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July 30, 2010 Options
Songs about bloody daggers (well, just one)
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Karen Dalton  One May Morning   Options Cotton Eyed Joe:
The Loop Tapes Live in Boulder 1962
(Megaphone 1962)
Almeda Riddle  Twilight Is Stealing   Options How Firm a Foundation
(Arkansas Traditions 1985)

Ola Belle Reed)
High on a Mountain
Interview segment w/Kevin Roth
I've Endured   Options
My Epitaph: A Documentary in Song and Lyric
(Folkways 1976)
Molly O'Day & the Cumberland Mountain Folks  Too Late-Too Late   Options Molly O'Day & the Cumberland
Mountain Folks
(Bear Family 1948)
Ginny Hawker and Tracy Schwarz  Katie Dear   Options Draw Closer
(Rounder 2004)
Laura Cantrell  Mountain Fern   Options When the Roses Bloom Again
(Diesel Only 2002)

Talkover Music:
Clark Kessinger 
Wednesday Night Waltz   Options The Legend of Clark Kessinger
(County 1964)

Ntamivu za Kabaka  Amindina xylophone   Options Royal Court Music from Uganda
(Sharp Wood Productions 1952)
Unidentified  Lodagga Wiiks and Gulu   Options West Africa:
Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music
(Nonesuch 1976)
Herbert Misango  Msichana Auma   Options Before Benga Volume 1: Kenya Dry
(Original Music early 1960s)
Jimmy Solanke  Oil Boom Palava   Options Storyteller:
Highlife, Soul & Rock 'n' Roll 1966-2003
(Eko 1979)
K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas  Awisia   Options K. Frimong & His Cubano Fiestas
(Ofobros 1976)

Talkover Music:
Bee Houston 
Blues for Rupez   Options The Hustler
(Arhoolie 1968)

Clifford Gibson  Blues Without a Dime   Options Beat You Doing It
(Yazoo 1929)
Ed Bell  Mean Conductor Blues   Options Africa and the Blues:
Connections and Reconnections

(Neatwork 1927)
Carolina Slim  Jivin' Woman   Options Carolina Slim 1950-1952
(Document 1951)
Johnny Woods  3 O'Clock in the Morning   Options The George Mitchell Collection,
Volume 3
(Fat Possum 1967)
Morris Pejoe  Maybe Blues   Options Chicago Blues of the Fifties
(Krazy Cat 1956)
John Brim & His Gary Kings  You Got Me Where You Want Me   Options Stompin' 30: 23 Rockin' Blues Monsters
(Stompin' 1956)

Talkover Music:
Nino Rota 
The Clowns (Part 2)   Options The Clowns (OST)
(CAM 1971)

Yol Aularong  Whisky Whisky   Options Cambodia Rocks: Volume 1
Sroeng Santi  Nam Man Pang (Expensive Gasoline)   Options Thai Funk ZudRangMa, Volume 1
(ZudRangMa )
Than Nam "Teu" 11  Bonanza (Bát Ghen)   Options Hò! #1 - Roady Music From Vietnam (2000)
(Trikont 2000)
Thai Thanh  Bùng Sáng   Options Saigon Rock & Soul:
Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974
(Sublime Frequencies )
Phuog Tâm  Dêm Huyêm Diêu (Magic Night)   Options Saigon Rock & Soul:
Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974
(Sublime Frequencies )
Thành Mái  Tóc Mai Soi Ván Soi Dài   Options Saigon Rock & Soul:
Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974

(Sublime Frequencies )

Talkover Music:
Strobe's Satori Beats   Options Sai-So
(Sony (Japan) 1999)

Joseph Jarman & Don Moye  Happiness Is   Options Earth Passage-Density
(Black Saint 1981)
Dewey Redman Quartet  Combinations   Options The Struggle Continues
(ECM 1982)
Michael Pilz  Linde   Options Celeste
(Trion 1978)
Lol Coxhill  Deviation Dance   Options Ear of the Beholder
(Dandelion 1971)
Lee Morgan  The Joker   Options Search for the New Land
(Blue Note 1964)

Talkover Music:
Jack Costanzo 
Bajo Numero Uno   Options Latin Fever
(Liberty 1958)

Danny White  Loan Me a Handkerchief   Options Natural Soul Brother
(Kent 1963)
The Dynamics  Dum De Dum   Options First Landing
(Hacktone 1969)
Lee Rogers  Jack the Playboy   Options Sock Some Love Power to Me:
Rare Detroit Soul 1963-1970
(Soul-Tay-Shus 1967)
Bobby Purify  The Pond   Options Better to Have It
(Proper 2005)
Johnny Jenkins  Voodoo in You   Options Ton-Ton Macoute!
(Capricorn 1970)
Simtec & Wylie  Socking Soul Power   Options b/w Stay With Me for Better or Worse
(Toddlin' Town 1969)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/30/10 8:58am annie:

morning doug..i'm early..
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:01am Drummer Some:

Hi Annie!
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:02am annie:

  Fri. 7/30/10 9:02am El Thatchmo:

Next Year In Jerusalem!
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:03am annie:

i was thinking this morning about the marathon. you gonna drag some homies down for that? ..if i can make it, i'd love to ride shotgun with you..
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:03am texas scott:

Y O W S A H !
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:03am Drummer Some:

There's a synagogue next door!
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:04am annie:

  Fri. 7/30/10 9:06am El Thatchmo:

Give the Drummer some Stuffed Derma!
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:06am listener james from westwood:

ah, friday. got gtds, got a manuscript to polish ahead of a noon submission deadline ... it'll be a snap.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:10am annie:

great way to start mr. some. LJFW- my word work is on hold for now, he's updating information, so i get to sew today.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:10am Drummer Some:

Hey y'all, don't forget to pipe up about any technical/audio issues you notice. I'm still learning this suckah.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:12am listener james from westwood:

music's sounding clear; on-mike bit was good to these nontechnical ears. others' opinions?
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:12am Bob:

Hey Doug--I was just looking at which important jazz musicians came from Pittsburgh on, and wow. Both Ray Brown and Paul Chambers? Both Art Blakey and Kenny Clarke? Both Errol Garner and Ahmad Jamal? And that's just rhythm section players.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:13am annie:

see, james, i'm the same way, no techie, i
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:15am texas scott:

the new stream never sounded betta,brother Doug.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:16am Drummer Some:

Bob, Billy Strayhorn was born in Ohio but moved to the 'Burgh as an infant. About five minutes from my house is the Kelly Strayhorn theater, which is named for Gene Kelly and Strayhorn
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:18am listener james from westwood:

i may also be biased, being part of the wfmu dipole-only era, when antenna kabuki was necessary on certain days to pull in a signal that was > 50% music vs. static. staticky or webstream-burpy fmu is better than hd nyc-area fm sludge!
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:20am annie:

i have such romantic and fond memories of the old transistor radio days and the hugo phono we had that picked up stations from all around the world. static is nothin'..
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:22am Drummer Some:

Listener James,
I should of called the stream: Non-NYC Area Non-Sludge
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:24am annie:

Aural Heaven

and: robin and linda do a great version of this, too
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:26am annie:

aural satisfaction..
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:28am listener james from westwood:

LOL, Doug! I can always rename it in my iTunes lineup!
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:34am annie:

doug would you happen to have a copy of "aura lee" , old civil war tune..
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:40am LizGig:

Poor David on Inner Ear Detour. Does he have any listeners on line?
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:40am Bill:

Bob Sheppard was the Yankee announcer - "Voice of God."
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:40am Aaron:

Morning Steel City Doug!
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:42am listener james from westwood:

I alternate; listen to GTDS one week, grab the archive of IED, then vicey versey the next. David's show is a treat.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:43am pat in park slope:

hey doug, sounds fantastic. It's like you're still right next door. which you are, still.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:45am annie:

liz, i bet he has his own loyal fan-base, and yes, i use the archive for IED, too. his show is very different and worth the time.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:46am LizGig:

I'll visit the archive for it so. Just had a look at his comments again: Bad Ronald is over there wondering where everyone is.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:47am Drummer Some:

Thanks BIll,
Can't believe I forgot Sheppard's name.

There are surely 10,000 times more people listening to Inner Ear Detour right now. It will take a while to build up the listenership of this here new stream.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:50am LizGig:

Oh, yes, on the radio. But the radio doesn't reach across the Atlantic. So my little world only cares about the online stream.
  Fri. 7/30/10 9:55am LizGig:

And thinking about all these streams, I am once again astonished by what this listener-supported station accomplishes, which is far more than any for-profit station I know of.
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:08am still b/p:

Just opened the stream a little late this morning and, now, oh, I am bein' RESTORED here this mornin'...
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:13am sinner:

Sitting here in the Archive of Alabama Folk Culture listening to Clifford Gibson, who recorded some sides with Alabamian Ed Bell, and then hearing Ed Bell's own Mean Conducter Blues....nice.
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:15am Jill:

Sinner - do you work there or are you doing research?
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:16am Drummer Some:

Hope you're thinking long and hard about how to channel your brilliance into this here venture...
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:20am sinner:

This is my day gig.
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:25am Jill:

I applied for an archivist position in 2007 - I love the "In the Sprit" book.
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:30am sinner:

Jill--Really? Good for you. Have you seen that the Alabama Folklife Association is looking for a new Director? You can go to their website for details.
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:37am Jill:

I am woefully underqualified for that position, but give me some old documents and recordings to manage, and I am there. Doug - do you know the name of the early Hugh Masakela band that he was in with Dollar Brand?
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:38am Paul Sherratt:

Wow the traffic today ... still better late than whatever. I'm fully expecting an iphone app to be developed for this drummer stream in the next week or so ! Not that have such a device you understand
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:44am Hugo:

South East Asian rock? Carabao, surely!
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:46am Paul Sherratt:

I Thai Thanh k you Doug. This is glorious !
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:48am Drummer Some:

Brother Paul,
I believe the iPhone is done! Would someone with an iPhone or Droid check this out and confirm? Hey! The mighty Doron Gura, WFMU's tech maestro just blogged about the new version on the WFMU blog:
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:54am Parq:

Hi gang. Made it for the last reel.
  Fri. 7/30/10 10:55am Paul Sherratt:

" Last reel " - that's lovely!
' Radio Paradiso '
  Fri. 7/30/10 11:18am annie:

parq!! welcome!
  Fri. 7/30/10 11:27am Hugo:

That Coxhill album is a thing of great beauty. A very unorthodox version of "I am the walrus" on it.
  Fri. 7/30/10 11:28am Drummer Some:

See For Miles have reissued that one on CD. Mighty wonderful stuff.
  Fri. 7/30/10 11:33am Hugo:

You can't go wrong with Lol.
  Fri. 7/30/10 11:53am annie:

great to hear the show today doug, just like old times.
  Fri. 7/30/10 11:59am listener james from westwood:

aaaand i'm typing up the invoice for the aforementioned article. thanks for the lovely show. i'd never 'a known it wasn't coming from 43 monty.
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