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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options November 13, 2008: A bit of a prick, actually - a relatively unpleasant fellow

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Cromagnon  Caledonia   Options Cave Rock (aka Orgasm)     
The Psychic Paramount  The Eyeglass / Sex Operation   Options Origins and Primitives Vol. 1+2    0:03:41 ()
Byard Lancaster  Brotherman   Options "Personal Testimony" (Then and Now)    0:09:49 ()
Punck  (exc)   Options Piallassa (red desert chronicles)  Italian  0:13:22 ()
w/ Gen Ken Montgomery  Curls For Girls   Options Kalckreuth Keks    0:15:38 ()
w/ unknown  Voices of Possessed Children   Options V/a, Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik    0:17:46 ()
Persona  Terra   Options Som    0:20:48 ()
Sun City Girls  The Beauty of Benghazi   Options You're Never Alone With A Cigarette - Singles Vol 1    0:26:02 ()
The Pedestrian  The Lifelong Liquidation Sale (1850-1950)   Options The Lucked Days of One UnIndian Boy    0:26:55 ()
Steinski  Number Three on Flight Eleven   Options What Does It All Mean? - 1983-2006 Retrospective    0:29:58 ()
Caetano Veloso  You Don't Know Me   Options Transa    0:38:51 ()
Jeritree  Wave   Options House of Many Colors    0:52:04 ()
"Jeff Alexander" (performer unknown)  Come Wander With Me   Options sdtk, "The Brown Bunny"    1:00:06 ()
Grandpa's Ghost  Acid Cowboy Country Queen Fuzz / Blend Blues (Again)   Options Stardust & Smog / Early Autumn Waltz    1:03:38 ()
Fleetwood Mac  Albatross   Options Black Magic Woman    1:12:51 ()
Arthur Russell  This Time Dad You're Wrong   Options Love is Overtaking Me    1:15:56 ()
sorry, been fuckin around for awhile...        1:29:53 ()
Family  Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens   Options Music in a Doll's House - BONUS TRACK    1:47:46 ()
The USAisamonster  Cocaine Wedding   Options Space Programs    1:50:29 ()
James Gang  Midnight Man   Options Thirds    1:54:44 ()
Billy Jam + Scott Williams        1:57:53 ()
John Tchicai & Cadentia Nova Danica  This Is Heaven   Options Afrodisiaca    1:59:08 ()
Suicide  Girl   Options S/t    2:00:55 ()
Aranos  This Job is So Boring   Options Alone Vimalakirti Blinks  dedicated to all you people in the comments pool  2:04:52 ()
Cold Cave  Our Tears Help   Options The Trees Grew Emotions and Died  wrong speed, but really the right one  2:14:57 ()
Parliament  Funky Woman   Options Osmium    2:20:48 ()
Kain  Clouds   Options Blue Guerrilla    2:23:40 ()
Attila  Rollin' Home   Options S/t  Billy Joel  2:29:48 ()
A.C. Newman  35 in the Shade   Options The Slow Wonder    2:44:58 ()
Swell Maps  The Helicopter Spies   Options Jane from Occupied Europe    2:47:51 ()
Ty Segall  Pretty Baby (You're So Ugly)   Options S/t    2:52:10 ()
Jack Scott  Tall Tales   Options Jack Scott on Groove    2:53:32 ()
the end.................        2:56:13 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 11/13/08 11:57am m:

comment before show starts -- woo!
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:03pm stingy d:

i wish thursdays were on fridays
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:03pm Doug from DC:

Woo hoo are about to rock salute you!
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:03pm AnAnonymousParty:

Ben Franklin, hero or hophead?
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:04pm Bad Ronald:

Nice opener. This tune is kicking!
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:04pm stingy d:

  Thu. 11/13/08 12:05pm Sean Daily:

Seventh comment! Woo hoo!
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:05pm girl:

  Thu. 11/13/08 12:06pm stingy d:

calling ben franklin a hopper should get me gully-points if you ask me.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:06pm Parq:

Anon, you say that like they're mutually exclusive.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:06pm Joe:

Wow you guys just go allll day don't you.

I wish I had a job with computers.

... you guys do have jobs right?
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:08pm stingy d:

i multi-task... yeeeaaa thats the ticket! multi-tasskingg yeaa seee and i have TWO j- no Threee jobs yeeeaaa
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:08pm girl:

work is overrated, but i still do it.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:08pm GP:

So far Joe...we will see what happens next week.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:09pm stingy d:

i rate work very very very low... so i am not sure if i follow.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:09pm The New Recession:

New ways for WFMU to generate funds: charge a dollar for more than one comment a day or a show. With just the money Stingy D and Bad Ronald would supply you could skip the Marathon
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:10pm stingy d:

i would stop talking
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:10pm Parq:

I am employed by the government, so whether or not I "work" is largely a matter of opinion.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:11pm stingy d:

yeeeeaaa thats what i'd do alright! yeeeaaa and i wouldn't speak in real life either yeeeaaa thats what i'm talkin about!
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:11pm Joe:

Bill Mac mentioned he'll be losing his job the other night :-(

I think he should get a chunk of the year end donations.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:13pm north guinea hills:

i work for the gov't and i work my ass off while i'm at work (although i can sneak a comment here and there), i just rarely work more then 42 hours a week
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:14pm Carmichael:

Like Parq, I am also a gubmint employeeeee. And I'm in management, which puts a whole new spin on the "do I work" question.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:14pm Doug in DC:

Believe it or not, I diagnosed the causes of three defects in our new application while blathering on like this.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:16pm stingy d:

suckers.. i just here and waste time until the day is over. the government might work, but it doesn't function.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:17pm AnAnonymousParty:

I work despite computers (embedded systems developer, primarily networking 'appliances', routers, etc.) and am surrounded by computers all day long at the office and permanently tethered to a laptop otherwise.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:19pm Joe:

I'm a delivery boy. Like Fry from Futurama. Its great because I get to drive around and listen to FMU, but now that the comments are getting so aggro, I feel like I'm missing out. Though I can read them on my phone.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:19pm fishmonkeystew:

I love possessed children!!
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:20pm molerat:

Loving the sounds. Thanks.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:20pm michael from doerentrup:

hey, my kid is still awake and listening....you`re scaring him
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:20pm Father Ritter:

Me too!
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:22pm Carmichael:

As I mentioned somewhere else ....

That was some freaky ass shit.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:33pm avant reguard in berlinski:

great track. thx
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:35pm Joe:

I'm not sure if this playlist fits the weather, or if the weather fits the playlist.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:35pm stingy d:

is e-40 on deck? "do your head like this" or "the dummy" perhaps??
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:38pm Scott:

Yo everyone! Meant to say, yeah it's the weather. Loving the weather, where I live: like someone turned a dim light on a dead day already in progress.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:50pm stingy d:

yr learning me good rigth now.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:54pm Carmichael:


It's 75 and sunny here in Northern California. Which means I'd like to hear some Urban Turban, if you have any.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:55pm Carmichael:

Or some castrato music. Whichever is better.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:57pm scott:

Oh man, that's rough Carmichael! I hope this glorious lesbian free-folk will suffice for your castrato fix, but we don't love the sun here, not today.
  Thu. 11/13/08 12:58pm mad dog:

  Thu. 11/13/08 12:59pm Joe:

Not only is there no sun, I think there might actually be some kind of anti-sun that, instead of emitting light, emits gray. Imagine if this song was hanging in the sky, absorbing all warmth.

Its enough to make a man want to blow off work the way he's blow off class.
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:02pm Soundgarden:

Black-hole Sun?
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:03pm stingy d:

cold sun! here in the year!
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:03pm Joe:

Right, but without the spit-roasting barbie doll, and face warping people, and such and such.
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:05pm frank:

How about some vocal musings from Renzo Cesana
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:05pm stingy d:

get out of the backyard
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:08pm Cecile:

How about some Klaus Nomi?
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:16pm melt:

this playlist is dee-lightful, up from napping i feel i can just float around
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:16pm AnAnonymousParty:

Wm Orbit, "A Hazy Shade of Random"
Robin Trower: "Long Misty Days"
Philip Glass: "Cloudscape"
Pete Bardens: "Seascape"
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:19pm Cecile:

everyone's in a So-Cal soft rock mood, and I'm in a Slayer mood.
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:27pm Carmichael:

Some Motorhead would also suffice.
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:29pm fishmonkeystew:

Negativland- A Big 10-8 Place

  Thu. 11/13/08 1:30pm mad dog:






  Thu. 11/13/08 1:30pm Carmichael:

And thank you Scott for the lesbian fare. Real ironical-like, here in the land of Prop 8 (The "We Hate Fags" Initiative).
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:32pm michael from doerentrup:

excellent dubbing skills
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:32pm Carmichael:

  Thu. 11/13/08 1:33pm Carmichael:

Would anyone notice if I did the Watusi in my office right now?
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:35pm AnAnonymousParty:

WHy do you have a Watusi in your office?
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:36pm Carmichael:

He he .... pretty good, man.
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:36pm Joe:

  Thu. 11/13/08 1:47pm Your Boss:

hey you lazy FMU loving, procrastinating-leaning slackers.....git back to work...Imagine for a moment that you are self-employed and that every moment spent on Scott's comments is money down the drain. That might be hard for you Stingy D especially but try it for a second, please!!!
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:47pm Joe:

I didn't realize I needed something jaunty, but I apparently needed something jaunty.

Jaunty jaunty jaunty. That's a funny word.
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:47pm Adam:

Very gameshow
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:48pm Freda:

Hey - who's slacking. Some of us have already finished work - it's 7pm where I am!
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:51pm Adam:

Saw the Sea and Cake last night. Was good. Why I am slacking now.
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:51pm paulthepostman:

fuck him! hey, freda!
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:53pm Bad Ronald:

This USAisamonster track is nice!
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:56pm Joe:

Remember when they were playing everywhere, like, everyday, about a year ago? I think I saw them 3 weekends in a row, not even on purpose.
  Thu. 11/13/08 1:59pm adam:

Yep. See them every Boston show.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:03pm adam:

"suicide" loves PJ Harvey
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:12pm Ike:

Appropriate Aranos song for my afternoon! Nice!
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:15pm Cecile:

you people. that one there. hmmmph
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:18pm hmmmph:

Hi Cecile, you want me?
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:23pm Cecile:

LOL! Sorry, didn't mean to summon you.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:27pm stingy d:

hey boss... i can imagine that. i just could not care less. pay me more, and i will start to care. i'd much rather afford myself the opportunity to hear a song i like. eat a dick boss.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:31pm stingy d:

got anything to smoke sherm to?
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:31pm hmmmph:

That's cool Cecile, anytime you feel hummmphy you know I'm always there for you.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:32pm Lumpy:

WOW... Attila! First time hearing them!
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:32pm Cecile:

oh, hey, could you play some Jimi Hendrix Experience. Just saw that Mitch Mitchell passed. Sad.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:33pm dc pat:

Not a big fan of keyboards but the organ sounds excellent.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:34pm dc pat:

here, here. Let's here some Mitch
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:35pm PKNY:

Billy Joel sure knew how to rock back in the day
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:35pm Bad Ronald:

Thought you didn't do that shit Stingy.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:37pm dc pat:

wait, did I just get tricked into saying something nice about Billy Joel??
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:37pm ?:

  Thu. 11/13/08 2:40pm Bad Ronald:

You're too kind Scott, thanks.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:40pm GP:

DC Pat..you are forgiven...just watch yerself though
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:44pm dc pat:

excuse me, I have to go wash my ears now...
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:45pm mad dog:

talking of organs...
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:45pm GP:

Scott jsut play some Rammstein..yeah..that will do it.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:46pm stingy d:

don't listen to gp for the time being.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:46pm Robicus:

What is that organ music???
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:46pm Cecile:

I am getting a Thunderclap Newman vibe here. It's pretty good.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:48pm GP:

LOL Stingy.... yeah...WHAT was I thinking?
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:50pm stingy d:

looks like it might be ok to listen to gp on the next go around.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:51pm GP:

Diane might comply...just maybe
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:52pm stingy d:

diane is my favorite girl name in existence.
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:53pm dc pat:

man, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this Maps song
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:54pm Henry VIII:

Me too - Die Anne!
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:55pm dc pat:

nothing wrong w/ ty segall either. Bet their using Gibson es-335's!
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:55pm dc pat:

"they're", dammit. That's it I'm done for today
  Thu. 11/13/08 2:56pm GP:

WTH, I'm eating a pack of Smarties left over from Samhain /All Hallows Eve....and no YELLOW Smarties are in the roll...I think it is a conspiracy.

Henery the Eighth I am, I am I am....rimshot to you...AND line of the day to you.
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