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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Lux Interior RIP (probably won't be in peace though!)  
Cramps  Lonesome Town   Options Psychedlic Jungle / Gravest Hits  I.R.S.  0:01:08 )  
Cramps  on Beverly Hills 90210   Options     0:03:50 )  
Cramps  Psychotic Reaction   Options Smell of Female  Enigma  0:06:38 )  
Cramps  Sheena's In A Goth Gang   Options Big Beat From Badsville  Epitaph  0:11:02 )  
Cramps  I'm Customized   Options Flamejob  Medicine  0:13:15 )  
Cramps  Fever   Options Off the Bone  Illegal  0:16:43 )  
Cramps  Five Years Ahead of My Time   Options How To Make a Monster  Vengeance  0:21:15 )  
Cramps  Super Goo   Options Big Beat From Badsville  Epitaph  0:22:29 )  
Cramps  Ultra Twist   Options Flamejob  Medicine  0:24:52 )  
Cramps  Green Door   Options Psychedlic Jungle / Gravest Hits  I.R.S.  0:30:51 )  
Lux Interior  signing off   Options The Purple Knif Show  Munster  0:31:38 )  
Mad Daddys  Out West   Options Music For Men  PVC  0:33:25 )  
Produced by Lux and Ivy  
Dewey Martin RIP  
Buffalo Springfield  Buffalo Stomp (Raga)   Options Box set  Atco/Rhino  0:42:38 )  
Buffalo Springfield  Good Time Boy   Options Box Set  Atco/Rhino  0:45:50 )  
Buffalo Springfield  Fake "live" Mr. Soul intro to Broken Arrow   Options Box Set  Atco/Rhino  0:48:25 )  
Sir Walter Raleigh  Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day   Options various - Flash and Crash: Northwest Battle of the Bands Vol. 1  Sundazed  0:49:31 )  
Buffalo Springfield  For What It's Worth   Options live at Monterey Pop w/ Peter Tork intro    0:51:47 )  
Monkees  Long Title: Do I Have to Do This All Over Again   Options Head  Rhino  0:53:53 )  
Blossom Dearie  Unpack Your Adjectives   Options Schoolhouse Rock    0:56:21 )  
Blossom Dearie also RIP  
Nerves  Walking Out On Love   Options One Way Ticket  Alive  1:04:43 )  
John Mars  Rock and Roll Girl   Options live on WFMU July 25, 2000    1:06:26 )  
Graham Day & the Gaolers  The Most Expensive Sleep   Options Triple Distilled  Damaged Goods  1:07:19 )  
Cecilia Und Die Sauerkrauts  Minuit A L'aube   Options Saurkraut, Wurst Und Other Delights  Soundflat  1:10:06 )  
Butchers  I Reach You   Options Reach Out! With the Butchers  Kaiser  1:12:33 )  
Gruesomes  I'm Glad For You   Options Gruesomania  Ricochet  1:14:23 )  
The 99ers  My Boyfriend Hates Surf Music   Options Stand Up and Surf  Spinout  1:17:15 )  
Astronauts  The Pier   Options Rarities  Bear Family  1:19:46 )  
Sir Finks  Spanish Flea   Options (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur de Texas  Get Hip  1:22:06 )  
Hi-Risers  Two-Week Notice   Options Once We Get Started  Spinout  1:30:02 )  
Sir Douglas Quintet  La Luna Fue Culpable (And It Didnt Even Bring Me Down)   Options The Mexican EP originally; The Complete Mercury Masters  Hip-O Select  1:32:00 )  
Dean Carter  I Got a Girl   Options Call of the Wild!  Big Beat  1:33:55 )  
Dex Romweber Duo  Grey Skies   Options Ruins of Berlin  Bloodshot  1:36:34 )  
Lost Crusaders  Planted By the Water   Options Have You Heard About the World?  Everlasting  1:41:07 )  
Priscillas  Timing   Options 10,000 Volts  Nag's Head  1:51:05 )  
Powerchords  Blow   Options Think I'm Gonna  Screaming Apple  1:54:48 )  
Busy Signals  Matter of Time   Options s/t  Dirtnap  1:56:31 )  
Movie Star Junkies  Your Miserable Life   Options Melville  Voodoo Rhythm  1:57:59 )  
Waistcoats  Abwarts & wolkig   Options International Split with the Cool Jerks  Soundflat  2:01:42 )  
Deena Shoshkes  Science Fiction   Options Somewhere In Blue  myspace/deenashoshkes  2:04:37 )  
Smithereens  Cry For a Shadow   Options B-Sides the Beatles  Koch  2:06:53 )  
Sadies  The Crocodile   Options Tales of the Rat Fink original soundtrack  Yep Roc  2:09:18 )  
Sally Crewe & the Sudden Moves  Sleepyhead   Options Your Nearest Exit May Be Behind You  8-Track Mind  2:18:37 )  
Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3  I'm Falling   Options Goodnight Oslo  Yep Roc  2:22:02 )  
Twilight Procession  Always Gonna Be Together   Options s/t  Moonlight Mile  2:25:47 )  
Matt Mayo  Mistakes   Options Heavy Meds  Akashic  2:27:45 )  
6 to 8 Mathematics  You Won't Love Me   Options High Heels, Whiskey and Mayhem    2:32:11 )  
JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound  How To Stop Loving Someone Who's Stopped Loving You   Options Beat of Our Own Drum    2:35:32 )  
Resonars  No Black Clouds Float By   Options That Evil Drone  Burger  2:38:29 )  
Phantom Jets  Thee Action's Gone   Options Phantom Jet Set  Screaming Apple  2:43:27 )  
Norvins  Invisible Woman   Options Time Machine  Soundflat  2:45:34 )  
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!  Donde Estan?   Options Viven!!!  Munster  2:48:07 )  
Rapiers  Good Golly Miss Molly   Options various - Soundflat Records' Ballroom Bash Vol. 2  Soundflat  2:50:00 )  
Miss Ludella Black featuring The Masonics  I Want Some Answers   Options From the Witness Stand  Damaged Goods  2:53:16 )  
Black Time  I'm Gonna Haunt You When I'm Gone   Options Double Negative  In the Red  2:56:04 )  

Listener comments!

  Tue. 2/10/09 12:03pm Sean Daily:

First comment! Woo hoo!
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:03pm dc pat:

LUX woo hoo! *sniff*...
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:05pm GP:

What? Bev. Hills 90210?...mmmmm Kelly!
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:06pm Parq:

The Cramps on BH 90-etc? The wonder of it all.
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:09pm Jimmy Safechuck:

There was something strangely touching about that Cramps/BH 90210 clip. Lost Youth, or something.
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:09pm dc pat:

weren't they on some other shows too?
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:13pm dc pat:

How about Shortnin Bread??
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:15pm Lucretia Secretions:

Thanks for this Joe!
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:29pm KathyC:

This is great - No boss today and Cramps Cramps Cramps - Can you play All Women Are Bad (How to Make A Monster)?
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:33pm Abe:

This sounds like Rex in the underground fallout shelter!
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:37pm formerly known as the soundguy at the court tavern:

thanks for the Mad Daddys!
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:37pm Ben:

Thanks for the later Cramps-nicely compliments Spaz's tribute last week with the (mainly) first album songs. In response to dc pat above, Lux performed the voice of a character in 2002 on "SpongeBob SquarePants", as lead singer of the Bird Brains, an all bird band.
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:40pm Cyn:

and a damn fine soundman at that
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:42pm jneil:

Lux: RIP it up!
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:43pm Jessica:

Lux Interior, R[est] in W[onderful] R[aclet]. Yeah.
Thanks for the great historical overviews!
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:44pm formerly known as the soundguy at the court tavern:

  Tue. 2/10/09 12:44pm Jessica:

Oooooh, jnell calls it.
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:45pm Topkat:

thanks, Joe. Icons seem to be droppin' like flies. Thoughts go out to Ivy. Everyone go see all those bands that still come 'round to your town after all these years so 'ya don't kick yer self later!
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:47pm jneil:

(with apologies to Ronnie Dawson):

well when I die don't you bury me at all
just nail my bones up on the wall
beneath these bones let these words be seen
"This is the bloody gears of a boppin' machine"

Hope Lux gets his wish!
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:49pm Curtis:

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime --- Joe Belock's tribute to the hilarious Lux Interior (who laughed at Evil), to Kevin Nutt's tribute to Claude Jeter (see recent Sinner's Crossroads archives). Thank y'all at WFMU.
  Tue. 2/10/09 12:59pm Cecile:

aw, no Blossom Dearie passed. Sucks.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:01pm Parq:

Holy Ned, Blossom too? Tragic.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:02pm Sean Daily:

So the whole point of that Unpack Your Adjectives song is if you use adjectives, all your vacations will suck and you'll get chased by bears. As an English major, I must protest.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:02pm AnAnonymousParty:

For the rest of the day I shall post only in adjectives.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:04pm Mike F.:

According to interviews I've seen with Dewey, Neil, and Richie (separately) they all claim that that little "Mr. Soul" snippet is what it is, and that's as far as it went. You heard the whole thing. Too bad!
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:12pm rubble:

Not a direct translation. L'aube is "dawn" They're crapping out early! Hahaha!
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:19pm Joe B:

Thanks Mike, thanks Rubble!

Thanks everyone for tuning in.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:19pm yoorah:

nice tunes!
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:21pm Topkat:

If this St. Paul, Mn. band (99'ers)plays close to you, GO, GO see 'em. You won't meet a nicer bunch!
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:22pm dc pat:

Yeah!! The Astronauts!! Can you play the Pyramids next??
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:24pm Jason:

YAY my birthday is coming up
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:25pm Cecile:

Topkat, thanks for the tip, I live there, so hope to catch 'em.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:26pm Sean Daily:

Your boyfriend hates surf music? Dump him.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:26pm Cecile:

not liking surf music is an instant deal breaker.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:27pm detroitdave:

Hi Joe! Another sweet lineup. Meetings caused me tardiness to the show......missed the damn Cramps too. SOMEBODY GOT TO PAY!
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:27pm rubble:

My boyfriend hates surf music....so I'm breaking up with him
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:27pm Freddy:

I can understand not liking surf music
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:28pm stu:

didn't Soul Asylum do a 'Clam Dip' Herb Alpert cover as well?
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:30pm dc pat:

stu: yep.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:31pm Cecile:

they did! You had sight of Dave Pirner smeared with clam dip, which turned me off chip dip for a while. :D
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:32pm Topkat:

Cecile, I'm on the west side of the river.KFAI? RadioK? ...know where I can get a job?
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:34pm Joe B:

Is Radio Rumpus Room still on KFAI?
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:36pm dc pat:

YEAH!!! DEAN CARTER!!!! Why don't I have this record???
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:36pm Freddy:

I fucking love Dean Carter. Good choice Joe.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:37pm Topkat:

Yes it is. I subbed the show on Dec. 26th while Ron & Jean were on holiday.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:37pm Cecile:

I know both of them, I guested twice on Cosmic Slop.
As for job, your guess is as good as mine!

I think radio rumpus room is still on there, Joe.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:38pm Cecile:

awesome, Topkat.
One of my favorite shows of theirs is when Michael Yonkers showed up with his cardboard box amp.
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:42pm Topkat:

I've said it many times that radio is not dead as some seem to think. That RRR show and the one we are enjoying now are proof of that!
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:47pm jt:

that is some harp playing there
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:47pm Rubble:

Oh, topkat., I wish I could be so optomistic. I'm afraid this is the exception, not the rule. But I appreciate your positive attitude!!!
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:54pm Topkat:

Community/College/Indie is where it's at. The internet makes it easier to access all the worthwhile stuff that is out there. Ya gotta do some digging. I support several stations in the U.S., several in Australia and one in Canada. See why I need a job?!
  Tue. 2/10/09 1:58pm Rub:

You're right TK. 'cept there used to be a time that there were actually some great stations that weren't independent. Commercial radio has been completely gutted. But absolutely, if you dig, you can find good stuff, thanks to the Inter- thing!
  Tue. 2/10/09 2:08pm Topkat:

Rubble, yeah, I don't understand commercial radio. It seems like one could make MORE money if you put on good (interesting) shows.
  Tue. 2/10/09 2:37pm detroitdave:

We dont need no damn commercial radio..we got the 3 chord monte! Kamikaze backs us up. No need to wander, set it and forget it!
  Tue. 2/10/09 3:00pm rubble:

fun as usual! thanksJoe!
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