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January 22, 2010 Options
We shall ever shimmy to our sister Kate
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Dominguinho e Telinho 

Nanã Buruquê
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Sambistas Unidos
(Musidisc 1975)

(Bezerra Da Silva)
Vai Chover Hoje Urubu   Options O Rei Do Côco
(Tapecar 1975)
Zuzuca  Meu Samba, Meu Gongá   Options Zuzuca
(Okeh 1974)
Carlão Elegante  Momento de Paz   Options Um Cidadão Sambista
(CBS 1979)
Raul Seixas  Ouro de Tolo   Options Krih-Ha Bandolo!
(Phillips 1973)
Jards Macale  Ôlho de Lince   Options Real Grandeza
(Biscoito Fino 2005)

Talkover Music:
Nicola Conte 
Forma 2000   Options Bossa Per Due
(ESL 2000)

Lynn Taitt 

Steppin' Up
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Tropical Funk Experience
(Nascente 1973)
Les Super Shleu  Nicole   Options Les Super Shleu
(Universal Music Prod. 1977)
Doble R Super Special Stars  Auto Biew   Options

Di Paranda

(Studio Fidelis 1978)

(King Errisson)
Back From the Dead   Options The Magic Man
(Westbound 1976)
Dutch Rhythm Steel & Showband  Feelin' Alright   Options Soul Steel & Show
(Negram 1973)
Kongas  Jungle   Options Anikana-O
(Barclay 1974)
Aleke Kanonu  Keep New York Clean   Options Aleke
(Arcana 1980)

Talkover Music:
Tito Puente 
Conga Beat   Options Puente in Percussion
(Tico 1955)

Paul Serrano Quintet 

Dreams of Igor
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Blues Holiday
(Riverside 1960)
François Rabbath  Exil   Options The Sound of a Bass
(Philips 1963)
Paul Bley  Mr. Joy   Options Mr. Joy
(Limelight 1968)
Profound Sound Trio  Futurity   Options Opus de Life
(Porter 2009)
Henry Threadgill Zooid  After some Time   Options

This Brings Us To,
Volume 1

(Pi 2009)

Talkover Music:
Sonny Simmons 
Cosmic Funk   Options Jewels
(Boxholder 2004)

Mike Cooper 

Tristes & Milonga
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Blue Guitar
(Hipshot 2010)
Calexico  Hot Rail   Options Hot Rail
(Our Soil Our Strength 2000)
Terry Earl Taylor  Wish I Had a Parker Pen   Options Another Time
(Dark Holler 2003)
Catalpa Boys  Stained Glass   Options Catalpa Boys
(Anyway 2004)

(Bill Fay)
Warwick Town   Options From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather
Clock 1966-1970
(Wooden Hill 1968)
Vetiver  The Swimming Song   Options Thing of the Past
(Gnomonsong 2008)

Talkover Music:
Samba Pa' Ti   Options Abraxas
(Columbia 1970)

Rufus Wainwright 

Not Ready to Love
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Release the Stars
(Geffen 2007)
Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Rufus Wainwwright, Emmylou Harris, Mary Black, Karen Matheson, Rod Paterson  Hard Times Come Again No More   Options
Kate & Anna McGarrigle  Talk to Me of Mendocino   Options Kate & Anna McGarrigle
(Warner Bros. 1975)
Kate & Anna McGarrigle & Elvis Costello  Ommie Wise Part 1 & 2
(What Lewis did Last...)   Options
Harry Smith Project:
Anthology of American Folk Revisited
(Shout Factory )
Kate & Anna McGarrigle  Walking Song   Options Dancer With Bruised Knees
(Warner Bros. 1977)

Talkover Music:
Clark Kessinger 
Wednesday Night Waltz   Options The Legend of Clark Kessinger
(County 1964)

Curtis Babineaux (?) 

You Gonna Get Old
Some Day
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Clarence "Bon Ton" Garlow 1951-1958
(Flyright 1954)
H-Bomb Ferguson  Tortured Love   Options Rock H-Bomb Rock
(Stargazer 1952)

(Little Mack Simmons)
Don't Leave Me Now   Options Chicago Blues Harmonic Wizard
(The Famous Groove 1961)
Good Rockin' Charles Edwards  The Goat   Options Good Rockin' Charles
(Mr. Blues 1973)
Junior Wells & Earl Hooker  Galloping Horses a Lazy Mule   Options Calling All Blues:
The Chief, Profile & USA Recordings
(Varese Sarabande 1960)
Willie Dixon  You Don't Make Sense or Peace   Options Peace?
(Yambo 1971)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/22/10 9:06am Brian Sanders:

Amen to your program title. My roofs leaking, my cars broke, still at work but I'm still here on God's sweet sphere Amen agin.
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:08am annie:

good morning doug, and brian: what you said.
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:10am Brian S:

Forgot to say, I'm going to see Laura Veirs next Wednesday, there's light at the end of the tunnel & it's not a train coming the other way!
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:13am Parq:

I was telling Annie earlier in the week that the MgGs were among my first favorite folkies. It's not like my collection is slopping over with their titles, but I somehow feel almost as though I've lost a cousin. A distant cousin, but still.
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:14am Drummer Some:

Blessings unto you Brian, Annie and all the rest of use guys. Brian, please deliver warmest WFMU greetings to Ms. Veirs.
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:20am annie:

parq, i'm in the same ballpark, there. still hard to believe..
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:22am fred:

@Brian S: I hope I'll be doing the same next Friday. Last year her show here was cancelled a few days before, hopefully I'll have better luck this time.
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:31am annie:

i don't think any singer's death has hit me so hard since kate wolf passed away..
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:31am JCityJensen:

it is a sweet sounding morning!
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:34am dc pat:

˙ʎɐpoʇ spɹɐʍʞɔɐq puɐ uʍop ǝpısdn sı ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:37am ʇɐd ɔp:

Joe Strummer's death was a huge blow to me. I still haven't gotten over that one....or d. boone....or J. Lennon come to think of it..
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:43am Parq:

Going way back, Zero Mostel's death really got to me. And Groucho. And Jim Henson. But I'm getting off topic, aren't I?
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:48am trs:

It's warm enough, today, to let some fresh air into this winter home. This music goes nicely w/ that.
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:50am Parq:

Doug, I don't think that steelband track was "Hey Joe".
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:52am Drummer Some:

Wish I had played Hey Joe. I typed the wrong title in. Thanks for the catch. Move up to the front row, Parq!
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:54am Stuart Troutman:

Funny now to think that Dave Mason was once considered a worthy enough songwriter to have an international hit.
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:54am Paul Sherratt:

Brian, fred.
I caught up with Laura Veirs on Tuesday in Manchester ( UK ! ) On very fine form I thought. She's out touring for the next 2+ months which will take her up to around 5 weeks before the anticipated birth of Child One. There's a Mark Riley interview with Laura ( Wednesday show )
  Fri. 1/22/10 9:56am Dex:

Doug, music's great. Almost too early in the morning to be fully appreciative. Do you dj anywhere?
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:00am Drummer Some:

I'm actually DJing now for all the people haven't gone to sleep YET.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:00am bennett4senate:

lovin' this steady groove
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:11am bennett4senate:

hey, Doble R! I have one of his records - he's from the lil' nation of Curacao if I remember correctly?
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:16am Chris:

hey doug. how about a song dedicated to the supreme court ruling that will now allow more corporate and bloated-union money to go to politicians.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:20am Drummer Some:

That decision is just sickening. And how about the Court's ideological meddling into the question of YouTube presentation of the gay marraige case in California. Have they no fucking shame? (After Bush v. Gore, does anyone really need to answer that question?)
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:20am Parq:

@ DS, 9:52 - no matter; what's important is that the version of "Feelin' All Right" that you played was killer.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:21am Cecile:

I feel like I'm living in Bizarro World.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:23am Dominick:

AAARGH! Out of phase mono
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:27am Drummer Some:

THANKS Dominick! The only way I can tell if something is out of phase is if I turn around and look at a fookin oscilliscope behind me. The studio monitors don't give us any clue.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:27am Chris:

...but the supreme court is comprised of the most objective and smartest people in this country, right? - !!BLaH-UG!!! ITs COMING UP NOW!!!
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:34am Bryan:

I think it's safe to say that corporations, particularly the ones with influence in higher government, have the capacity to outspend "bloated unions" 100-1.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:36am Parq:

Thank you, Bryan. When the plutocrats start bombarding Planet Walmart with anti-Obama ads, those "bloated unions" just might be the only ones capable of a counterattack.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:37am Chris:

Granted Bryan - but I wanted to be fair.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:37am dc pat:

..not to mention outspend me about a billion to one.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:37am joe:

ok. corporations are kicking our asses. I give up on being a person...Just give me my pod like in the matrix...
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:39am dc pat, inc.:

that's the only way normal people can compete--by becoming a corporation.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:39am Chris:

Plus I have seen how bloated unions completely disregard individuals when the fight gets too heavy for the union.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:44am Parq:

Look, I understand and even agree with leftie resentment for the way organized labor abandoned the left in the 50s and 60s -- and they paid for it with way-reduced power. Right now, they are a flawed friend of the left, but they're the only influential friend we've got -- the only one that can't be sqashed as easily as the plutocracy has squashed Acorn, for instance.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:45am dc pat, inc.:

I use to be ex-gorgeous.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:46am Cecile:

ITA, Parq.
I'm now in AFSCME and am impressed as hell with how our chapter conducts itself in a rational manner, building lots of bridges with other organizations and agencies.
  Fri. 1/22/10 10:57am Chris:

@parq - well said...i am certainly no champion for corps over unions...but the corps point to the unions and the unions point to the corps...i don't want corps in complete control so must keep chack on the unions as well - i don't think our country is quite ready for a class war...maybe 10 yrs or so down the road.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:11am Carmichael:

Good day everybody. This talk of unions and corporations reminds me that the annual budget tragi-comedy is about to heat up again here in California. How about 10 furlough days per month?
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:11am Cecile:

I saw a doc on Rufus's opera, and the thing he wanted most was his mother to see it. Which she did. And she was so proud...
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:13am dc pat:

Chris: we are and have always been in a class war perpetrated by the rich. Sorry for getting all commi on y'all but facts is facts.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:14am annie:

apt pat
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:15am annie:

  Fri. 1/22/10 11:15am Chris:

DC - agreed but im talking about war with a big W...and guns, lots of guns!
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:17am dc pat, inc.:

ok. you're right there.

thanks annie--I knew you were with me, comrade.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:17am Cecile:

Oh, you boys.
Go play class war in the back yard.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:18am annie:

i could easily have been a member of the fellow travelers, pat
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:18am Paul Sherratt:

Who will get to the end of this McGarrigle set in just one piece ?
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:19am AL:

not me. bawling at my desk.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:20am David Herskovits:

Thank god it's GTDS and Doug "Doug" Schulkind. Must pause now to weep openly...
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:20am annie:

  Fri. 1/22/10 11:21am Hugo:

About the prospects for class war: I'm sitting here with an OECD document on income inequality in OECD countries. US is 27 out of 30, with 30 being the country with most income inequality (Mexico). At the other end is Denmark and Sweden. In other words, a great country in which to be rich, but not so good for the poor.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:21am Cecile:

i'm a little verklempf myself. She was a lovely, talented woman.

Although Rowland Howard and Jay Reatard are more my speed. And I was suitably gutted.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:21am Drummer Some:

I started raining last night.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:21am annie:

i have almost all their albums.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:22am dc pat, inc.:

Cecile: either your with us or against us. You MUST decide or we'll decide for you [click].
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:23am monica:

ya got me in tears, doug.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:24am dc pat, inc.:

Me too re: Howard/Reatard but MUCH more Howard.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:24am AL:

I sang the first two records to my son when he was a baby, over and over and over. Heart is breaking ...
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:24am Cecile:

I suspect, Hugo, now that many former rich are not so much, and many hard-working "lazy-poor" shunning people are now struggling themselves, I I expect there to be some safeguards put in place. Hell, we're all several paychecks away from having to use the proverbial safety net.

dcp, I fear not your Super Soaker with the hammer and sickle on the side. ;D
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:25am Drummer Some:
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:25am Chris:

Cecile - you assume because i mention guns and war im a guy? very sexist ;)
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:26am annie:

the pop-gun i have has scripture etched in the scope. and when my son was a baby, he wanted kate wolf to go to sleep by..
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:26am jgiles:

I am not sure how I feel about this extension of this song, Ommie Wise. Probably just the pure snob in me.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:26am trs:

Thank you, Doug.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:27am Cecile:

LOL! No, it was because you were so! excited! by! the! guns!
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:27am dc pat, inc.:

cecile: black flag all the way, dictatorship of the proletariat is bad too.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:30am annie:

i bet lee michael dempsey's show is is a tear-jerker too.. might have to seek him out tonight
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:30am Cecile:

I remember so vividly reading Stereo Review and there always being huge features whenever the McGarrigles put out a record.

True dat, pat.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:31am Chris:

you're right cecile - but i'd could never go toe to toe with the likes of queen artemisia of halicarnassus
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:32am Bruce in Boston:

Thanks Doug awesome sister set
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:34am Héctor:

Very beatiful set, Doug, thanks....
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:37am Hugo:

Cecile, in terms of poverty rates, US is 28 out of 30, below Japan, but above Turkey. Canada is roughly in the middle. The reason I'm bothering with all this is that I've been asked to give lectures in India about equality in the Nordic countries as part of a Nordic team, so trying to figure out what to say. Could be interesting ...
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:43am Cecile:

Oh, that sounds really interesting - and challenging, too, Hugo.

Ah, H-Bomb Ferguson. I always can tell by his delicate vocal attack...;)
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:43am little richard:

  Fri. 1/22/10 11:43am Brian S:

Is equality temperature related?
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:47am Brian S:

Barrence Whitfield does it for me in the subtle vocal dept, Cecile.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:49am Carmichael:

Root Boy Slim is my vocalist of choice.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:49am Hugo:

Geographical location does play some role, though hard to say how much. Does that apply to the US as well? Is income inequality higher in the southern states than in the northern?
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:49am dc pat, inc.:

2 years ago I saw Barrence backed up by Deke Dickerson and band. TOTALLY rockin.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:51am Paul Sherratt:

Lovely Barrence Whitfield ... I saw him disappear through the stage floor once ( in Paris ) It didn't seem to bother him a great deal
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:51am trs:

A thought for Hugo, if temp is a factor, it would be a constant throughout history. Does that hold true for your arguments? If yes, why? If not, why not?
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:52am Cecile:

Brian, I love those first couple of Barrence Whitfield records. He has leather lungs!
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:52am trs:



it's knotty
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:53am dc pat:

don't forget how homogeneous nordic countries are..

Cecile, my band opened for him back in the OW! OW! OW! days. really nice guy.
  Fri. 1/22/10 11:55am Hugo:

Marx thought it did. He thought a temperate climate was most favourable for the development of capitalism.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:03pm Paul Sherratt:


Don't forget .. Ship Sails At Six !
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