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A weekly meditation on Who did it, What it is, Where is it at, When it is going down, Why is it not working and How it should be. Add your comments to the playlists in real time or post game.

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Options November 3, 2008: waking from the nightmare

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
guitar  be joy   Options     0:00:00 ()
high places  Vision's the First   Options     0:09:00 ()
Pierre Bastien  The American On The Highway   Options visions of doing    0:11:22 ()
nathan fake  you are here   Options     0:16:50 ()
Music behind DJ:
a small good thing 
edit   Options     0:19:48 ()
Arthur Russell  nobody wants a lonely heart   Options     0:26:45 ()
Mirah  get it   Options     0:28:08 ()
Yura Yura Teikoku  track 5 yellow booklet   Options     0:30:01 ()
kristen ketsjer  how's your sleep   Options     0:38:14 ()
Ursula Bogner  momentaufnahma   Options     0:38:50 ()
Anne James Chaton / Andy Moor  le journaliste   Options     0:42:18 ()
Cian Nugent  i will take the top of a tall cedal and break off a tender sprout   Options     0:54:31 ()
Riz Ortolani  Massacre of The Troupe   Options     0:55:08 ()
Vivi Bach & Dietmar Schonherr  Molotow Cocktail Party   Options     0:59:36 ()
the lines  blow a kiss   Options     1:02:20 ()
B. Fleischmann and Daniel Johnston  phones, machines and king kong ( daniel johnston on vocals)   Options     1:08:35 ()
moderato  hlm   Options     1:10:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
loop   Options     1:13:27 ()
The Howling Hex  big chief big wheel   Options     1:20:43 ()
electric indigo and dorit chrysler  sheets   Options     1:25:39 ()
pao pei lee  side B track 2   Options     1:33:24 ()
Beto Villares  incerteza   Options     1:33:48 ()
rfto bandwagon  fingers   Options     1:35:30 ()
bears  wait and see   Options     1:35:46 ()
last shadow puppets  my mistakes were made for you   Options     1:45:22 ()
melvern taylor  juliet   Options     1:46:55 ()
boys  Please Change Your Mind   Options     1:50:07 ()
RTX  cheap wine time   Options     1:53:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
james brown 
loop   Options     1:57:05 ()
The Preacher's Kids  don't talk to me   Options     2:02:29 ()
crystal stilts  crystal stilts   Options     2:09:24 ()
king khan  its a lie   Options     2:10:43 ()
lesbian afternoon  three owl teahous   Options     2:13:04 ()
the mohawks  Landscape   Options     2:20:44 ()
Spektr  things that go bump in the night   Options     2:26:03 ()
Boosey & Hawkes/Tod Dockstader  Pond Dance   Options     2:26:31 ()
dawid szczesny  cushicled   Options     2:26:59 ()
dawgisht  revisited   Options     2:39:32 ()
Dungen  marleras finest   Options     2:40:10 ()
quintron  the boss wants to party with you   Options     2:49:10 ()
tex ritter  my buckets been fixed   Options     2:49:21 ()
Ernest Tubb  g i r l spells trouble   Options     2:49:41 ()
pete rock  folsom prison blues remix!!   Options     2:51:05 ()
Music behind DJ:
davie allan and arrows 
13th harley   Options     2:56:51 ()
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers  Affection   Options     2:57:07 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 11/3/08 9:14am max:

wow, where on earth did you find this comic
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:15am Vic Thrill:

In Manhattan, dreading having to move the car at 9am, haven't slept a wink, car radio is ALWAYS set to FMU, this music is transcendent! I feel no sleep deprivation and high on strange discoveries and ideas! Thanks whoever is doing this!
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:18am bw:

good morning all! of course there is an Obama comic book!
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:18am paw:

you are here (four tet remix)

happy monday :)
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:24am max:

will you have enough songs to get to the part where he converts to islam and beheads his teacher. i heard that was way exciting for the folks who were there
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:33am bw:

more than enough max
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:37am Parq:

Me, I'm waiting for the part where he meets his wife and they blow up bridges together.
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:37am max:

after each one they turn to the camera and slow-motion dap
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:42am bw:

man, I should have had everyone do a panel!
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:48am jtkmdny:

For every optimist, there is a pessimist who does not support class warfare
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:51am Bobby:

class warfare!
  Mon. 11/3/08 9:58am bw:

is that what the big fear is out there in listener land? class warfare?
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:02am jtkmdny:

With leadership from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, we can't help be headed in the wrong direction. I prefer gridlock
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:05am bw:

ok.. so what was the best halloween costume you saw this weekend - my vote goes to Liz Berg's Prince costume! I could post a link!!!
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:07am cosmic:

i like this daniel johnstone with a beat
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:08am lee:

i won't be upset when WFMU dj's fall out of love with this song.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:09am Ken:

Damn, The Lines sounds more like Daniel Johnston than Daniel Johnston. In the next panel, Barack finds his Dad's metal prosthetic legs wrapped with plastic explosives.,,
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:10am bW:

  Mon. 11/3/08 10:12am cosmic:

my dads got a prostetic leg. we had the roof fixed once and workmen moved a box and a leg fell out from behind it with sock,shoe and trousers on, the workman fainted.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:13am cosmic:

big fear, explosive legs.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:16am Ken:

Two explostive legs can do a LOT of damage, especially if you add nails and screws into the kneecaps.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:21am Parq:

"Nails and screws into the kneecaps" would make a good name for an album.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:22am GP:

What?.... A bunch of angst ridden, non-threatening teens playing their stereos loud and then the next scene is Kenya? I feel TOTALLY ripped off I want the Colombia years dang it!
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:25am Ken:

I agree with GP- We have been robbed of 30 years!
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:28am GP:

He he, GWB looks like he is about to puke in that frame.."Steady there feller, I need some stabilibrim..let me jus put my hand on your shoulder here.....BLEGHHHHH!"

Obama: "Dude, you got my shoes"
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:29am bw:

ok.. we really need to make our own comic
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:31am Cecile:

I keep thinking this comic is a Chick tract, and at some point Obama and ourselves will end up in hell if we don't repent.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:33am stingy d:

can the comic be about wolves?
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:33am Cecile:

i do like Barak's Isiah Thomas moves in the basketball scene...
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:34am spike (a):

hey what waas that molotov cocktail song? i was listening away from a computer
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:34am GP:

The artwork is just a bit worse than Chick, so perhaps we would just have to settle for some minor minions instead of ol Beezelebub himself
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:35am Swami:

The man really can go to the rim though!
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:35am Cecile:

I want to write "Aftermath: The Sitcom" after the National Geo TV special where only wolves, bugs, feral dogs and whales are left after humans all mysteriouly disappear.

I want to put in a claque of marketing people who are trying to figure out a way to market to wolves and feral dogs, and not get run over by bison. Hilarity will result.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:37am Cecile:

I've seen "Zeke" dunk. He was a hell of a basketball player for being a shrimp (no way was he 5'11")
Too bad he ran your fine NYC franchise into the ground. Sucks to be you.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:38am GP:

Speaking of chicks..MEWOW..who is that the he is bumping knuckles with...that don't look like Michelle.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:40am barney:

and that doesn't really look like Obama either.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:42am Cecile:

Oooh, Aftermath has some great scenes where the Statue of Liberty starts falling apart...
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:42am Dutton:

Sorry Benjamen, music behind you... (so familiar)?
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:42am GP:

i think that is Tom Cruise in an Obama mask.

"Mommy why are all of the states blue...are they sad?"
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:42am Cecile:

but the terrrorist gang sign looks right.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:44am spike (a):

ah sweet i found the song... http://thegurglingcod.typepad.com/thegurglingcod/files/vivibach_molotow.mp3

so badass
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:45am bw:

the whole cd is great spike!
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:45am spike (a):

where can ya find it?
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:47am cosmic:

they just did an amazing set for the electric proms in the uk!
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:51am bzul:

Went to the Chick site to flesh out the comment reference, and it gave me my treat for today with this line: "What would Jesus drop into her pumpkin?"
Oh, my,my, my.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:52am bw:

and what did you type as an answer????
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:54am bzul:

No typing...mind reeling...trying to control manic tangled herd of possibilities.
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:56am bw:

dutton - it is the halo benders that was themusic bed for the movie rap
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:56am Cecile:

to paraphrase the 900 lb gorilla joke:
"Anything! He's Jesus!"
  Mon. 11/3/08 10:59am Boogie Man:

What's the chance of getting some boogie-rock up in here?
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:02am GP:

Coca-Cola is going to sue Jesus........psssshhhh ( sound of soda spitting out passed pursed lips)... YEA RIGHT...bring it on! After this is over your caarmel colored soda will be barely recognizable...people will perhaps call it RC Cola or something equally vile.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:05am stingy d:

ginger ale
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:06am Swami:

JC Cola
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:07am GP:

Swami..LOL. totally PWNED by Jesus
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:08am GP:

That Preachers Kids tract was cool, and so is whatever you are playing now ( my playlist has not updated yet).
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:10am Bad Ronald:

atoner tonic!
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:11am Parq:

Was away from my desk for a while, just wanna say, Cecile, I would *totally* watch your show.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:13am Bobby:

are you calling her XXL?
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:17am stingy d:

the crystal stilts are top shelf
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:18am stingy d:

palin said that white oprah bit in reality?
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:19am Parq:

Very surprised not to find a swimsuit shot of Vice Pres. Barbie on Google Images. I thought she was a beauty contestant.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:19am bw:

we dont hjave to answer your gotcha questions stingy D!


actually I only read that.. maybe I am exagerating.. whoops!
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:20am dc pat:

hey stingy d is back...
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:21am stingy d:

  Mon. 11/3/08 11:21am Cecile:

Parq, you are my target audience.
I better get to scribin' if it's going to be reality...
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:23am stingy d:

i held the station manager's gun up at knife point and they let me back away slowly... after i convinced them to let me say "seemingly-disparraging comments" to 1 in 8 fmu dj's. so night people is on on watch right now.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:29am stingy d:

give me a bonus
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:30am Parq:

What happened with the comic book? Did a wise mentor convince Obama to use his powers for good, fighting crime and defending the weak against the forces of evil?
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:30am stingy d:

my roommate hung out with bill murray on halloween... so jealous
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:32am Parq:

That's *another* reason for me to hate the GOP - they've taken red clothes away from us.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:33am Ike:

How much of that comic is missing, besides the Columbia years? It's choppy, and depicts Obama hideously.

Great, GREAT show.

I can't concentrate at work. I'm worried the machines will steal all our votes.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:33am Cecile:

No, it turned out that this whole thing was a dream the Falcom had after eating some bad chili in an alternate universe.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:33am dc pat:

was Murray loaded?
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:34am Cecile:

  Mon. 11/3/08 11:35am Parq:

So 'Cile, in the alternative universe, chili is bad? What about snow cones?
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:35am stingy d:

he had a bottle of maker's mark and they just drank whiskey and beer until 8 in the morning.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:35am dc pat:

HEY! It's not noon, quit gabbin!
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:38am stingy d:

they also started a band called ice cave
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:38am mb:

in reference to undecided voters....
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:38am Cecile:

The chili was bad because the meat was left out too long before cooking, unbeknowst to the Falcon.

Snow cones are good in all alternate universes, as are sleeping puppies and afghans your gramma knit you.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:39am dc pat:

That's what I would call a successful Halloween.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:42am stingy d:

yea... it started at the mgmt show, he came during the encore... and the bouncer couldn't recognize him... so my friend said it's bill murray man... and the bouncer was like... yea bill murray you could go in... and then later on he took everyone in his busted 91 oldmobile that was filled with crap to some broad's house
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:43am bw:

sounds fun!
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:44am stingy d:

ever since i was about 18 or 19 i have been telling a lie abotu how bill muray is my uncle and he got me and sisters on double dare and we won a lifetime supply of orange juice... so... i envy my friend 'salad'
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:46am Cecile:

Ooooh nooooes! Don't fix mah bukkit.
How will the bukkit race reproduce?
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:47am bw:

strange to say this.. but there is nothing I like playing better on the air than Tex Ritter !!! what is that about???
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:49am stingy d:

tex winter sounds like the radio - if that makes sense
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:49am Cecile:

John Ritter's soul flew into your body upon his demise? Do you get any deja vu watching 3's Company episodes?
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:50am Parq:

That's it! I was trying to think how to phrase it, but Sting nailed it exactly.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:51am trent:

who let the dogs out? woof woof woof
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:52am Cecile:

It sounds like Chinn and Chapman remixed the Johnny Cash. I kind of like it.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:52am stingy d:

yea... i agree with trent... John Ca$h Money
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:53am ?:

Tex and Ernest are real country, and I think Stingy got it, like something you expect to hear tuning an old AM radio back when there was still music on AM...or firing up the dashboard radio in an old Chevy truck.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:54am stingy d:

hahahahah!!! that was pete rock! oh man
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:56am stingy d:

i am always lookign for reasons to like pete rock a little less... so... i got another one.
  Mon. 11/3/08 11:57am Ike:

You can't promise us there won't be election talk next week. The machines, the MACHINES! I'm very worried we'll need to riot at Sequoia and Diebold a.k.a. Premier headquarters and smash their machines to get real democracy back.

Ugh, I can't stand this dude's "singing" voice. For a song about affection, his voice is very anti-sensual. It's like a geeky squawk.
  Thu. 11/20/08 7:29am jeppe:

edit: kirsten ketsjer.

i like this. great show.
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