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Options October 14, 2009: Next time you hear Van Halen's "Runnin' With the Devil," think of me. I've heard it too.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
The Places (Amy Annelle)  Late Night (Barrett)   Options The Autopilot Knows You Best  0:03:55 ()
Harper Fair (and David Fair)  Mama Meow / LubbaLubba   Options What's My Name?  0:06:54 ()
The Smoots  So Long   Options Alyse Schneider's Album  0:13:20 ()
Harper Fair (and David Fair)  Harper Kissing Papa   Options What's My Name?  0:18:16 ()
The New Pornographers  Twin Cinema   Options Twin Cinema  0:18:22 ()
Elysian Fields  Only For Tonight   Options The Afterlife  0:24:24 ()
Earlimart  Teeth   Options Hymn and Her  0:29:15 ()
André Hodeir  Jazz et Jazz   Options Alors!!! Scott McDowell's 2009 WFMU Marathon Premium  0:33:56 ()
Jackie and Dunlap  The Nobel Prize for Pussies   Options youtube.com/watch?v=7w9p7L4nS4g  0:36:55 ()
Slaid Cleaves  Hearts Break   Options Wishbones  0:39:08 ()
Klimperei & Pierre Bastien  La Parade des Dromedares   Options Mécanologie Portative  0:42:21 ()
The Clientele  Bonfires on the Heath   Options Bonfires on the Heath  0:47:00 ()
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band  The Monkey   Options ...and Half a Dozen of Another  0:58:01 ()
Fountains of Wayne  California Sex Lawyer   Options Out-of-State Plates  1:01:25 ()
Petra Haden  Don't Stop Believin'   Options Guilt By Association  1:04:29 ()
Andy Breckman  Fly Me to the Moon (in the shower)   Options from Ken's show  1:08:35 ()
Ivy  Nothing But the Sky   Options Chillout 2: A Nettwerk Escape  1:10:11 ()
The Undertones  You're Welcome   Options Positive Touch  1:15:10 ()
The Rain Parade  Look at Merri   Options Emergency Third Rail Power Trip  1:18:04 ()
Slint  Good Morning, Captain   Options Spiderland  1:28:58 ()
The Soundtrack of Our Lives  Transcendental Suicide   Options Origin Volume 1  1:36:07 ()
Love  Wonder People (I Do Wonder)   Options Forever Changes (Deluxe Edition)  1:42:18 ()
Bob Moore  King of the Road (bass intro)   Options King of the Road  1:49:42 ()
Captain Sensible  The Toys Take Over   Options Revolution Now  1:49:52 ()
The Minders  357   Options It's a Bright Guilty World  1:53:01 ()
Wilco  You Never Know   Options Wilco (The Album)  2:03:31 ()
Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich  The Monster   Options Krupa and Rich  2:07:44 ()
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie  Samba Time!   Options youtube.com/watch?v=PC20X0DKsqo  2:18:53 ()
Wendy & Lisa  Waterfall   Options self-titled  2:22:42 ()
The High Water Marks  Queen of Verlaine   Options Songs About the Ocean  2:30:57 ()
Nick the Bard  Dancing Queen   Options Nick the Bard Sings ABBA GOLD Acappella  2:34:19 ()
Blind Faith  Well All Right   Options self-titled  2:38:08 ()
Giant Sand  Temptation of Egg   Options Chore of Enchantment  2:42:27 ()
The Bluetones  Never Going Anywhere   Options Luxembourg  2:46:09 ()
Harper Fair (and David Fair)  Woof Woof / Oh Brother / Meow   Options What's My Name?  2:50:06 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 10/14/09 3:03pm Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

Go, Irwin!
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Runnin with the Gigolo
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:04pm GP:

Wish I could hear some real bass on my phones. This would sound awesome. Hi Irwin
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I don't think there's any bass in this version, but I like it anyway.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:06pm Lizardner Dave:

RE: Show title
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:07pm PooMooDoo:

Hi Irwin and all...
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:08pm Janet H:

Hi PooMooDoo
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Great...thanks Lizardner Dave!!
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:12pm Gp:

More penny whistle please!
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:12pm PooMooDoo:

Hi Janet! You get your coffee?
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:13pm Gp:

Thank you
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:13pm Lizardner Dave:

My pleasure. Enjoy everyone!
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:14pm Janet H:

No...Andy wouldn't allow dong out of the basement to get me some...
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Wed. 10/14/09 3:18pm Long Duck Dong:

You rang?
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:18pm Janet H:

Dong Sun, andy's korean boy that lives in his basement
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:18pm Clay Pigeon:

Lovin' the Diamond Dave. Great Stuff.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

probably the less said about that, the better, eh?
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:22pm Commenters:

We were never toilet trained. That's obvious!
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:24pm PMD:

Hey, commenters, speak for yourself! Yourselves? Wait, but I'm a commentor. My brain's going to explode!
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:28pm Commenters:

More mess let loose on the floor, then, just the way we like it :-P
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:35pm Janet H:

so thats dong sun...
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:36pm listener:

loved that elysian fields song. don't know that album!
show sounds great man.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:38pm anyone to everyone:

laugh my ass off
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:39pm LMAO:

me too
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:39pm Saturday Night Live:

Come on, I see at least two accomplishments -- "Jack" and "Squat.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:39pm Janet H:

that was too funny...
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

...what Glen Beck is to nuts!
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:41pm GP:

Slaid Cleaves' song "Broke Down" one of my favorites. Just thought I'd mention that.

Nice fake accents on those YouTube dudes. They probably are from Iowa or something.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Iowans have accents too, but not quite like them theres.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:43pm GP:

10-4 on that DCE.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:43pm YouTube Dudes:

We blowed him up Real Good.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:43pm listener:

oh shit, love batien too. he makes those robots, yah. what album is this from?
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:45pm listener:

cool, i see now, thanks.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:46pm Ike:

Well, O *DID* say he didn't deserve it.

Oh and I see we're back to the thuggish Repub labeling of negotiators and multilateralists as "pussies." Nice. And those accents sucked.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I am going with the hope that it was made in loving satire.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:47pm Irwin:

Ike needs huggums.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my coworkers thought they could make music like, or "better than", Pierre Bastien--I asked them why they didn't.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:48pm Ike:

I don't think so, DCE. This is Irwin's show, not Hatch's.

Actually Irwin, I really need a lot more than that. Get over here and give me a kiss, baby!
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:48pm butch:

this dreamy type music makes me go all soft rock inside
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:50pm Laura L:

Thank you for the Clientele, Irwin. And all the rest too, especially the Nobel Prize thang.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, I turn into a pile of butter whenever I hear Alisdair...any news on the show appearance, Irwin?
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:50pm PooMooDoo:

Maybe Ike needs his diaper changed? It does make one grumpy... believe me.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

now, now, kids...if I hafta come in there...!
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:52pm Olympia:

Heading to MoveOn.Org rally in Union Square. Wish you could attend Irwin.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:55pm Lamestream Media:

We ignore Irwin's good deeds
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:57pm Laura L:

Harangue the label! Get Alasdair on your show and you might win the Nobel Peace Prize! I'll put in a word with the Norwegians.
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:57pm FCC:

{pats Irwin's head patronizingly}
  Wed. 10/14/09 3:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it qualifies as a requirement, not a good deed!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:04pm Lizardner Dave:

You people better pipe down with bashing Irwin's political views or he'll hit you with some Miley.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

he's going to do that regardless. Or "irregardless" as they say. So bash away!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:06pm GeorgeSimian:

How did this song get to have this stupid come back. You can't go anywhere without hearing it. It sucked when it came out and it sucks now. This version is better, I guess.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:06pm dc pat:

alright, now Petra needs to hang it up..

or maybe I'm just in a bad mood, another fekkin draw for Ireland...
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it makes the fluff chicks cry.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:07pm dc pat:

right on GeorgeSimian
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:08pm GeorgeSimian:

I just stopped believing.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:09pm GP:

Like the creative a Capella stuff; c.f. Harvard Varitones, etc.

How did Andy get on here?

Ha ha LOL - George
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:09pm Dong Sun:

Andy do not know sing.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:10pm AnAnonymousParty:

Are the lyrics to "Fly me to the Moon" written on the stall somewhere?
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:11pm Irwin:

Dong, did you escape captivity?
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:11pm dc pat:

here's an interesting article about the old jukebox in my home-base bar:

  Wed. 10/14/09 4:14pm Lizardner Dave:

What would happen if Dong Sun ever met Ken's listener Larry?
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:17pm Ike:

LD, I think that would rip a hole in the fabric of space, time, and the FM airwaves. And a Tramadol factory would materialize from nowhere and explode all over the Monk set.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:18pm Janet H:

may be world peace...i'm just sayin
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:19pm AnAnonymousParty:

"At least with this, you can be sure someone's not going to play Madonna for five hours straight." Sounds like that jukebox is worth its weight in gold to me.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:21pm explosion:

more like world pieces
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:25pm Dong Sun:

no escape. computer work now no water in basement
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:27pm Ike:

I liked that Ivy track. Nettwerk always takes me back to the good old days... of the early 90s.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:27pm PMD:

Irwin, you are WAY too energetic
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:28pm em:

very nice mic control, irwin.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:28pm LOL cat in atheletic garb:

  Wed. 10/14/09 4:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

now this takes me back to those early 90s!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:30pm Janet H:

I ♥ IRWIN.......he makes my wednesdays
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:30pm north guinea hills:

I never thought Irwin would play Slint.... something new every day.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:30pm GP:

Please play the Microsoft® Songsmith version of Running with the Devil. Thank You.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:31pm Jim:

And then play Freebird. Thank you.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:31pm yeah:

and a cheesy MIDI "RWTD" from some 1990s van halen fanboy site
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:32pm GP:

Anyone for a Journey singalong?......Anyone....anyone?

<cut to scene of tumbleweed blowing across dark stage>
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I would sing along to "Wheel in the Sky". I always liked that. (good memories as a wee lad)
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:34pm annie:

yes, i've been listening... and boy did i have to come here see the comments... irwin what kind of speed did you do before you got on the air?
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

...more like reefer mixed with MD2020
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:36pm Amanda Fan Club:

I think it's time for Amanda to put things in order here.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:38pm annie:

hey dong sun, i thought you weren't allowed to have acomputer down there! i think you found the key and snuck upstairs.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:40pm Janet H:

Dong, i want my cup of joe
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what a dumb song title.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm down with Love.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:45pm Ike:

Anybody else just lose the AAC+ and 128k MP3 streams? Ogg stream is working for me though.

Since nobody else is complaining, maybe it's a problem on this end.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:45pm Courtney:

In your dreams, DCE.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:46pm Janet H:

i did!!!!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:46pm GP:

IKE. I lost the 32k MP# stream...All good now though. had to refresh to get it going again.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that would be "nightmares"
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:46pm Janet H:

i got it back....wait...nope
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

happy to say that the lowly 20k WIMPstream is chuggin' right along.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:48pm Laura L:

Losing the stream here too. Came back for a sec and gone again.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:49pm FFFUUUU:

Streams are gone
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:49pm blue woogy:

dong has le grande grundy bona fides!!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:50pm Ike:

Ogg still working.
Ogg stream is here:
(You need Winamp or Foobar or VLC or another decent player for this.)
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you can always lower yourselves to my level!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:51pm Faust Gertz:

Sorry, I had turned the streams off. Didn't realize you were listening. I'll turn them back on. :-)
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:51pm Janet H:

realaudio is working...this is not fun any more....
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:53pm Laura L:

My normal itunes method not working either; comes back for 15 secs and goes away. It was getting spotty before it went kablooey.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:54pm PMD:

I lost it too.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:54pm Damage Control:

we've got a SITUATION here!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:54pm Arbitron:

So many internet listeners the stream crashed!!!! Run for your lives!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:56pm blue woogy:

real audio ya ya ya!!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:57pm Ike:

Ogg sounds better than Real.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:57pm FCC:

Don't forget, Irwin. Be a good boy! There's a Nobel in it for you down the line.
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:58pm doron:

hey people... catch our backup stream here: http://archivevirt.wfmu.org:8006/listen.pls working on getting things back up
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:59pm Janet H:

i can hear.....so be careful
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:59pm Harvey:

I heard that, Irwin!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:59pm teknoel:

the flash player is working fine!
  Wed. 10/14/09 4:59pm Laura L:

Can somebody at FMU check on this? Somebody unplugged the innernet, would ya'll plug it back in please? Oh wait, now the realaudios's working again. Somebody there is foolin' with the innernet plug.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:00pm trs:

more radio
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:00pm Lizardner Dave:

Where's that Shep soundbite, you know, the "OK, we got rid of that crowd, now we can really swing gang!"
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:00pm Innernet:

I'm taking a personal day. Bye yall whinaz.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:03pm Ike:

Ogg stream still going strong. Score one for Ogg Vorbis, baby.

Wow, Irwin is goofy today.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:04pm blue woogy:

irwin lives in tha dairy area! kablooey!.. gazoontite!
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:04pm Janet H:

ogg does not work for me...just realaudio
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:05pm Lizardner Dave:

Wilco is one of those bands that's a bit too popular for WFMU but not quite popular enough to be mainstream so of course Irwin plays them. And that's why I love his show.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:06pm Dong Sun:

annie, no tell Andy. i hope he in shower. i heard him singing.
janet, joe no fit in blender
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:07pm Q. Latifa:

Oh no you didn't just ask "What Queen"?
Yo, Irwin,

"Damn, you trippin boo"
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:09pm Ike:

Janet, what media player? Ogg only works with some of them.

That backup MP3 stream that Doron mentioned above is working for me too.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:10pm Stanley here:

MP3 streams not working here in UK others ok........Hooray for back up streams - I can breathe easily again
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:10pm The Chiffons' Legal Team:

If My Sweet Lord was stolen from the Chiffons does that mean that repeated My Sweet Lord guitar lick in the Wilco tune is derivatively actionable?
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:12pm doron:

streams are back people.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:14pm Ike:

Doron, I build a monument covered in flowers and sacrificed pixels to your Herculean efforts on our behalf. All praise Doron! Hail Doron! Hail! Hail! Sleet!
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:16pm blue woogy:

squeek squeek honk honk. irwin, rolls down the window of his car. takes a deep breath and says. wow, just smell that dairy air! squeek honk squeek squeek.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:17pm Janet H:

closing readaudio and saying hello to 128k MP3....oh how i missed you...
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:18pm Janet H:

  Wed. 10/14/09 5:20pm lauper:

Capt Lou Albano R.I.P.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:21pm GP:

This is an amazing helping of utter awesomeness..
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:23pm Nicolas Sarkozy:

I got scabies!
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:23pm Janet H:

i like this....
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:24pm Nick the Bard:

GAAAHHHH Capt Lou's dead?! :(

*ties some rubber bands into his beard in tribute*
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:24pm raccoon:

i got rabies!
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:24pm trapper:

Captain Lou? I did go to that first Wrestlemania as a kid.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:25pm Irwin:

Janet, I didn't mean what I didn't say about internet listeners.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:25pm G:

re capt lou -- news said under hospice care, so it sounds like cancer or something non-sudden -- age 76
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:26pm G:

I always mean what I never said.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:27pm Janet H:

Irwin, thats good to know....
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:28pm Nick the Bard:

  Wed. 10/14/09 5:28pm Laura L:

Like Leonard Cohen said, I can't forget, but I don't remember what.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:30pm alan:

dear internet dj man:

i am hearing you over that internet indeed
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:34pm Irwin:

I want you all to go submit friend requests to Andy Breckman's Facebook page. Now. Thanks. From Andy. He told me to ask.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:35pm OOOO NOOOOOO:

i already heard the first five minutes of this last friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:36pm Parq:

Nick the Bard is Miss Piggy?
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:36pm Producer:

Amanda-Nick duet. Pure Gold.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:38pm Nick the Bard:

I'm all the Muppets rolled into one. Except Elmo, he can go fall into a wood chipper. And by fall, I mean, I'm going to throw him into one. HARD.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:38pm mike in SF:

I think you just managed to convince my co-workers that I am completely insane.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:38pm alan:

yo check out my homework it looks like this:

#define BUS_INPUT 0x00
#define BUS_OUTPUT 0xFF
#define DATA_ON_BUS PORTA = 0x00
#define ADDR_ON_BUS PORTA = 0x01
#define WRITE_TO_BUS(x) PTT = (x)
#define READ_FROM_BUS(x) (x) = PTIT
#define READ_CYCLE PORTB = 0x00
#define WRITE_CYCLE PORTB = 0x10
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:38pm LIzardner Dave:

I already am FB friends with Andy. You're the one who turned me down, Irwin.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:39pm Janet H:

so how many times can i friend andy?
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:41pm facebook tech:

till you crash his page and we transfer it to SkullBook
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:42pm Andy in Berlin:

Yikes! Andy's back? Tell the Korean boy to confirm my friend request!
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:42pm Janet H:

fb friend me....
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:44pm Andy in Berlin:

Double Yikes! I'm confirmed already!
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:48pm Nikola:

Sorry for interrupting the wonderful conversations, but can someone tell me the name of the song that had a very rapid drum solo that played about 20 minutes ago? I was in my car and only caught a glimpse of it. :[
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:48pm Irwin:

Krupa + Rich = The Monster
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:50pm stingy d:

i AM following brian turner
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:52pm monstie:

monster hear interrnet. no like fire!
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:52pm Nikola:

You're a great man, Irwin. Thanks.
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:54pm woa-oh:

livin' on a prayer!


we're half-way there!
  Wed. 10/14/09 5:58pm Janet H:

thanks for the great show!
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