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Options December 26, 2009: Back to back #1 hits

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Artist Track
Mort Shuman  She Ain't Nothin' But A Little Child, Oh My   Options
Dukes of Stratosphear  Vanishing Girl   Options
Merrill Moore  Cooing The Wrong Pigeon   Options
Percy Sledge  Take Time To Know Her   Options
Les McCann  It Had Better Be Tonight   Options
Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson  Valerie   Options
Hollies, The  We're Through   Options
Floyd Cramer  On the Rebound   Options
Warren Lee  Oh Anna (we're gonna get married)   Options
Alberta Hunter  Two Little Flies On A Lump Of Sugar   Options
La's, The  There She Goes   Options
Fireballs, The  Lies   Options
Ray & Lindy  Hey Doll Baby   Options
J.J. Malone  It's A Shame   Options
Muffs, The  How I Pass The Time   Options
Galaxies, The  Que Vida   Options
Dee Mullins  Parking For Cheaters   Options
Jesse Price & His Blues Band  Blue Book Boogie   Options
Charlie Byrd  A Taste Of Honey   Options
Go Go's, The  Turn To You   Options
Lonnie Mack  I've Had It   Options
Leroy Pullins  Billy Roy and Jackson Sam   Options
Wade Jackson  Sippin' On A Sud   Options
Foster Sylvers  Misdemeanor   Options
Belle & Sebastian  Step Into My Office, Baby   Options
Dusty Springfield  Love Power   Options
Luke Gordon  Mustache On A Cabbage Head   Options
Ebony Rhythm Band  Soul Heart Transplant   Options
Sister Rosetta Tharpe  Peace In Korea   Options
Bebop Deluxe  Panic in the World   Options
BJ Thomas  The Eyes of a New York Woman   Options
Wallace Waters  Keep Me In Your Charms   Options
Upsetters, The  My Girl Across Town   Options
Wild Bill Davis  Hit The Road Jack   Options
Hi-Riders  Stamp Out The Beatles   Options
A MINUTE WITH  Scott Schinder   Options
Harry Harrison  May You Always   Options
Staten Island Girl  Christmas Message   Options
WAKY Radio, Louisville  Mike Griffin talks about the cold wave   Options
?  New Year's Bitchin'  
WAKY Radio, Louisville  Gary Burbank - don't drink & drive   Options

Listener comments!

  Sat. 12/26/09 11:08am First:

Happy Holidays, Mike Shelley!
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:14am paul:

I thought The Dukes of Stratosphear were actually XTC.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:15am Michael:

No, I'm pretty sure they were a 60's band.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:16am Ted:

Wasn't Klaatu actually the Beatles?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:16am Igor:

happy holidays, Mike!

I'm on your program straught from Brazil. God blesses online streaming.

Can you play "96 tears" by ? & the Mysterians?

  Sat. 12/26/09 11:17am paul:

Michael, when you have the time, check it out. Pretty sure it was just an XTC alias.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:18am Michael:

No, I dont think so.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:19am paul:

he Dukes of Stratosphear was a pseudonym used by the British rock band XTC in the mid to late 1980s, concurrently with XTC's continued musical activities. The project was intended as a homage to 1960s pop and psychedelic music by groups such as The Beatles, The Byrds, The Kinks, The Zombies, The Beach Boys, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd and The Pretty Things.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:19am Igor:

Acctualy Dukes of Stratosphear is a 80s band. They're the last volume Rhinno's Nuggets - Children of Nuggets. good psychedelic sound, any way!
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:21am Michael:

  Sat. 12/26/09 11:21am paul:

The Dukes released a single (and made a promotional video) for "You're A Good Man Albert Brown (Curse You Red Barrel)". A promotional-only single was also issued for "Vanishing Girl".
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:22am Ted:

But wasn't the Condo Fucks were actually Yo La Tengo?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:23am paul:

Igor, that's true in that XTC released music under that pseudonym in the 80's.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:24am Joe:

No - not true,
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:24am paul:

In fact, Vanishing Girl is on Children of Nuggets.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:25am Jimbo-rino:

Dukes of Stratosphear are a 60's band - obviously.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:25am Sam:

Rhino made a mistake. Like you.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:26am seang:

enough with this shite! where are all the girls?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:26am paul:

I would love to see proof of that.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:28am paul:

Please see http://www.amazon.com/Chips-Chocolate-Fireball-XTC/dp/B00005AV1R
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:28am Dave:

Oh, Mike! PLEASE! Though it's a special thrill for me when worlds collide (FMU v Stern - Jonesy excepted), please don't make the mistake of even joking about their "insights" regarding music (or sports, and probably actual politics). Not only is the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame straight business and Rolling Stone hegemony (like that?) it's retarded. How is it different than the Hollywood Walk of Fame? And frankly, we know that a year with nobody who played behind Roy Orbison that time is a good one! Stooges/Hollies/Genesis (Gabriel era) is straight up what it's all supposed to be about. Like at the actual place in CLE where there's a literal back to back Ramones/Skynyrd display. Now, that's Rock n Roll!
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:29am paul:

The Dukes of Stratosphear Store
Image of album by The Dukes of Stratosphear

In 1985, the British pop band XTC recorded an EP of affectionate parodies of '60s psychedelia and guitar pop called 25 O'Clock. Instead of releasing the EP under their own name, they released the record under a new moniker: the Dukes of Stratosphear. Working with producer John Leckie, all three members of the group adopted pseudonyms -- Andy Partridge was Sir John Johns, Colin Moulding was the Red… Read more in Amazon's The Dukes of Stratosphear Store
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:30am paul:

And now, I'm moving on. Great music, Michael!
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:30am David:

Little known fact: some members of Dukes of Stratosphear later played in the obscure 80's baroque-pop combo XTC. The records are really hard to find but I've seen them a time or two. Not very accessible to the casual listener though.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:32am Dave:

Arguing online about stuff you can check online? If the Dukes WEREN'T XTC I'd have argued they sure sounded like Partridge and Moulding singing and playing bass!
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:33am Rodger:

David - you are 100% correct. Some people...
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:35am Ted:

I thought XTC was a drug :P
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:36am Parq:

Well, everyone got a big bag of contentious for Christmas. Just play it, Michael, it's all good. My New Year's resolution is to finally join the Number One Club.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:39am Ted:

Are the Cars and the New Cars the same band?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:39am Linda:

XTC was from the 80s!
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:41am Dave:

The Cars and The New Cars are indeed the same band, but the New Cars have that old car smell. At least Todd does.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:42am Ted:

Are WFMU listeners the same as the people who listen to WXRK?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:45am Guy:

Paul - the internet is full of lies. Most of what you read is not true. Stealth marketing, etc...
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:45am Ted:

How about The New Christy Minstrels?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:45am matheus:

Hi Michael.
Great set.

Any chance we get to hear some The Fall?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:45am Dave:

FMU v XRK? Ah, the good old days! Weren't Starz actually Kiss without makeup, and a 5 piece? Or is that Angel?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:47am Ed:

How about The OLD Christy Minstrels?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:48am Dave:

Wasn't Quay Lude in Peter, Paul and Mary? Pretty sure for at least a few months in pre-coup Cuba. Lemme check Bing or some shit.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:48am David:

This sounds really different from the Galaxie 500 I'm used to. But not that different.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:48am Ted:

New Year's plans? Sixth Annual Ukulele Drop

Hosted by Sonic Uke at 321 23rd Street, Brooklyn

  Sat. 12/26/09 11:49am David:

Jonathan Richman's original of this is better.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:50am Dave:

"Ted" talking ukes??? Gee, I'm sure I don't know who you are. I'll have to go check one of my archived 'zines.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:50am SmokinJ:

I had a Galaxy 500 in high school.. Great car..
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:52am Ted:

Dave AKA?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:52am Dave Rick:

no comment
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:53am Ted:

  Sat. 12/26/09 11:56am Dave:

Happy New Year, ya Jew! Pleasure bumping into you! More jokes, please! Gotta take a break and get the mutts out in the rain.
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:57am Ukulele Kike:

Who you calling a Jew?
  Sat. 12/26/09 11:59am PBK:

Go Go's would have been a better group if they had fired Belinda Carlisle. A very weak singer. Gina Shock is an under-rated drummer.
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:00pm Ted:

Have you heard Christmas in the Sun (Rolf Harris and Status Quo)? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VMgzkzQR_8
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:01pm Dave:

Holy Crap - Uke Kike!!!! I'm dyin'! That's genius. You gotta run for office or something with that moniker. Maybe as VP to Kinky Friedman. Ok, now I'm really walking the dogs. Go Gos and Michael Schenker be damned. Also The Damned.
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:03pm Dave:

I think the Go Gos would've been much better with Darby singing.
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:04pm PBK:

Yes - made best of what she had - but you're right - it's their songs that made them - and she didn't write them. Kim from the Muffs as a Go-Go would have been very cool.
Let Belinda stay doing Breck endorsements.
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:05pm seang:

love Chilton's version of this tune!
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:05pm Ted:

Yeah, Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike) was quite the anti semite and if he thought someone asking for an autograph was a jew, he would sign U Keike
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:16pm ted:

Sounds like 10CC Now debate.
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:22pm ?:

I think Steeleye Span did a cover of the traditional version of that last song, but I can't remember the name of that one...
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:27pm Adam:

I've got no love in Korea, got nobody waiting in Seoul.
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:27pm C:

South Careera
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:29pm C:

the war in career never actually ended. just a ceasefire currently.
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:29pm Be-Bop:

  Sat. 12/26/09 12:33pm C:

does this set represent post-ww2 russian expansion?
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:34pm matheus:

The Fall?
any chance? =(
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:36pm Ted:

=( Is that Hitler frowning?
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:37pm C:

I think The Fall actually covered most of these songs,
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:48pm paul:

Ask Scott about The Dukes of Stratosphear.
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:50pm Michael:

Paul - good idea - next week, I will.

C. - I dont know the Fall, what are their #1 hits?
  Sat. 12/26/09 12:51pm paul:

Thanks. Happy New Year!
  Sat. 12/26/09 1:39pm David:

Fall #1 Hits: Fantastic Life, Leave The Capitol, Fit & Working Again, Touch Sensitive, F-Oldin' Money, Cruiser's Creek, I'm A Mummy.
(The WFMU blog had a nice collection of Fall cover songs.)
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