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March 19, 2010 Options
WFMU to listeners: Thank you from the bottom of our art
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Brother Willie Eason 

There'll Be No
Grumblers There
(Listen: )
Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always
(Mississippi 1951)
The Golden Echoes  Waiting and Watching   Options Old Time Religion
(Specialty 1949)
Rev. H.B. Crum  Jesus Can Forgive, So Can I   Options Rev. H.B. Crum with the Golden Keys
(Sharp 1961)

(Mississippi Nightingales)
Don't Let Him Ride   Options 7"
(Hub City 1974)
The Holy City Travelers  Listen to the Angels Sing   Options Hold My Hand...
(Sacred ca. 1962)
Mighty Blazing Stars of North Carolina  I Once Was Lost   Options Finally Got Ourselves Together
(Gospel Way )
Marion Williams w/the Sweet Inspirations  I Pity the Poor Immigrant   Options The New Message
(Atlantic 1969)

Talkover Music:
Dave Hamilton 
Soul Suite   Options Detroit City Grooves
(BGP late 1960s)

Malombo Jazz 

(Listen: )
Malombo Jazz
(Gallotone 1967)
Sammy Boy  10 to 11   Options Next Stop Soweto...
(Strut )
Spokes Mashiyane &
His Golden Saxophone 
Monate   Options

New Sounds of
Africa, Volume 2

(New Sound 1962)
Chris McGregor Septet  Blues Story   Options Cold Castle National Festival Moroka-Jabavu
(Teal 1962)
The Ministers  Amawa   Options Ndize Bonono Na?
(Gallo 1984)
Mpharanyana & the Peddlers  Hare Jeng   Options Morena Re Thuse Kaofela
(Soul Jazz Pop 1979)

Talkover Music:
África Negra & Joao Seria 
Lá Bô lá Gelo Múala   Options Madalena Meu Amor
(Gravisom 1996)

Dolly Parton 

Girl Left Alone
(Listen: )
b/w Puppy Love
(Goldband 1959)
Nathan Abshire
(Vocals: Little Yvonne Le Blanc) 
Mama Rosin   Options French Blues
(Arhoolie )
Tanya Tucker  The Missing Piece of the Puzzle   Options What's Your Mama's Name
(Columbia 1973)
The Collins Kids  I'm in My Teens   Options The Rockin'est
(Bear Family 1955)

(The Harden Trio)
Tippy Toeing   Options 120% Heroes of Country
(Weton 1967)

Talkover Music:
Arkie Shibley 
Hot Woodpecker Rag   Options Hot Rod Race
(Collector early 1950s)

??? (written in Chinese) 

Unspeakably Happy
(Listen: )
Shanghai Nights
(Pathe 1930s-1940s)
Chiemi Eri & the Tokyo Cuban Boys  Itsuki-No Komoriuta   Options Japanese Folk Songs
( late 1950s)
Lilis Suryani  Turih Turih Putih   Options Warna Warni
(Mutiara )
Linda Yong & the Silvertones  Good Luck in the New Year   Options

Singapore A-Go-Go

(Sublime Frequencies )
Chantana Kittiyapan  Chee Vit Kon Dum   Options Thai Funk ZudRangMa, Volume 1
(ZudRangMa )
Yamasuki Singers  Yama Yama   Options Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki
(Finders Keepers 1971)

Talkover Music:
Ashewo Ara   Options b/w Voltan Dance
(Red Flame 1982)

Don Pullen 

Sploogie Doo
(Listen: )
Jazz a Confronto 21
(Horo 1975)
Ornette Coleman  Doughnuts   Options An Evening with Ornette Coleman
(Tokuma Communications 1965)
Prince Lasha  Just Friends   Options Insight
(CBS/Dusty Groove 1966)

(Paul Flaherty)
Firetrance Lonely Heartache Still   Options Whirl of Nothingness
(Family Vineyard 2006)

Talkover Music:
Alice Coltrane 
Huntington Ashram Monastery   Options Huntington Ashram Monastery
(Impulse! 1969)

Mongo Santamaria 

(Listen: )
(Fantasy 1959)
Carlos Muñoz y Su Orquesta  Fiesta en el Barrio   Options ¡Gozalo! Bugalu Tropical, Volume 3
(Vampisoul 1967)
Joey Pastrana  That's How Rumors Start   Options


(Cotique 1967)
Latin Blues Band
feat. Luis Aviles 
Take a Trip   Options Big Bad Boogaloo:
Latin Boogaloo From the Big Apple
(Harmless 1969)
Ruben Blades  Pablo Pueblo   Options Bohemia y Poeta
(Fania 1979)
Ralfi Pagan  Ain't No Big Thing   Options Ralfi Pagan
(BGP 1974)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/19/10 9:04am annie:

morning doug, happy birthday to ornette coleman, waay back in 1930!
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:05am fishmonkeystew:

Good morning Doug, Annie, and the FMU world! Friday at last...
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:09am seang:

too bad there's no WIBJ!
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:10am annie:

my visit will again be cut short today.. seems like i've been missing alot of premium radio time lately.. sorry.. might make it back for half of bryce.. (not leaving yet, though)
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:11am Aaron:

morning doug! thanks for the news letter, got a great playlist now called 'the drummer and the doug'
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:12am Drummer Some:

Blessed good morning to all y'all. I brought some Ornette with me today--and I didn't even realize it was his birthday.

[there are NO coincidences]
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:14am Parq:

@seang: Yet.
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:16am annie:

drum some- you are a man of vision, bless your hide!!
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:20am Drummer Some:

You radiate light and enthusiasm and it is inspiring and sustaining.

Everyone, put your hand on your radio and pray with me now...
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:30am fred:

Is it really Ornette's birthday? I was at a Joe McPhee show three days ago and he said it was last week.
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:33am annie:

fred, daily bleed proclaims so..
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:34am dale:

morning mr. drummer. ornette's bday was the 9th (wkcr did a nice day of him and bix). today is moms mabley's bday though, so you can throw some of her in the mix.
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:37am Drummer Some:

Like I said, I didn't even know it was Ornette's birthday. (Of course, I didn't know it WASN'T his birthday either.) I still happened to have brought some OC with me today. Hah!

Happy birthday to all!
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:40am annie:

hmmm..... i just emailed dave the bleedmeister of this error.. thanks all for the correction!! nonetheless, we still get ornette!
  Fri. 3/19/10 9:46am Paul Sherratt:

Sammy Boy reminds me that I haven't played those Boyoyo Boys in quite some time. And thanks to Brian Sanders for reminding me to get here on time !

Morning, afternoon etc, all !
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:04am reid:

this set is making my morning. thank you Doug!
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:15am dale:

hey mr. drummer, you ever run across any thumbs carlisle? he does a mean version of caravan.
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:18am dale:

search for carlisle on youtube brings up this bizarre gem:
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:19am Corey:

I got to carry Larry Collins first Doublneck guitar from California to Oklahoma in a State van. He is a great guy. It's now on exhibit here at the Oklahoma History Center.
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:30am Drummer Some:

Haven't peeped any Thumbs Carlisle. Yet.
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:32am Bob:

Apparently things are pretty funky in Thailand right now.
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:33am J-Mar:

just tuning in. how bummed am I that I missed some vintage Tanya Tucker?

btw, Larry Collins was co-writer on her first hit, "Delta Dawn."
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:37am kcp:

what a charming song.
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:39am brock:

hi Doug,hi all, loving the unexpectedness of it all
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:44am David:

I'm looking forward to drinking mint juleps now that the weather is warm. I'm also looking forward to the Give The Drummer Some premium in the mail. HURRY UP!!!!
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:47am Drummer Some:

WFMU's team of trained hermit crabs are furiously burning marathon premium discs as we speak. You think I'm kidding, don't you.
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:51am Carmichael:

Skittly whee bop Doug, and all you kooky jazz cats. Today's payday for me, in more ways than one.
  Fri. 3/19/10 10:54am Drummer Some:

Hey all,
That Ornette, promised earlier? Next!
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:00am Cecile:

DOUGNUTS. That was my theme for the jazz show I did so many years ago. Me and my cohost would have doughnuts and beer about once a month. We were nuts.

Drummer, I like to think of them as sassy Puerto Rican land crabs...
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:04am Drummer Some:

I know "hermit" is considered "offensive," but old habits die hard.
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:06am Cecile:

I am a proud hermit. I just saw a doc on Puerto Rican food and the blue land crabs there, and I admired their moxy. The host and interviewee took one out of a cage with tongs, and the crab grabbed a pair of tongs from the host and started bashing him with it.!
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:07am Cecile:

that's a crab role model worthy of WFMU.
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:08am Drummer Some:

I'd like to think the average FMU deejay is like a crab with moxy, grabbing the radio station and bashing you with it.
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:09am Cecile:

That's right! That's exactly right!
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:14am Cecile:

Paul Flaherty! He was a sweetheart. I wrote up a calendar item for him and I think Chris Corsano and he made a point of coming up and saying thank you. I'm kind of shy, so it was awkward, but I still thought that was so cool.
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:37am north guinea hills:

Hello WFMU'ers. Have a happy Friday!
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:39am annie:

folks, off to buy the bread and roses today. see you all later, then.. drummer, you rock!!
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:42am Cecile:

annie, have a great weekend!
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:49am Postman:

Telegram for Mongo!
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:54am chris in madison:

that latin blues band track was INSANE! soo goood! thanks for helping my friday to hit a high point way early.
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:56am ric:

Get set -- am googling titles & names now!
  Fri. 3/19/10 11:59am ric:

Edu Lobo some time would be welcome.
  Fri. 3/19/10 1:50pm Michael Kushmans:

Everyone have a great Weekend! Tommy says hi. Great tunes today dudes.
  Tue. 3/23/10 7:34pm groove68:

Watch Shirley Clarke’s documentary on Coleman, “Ornette: Made in America”, as a video on demand stream
  Thu. 10/14/10 7:24pm Reggie:

Hi Doug from Surrey, England. Twas great to hear Nathan's 'Story of Mama Rosin' by young Yvonne, howsabout Hip Et Taiau by Nathan and the Blafa Brothers? Just love the late Nathan Abshire's sounds.
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