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A weekly meditation on Who did it, What it is, Where is it at, When it is going down, Why is it not working and How it should be. Add your comments to the playlists in real time or post game.

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Options April 13, 2009: “Your family is saving a chocolate Easter egg for you,”

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Stephan Jones  My Girlfren killed Jesus   Options     0:00:00 ()
Kimonophonic  on a mountain   Options     0:02:25 ()
fuxa  main sequence diffusion   Options     0:09:01 ()
funderstorm  would you risk your life for this???   Options     0:09:43 ()
inca ore  ?   7 inch split    0:15:40 ()
cro magnon  Apple Orchard   Options     0:16:04 ()
giamarco liguori  ancient flight text   Options     0:18:37 ()
g spot  icicles   Options     0:23:12 ()
idmonster  the force may be with you   Options freemusic archive    0:33:24 ()
Si Schroeder  a side   Options     0:35:53 ()
beyond the implode  This Atmosphere   Options     0:42:25 ()
Papercuts  you can have what you wanted   Options     0:42:55 ()
Arthur & Yu  Magic Mtn   Options     0:45:26 ()
teepee  t side   Options seven inch    1:01:15 ()
Brilliant Colors  should i tell you!!!   Options     1:01:27 ()
WOELV  track 5   Options Tout Seul Dans la Foret en Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur?    1:05:23 ()
nollifur  two tricks   Options     1:07:15 ()
nice face  mnemomic device   Options     1:15:53 ()
GR & Full-Blown Expansion  Transfiguration on a Sepiachord   Options GR and full blown expansion    1:21:21 ()
Davie Allan and the Arrows  Cycle Delic   Options     1:23:38 ()
Dengue Fever  march of the balloon animals   Options     1:38:32 ()
dinowalrus  gas guitar   Options     1:38:56 ()
the whines  indian homewrecker   Options     1:42:05 ()
Apple Glass Syndrome  someday   Options     1:44:39 ()
idle times  get your feet up off the ground   Options     1:49:41 ()
lost controls  american action   Options     1:50:52 ()
Thee Headcoats  poccahontas was her name   Options     1:53:02 ()
Crime in Choir  jealous dancing days   Options     2:06:36 ()
gregadler  plouf plouf   Options     2:05:45 ()
van shipley  Jan Pehechan Ho   Options     2:06:11 ()
peaking lights  silver tongues and soft whispers   Options     2:08:19 ()
nara  mushroom pillow   Options     2:11:26 ()
monkeybenders  all my friends now come on!   Options     2:15:51 ()
disasterradio  digital pop   Options     2:17:54 ()
wendy on wednesday  i dont wanna sleep at night!   Options   all I wanna do is skate!!!  2:21:37 ()
only ones  you gotta pay   Options     2:26:02 ()
how it is  take it   Options     2:28:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
me and liz talkin trash       2:39:52 ()
th'mole  whtrled fuston is the future of music   Options     2:40:32 ()
a bundle of fags  summer brobash   Options     2:43:48 ()
fucked up  I Hate Summer   Options     2:43:57 ()
Charlie McAlister  i dont love you anymore   Options     2:57:06 ()
jonathan richman  affection   Options     2:57:14 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 4/13/09 9:01am annie:

gooood morning!!
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:05am bw:


  Mon. 4/13/09 9:05am postmanpaul:

gooood morning too!!
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:07am annie:

word up PMP, how's it? and BW- i think that's the one you use when you forgot your lock? slip that old chain right in there safe and secure!
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:08am postmanpaul:

ben, your photograph is beautiful yet so sad.
annie, all over the place!
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:10am annie:

bw- isn't it about time that the city institute one of those bike exchange programs?
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:12am postmanpaul:

i think it already has!
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:17am bw:

manoh man
this really freaked me out seeing this one.. and I missed the freaking TRAIN again caus of it
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:30am annie:

bw-are you multitasking again!?
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:32am bw:


how did you know??? whoa - is your expresso machine exploding?
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:35am listener mark:

That photo is too funny. A lot of work to steal a bike.
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:35am cb:

Good morning bw. Pirates getting shot is ok. After all, they are pirates. I think they would have wanted it that way. And the SEALs got to shoot them. I think its win-win. Also lent ended yesterday, and with it my time on the wagon. I drank 18 beers and a bottle of wine.
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:36am annie:

espresso machine is fine, now, thanks. seems to be a busy day all around. it's funny to match the Fb activity with the comments activity here. sometimes breakneck speed.
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:38am listener mark:

We don't celebrate a dead guy. Jesus died on Friday. He rose from the dead on Sunday. We celebrate Zombie Jesus.
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:39am bw:

why is everyone so excited by the dead pirates?
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:39am annie:

see what i mean?? cyanide and happiness.... it's a virus..
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:42am Roberto Clemente:

Yeah, how come?
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:50am grateful dear listener:

the music u play makes me feel better...and for that, i thank you...today's opening hour has been especially enjoyable
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:52am annie:

close bw.... close enough
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:53am cb:

don't beat yourself up bw. We still love you. And so does Jesus.
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:54am annie:

i only just started using the show archives. the music download thing is still intimidating to me.
  Mon. 4/13/09 9:57am dc pat:

you know what I really like when news reports on a story like that, is their obsession w/ the brand names of things like guns. "The pirates waved their 'Ak-47s'..." WTF? Who cares what make of gun it is??
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:02am bw:

i love how the report reads like total propoganda..
like the first time the pirates aimed the guns at the captain? like they didn't before they were taken out?
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:03am Pearly Sweets:

Oh Monday...!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:04am Doug from DC:

I missed the news report. Was anyone made to walk the plank?
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:04am jaypee:

Good morning!

dc pat, AK-47's are only used by scary swarthy men. Also Communists. I think Muslims too. Basically people who want to take away our freedoms. It's confusing, I'll go watch Fox news some more and get back to you.

  Mon. 4/13/09 10:05am dc pat:

Mrs dc pat pointed out that if they were called 'hijackers' instead of 'pirates', no one would care.
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:06am dc pat:

okay, thanks jaypee. Can you also why houses are called 'homes' now instead of 'houses'?
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:07am ATQ:

Strange and beautiful...
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:08am dc pat:

..and why the good guys always fly around in "Apache helicopters" instead of just "helicopters".
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:08am risky!:

rad show ben!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:08am Pearly Sweets:

As a capitalist copywriter I can answer that question, dc pat. The word home implies comfort, relaxation, and security. House is colder and more impersonal.
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:08am ACLU (not radio call letters):

So did I hear that they bringing that surviving illegally remanded African wealth redistributing freedom figher to NYC for trial? WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! A decade of work at least!!!!!!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:09am annie:

using militaristic innuendo and propaganda will scare the bejeebers out of us and make us tow the psy-op line.
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:11am jaypee:

Pearly Sweets, isn't capitalism bad now? Since the economy tanked, aren't we all supposed to be Socialists?
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:12am Pearly Sweets:

Depends on how you want to spin that story wheel, which is alot like spinning the bottle, except even MORE kissing!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:12am dc pat:

watch it jaypee! Capitalism is still just fine for most of us--we reserve socialism for the very wealthy corporations...
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:13am jaypee:

Yay! I like kissing. A LOT!

Zooooooom!! This is GOOD coffee!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:14am Zombie Jesus:

Pirates, capitalism, bah, I need brains...BRAINS!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:19am bw:

I havent been so excited about a guitar so much since Davie Allan and arrows!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:27am Swami:

This is great stuff BW! Thanksabunch!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:29am Doug from DC:

bw, thanks for illustrating your point. this guitar and the expresso in my coffee are getting me pumped.
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:33am annie:

this is a test of the emergency comments system.. this is only a test.. bbbbbzzzzzzzzzz.. if this had been an actual comment, you would have been advised to follow this with another comment. thank you. we now return you to your regularly scheduled commenting
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:38am Carmichael:

Good morning, BW and other peoples. Stolen bikes, dead pirates, shiny-sounding guitars. Very nice for a Monday morning.
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:43am annie:

i am suffering from serious lag. bummer.
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:44am still b/p:

Please to be threading 100,00 volt (150ma) line inside bike rack pipe, in fashion harmless to users but ready for direct encounter with hacksaw-happy malevolent jackass thief. Please to be feeding thief carcass to rats and insects...after public desecration, such as "spoke cushion" game and Navy sniper trick-shooting show.
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:51am dc pat:

right on still.
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:51am bw:

  Mon. 4/13/09 10:53am cb:

Damn Right!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:53am karao:

semper fi! go tammy!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:57am Steve Brian:

Greetings from Jeffersonville, Indiana!
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:58am still b/p:

Captain Smith and Pocahontas had a very mad affair...
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:58am chris:

Sounds like my trip to the Tower of London. Now that was some rain.
  Mon. 4/13/09 10:58am Henry Krinkle:

Ten Things I Hate About NPR:

  Mon. 4/13/09 11:03am Cecile:

hola, all!
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:04am Pearly Sweets:

  Mon. 4/13/09 11:05am chirs:

Are you going to play some Pochahaunted now?
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:05am dc pat:

I've noticed the accent thing on NPR--but in a different way. It appears to be appropriate to mispronounce ANY thing connected with the middle east. Like when reports say "Isl-AAAAmic" instead of "isl-aghmic" for Islamic. It's as if, to be good, non-biased news media types, they can't be too familiar with pronouncing foreign words...
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:06am ted:

is this a cover of jan pehechan ho???????
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:07am ted:

jumped the gun. awesome show today!
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:07am jeroen kuster:

benjamen you make my Monday thanks
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:08am dc pat:

wow, Jan Penechan Ho! This sounds like a remix.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:08am jk:

yes for Shankar Jaikishan covers on Monday.
thank you
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:09am annie:

cecile, i sent you a dog picture to placate you for the time being..
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:11am Pearly Sweets:

I finally got that link I was waiting for on Friday on Saturday. http://tiny.cc/HotMessUseofSchools It was improvised in the studio (so layers, unplanned) and the kick sometimes falls off beat at the beginning...but I'm happy with it for a "first try" sorta track.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:11am bw:

fade from myspace to china neocha.. not so good.. sorry about that
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:17am dc pat:

Sweets, what's up w/ that link? "Invalid file name"
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:18am Pearly Sweets:

Lemme figure it out. Maybe I messed up on the tinyurl website.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:19am Pearly Sweets:

  Mon. 4/13/09 11:20am Pearly Sweets:

See if that works. I downloaded to put it on disk, but it should play in quicktime if you click on it.. to my understanding. I'm a computer dunce whe it comes to many things, even though I'm on the damn thing all of the time.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:21am bw:

the best thing I found on china myspace

  Mon. 4/13/09 11:22am karao:

digital pop, IM and wicked chopsticks!!! so good.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:23am jaypee:

bw, holy wacky color combination! How did you mange to look at it long enough to play the track? (which is wonderful, by the way)
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:25am C:

Thanks for the Neocha link. Didn't know about that! I did a listener hour last year with all Chinese modern music. Check it out if you like this kind of stuff! I just picked up a ton more, it's great
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:28am Parq:

Annie, where's my copy of the dog pic? I get to see a pic of the Prez's dog before a pic of yours -- what's up with that? Bennie that instrumental cover of "Jan Pen" was a gas. Hard to believe what a pop culture icon that song's turned into.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:29am Mark Lamb:

Good morning Mr. Walker. The Only Ones sounding great on this Monday morning...
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:32am chris:

So, any pirates rise from the dead?
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:33am Peter C Goodman:

I thought that it was a dog named Boo, not Beau...
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:34am dc pat:

Liz makes USA vs the Pirates sound like baseball..
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:37am : (:

I died a little inside when Liz said that B-word.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:37am chris:

I trhink the baseball Pirates lost on Sunday too.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:38am bw:

what am I missing about some dog????

not paying attention I guess!
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:40am BSI:

Just back after rising from the dead!
What did I miss?
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:40am cb:

C'mon man! The Obama kids finally got their new dog. It's not all pirates, bike thieves, and Jesus zombies out there, ya know.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:41am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:42am Sean Daily:

Actually, CB, I always thought Jesus was a vampire, but then that's me.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:44am cb:

It's a fine line between "rose from the dead" and "the undead". I'm not really clear on it myself! Also, the "eat of my flesh" points toward zombie, but then "drink of my blood" definitely has vampire overtones.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:46am Jøe Steele:

My but aren't we creative this morning.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:46am dc pat:

while were talkin xtian confusion, how come this qualifies as a monotheistic religion when there are 3 gods?

God this song is great--I hate summer too!
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:48am Carmichael:

The 3 men I admire most: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:48am cb:

Maybe Jesus was part man, part zombie, and part vampire? '
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:50am dc pat:

cb, yer making me want to go back to church.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:50am Pope Benedict:

dc pat/carmichael/cb -- see me after the show, funny monkeys.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:50am cb:

but, you know, like a really peace-loving man-zombie-vampire.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:55am Zombie Jesus:

The ancient Romans didn't have bullets, and everyone knows it takes a bullet in the head to kill a zombie. That's why crucifixion didn't work.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:55am cb:

Then my work here is done, dc pat. God bless ya!
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:55am Carmichael:

Pope Bennie, just so ya know, I grew up with John XXIII. He was the MAN! Folk guitar mass, no more incense, English instead of Latin, the ultimate progressive.

You got to work your papal ass off to top him.

Just so you know.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:55am Thomas Aquinas:

I like the story of how five-thousand were fed with the zombie cucumber.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:57am Fellini:

I get the irony, Tommy.
  Mon. 4/13/09 11:59am dc pat:

Zombie Jesus -- is that actually in the rule book? Bullet to the head? Cuz, seriously, how DID they kill zombies in ancient Rome?
  Mon. 4/13/09 12:00pm Bunel:

I quite love this conversation about the popes!
  Mon. 4/13/09 12:00pm dc pat:

..oh and last comment, woo.
  Mon. 4/13/09 12:02pm The Kingsmen:

Luis, Luis!
  Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/19/17 3:43pm yippie:

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