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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options February 4, 2010: Ripping AND Roaring

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Leslie Flynt  As Oscar Wilde   Options V/a, Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik: Recordings of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007    0:00:00 ()
Yoga  Dreamcast   Options Megafauna    0:04:29 ()
Ashtray Navigations  ?   Six Imaginary Scenes from the Life of Muhammed Al Aqil    0:07:03 ()
Young Marble Giants  The Taxi   Options Colossal Youth    0:11:08 ()
Vangelis  Creation du Monde (exc)   Options sdtk, "L'apocalypse des animeaux"    0:16:19 ()
Rita Goold  As "Russel"   Options V/a, Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik: Recordings of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007    0:17:28 ()
Family of Apostolic  Taking Me Home   Options S/t    0:22:14 ()
Bene Gesserit  Je Veux Ma Maman!   Options V/a, The Insane Box    0:24:18 ()
Ethan Persoff  A Trashcan for Your Brain   Options Live at Harry's Loft (2009)    0:26:14 ()
Dolly Parton  I Don't Want You Around Me Anymore   Options As Long as I Love    0:29:08 ()
Hawkshaw Hawkins  Rebound   Options Hawkshaw Hawkins Sings    0:31:08 ()
KISS  She   Options Dressed To Kill    0:39:56 ()
Kiss & Tom Snyder  The Tomorrow Show   Options     0:44:04 ()
Pearl Williams  (exc)   Options A Trip Around the World is Not a Cruise    0:54:19 ()
Hoor-Paar-Kraat  exc   Options Drowning The Virgin Silence    0:56:47 ()
Home Blitz  Two Steps   Options O.ut o.f P.hase    1:01:57 ()
Modern Lovers  Walk Up The Street   Options Precise Modern Lovers Order    1:04:33 ()
Super Vacations  Ten Second Freak Out   Options 7"    1:09:55 ()
Robert Wyatt  I'm A Believer   Options V/a, Unconditionally Guaranteed: Uncut Magazine sampler    1:12:54 ()
Marty  My Dog goes a little apeshit   Options     1:23:27 ()
Bim Marx  A Toast / Wild Thing   Options S/t    1:32:59 ()
Standard of Living  Don't Worry   Options Six Songs 12"    1:37:13 ()
Tee Pee  Big City Life   Options 7"    1:38:20 ()
Citay  Careful With That Hat   Options Dream Get Together    1:41:52 ()
Hank Williams  Angel of Death (demo)   Options mp3    1:48:46 ()
Dump  Stella Blue   Options V/a, Crust Never Sleeps  "The Frow Show 2009 WFMU Marathon Premium CD  1:51:02 ()
w/ Wayne Coyne        2:02:39 ()
White Pee  Ant   Options S/t  for Doron  2:06:39 ()
Andy Summers vs Kirsty Alley vs Brad Dourif  exc   Options "The Hitchhiker: The Legendary Billy B"    2:12:18 ()
more Kiss & Tom Snyder        2:15:47 ()
Yves / Son / Ace  (exc)   Options Parade of Thought / Can't Sleep    2:19:01 ()
Kraftwerk  Morgenspaziergang   Options Autobahn (Reissue)    2:22:44 ()
Kurt Vile & The Violators  The Hunchback [Mike Lupica's Extended Dance Version]   Options     2:36:15 ()
Pigeons  Tendresse   Options V/a, Yeti Eight    2:43:05 ()
Elvis Presley  Blue Moon   Options The Sun Sessions    2:47:05 ()
Morton Feldman  Christian Wolff in Cambridge   Options V/a, Extended Voices: New Pieces for Chorus And For Voices Altered Electronically by Sound Synthesizers And Vocoder    2:49:28 ()
Kate Bush  Wuthering Heights   Options     2:51:38 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 2/4/10 12:06pm Marshall Stacks:

Good morning, Scott and the rest of you unseen intelligences.
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:17pm annie:

morning scott..
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:24pm BSI:

...holy crap...
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:27pm Chris:

i was thinking...wacky...but "holy crap" suits as well
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:29pm mysterio!:

  Thu. 2/4/10 12:29pm BSI:

  Thu. 2/4/10 12:33pm Ken:

Wow! Rebound is an amazing song!!
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:33pm Chris:

how about some hawkwind?
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:34pm Chris:

hawkwind sings hawkshaw hawkins
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:35pm north guinea hills:

I second Chris's request.
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:36pm Ike:

Coleman Hawkins vs. Hawkwind vs. Hawkshaw Hawkins.
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:37pm topher:

  Thu. 2/4/10 12:38pm BSI:

Agreed, that Rebound tune was awesome. As a fellow Hawkins, I must now find this mofo. We are few but we are very weird.
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:40pm Brian the artist:

Hi Scott.... Brian checking in here a little late sorry!
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:42pm Chris:

my mamas always talkin to me tell me how to live...
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:42pm ?:

ha! KISS excellent timing!
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:43pm Scott:

Hi all! I'm gonna throw in "The Eagle and The Hawk" by John Denver
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:44pm Ike:

I wonder why I lack the gene for liking Kiss. Maybe I just don't like putting my balls to the wall. That wall is awfully cold. Brrrr!
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:47pm dc pat:

as usual, I'm with Ike. I don't hate 'em like I use to but...
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:50pm Ne-guh-tor:

Get to the part where Ace starts talking about his model helicopters! He must've been wasted on this interview.
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:50pm still b/p:

I was baffled by the KISS appeal from the earliest years...especially among any age groups beyond junior high.
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:51pm ?:

unfortunately that gene is associated with the self indulgent gene...which is why gene is so arrogant
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:52pm BSI:

back in those days it was REQUIRED BY LAW for kids my age to have a copy of the ALIVE! album. I had mine like everybody else but I never caught the bug.
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:52pm BSI:

and then there was bloody RAM JAM....!
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:53pm dc pat:

for me, it was the Beatles kids (me) vs. the Kiss kids (everybody else)
  Thu. 2/4/10 12:54pm dc pat:

"..we don't want to go any belower"!! excellent.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:00pm dale:

just tuned in. i thought that was rusty warren. love the tom snyder excerpt.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:04pm dale:

mr. dj, who is filthier in your learned opinion: peral williams, belle barth or rusty warren?
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:09pm still b/p:

A John Waters quiz via SNL.."Quien es mas filthy?
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:11pm numbatwombat:

"i'm gonna stay in my room!" :: afternoon scott williams and all in wfmu-land!
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:12pm BSI:

looks like she's still knockin' around, but in Hawaii these days:
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:14pm numbatwombat:

i am sorry i missed the tom snyder interview with KISS. i suspect i have seen excerpts from that. i pretty much saw every KISS appearance in the late seventies/early eighties. my favorite being KISS on "kids are people too". jodie foster may or may not have been on that one too. i had action figures, the comic book, trading cards, and i successfully begged my mom to watch "KISS and the Phantom of the Park" but did not actually own a KISS lp until high school. my favorite was ace, naturally, but i was impressed that they would let a space vampire loose like that.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:15pm numbatwombat:

also: "the elder" is fracking great!
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:18pm dc pat:

if they would have had Sex Pistols action figures, I would have owned those...but the fact that they didn't is kind of the point.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:19pm BSI:

phantom of the park was the greatest movie ever!!!
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:19pm Chris:

have you heard the iron maiden vs monkees mash
"the trooper believer"...great
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:20pm numbatwombat:

this of course, was evidence of the obvious lameness of the pistols. no lunchbox, no go sailor! i actually would today covet a PiL metalunchbox which would destroy your lunch trying to get it out.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:21pm BSI:

Talk about a mid-life crisis... now I find myself pining for my old SPACE 1999 lunchbox...
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:22pm Chris:

I still have my star wars luchbox but miss my adam 12 one.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:22pm numbatwombat:

"phantom of the paradise" by brian depalma is also good but does not hold a candle to "phantom of the paradise" which only could have been improved by a guest appearance from scooby and the gang. SPACE 1999 was the awesomest show because it was scary, it was british and nothing ever happened, there was just this omnipresent sense of dread. what a great show!
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:22pm numbatwombat:

second phantom should read "of the park"
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:26pm dc pat:

I had a 007 lunchbox (Sean Connery)--didn't even realize how cool that was.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:28pm numbatwombat:

my favorite of all time was probably my "battle of the planets" lunchbox. it was not sadly a gatchaman lunchbox.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:29pm Mark Williams:

DC Pat - it would've been cooler if it had been a Desmond Dekker lunchbox...
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:30pm BSI:

How is it that I can remember my series of lunchboxes (Space 1999, Speed Racer, and oddly, Emergency! (the firefighter tv drama), and yet can't remember one goddamned thing they tried to teach us in elementary school?
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:32pm numbatwombat:

as one ages, one can only keep the important memories. the wachowski speed racer movie was so dope!!!! one of my favorites of the last decade. better than the matricies!
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:33pm numbatwombat:

scott! play "theme from SWAT"? that would be righteous! i failed in my quest yesterday to get wfmu djs to play "dharma lady"
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:35pm Chris:

my dog used to go crazy after he came back from getting his hair cut
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:36pm dc pat:

damn you Mark Williams. I was feeling pretty good about myself until you said that!!
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:38pm SDRJTDTYJHDYG:

  Thu. 2/4/10 1:38pm numbatwombat:

chris - which star wars lunchbox do you have?
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:38pm a guy in a chair in a cube:

My dogs been crazy ever since she got into that bad acid.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:39pm BSI:

Good lord Scott, at first I thought you had dug up some obscure Sarcastic Orgasm track (of course if you DID have a copy, that's one of the great unsung DC freak albums of all time)
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:41pm Chris:

@num - the original - with the x-wing and tie fighter on it - sans the thermos
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:42pm numbatwombat:

chris - that is a good one! the one i recall the most was the empire strikes back one. could there have been a tauntaun on my thermos? i am trying to remember. there was hoth stuff.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:48pm Chris:

as long as there are no ewoks or jar-jar binkses...
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:49pm philthy:

This kicks ass.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:50pm U-S-E-L-E-S-S, useless:

she'd a been a good woman if there'd a been someone around to shoot here every minute of her life.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:52pm numbatwombat:

i like ewoks and jar-jar! ewoks, like the vc, defeated a much greater military empire with limited tech! palpatine's manipulation of jar-jar is heartbreaking! also i like the prequels better and watch the clone wars every week cause that rules too. i am a star wars dork. of course if you have read this post until now that would be redundant.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:53pm dc pat:

I love Hank.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:53pm numbatwombat:

also: ewoks are carnivorous warrior hallucinogenic drug takers!
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:54pm numbatwombat:

if only they had eaten luke, they could have gained his jedi mana!
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:55pm ?:

always hated this song when the Dead played it; this version is making me change my opinion.
  Thu. 2/4/10 1:56pm U-S-E-L-E-S-S, useless:

s/here/her/ christ.
also, HTML fail in the Dump entry. "a -> <a
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:03pm philthy:

@? Word
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:04pm Chris:

i like how harrison ford, when given the opportunity, always shows his disdain for the ewoks
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:06pm numbatwombat:

@chris: dead ewok action figure :

  Thu. 2/4/10 2:08pm Chris:

funny...poor ewoks...did you ever see the star wars christmas special?
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:09pm dc pat:

ho jeeze, this Wayne Coyne?
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:09pm Scott:

Oh man, ewoks???
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:10pm numbatwombat:

i saw the christmas special when it aired. i made everyone watch it. ewok powr!
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:10pm dc pat:

  Thu. 2/4/10 2:11pm numbatwombat:

sorry! "lifeday special"!
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:12pm Chris:

hey! ewoks are as valid a discussion as the current state of healthcare in america - in fact, they presage many of the current policies of the US
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:12pm numbatwombat:

scott williams! do you have the original ewok chant electro remix that came out right after return of the jedi? that was my jam! i taped it off the radio and played it over and over and over again.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:13pm numbatwombat:

soon we will all have the quality affordable healthcare the empire offered the ewoks and other client states.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:14pm numbatwombat:

brad dourif!!!! yeah!
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:15pm numbatwombat:

love also to kirsty! brad dourif is like my weirdo psycho hero since dune. this is so awesome! thanks scott!
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:16pm numbatwombat:

the hitchiker tv series is like some serious deep horror cuts.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:17pm Chris:

not as good as the healthcare the generals got on the death start though...the ewoks had to wait in long lines at the free clinic set up on edor
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:18pm numbatwombat:

the only spacebear in captivity. sacrifice the humans to captain spacebear!
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:19pm mike:

Kiss interview:
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:20pm Chris:

a drunk ace once went into sam ash afetr hours and wouldn't let the staff go home until he finished trying all the equipment he wanted to try...my friend now does a great drunk ace
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:24pm Charcutero:

Love the Kraftwerk!
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:32pm numbatwombat:

scott williams: you have encouraged me to totally move up the tom snyder: punk episodes on dvd in netflix queue and add the ones with tim leary and the dead. tom was the perfect carter-era talk show host.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:33pm dc pat:

Wayne use to shut up and play really loud guitars...
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:40pm Chris:

Scott has encourged me to rethink the hatred i have towards ewoks.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:45pm BSI:

True enough, the thought of Ewoks being a tribe of ayahuasca-saturated pagan fuzzies does make them a bit more like.... MY people....
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:47pm numbatwombat:

dude! ewoks ARE our people! they would listen to pelt and amon duul and the godz! who WOULDN'T wanna hear an all-ewok cover of "sandoz in the rain"? that would rule my world. i would never go home again.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:48pm Chris:

"my people" as opposed to "those people"? ah, if we could only live in harmony
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:50pm numbatwombat:

the only people ewoks dislike are foreign occupiers who are not anthony daniels. so pretty much everyone. maybe there is like a primitive black metal movement among ewoks.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:50pm Ike:

Nice echo.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:51pm numbatwombat:

this is really really sad, but actually the duloks ARE the primitive black metal version of ewoks sorta.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:52pm BSI:

...i shoulda said "my kinda people" to make it more chummy. As an indigenous race of utopian DMT freaks........ you could do a lot worse...
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:53pm Chris:

ewoks vs the silly blue puppet people in avatar - james cameron doesnt have a frsh idea in his body.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:55pm numbatwombat:

maybe ewoks are the dmt "space elves" that terrence mckenna got in touch with.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:56pm TC:

Still getting my head around the Ewoks listening to Pelt, thanks for that one.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:56pm Charcutero:

Ive met deemster elves once in the negev desert.
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:57pm numbatwombat:

@charcutero - awesome!
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:58pm Chris:

sorry, i meant the indigenous silly blue puppet people from avatar
  Thu. 2/4/10 2:59pm Charcutero:

Total surrender to the Earth moment. They were happily at the controls of the universe, and way relaxed about it.
  Thu. 2/4/10 3:01pm north guinea hills:

arrrrgghhh!! missed morty feldman!
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