalties. Is that good or bad for WFMU? And how about that $700B bailout? Do we need to call our senators today? I get the feeling we're sunk with or without the bailout.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:30am annie:

i miss dc for the range of good food there.. miss the red sea the most
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:31am Vicki:

I think the Cheese song is by Marty Fryberg
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:32am C:

red sea? i'll have to try it, thanks for the tip!
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:33am Glenn L:

Where my Cheese Snob at???
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:33am annie:

in adams morgan
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:33am dc pat:

I can't believe I use to live in Adams Morgan and never made it to Red Sea
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:34am annie:

great place and wonderful ambiance.. eat some injerra for me
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:35am HotRod:

Yes We Ken!!!
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:35am annie:

hey ken, who was the brother rappin the gospel?
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:39am Wendy del Formaggio:

Glenn L, the Cheese Snob is here.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:42am Wendy del Formaggio:

Ken, who is that woman posted on the playlist with the Curumin track? Talk about plastic surgery disasters...
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:43am ?:

that's Nancy Pelosi, isn't it?
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:43am GP:

Corn weinie! Really, Really
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:43am Doug:

That'd be Nancy Pelosi
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:43am Sean Daily:

Now sing, Ken. Why can't you sing like that?
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:43am dc pat:

  Wed. 10/1/08 11:43am Ypsilantis:

I think so.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:44am Lizardner Dave:

  Wed. 10/1/08 11:45am Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 10/1/08 11:45am Ypsilantis:

Corn weenie.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:46am Sean Daily:

Now say it! SAY IT! Row row row your boat CALLAHAAAAAAAAAN!
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:46am Wendy del Formaggio:

really really!!
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:46am Carmichael:

F*cktdtober .....
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:46am Rob W:

Speaking of Curumin, Curumin is among the many Brazilian luminaries playing the Red Hot + Rio HIV / AIDs benefits at BAM in Brooklyn Dec 4/5 - good cause, just thought I'd mention it. Don't know if Nancy Pelosi is planning to attend...
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:46am GP:

I'm singin it.!..eyes tearing up from laughing so bloody think I am weirder than usual.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:46am mummybreath:

baracktober? really really.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:47am annie:

hey gp, it's what sets us apart from the run of the mill listener
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:51am Parq:

I gotta duck out. Good luck Larry! Sphinctober?
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:52am Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 10/1/08 11:53am Wendy del Formaggio:

This totally off-topic, but did anyone living in downtown Jersey City get woken up by the low-flying helicopter formation at 6:30 this morning? It creeped me out. Wha' was that all about?
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:53am Harvey:

Larry sounds depressed.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:54am annie:

spraying for med-fly?
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:54am GP:

10-4 on that annie
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:57am bzul:

Descending to the bait:
Sphinctober, 2008 Anal Domini

And the Jersey choppers were off course, They wanted to spray for Tenafly.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:58am Wendy del Formaggio:

I doubt it, Annie. They weren't moving. They were hovering in the same spot for a LONG time. I just checked and maybe it had to do with the bad fire in Hoboken this a.m.

Bzul: haha, that's funny.
  Wed. 10/1/08 11:59am Ike:

Even more off-topic: ARRRGH! I have no insurance and I need expensive meds now. Right now. Hmmmm, maybe I need to drive to Canada this weekend. Crap!
  Wed. 10/1/08 12:02pm HotRod:

Holy shit! My family and I used to live on that block where the woman died this morning. Like two doors down! This is terrible.
  Wed. 10/1/08 12:02pm Bad Ronald:

yes Bzul very funny indeed!
  Wed. 10/1/08 12:04pm kr:

I heard those choppers this AM - I was definitely thinking there was some bad ass shit going down.
  Wed. 10/1/08 12:08pm Wendy del Formaggio:

kr: yeah, in addition to feeling disoriented from being woken up by their weird sound, I felt sort of paranoid. They looked to be hovering over the tunnel entrances, which made me really worried. I do think they were related to the fire. Maybe they belonged to the t.v. news shows or something.
  Wed. 10/1/08 12:09pm jojo:

Freed's the man but this is ridiculous, Mr. G is struggling to find some authority to lash out at...Irwin bashing is cool but Ken??
  Thu. 10/2/08 4:28pm SF Jay:

"New record"? "Invisible Means" came out in 1990.
Avatar Thu. 7/21/16 2:34pm Richard Gruesome:

Corn weenie
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