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A weekly meditation on Who did it, What it is, Where is it at, When it is going down, Why is it not working and How it should be. Add your comments to the playlists in real time or post game.

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Options November 24, 2008: Trust, the elements

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Dave Aju  crazy place   Options      
David Axelrod  Holy Thursday   Options      
Music behind DJ:
a smallgood thing 
loop   Options      
B. Fleischmann and Daniel Johnston  phones, machines and king kong ( daniel johnston on vocals)   Options      
dakota suite  track 3   Options      
koushik  Nothings The Same   Options      
Zak Riles    pacific siren     
Barnacled  track 7   Options      
jonas reinhardt  tentshow   Options      
Music behind DJ:
state river widening 
loop   Options      
the peace  I have got no money   Options Black Power     
gary Farr  Time Machine   Options      
frankie dymon jnr  The City   Options      
kieran hebdon/ steve reid  first and first   Options      
gang gang dance  Vacuum   Options      
Music behind DJ:
loop   Options      
Archimedes Badkar  morgonstjaranan   Options      
terakaft  haran bardan   Options      
Papa Wemba  malimba   Options      
Yoko Ono  We're All Water   Options      
halo benders  loop   Options      
rudresh mahanthappa  Introspection   Options      
Edith Frost  falling   Options      
hearts of palm uk  more than this   Options For Life     
Ultramarine  stella   Options      
Conifer  a history of disappointments   Options      
the wonder boys  tom top   Options      
Don Cavalli  Aggression   Options      
Lee Hazlewood  must have been something I loved   Options      
Faron Young  I'm a poor boy   Options      
Music behind DJ:
james brown 
loop   Options      
manteca  son montno   Options     2:08:37 ()
Vivi Bach & Dietmar Schonherr  molotov cocktail party   Options     2:09:16 ()
the bird names  before the revolution   Options     2:10:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
loop       2:14:11 ()
wicked witch  Fancy Dancer   Options     2:20:18 ()
precinct  anonymous men   Options     2:23:17 ()
felt  my darkest light will shine   Options     2:25:22 ()
green on red  gravity talks   Options     2:28:35 ()
Music behind DJ:
Seksu Roba 
loop   Options     2:36:37 ()
eric copeland    corn on the cob    2:37:18 ()
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  shot me Im the piano player   Options     2:38:37 ()
ovo  ostkreu   Options crocevia    2:43:11 ()
bunnybrains  track 12   Options what makes you think you can save yourself from yourself    2:45:30 ()
ponytail  all together now!   Options     2:47:56 ()
dan deacon  shoe faces   Options     2:50:02 ()
lenny lacour  the worm   Options     2:51:26 ()
Music behind DJ:
Davie Allan and the Arrows 
13th harley   Options     2:56:24 ()
Jonathan Richman  Affection   Options     2:56:54 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 11/24/08 9:07am annie:

morning ben
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:08am paulthepostman:

Salutations one and all, just back from walking the streets for money....
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:08am GP:

BW..Holy Thursday sounds great on a manic Monday.

Nice one
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:09am annie:

hi PTP.. hey ben do you know the short story by henry miller called the smile at the foot of the ladder?
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:11am Parq:

You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right . . .
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:13am Paw:

Poor Auguste...
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:13am trent:

you're a real downer today
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:14am R I S K Y:

im shook
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:15am annie:

ben, it is one of his best short stories. it is about a clown. it really brings out henry's tender side.
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:15am Parq:

  Mon. 11/24/08 9:15am GP:

  Mon. 11/24/08 9:16am annie:

parq, i love that word.. and paw... i forget the other clown's name.
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:18am max:

not a noun, but 'blase' might be the opposite of 'exuberant'
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:18am bw:

I love unzuberance!
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:19am Paw:

me too, annie. i like the epiloque: “Like the clown we go through the motions, forever simulating, forever postponing the grand event. We die struggling to get born. We never were, never are. We are always in the process of becoming…”
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:21am annie:

it is one of my favorites, and loved plexus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agoZX8X48-U
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:22am annie:

that link is a film...
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:22am Parq:

Ben, if you're looking for a word specifically with financial significance, how 'bout parsimony?
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:23am bw:

plexus, sexus, nexus
my favorite miller!
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:25am annie:

sexus plexus nexus...the middle being the most philosophic.. the two bookends were pretty raw yet wonderful in their own right
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:28am bw:

here is a link to the MAx PAge lecture tonight:
and here is a link to a movie I made with him for myother radio job
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:30am bw:

blase is good too Irrational BLASE!
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:33am annie:

ben, is that your account? bet there are some doozies in there.
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:34am moka_usa:

Ben! Finally listening to your show...sorry it took so long. Monica
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:34am bw:

not my account.. but work's account... lots of fun with clips about the destruction of NYC - hi Monica!
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:34am Bad Ronald:

Nice piece bw, I do love NY!
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:36am annie:

i must create a new page in there for radio and spoken word.
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:44am annie:

i watched "mindwalk" last night on google, wow, what a great film
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:45am ratbone:

word you are lookin for is "reality". you gotta leave "irrational" outta your slogan.
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:46am Joshua:

I think the Somali Pirates are just warming up to capture the NY Stock Exchange
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:48am bw:

I worry that youmight be right Joshua!
and Ratbone I think you are on to something!
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:48am trissh:

'intuberance', following potatoes, beets and other tubers
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:55am bw:

thats pretty great Trissh
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:56am Bad Ronald:

  Mon. 11/24/08 9:57am annie:

i'm leaving it up to the experts.. everytime i think i've got a great word.. then, bam.. there ya go! see BR has one.. yay!
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:57am annie:

wait : vapid complacency?
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:58am Bad Ronald:

Now that's a good one Annie!
  Mon. 11/24/08 9:59am annie:

slammed into my head,,
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:04am bzul:

Ennui Christian soldiers...
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:05am Bad Ronald:

Can always count on Bzul for a bit of wordplay!
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:05am annie:

  Mon. 11/24/08 10:11am diane:

not for nothin - i'm trying to get fired.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:12am Bad Ronald:

Hey, it's Uncle Lonely!
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:12am bzul:

By noon, diane? By five?
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:13am uncle lonely:

hi bad diane
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:14am uncle lonely:

just in general.. its an i'll-sit-here-and-collect until you say something type of sit.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:14am Bad Diane:

Well the bonus comment was a step in the right direction...
Is the peanut guy still with the company?
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:14am PodSean:

"...because you're one of the laughers!"

I love it.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:14am joshua:

Wow this track is GREAT! I am having trouble figuring out which one it is on the playlist... could you let me kno.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:15am uncle lonely:

yea but he's a "special" person
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:15am Cecile:

I am extremely confused by this comment section.
I probably need more coffee.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:16am Cecile:

And Benjamin, you should probably go literal and play "death of a clown" by the Kinks.

It's only right and natural.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:17am bw:

we will wait and see how the comic plays out Cecile! and joshua it was the badkar track you liked
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:17am Bad Diane:

Now that is on Killer tune Cecile!
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:18am uncle lonely:

it's ok diane... go get some coffee i fyou need it.

this song sound like a lot of spinning lamb in a dark room full of lazy dancing.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:19am bzul:

Just sing, uncle! Sing, Cecile! Sing, Zero!
Off-shift topic: We heard Eno's China My China on Bryce's show Friday and dropped a few comments. Over the weekend, where do I hear Brian, mos' unexpectedly? On NPR, delivering a personal essay for a "This I Believe" segment -- about the humanity, therapeutic benefits and general importance of singing, singing socially/communally. Singin' 'bout pickin' cotton, no less.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:21am GP:

Time for Zero to go Zonko and get all Chuck Norris on them
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:21am bw:

I clicked on that thinking you were talking about Brian Turner! Totally disappointed..
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:23am PodSean:

....I'm a little disappointed in Zero's taste in women.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:23am diane:

yea that was like dave matthew's band fans calling those mopes "dave"
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:25am uncle lonely:

  Mon. 11/24/08 10:26am bzul:

Eno sez sing the disappointment away!
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:27am uncle lonely:

what record is this yoko from?
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:27am Bad Diane:

Some time in NYC
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:29am uncle lonely:

that onobox thing... out of pritn right?
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:30am annie:

zero :(
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:30am Cecile:

annie, I think that this is not going to end well...
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:31am annie..:

i loved "mindwalk".
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:31am annie:

at best he will simply fade away ...
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:32am Cecile:

I want to go see Bolt
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:35am Barney:

Some trivia: Rudresh's brother Mahesh is a professor of polymer chemistry.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:37am GP:

Benjamin..what movie did you say you went to see?

Cecile..I think you made a good choice...how was the movie? Is it good for a seven year old?
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:38am uncle lonely:

how to get girls:
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:39am annie:

ben may i post a link to the website for oddball comics... ?? discusses this one.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:39am Cecile:

I haven't seen it, but I think it would be.
I heard that it is funny and has a good heart.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:40am GP:

10-4 Cecile..just notices the tense of your post..my eyes are moving too fast!
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:40am bw:

of course Annie
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:41am bw:

very interesting Barney
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:42am PodSean:

My aunt claims Roxy Music's "AVALON" is THE best make-out album of all-time. She is 43 and single.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:42am annie:

thanks.. http://www.oddballcomics.com/article.php?story=2007-11-19
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:45am Barney:

Benjamen, I only know this because I'm one too. Sadly, the number of polymer chemists who listen to WFMU appears to be small.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:45am Dianq:

Those movies are always fine for 7 year olds. The issue is always, how much are you going to suffer for their sakes. And I wanna meet Sean's aunt.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:46am Bad Diane:

"I can't believe it's not butter, you can drink it and it's not butter"!
That's some funny ish!!!
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:47am PodSean:


No. No, you don't.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:49am uncle lonely:

remember: get money. get paid.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:50am annie:

what about "freaks"? man's inhumanity towards man
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:50am Bad Diane:

Damn straight up and down!

I love the message to the makers of Kool Aid!
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:58am C:

knock it off
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:59am Cecile:

I have a really high tolerance for the childish.
I have "Kipper" on my TiVo for pete's sake.
  Mon. 11/24/08 10:59am Dianq:

Benjamin, a little info about this comic publisher would be greatly appreciated. My kid is a maven, and I'd love to pass this on to her.
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:00am Cecile:

from the website, it's a very old Marvel comic!
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:01am Bad Diane:

I love Kipper, Kipper the Dog!
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:02am Cecile:

the one with the slipper
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:02am uncle lon:

have you seen this girl giving the microphone a blow job and calling it art?
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:03am Cecile:

scott shaw! who did that odd comics website used to draw his own odd comic for DC: "Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew"
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:03am Bad Diane:

He can do this. He can do that. More than any cat can!
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:03am Cecile:

And this is a frog
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:04am Parq:

Uncle Lon, Tina Turner did that four decades ago.
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:06am Bad Diane:

Tiger's a bit stuffy but I love Jake. Not to mention Pig and Arnold!
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:07am Cecile:

Jake and his bird Fluff!
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:08am uncle lonely:

i didn't know that about diane turner - my favroite thing ever was the headline in the ny post about ike turner's death "Ike Beats Tina to Death"
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:09am e-card:

cindy & bert?
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:09am Bad Diane:

That's hilarious UL!
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:10am Ike:

I've never even met Tina.
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:11am Parq:

You can catch her doing her thing (or, if you prefer, doing the sound system's thing) in the I&TT segment of "Gimmie Shelter".
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:12am Jason:

Great show Benjamin! Especially enjoying the bird names this morning, and the Terakaft
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:14am Bad Diane:

Wow Zero is one serious clown!
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:19am detroitdave:

Ben, stop the madness..............Zero's fate has got me paralized an I can't work. yer killin me
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:21am detroitdave:

fu$#in clowns.......they always get thier way with us
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:25am Stephen Sondheim:

Isn't it rich?
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:27am Cecile:

my fault I fear.
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:28am The Fixx:

Saved By Zero?
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:28am Judy Collins:

Are we a pair?
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:29am bw:

I didn't plan this match up BTW

just thought the green on red should follow the felt
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:30am Cecile:

Losing my timing so late in my career.
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:30am detroitdave:

  Mon. 11/24/08 11:30am Stephenq:

Honey everything's coming up roses! Oh wait, wrong show . . .
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:35am Bad Diane:

Food and beer!?!?

When we played Belock's show we had to bring our own...
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:40am dc diane:

what's going on here? I'm confused...
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:40am Bad Diane:

This sounds like Bonzo's Montreux
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:41am paulthepostman:

...have been listening on 'n off Benjamen, have been otherwise engaged and itchy posting fingers have been disengaged, but for all that, am detecting not unpleasant dark mellow undertones behind this mornings show...
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:43am DavidSittingHereHatingHisJob:

Thanks a million for the Green on Red - takes me back. By the way the Ritmo y Sabor really hooked me up.
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:48am dc diane:

ok think I got it now.
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:51am dc diane:

love the ovo > bunnbrains > ponytail progression
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:52am uncle lonely:

don mattingly!!!!!!!!!!!
  Mon. 11/24/08 11:54am uncle lonely:

got any gary davis?
  Wed. 11/26/08 2:35pm peter choyce:

Ok, i'm here for the next 3 hours. I have no where else to go, obviously.

Lets see what NYC has done to your tastes. So far, all i hear is LIGHT JAZZ. what is this called?
Are u ever going to do a special rock show on SPONDYLOLTHESIS of the LUMBAR? Contact anytime for interview... no, thank YOU.
  Wed. 11/26/08 3:14pm peter choyce:

no offense, but i did not make it through. i heard what seemed to be mice in the walls. Seems like none of the DJs at your station like music, definatley not rock music. great website, tho. see? I keep it positive.
But is there ONE show that i could enjoy? you know what i like, and i'm hardly MAINSTREAM, but this, ben- water dripping thru a synthesizer, is ridiculous. come back little sheeba. you've gone too FAR OUT. Don't listen to me. u know what yer doin... i'm sayin, tho- u can upchuck yer listening audience a lot by throwing in a sonic youth or stereo lab once in a while. it won't kill you. the BIRDS chirping can wait.
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