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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Decade in review part 1 of 2 or 3  
Cobra Verde  Modified Frankenstein   Options Easy Listening  Muscle Tone  0:01:17 )  
Sights  I'm Going to Live the Life I Sing About in My Song   Options s/t  New Line  0:04:33 )  
Demands  Girl Up On the High Wire   Options High Wire  Deep Eddy  0:06:04 )  
Posies  I Finally Found a Jungle I Like!!!   Options Every Kind of Light  Ryko  0:09:25 )  
Big Star  A Whole New Thing   Options In Space  Ryko  0:11:25 )  
Flashing Lights  The Flashing Lights Are On   Options Where The Change Is  SpinART  0:15:45 )  
Andre Williams and Ronnie Spector  It's Gonna Work Out Fine   Options Bait and Switch  Norton  0:27:25 )  
Joey Ramone  Don't Worry About Me   Options title cut  Sanctuary  0:29:21 )  
Martinets  Treasures   Options Love! Hate!  Scooch Pooch  0:32:43 )  
Reigning Sound  Time Bomb High School   Options title cut  In the Red  0:36:47 )  
Mary Weiss  Stop And Think It Over   Options Dangerous Game  Norton  0:38:22 )  
Downbeat 5  Out In the Streets   Options Victory Motel  Abbey Lounge  0:41:52 )  
Reigning Sound  Straight Shooter   Options Time Bomb High School  In the Red  0:43:31 )  
A-Bones  Stolen Moments   Options Not Now!  Norton  0:45:21 )  
Detroit Cobras  Hey Sah-Lo-Ney   Options Life, Love and Leaving  Sympathy For The Record Industry  0:53:26 )  
Soledad Brothers  Cage That Tiger   Options Voice of Treason  Sanctuary  0:55:13 )  
Fleshtones  Are You Ready For the Mountain?   Options Do You Swing?  Yep Roc  0:59:01 )  
Mooney Suzuki  Half My Heart   Options People Get Ready  Estrus  1:01:20 )  
Woggles  Ragged But Right   Options title cut  Telstar  1:04:55 )  
Sadies  Loved On Look   Options Tremendous Efforts  Bloodshot  1:06:43 )  
Swingin' Neckbreakers  Hail To the Baron   Options The Return of Rock  Telstar  1:16:52 )  
Black Hollies  Paisley Pattern Ground   Options Casting Shadows  Ernest Jenning  1:23:10 )  
Insomniacs  Switched On!   Options title cut  Estrus  1:29:29 )  
True Love  Baby's Little System   Options s/t  Cropduster  1:32:43 )  
Happy 50th Birthday to Billy Childish  
Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians Of The British Empire  Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall   Options title cut  Damaged Goods  1:41:15 )  
Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians Of The British Empire  A Few Smart Men   Options Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall  Damaged Goods  1:43:49 )  
Wild Billy Childish & the Buff Medways  Breakdown   Options XFM Sessions  Damaged Goods  1:46:47 )  
Buff Medways  Till It Is Over   Options This Is This  Vinyl Japan  1:48:35 )  
Buff Medways  A Quick One   Options Medway Wheelers CD single  Damaged Goods  1:51:18 )  
Wild Billy Childish & the Buff Medways  Strood Lights   Options XFM Sessions  Damaged Goods  1:53:50 )  
Rogers Sisters  Let's Fly Away   Options 7"  Motor Sister  1:59:35 )  
Gris Gris  Necessary Separation   Options s/t  Birdman  2:03:10 )  
Muldoons  Driver's License   Options s/t EP  Cass  2:05:41 )  
White Stripes  You're Pretty Good Looking   Options De Stijl  Sympathy For The Record Industry  2:07:41 )  
Dirtbombs  If You Can Want   Options Ultraglide In Black  In the Red  2:09:55 )  
Dirtbombs  Motor City Baby   Options Dangerous Magical Noise  In the Red  2:12:21 )  
Greenhornes  Satisfy My Mind   Options Dual Mono  Telstar  2:14:44 )  
Greenhornes  There Is An End   Options Dual Mono  Telstar  2:17:39 )  
Come Ons  Sunday Drive   Options Hip Check!  Sympathy For The Record Industry  2:20:40 )  
New Pornographers  Mass Romantic   Options title cut  Mint  2:30:17 )  
Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3  Amphetamine   Options Static Transmission  Down There  2:33:52 )  
Neil Young  Spirit Road   Options Chrome Dreams II  Reprise  2:45:21 )  
Paul McCartney  Only Mama Knows   Options Memory Almost Full  Hear  2:47:25 )  
Glen Campbell  Times Like These   Options Meet Glen Campbell    2:51:47 )  
Parry Grip  Turkey So Fine   Options     2:56:19 )  

Listener comments!

  Tue. 12/1/09 12:03pm Cecile:

YEAH. Bring the rock.
thanks, Jason!

and Joe.
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:03pm Carmichael:

Air Drums!!!!
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:18pm Cecile:

are you doing this year by year, Joe?
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:20pm Joe B:

No, but I should have! I coulda started 9 weeks ago! Oh well, next decade!
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:20pm Cecile:

That's cool. You are rocking it out spotlessly today.
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:26pm Dan Elektro:

Hang tough, champ! Sorry about the krankheit! Listening in from Monktown again. Get well soon. Dan
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:31pm Joe B:

Thanks Dan! Hope all is well!
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:32pm newsjoe:

Just tuned in, starting off my afternoon right. Love this Ronnie Spector and Andre song!
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:34pm Bad Ronald:

RIP Mr Hyman.

Hey anyone else hear that Richard Hell re-recorded "Destiny Street"?
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:40pm Cecile:

Can you get Reigning Sounds' Straight Shooter in there?
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:46pm Cecile:

  Tue. 12/1/09 12:47pm Glenn L:

Thanks Joe!
Thanks Cecile!
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:47pm newsjoe:

Howdy Joe---got any of the Saints tunes kicking around? Thanks.
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:49pm Anna Anabolic:

Great show so far!
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:49pm Listener Jumpy:

A sick, under the weather Joe is better than most healthy DJ!
  Tue. 12/1/09 12:57pm Cecile:

  Tue. 12/1/09 12:58pm moparlary:

Gald I have to work late so I can rock to the BELOCK!!!!
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:06pm obo:

oh, those salad days when The Mooney Suzuki
were opening every show in New York City
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:08pm ?:

They were the best band in NYC circa 1999-2000
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:09pm Spankyflop:

Does anyone know who the singer is on this Sadies song?
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:10pm Concerned Listener:

Sounds like Elvis Costello, doesn't it?
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:10pm seang:

Fleshtones Forever!
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:11pm double jointed sybil:

this show is inspiring me to appreciate the twenty tens. thanks joe!
And ?, I agree, they kicked my ass during that period as well! It's rare to see a NY audience get really excited and they stirred us up like I'd seen no other contempory band do at that time.
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:13pm obo:

Sweat: The Story of the Fleshtones, America's Garage Band by Joe Bonomo (Paperback - Sep 2007)
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:26pm Francisco:

maybe The Black Hollies "Lead Me to Your Fire" next??
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:38pm Jason:

Any room for some Superdrag?
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:38pm ?:

the twenty tens!
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:47pm Cecile:

  Tue. 12/1/09 1:48pm Jason:

I'm with you Cecile - Sloan! They were brilliant last night at Maxwells.
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:49pm seang:

archive from 1959?
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:51pm Joe B:

Jason, Glad it was a great show. Wanted to get there but The Man wouldn't let me outta work.

Sloan and Superdrag both with several entries on my list! Just a matter of if I get to them today or in Part 2!
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:51pm Cecile:

they are one of the greatest live shows, and their super smart obsessive fans are great too!
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:53pm Carmichael:

Just got back from a stupid meeting. Missed the Neckbreakers, but I'll still play air drums to whoever's on next.
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:57pm seang:

fuck yeah its my birthday too! I'm an archive from 1972
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:58pm Parq:

Happy birthday fella. Man, I know a lot of people turning 50 this year. There really must not have been much of anything to do in late 1958.
  Tue. 12/1/09 1:58pm Jason:

Thanks Joe! Can't wait to hear.

Sloan were so solid last night that I'm seriously tempted to go to the Brooklyn show on Friday. Haven't done multiple Sloan shows since the Navy Blues days.
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:00pm Cecile:

I saw them once. I know I'll see them again. If they hit the midwest again...

Parq, my lovely hub also turned 50 recently...
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:03pm Carmichael:

Or 1957 either, Parq .....
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:05pm seang:

Thanks Parq
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:14pm Cecile:

you could do three hours of the Dirtbombs. Whatta band!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:14pm Francisco:

Dirtbombs fitĀ“s on all decades.....
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:15pm Joe B:

You are right Cecile. Maybe I shoulda picked 3 or 4 bands and just focused on them!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:18pm Cecile:

never apologize, never explain.
It's been a muy rockin' show!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:18pm Francisco:

next, maybe The Come-Ons, anything from the Hipcheck!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:24pm Francisco:

Thanks Joe
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:32pm Concerned Listener:

Would you ever play any of my band's stuff on your show?
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:34pm Cecile:

You know what was a great trend in the 00's?
So many co-ed bands and all-woman bands, it's almost (but not quite) a novelty any more.
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:41pm Hugh Effen-Bastid:

Just checked out the original "If You Can Want" on the 3CM 5/5/03 archive. You've got it covered, dude.
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:42pm ?:

That's true Cecile- I think that kind of peaked in the 90s quantity wise, then in the 10's the dross was weeded out...preteen girls actually pick up guitars now and no one blinks which I think is just great. Of course we'll end up with twice the amount of hacks! :) But the bright side is talent that as recently as 20 years ago would probably have gone untapped-- now will be... and that's a great thing!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:43pm ?:

What is your band, concerned listener?
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:43pm Joe B:

The original You Can Want was a pretty big hit, maybe up to No. 13 or 12 on the pop chart but it's been written out of history by oldies radio. Great song!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:44pm Concerned Listener:

Various Eggs. We're on Myspace: myspace.com/variouseggs
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:46pm Concerned Listener:

Not only pre-teen girls, even hip-hop artists are picking up guitars. Lil Wayne wants to make a rock album!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:49pm ?:

thanks Concerned I'll check it out!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:50pm Bad Ronald:

Can always count on you Joe for a Macca tune or two, nice one, thanks!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:54pm Concerned Listener:

No problem. That Macca was better than I thought it would be. He surprises me. I remember when I first heard "From a lover to a friend." That impressed me; it was more than elder statesman craftsmanship, it was a real song,
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:56pm Rubble:

great show!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:57pm Jason:

That's a great Macca record as well. I really enjoy "Ever Present Past"
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:57pm Cecile:

agh, had to miss some great tunes. And now have got to go.

Have a great aft, folks, and thanks for the rock, Joe!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:58pm Jason:

Fantastic show, Joe!!!
  Tue. 12/1/09 2:58pm Concerned Listener:

eah, good afternoon and thanks Joe!
  Tue. 12/1/09 3:03pm Listener Jumpy:

Thanks, Joe. That's Saturday for my teamup with Phast at the Huckleberry. My mistake.
  Tue. 12/1/09 6:13pm Joe (not Belock):


Oh well, next week.
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