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Options March 11, 2009: So we won't have to sell the farm

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options 0:00:00 ()
Kenny G and Irwin  Abracabadra   Options 0:12:16 ()
Shodder Grayson  Rapture of the Leaf   Options 0:20:07 ()
Fred Spek's CaMp CoMbO  Happy Days Are Here Again   Options 0:32:43 ()
Dan Bryk  Normal   Options 0:47:52 ()
The Mekons  I Love a Millionaire   Options 0:48:04 ()
Moondog  I'm Just a Hop Head   Options 1:02:59 ()
Moondog  Moondog's Theme   Options 1:05:32 ()
Charlie McAlister  Fried Sandwich Play   Options 1:09:05 ()
Mighty Sparrow  Castro Eating Banana   Options  
Hank Williams III  Pills I Took   Options 1:59:36 ()
Ron Griffin  Your Love Is Real   Options 1:59:45 ()
Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra with Bix Beiderbecke  I'm Coming Virginia   Options 2:31:35 ()
Marie Bryant  Don't Touch Me Tomato   Options 2:34:35 ()
Temptations vs. Aerosmith and Run-DMC  My Girl Walks This Way   Options 2:51:58 ()
Lord Kitchener  Muriel and de Bug   Options 2:57:27 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/11/09 3:03pm Pearly Sweets:

Whoo boy! Wednesdays. How 'bout it!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:03pm Cecile:

Gah, Irwin, Kenny was more irritating not being Kenny than he was being Kenny.
And who is Gordon? You? Or Clay Pigeon

It's Wednesday. It's business time.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:05pm stingy d:

yo dudes. what's shakin
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:05pm Pearly Sweets:

I kept waiting for M' to break through the glass and just start attacking.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:07pm goodie!:

  Wed. 3/11/09 3:07pm Parq:

I wouldn't rule out the possibility that people were calling and revoking pledges made during Ken's show. Just saying. Speaking of Ken's show, I was swamped all morning and missed it. Who won The Boy?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:08pm Pearly Sweets:

Every second of Bob's showing was like a nail in the ear. But, much like acupuncture, these little nails helped to cure every aliment in my body. I am now healed and ready to provide back breaking labor to WFMU!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:08pm Cecile:

Some douche named "Bob" kidnapped Kenny's show. Turns out he was a criminal named Office Carlo. It sounds less interesting than it seems.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:08pm Sean Daily:

Seventh comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:09pm Ike:

Hilariously, Maria said that if we don't support the FMU, then everything will end up sounding like K-Rock. Good funny ironic joke by her: In a few minutes, K-Rock will die.

Good riddance K-Schlock. Die painfully.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:11pm Pearly Sweets:

But, Irwin, is there a grand prize to tell the people about?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:12pm Sean Daily:

Songs in the wrong sequence? Sounds like we're still on Kenny G's show after all...
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:13pm Ike:

Wow, I am garbled today. "The FMU?!" Ha.

Hey folks, you can pledge now and pay later! Don't wait for your paycheck to come in! Also, winning a prize is easier NOW before the weekend rush.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:14pm Cecile:

ZOMG, how much do I have to pledge to get this.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:15pm Liz B.:

Pledge $15 or more to get in the running for Kenny G. and Irwin's "Behaving Badly" CD
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:16pm Cecile:

Done and done!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:16pm Sean Daily:

That was a real coup getting Beelzebub and his court to cover Spinal Tap, Irwin.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:17pm Listener 26705:

Is this autotune?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:18pm Parq:

Ike it's cold comfort seeing K-Rock die. It will switch to something else equally awful, and sooner or later, someone else will do what K-Rock was doing. The battle for commercial radio is lost; the only thing left is to walk away from it.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:22pm BSI:

great leaping locust-balls, this Shodder Grayson thing is the meaning of life thus far! Magnifique!!!!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:24pm AnAnonymousParty:

Is it Shodder Grayson or Shouter Grayson?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:24pm The Man:

Fine, walk away from my commercial stations. Two more naive listeners will replace you!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:24pm Pearl Sweets:

Kenny G's show made me scat earlier.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:25pm Cecile:

I think you should just give me the CD because I'm the only one who truly understands Kenny, even though he likes boys.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:26pm Parq:

Pearl, you mean like shoop-shooby-shooby or like run screaming from the room?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:27pm Ike:

Oh yes, Parq, I walked away from commercial radio long ago. Now I'm just laughing from the sidelines and throwing stale greasy popcorn and moldering bon mots.

Hey it's Tom Baker from Doctor Who! HA!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:27pm Pearly Sweets:

There was a little bit of both around half way in.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:27pm mike:

this is almost as good as the time the BBC had a tom baker soundalike prank call all of the old doctors who, including tom baker.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:27pm Sean Daily:

Cthonic week 2...?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:28pm kurt:

What's the grand prize & how much??
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:28pm Marshall Stacks:

Tom Baker is not just the Doctor. He's the MAN.
An inspiration to all curmudgeons.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:29pm Baba B:

Wow, is it last week again already?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:29pm still b/p:

Does the yelling Irwin sound like Gene Wilder?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:29pm Cecile:

Stop yelling. GIve me that CD, Irwin.
Give. It. To. Me.
Give it.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:30pm ?:

Bring back bob! More Freakouts!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:30pm Lou:

a good rationalization gets everyone through the day
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:31pm AnAnonymousParty:

Who let Jim Cramer in here?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:31pm BSI:

we MUST have a screaming-irwin + Shodder Grayson marathon show. With Liz present, to administer sedatives when necessary.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:31pm Parq:

This is only going to spin further out of control during SSD. I can't wait to hear Rupture try to pull everything back on track at 7.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:33pm JoeSteele:

Crazy Irwin is remarkably entertaining.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:36pm still b/p:

Does Fred Speck's Camp Combo singing sound like Tom Lehrer and Bert & Ernie?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:40pm Cecile:

conjure, mynah bird, cockatoo
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:41pm AnAnonymousParty:

I think I'd rather have my parakeet listen to the Tom Baker rant.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:41pm BSI:

Flying robot! Fire colon detox!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:44pm Parq:

Still b/p, is this a multiple choice question?
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:48pm still b/p:

No, I think they'z all soundin' off in thar t' once. What a camp 'at was.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:55pm The Man:

I have focus groups for questions like that.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:55pm The Man:

If you don't pledge, I win!
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:57pm AnAnonymousParty:

I remember when Kenny G used to yell and make noise and Irwin used to play music. Looks like the times, they are a-changin'.
  Wed. 3/11/09 3:57pm annie:

i love liz berg
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:00pm BSI:

YOU CALL THIS FOOD?!??! ... is the best one yet.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:00pm Listener 26705:

With the parrot disc under his belt, Irwin can now audition for all of the Gilbert Gottfried roles.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:01pm Cecile:

Moodog book for me!

Kenny and Irwin CD! Gimme! Gimme!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:02pm Pearly Sweets:

I was laughing a bit too hard for my good at work just a moment ago.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:02pm Sam:

Liz may have the most charming voice on WFMU!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:03pm annie:

whenever i hear it i smile..
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:04pm Liz B.:

Aw shucks, thanks guys!

Get in the running for the Moondog book/CD for a pledge of $15 or more!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:06pm Cecile:

Here's a phrase for your parrot:
Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Prize.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:10pm Sean Daily:

Yay! Fried Sandwich!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:12pm Jess:

I kind of want a fried sandwich now...
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:13pm Parq:

The roots of the Dusty Show . . .
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:13pm Sean Daily:

  Wed. 3/11/09 4:13pm Cecile:

You should teach a parrot to ask for another fried sandwich.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:14pm JoeSteele:

They should come up with a simlar track about making a pledge.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:14pm Laura L:

Corn weenies for breakfast, fried sandwich for lunch!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:16pm Cecile:

Is that a booster antenna in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:19pm BSI:

try alternate-nostril cupcakes.
you'll feel better.
i mean, assuming the xanax has run out.
...i have pledged, hence the free medical advice....
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:19pm Pearly Sweets:

Irwin, try your Yoko Ono to clean your throat out real nice.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:19pm Cecile:

I never win nuthin.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:20pm urgh:

Irwin is like a party poker pop up when waiting for the download link
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:21pm mike:

davros?! enemy of tom baker?!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:22pm Laura L:

Bwaaa haaa haaa, it's worked, you think I'm sane! Hey, what about the request I put in with my pledge? Huh? Your voice should be in perfect condition for the hairball right now.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:23pm Jess:

You should be proud, Irwin. it is a thing of beauty.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:23pm Talent Mgmt. Associates:

Try this: "Leave Britney alooooone!"
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:24pm Pearly Sweets:

Where's my gift, jerk?
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:25pm Cecile:

  Wed. 3/11/09 4:27pm AnAnonymousParty:

I'd like to hear the Tom Baker thing again with "Exterminate!" shouted over it.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:28pm Sweet Pearls:

You call this FOOOD?!?
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:29pm Ike:

Yeah Mike, that was surreal. If Davros pledged, then surely the Supreme Dalek, the Special Weapons Dalek, some Cybermen, the Ood, the Satan Pit, and Lalla Ward could pledge.

Or at least they could put together a booster from some old spaceship parts.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:30pm BSI:

J&H Productions might be able to release that parrot training CD, and promote it, with gusto. The most dynamic parrot talkin's ever being gave!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:30pm Cecile:

I think of you as a human shield between Bob and 7-second Delay, Irwin
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:30pm The Man:

If Irwin gives up, I win! Bwah Ha Ha!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:31pm stingy d:

damn man... it was so hard o try to sleep through all this nonsense that i decided to just wake up.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:32pm The Man:

Fear my lawyers!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:33pm Pearly Sweets:

Your dead air is better than their..."Fresh Air"!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:34pm annie:

i'm tellin terry gross what you said!!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:34pm still p/s:

Gross is right!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:37pm Sean Daily:

Oh God, you know what happens if Irwin leaves...

  Wed. 3/11/09 4:37pm Pearly Sweets:

Whoa... everything went silent!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:37pm BSI:

whoa..... void.......
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:37pm stingy d:

wha happen?
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:38pm Jess:

Oh no, it's The Man!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:38pm Pearly Sweets:

The best part was the last thing said was Liz's "Irwin, get back here" then silence. THAT MUST BE WHAT IT'LL BE LIKE IF WE DON'T DONATE!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:38pm annie:

i thought it was part of the show
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:40pm stingy d:

no noises
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:41pm Bas, NL:

OMG... That SONG!! Noises.. What is it?! I've been looking for that for AGES!!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:41pm Parq:

Did you hear about the new episodes about that television sci fi doctor?


Right, that doctor.





Who's on television?

Has been for years.

Who's the doctor on TV?


When the theme show plays, who comes out?

Usually, sometimes it's his assistant.

Who's assistant?


etc. etc.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:41pm Jess:

Creeeeeeeepy. Irwin, don't do that again!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:42pm BSI:

Report, number one...
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:42pm Kenzo:

My tech opinion: That was very peaceful.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:43pm The Man:

That was air that could have been filled with money making advertisements.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:43pm Malcontent Misfit:

Grumble Grumble Grumble!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:44pm Malkin:

Where's my tent?
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:46pm Budgie:

Where's my gift, Jerk?
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:47pm The Man:

What am I saying? This WHOLE STATION is air that could be filled with money making advertisements. What a waste!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:50pm Budgie:

Where's my gift, jerk?
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:50pm still b/p:

Yo...who dat gettin' eminent in my domain fifteen minutes ago?
still "p/s"? -- pearly sweet? pine sap? power steering? party stalwart? purloining shmoe? penny serenade?
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:53pm Purrrlee Sweeps:

Guilty as charged.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:54pm Liz B.:

Pledge now to get in the running for the Muriel's Treasure 2007 CD, tons of great calypso! $15 or more gets you in the running!
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:54pm LOU REED FAN:

  Wed. 3/11/09 4:54pm stingy d:

this sounds like van dyke parks
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:55pm still b/p:

Penalty: pledge mo' pledge mo'.
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:55pm jack palance:

you know what i mean
  Wed. 3/11/09 4:59pm dc pat:

this sounds like wayne hancock
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:00pm annie:

i love this... soo funny
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:01pm dc pat:

or some one related to Hank I
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:01pm Cecile:

  Wed. 3/11/09 5:01pm stingy d:

this sounds like ed schrader
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:02pm Ike:

So "Pills I Took" was really by Hank Williams III? Seriously? I'm startled. That was great.
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:02pm Sean Daily:

I was going to say Nick the Bard, stingy.
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:03pm Cecile:

you have to cover that Ron Griffin song at the Sinfonia some year
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:06pm dc pat:

Ike: yeah I wasn't expecting Hank III...MAYbe Hank IV...
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:09pm Kyle:

I remember hearing Bongwater sample this J&H productions
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:10pm Cecile:

see why I usually pre-pledge? see? see?
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:12pm Cecile:

I pledged
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:12pm eveley:

I love the J&H track :v I'm so sad for not being able to pladge before the marathon is over :(
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:12pm Marshall Stacks:

I pledged. What about the rest of you work-avoiders?
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:12pm annie:

i'm tacking on more friday morning!!!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:16pm tombom:

eveley: can't you pledge now and pay later or something? not sure
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:18pm eveley:

tombom: I have absolutely no cash available before next month and no cc :(
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:19pm Sean Daily:

So someone actually approves Kenny G's show before it goes on the air. They know what's going to happen, but they still let it happen. That's... kind of frightening, actually.
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:19pm tombom:

there's a "no credit card and no paypal, bill me later" option on the pledge page. not sure how it works or whatever but
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:23pm Budgie:

Where's my gift, Jerk?
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:25pm Ike:

Yes, Eveley, choose "bill me later" and then pay when you can. Or if you call 1-800-989-9368, they won't even let you pay now, even if you could, because they won't take CC over the phone.
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:26pm Budgie:

You Call This Food?!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:27pm Budgie:

Where's my gift, Jerk?
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:31pm Budgie:

Who farted?
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:31pm Budgie:

  Wed. 3/11/09 5:32pm Budgie:

Dear God, are you fat!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:32pm Budgie:

Are you STILL Awake?!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:33pm Budgie:

Help! This crazy bitch turned me into a budgie!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:34pm Budgy Sweets:

Me too!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:35pm Budgie:

Where's my gift, Jerk?
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:35pm Liz B.:

Pledge $15 to get in the running for either the Moog DVD or the 2006 Muriel's Treasure CD.
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:37pm Budgie:

Who farted?
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:40pm annie:

one thin wafer...
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:41pm Pearly Sweets:

whoosh... there goes the air.
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:42pm Pearly Sweets:

More yellin! Add reverb! Play bird music for birds by birds!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:42pm dc pat:

kill the budgie. You know, that brings up a point: it's amazing how generally well behaved we are on the comments.
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:43pm dc pat:

outside of singy of course...
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:44pm Singy Sweets:

Tell me about it!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:45pm dc singy:

I like singy d... he should change his name..
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:47pm Pearly Sweets:

I'm counting down to the end of work along with the end of Irwin's show. It will be both a very happy and a very sad moment.
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:49pm Pearly Sweets:

It seems like when the bird cd came back the calls started pouring in! YES MORE YELLING, ADD REVERB! Bring the party for the last ten minutes! Samoan Fa'ataupati!!!!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:51pm AnAnonymousParty:

I said I'd do it again, and I did.
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:52pm Budgie:

Where's my gift, Jerk?
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:53pm Ismael:

mash-up? holy jeebus!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:55pm Parq:

I dig the "please" mixed into this. Could you try harder to do it on the one and three?
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:55pm Budgie:

Hail Satan!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:56pm annie:

hail seitan!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:57pm Sean Daily:

Hail Satin!

Hail Velour!
  Wed. 3/11/09 5:59pm thelma:

How the bedbug found Muriel's treasure. They are bloodsuckers. Use your imagination.
  Wed. 3/11/09 6:00pm The Man:

One final word: I hate you all.

Work. Buy Stuff. Repeat untill dead.
  Wed. 3/11/09 6:02pm mike:

it's soak time!
  Sun. 3/15/09 3:25pm Clark Barr:

Wow, I didn't know Irwin was such a fan of "The World's Greatest Sinner"! Nice to see him honor Timothy Carey with all those Please Please Please Please Pleases! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shc6o8BG_Es
  Sun. 3/15/09 3:37pm Irwin:

Clark, you are the only one who noticed the similarity. You are absolutely correct -- the inflection is from the film. Having seen it twice, I could never get that pathetic plea out of my head.
  Tue. 3/17/09 12:06am Clark Barr:

Thanks, Irwin!

The first time I saw The World's Greatest Sinner was when I was in college, over 35(!) years ago and the print was heavily censored. Turner Classic Movies showed it uncut several months ago and watching it again 35 years later was just a weird experience. Makes me start thinking of other "movies you had to see" while in college such as Harold and Maude, King of Hearts, Pink Flamingos and Eraserhead...

But seeing Timothy Carey dressed in a gold lame Elvis suit doing a tacky homage to James Brown and seeing how inept he was in trying to swing the mike as he yelled the Please Please, especially since he had half a dozen Maceo wannabees blowing the sax and nobody had the cape--well, that surely is a film one must see to appreciate. Sadly it's not out on DVD...
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