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Music for guys with food stains on their shirts: the required dosage of shitalo and d.i.y. crud you need to start your weekend right.

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October 25, 2008: The WFMU Record Fair on $106.25 - the Second Annual Record Fair Gong Show - 7" Only Edition

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Artist Track Album Comments
unrest  isabel     $4 
television personalities  oxford street (Listen: Pop‑up)     $8 
surfin' lungs  pray for sun (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $2 
brentwoods  buri buri usa (Listen: Pop‑up)   do the bug  $3 
the sweet  blockbuster (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
red krayola  born in flames (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $3 
rick dees  disco brief (Listen: Pop‑up)     $1 
julie jumper  rhythm radar (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $2 
lori & the chameleons  touch (Listen: Pop‑up)     $3.50 
ian north  hollywood babylon (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $2 
senator bobby  wild thing (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1.50 
patience & prudence  tonight you belong to me (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"   
virna lindt  attention stockholm (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $2 
bunnydrums  win (Listen: Pop‑up)   little room 7"  $2 
yazoo  situation (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
cybotron  ride to infinity (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
the human league  being boiled (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $3.50 
middle of the road  chirpy chirpy cheep cheep (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1.25 
velocity girl  i don't care if you go (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $3 
the troggs  with a girl like you (Listen: Pop‑up)     $1 
the gorillas  she's my gal (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $7 
the defranco family  heartbeat it's a love beat (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
the frankies  yo yo (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $2 
the razz  marianne (Listen: Pop‑up)   air time 7"  $3 
convicted  mental crime (Listen: Pop‑up)   can't stand me 7"  $1 
dinosaur  repulsion (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $2 
bay city rollers  saturday night (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
glass candy  love on a plate (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $3 
the teardrop explodes  ha, ha, i'm drowning (Listen: Pop‑up)   double 7"  $1 
ministry  i'm falling (Listen: Pop‑up)   cold life 7"  $2 
farm boy  jackin' me around (Listen: Pop‑up)   split 7"  $1 
the beatles  helter skelter (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
sleepyhead  thorn (Listen: Pop‑up)   fairyboat 7"  $1 
arthur brown  nightmare (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $3 
nino tempo & april stevens  coldest night of the year (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $2 
the castaways  liar liar (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
the pretty things  get yourself home (Listen: Pop‑up)   big city 7"  50 cents 
the vincent units  carnival song (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $2 
ki di me  islamatic (Listen: Pop‑up)   mother is 7"  $3 
alastair galbraith  gaudylight (Listen: Pop‑up)   gaudylight 7"  $3 
soft cell  membrobilia (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
fad gadget  insecticide (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $2 
soup dragons  divine thing (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
the equals  hold me closer (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
pearly gatecrashers  tough boy (Listen: Pop‑up)   handy hints 7"  $5 
patty & the emblems  mixed up shook up girl (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
boris badenough  hey rocky (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
kraftwerk  trans europa express (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $1 
marine girls  don't come back (Listen: Pop‑up)   7"  $3 
the moondogs  you said (Listen: Pop‑up)   talking in the canteen 7"  $2 
front 242  u-men live   live 7"  $2 

Listener comments!

  Sat. 10/25/08 9:08pm oda:

funrest !
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:10pm mike g.:

record fair gong show - two gongs to take something off.
of course you can't gong the TVPs.
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:12pm CRUSTY:

  Sat. 10/25/08 9:13pm john:

so far three records in a row I'd have bought if I'd seen them (and been able to make it down there today!)

  Sat. 10/25/08 9:16pm Chuck Barris:

Spontaneity is such an entertaining facet of show business.
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:17pm oda:

sweet sweet track

jean genie-us
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:17pm Bad Ronald:

Sweet - SWEET!!!
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:27pm mike:

In station gong for the Rick Dees but IT ENDED TOO QUICKLY.
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:27pm oda:

this program has gone into the sexy space alien zone
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:30pm Bad Ronald:

agreed, Dees does not <gong>
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:33pm john:

first heard lori and the chameleons on the early zoo sampler To TheShores Of Lake Placid, had Teardrops and Big In Japan and Echo and Those Naughty Lumps on it
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:37pm mike g.:

two in station gongs!!!
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:37pm oda:

GONG on JFK Wild Thing
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:38pm CRUSTY:

  Sat. 10/25/08 9:38pm JP Morgan:

  Sat. 10/25/08 9:39pm pfapfap:

how does one gong?
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:40pm mike g.:

just write gong - and then the name of the song
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:42pm em + paul:

FYI we gong-ed senator bobby after one second
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:43pm Stockholm:

Yes? <GONG>
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:51pm Bad Ronald:

bunnydrums no gongs.
yeah em, I think that bk trak set Sirhan Sirhan off!
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:55pm oba:

this (cybotron?) is phillip glass-ian
  Sat. 10/25/08 9:57pm Bad Ronald:

Def Phillies!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:05pm G:

Making my Sun morning in Beijing v. nice--this cybotron boring, though.
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:06pm Ike:

GONG "chirpy chirpy cheep cheep!" TOO SILLY!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:06pm G:

Or was that the human league? oops. it was, makes more sense. agree with gonging chirpy, ike!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:07pm Bad Ronald:

gong - cheep
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:07pm emily e.:

Was the chirpy song Paul's idea?
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:09pm mike g.:

Thanks JP!!!!!

Emily - you called out Paul!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:13pm G:

Gong whatever this is after the troggs
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:16pm Bad Ronald:

gong the defrancos except their high hat!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:17pm G:

double gong.
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:18pm mike g.:

i gonged the Defranco Family too. Even the high hat!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:19pm Bad Ronald:

this reminds me of tenpole...
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:20pm a:

the gorillas?!?! will you take $7.50 for it? I may have a few extra pennies....
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:20pm Bad Ronald:

  Sat. 10/25/08 10:22pm G:

ungong! also ungong the frankies.
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:25pm Bad Ronald:

so far it looks like the Sweet's the sweetest plum...
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:26pm villager:

Nice thank you
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:33pm Bad Ronald:

diggiin' Dinosaur
Rollerls forever!!!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:34pm kimchi:

ay yay yay indeed
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:35pm Bad Ronald:

whats the flip on that track - money?
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:36pm kimchi:

daevid allen was in ____
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:36pm mike g.:

the frankies? holiday magic
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:39pm trent:

this is a good one, it's got that sound
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:41pm Phillys Diller:

<GONG> - I'd rather hear my plastic surgeon than teardrops!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:46pm Bad Ronald:

Jack off! gong!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:46pm ray:

  Sat. 10/25/08 10:49pm Bad Ronald:

yeah nice scratchy Beatles!
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:49pm Bad Ronald 2:

filthy longhairs
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:49pm Charlie:

Party at the Tates
  Sat. 10/25/08 10:59pm Bad Ronald:

play the farmboy B side!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:02pm Bad Ronald:

AB kicks - no gongs here!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:06pm Ike:

Gong this sappy "coldest night of the year" stuff!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:07pm jeremy, the listener:

this stuff is awesome. love it (BR - hi!)
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:10pm Bad Ronald:

Hey JTL!
- PTs no gongs!!!!!!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:15pm trent:

i bet daniel blumin is enjoying this set. thanx 4 tha shout ;)
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:16pm Intolerant:

kill ki di me - GONG
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:16pm Bad Ronald 2:

Intolerant has horrible taste
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:16pm jeremy, the listener:

ki di me - gong?? serious? it's something i'd expect to hear in the movie dune!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:17pm jeremy, the listener:

and that's a compliment! i'm digging this. NOOO
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:17pm Bad Ronald 2:

ki di me is classic weirdo WFMU. Listen to another station dude
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:18pm Jonny Rotten:

I ripped off kdm...
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:23pm mike g.:

all if fair (except gonging soft cell) in the record fair gong show - even if i think ki di me is great.
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:25pm jeremy, the listener:

i pre-emptively anti-gong fad gadget for anyone who doesn't like it
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:31pm trent:

bryce should have gotten gonked
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:36pm emily e.:

half a gong.
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:36pm james:

at first i thought this was b.a.d. II and went o god and now i WISH it was b.a.d. II. GONGGGGGGGG
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:37pm Bad Ronald:

stones rip off!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:37pm paul z:

!!! how could you gong that?
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:38pm Bad Ronald:

no gongs for the equals.
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:39pm paul z.:

pop music's 20 year cycle hasn't quite yet come all the way around yet. In 2012 there's no way you'll be gonging the soup dragons
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:44pm frenchy:

don't hurt farm boy again, assholes
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:45pm Charles Nelson Reilly:

<gong> gimme a fez!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:45pm Bad Ronald:

Ease up!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:45pm Elizabeth:

I actually have this song on an old tape- I taped this off the radio in the early '90s- Never thought I would ever hear it again- This is too funny! by the way thanks for the minimal synth recommendation today at the Rec Fair
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:45pm frenchy:

fuck you charles. seriously.
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:47pm Charles Nelson Reilly:

Thanks, I can use it!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:51pm mike g.:

everyone - play nice!
  Sat. 10/25/08 11:53pm mary:

This is the first time I have ever said about any show: This show is really great, I am going to listen to it again tomorrow.
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