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Genre-surfing tokenism. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 4, 2010: I don't strive for achievement or risk failure. I focus on solid, sustained mediocrity.

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Sidney Harman just bought Newsweek for $1.00.
That's $4.95 off the cover price!

Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Magnetic Fields  The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure   Options 69 Loves Songs  0:03:15 ()
The Owls  Isaac Bashevis Singer   Options Daughters and Suns  0:06:36 ()
Amy Annelle  Forever In-Between   Options The Cimarron Banks  0:09:55 ()
Julian Lynch  Just Enough   Options Mare  0:15:41 ()
The Benny Goodman Sextet  Rachel's Dream   Options The Essential Benny Goodman  0:22:52 ()
Los Lobos  Do the Murray   Options Tin Can Trust  0:25:29 ()
The Hives  Hate To Say I Told You So   Options Veni Vidi Vicious  0:29:10 ()
Paulette Ray  Real Estate in Florida   Options Animals  0:32:34 ()
Chris Palestis a.k.a. Wizz-O  Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go?   Options Live & Insane (May 1, 1982)  0:35:52 ()
Brian Dewan  Loathsome Idols   Options The Operating Theater  0:44:14 ()
Tame Impala  I Don't Really Mind   Options InnerSpeaker  0:56:49 ()
Duo Fasano  Due Gattini   Options 78 rpm from Italy  1:00:31 ()
Amanda  Mombonda Tribe Party   Options Primitive Swagger  1:04:26 ()
Martin Denny  Caravan   Options Exotica Vol. III  1:10:06 ()
Eltro  Say It   Options Velodrome  1:12:43 ()
The Goldbriars  I've Got to Love Somebody   Options self-titled  1:16:22 ()
Cheap Trick  Taxman, Mr. Thief   Options self-titled  1:24:51 ()
One Two All Out But You  The Wave of the Future Is Being a Bartender   Options TTWTY  1:29:02 ()
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  Madhouse   Options Ow! Ow! Ow!  1:31:46 ()
Dinosaur Jr.  Freak Scene   Options Bug  1:35:05 ()
Slowride  You Can't Tell Me How It Is   Options C/S  1:38:45 ()
Ajo y Su Organo Oriental  Black is Black   Options Easy Melodias  1:41:06 ()
Brian Dewan  The Civil War   Options Words of Wisdom  1:44:39 ()
Marc Ribot  Happiness is a Warm Gun   Options Saints  1:51:40 ()
Tim Hardin  Don't Make Promises   Options The Millennium Collection: The Best of Tim Hardin  1:55:58 ()
O+S  Toreador   Options self-titled  1:58:40 ()
The Staple Singers  Samson and Delilah   Options Freedom Highway  2:01:56 ()
Fleetwood Mac  I Know I'm Not Wrong   Options Tusk  2:04:21 ()
Viva Voce  Good as Gold   Options Rose City  2:07:17 ()
Beth Orton  Galaxy of Emptiness   Options Trailer Park  2:10:24 ()
Pau y Amigos featuring Bufi  Fiesta Permanente   Options El Bar de Peter Pan  2:25:05 ()
Cracked Latin  We Are Cracked Latin!   Options The World Is Cracked Latin  2:29:10 ()
Stark Reality  Thirty Days Hath September   Options Now  2:31:26 ()
Broken Bells  Trap Doors   Options self-titled  2:38:05 ()
Teardrop Explodes  Tiny Children   Options Wilder  2:41:02 ()
Blind Alfred Reed  Woman's Been After Man Ever Since   Options Blind Alfred Reed: The Complete Recorded Works  2:50:01 ()
Le Cirque  Land of Oz   Options Look Inside the Asylum Choir  2:52:54 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 8/4/10 3:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that must be one conflicted and self-loathing kitty!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:03pm Woohoo!:

Last comment, if you read in reverse-chrono order!!!!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:07pm listener james from westwood:

Ach du lieber—eine Kitler!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:07pm Stephin Merritt:

Kill the creator of pomo!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:12pm nestor:

nice, BRM! sounds a little like Jane Siberry...
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:12pm hon:

i hope cats don't hate my race.. so happy to have ya on, irwin.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:25pm Humans:

We are nasty pierces of work, truth be told.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:31pm sweetypatitie:

Ich bin ein Berliner kitty!!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:32pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

has it been 10 years already since the garage rock revolution? wow.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:35pm Mike East:

was it a revolution?
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:35pm Hate to Say...:

But Harman overpaid.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nah, that's hyperbole. it was a small squawk and uptick in garage rock's stock. Buy it when it's HOT.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:39pm Midnight Oil:

Send the alligators to live in harmony with the aborigines.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Did anyone attend Wizz-Os Live & Insane "show" on May 1 1982, and if so, is there a ticket stub to prove it?
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

speaking of oil, I hear the gulf's all cleaned up now...you can put some alligators there.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:40pm nestor:

his lyrics are better. cue guitar solo?
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:41pm Irwin:

right on cue!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:41pm Producer:

Howzabout an Amanda duet on Tainted Love?
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:44pm kippy:

The cover you're playing of Tainted Love sucks!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:45pm hey kippy:

that means you're getting it
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: As Rolling Stone put it in their review of the 2000s, the garage rock bands (or, the return of bands with "The" in their name) made a splash because they cleared away lingering vibes of Fred Durst and other such "rockers" that dominated the late 90s music sewer.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:45pm nestor:

  Wed. 8/4/10 3:46pm THIS SUCKS:

  Wed. 8/4/10 3:48pm Ian Anderson:

Hey Brian, I'm working this side of the street.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:49pm Amy W.:

What kinda suckery is this...?
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:50pm suckery:

the genius sort
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:52pm Sunshine of Your Love:

Give us our freeaking riff back already!!!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:52pm Lisa:

  Wed. 8/4/10 3:52pm suckleberryhound:

jaw cramps!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Good one, "Ian"!
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:55pm Lisa:

Johnny Cash just said, "We live down in the city. Can we go to the schpiegal tent?"
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:57pm em:

irwin is so going to hell.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:57pm Tourniquet:

The stories I could tell.
  Wed. 8/4/10 3:57pm nestor:

they brought the "Larry David" sandwich
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:01pm kippy:

Tame Impala....now this is groovy.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah I been digging this band myself
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:01pm Comments:

I'm actually about content, not authorship.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Tame Impala is really cool!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:03pm krispalimpsest:

blissing out on the synths...no, I don't really mind, kinda liking it. damn, it's faidng out, I want more.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa, where is Amanda going to take this?!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:08pm nestor:

oh sweet ear-candy. that screech. pure gold.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:09pm em:

sounds like amanda's "experimental" album
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:09pm Amy W.:

What kinda tykery is this...?
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:09pm Matt from Springfield:

  Wed. 8/4/10 4:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nah, this is her worldbeat approach
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:10pm Laura L:

Not produced by Brian Eno
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Perhaps this is the audio component of Amanda's correspondence international affairs course.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

or even David Byrne!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:12pm Matt from Springfield:

She's not through! They're cutting on the music again, NOW!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:12pm Duke:

One more once...
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:13pm Matt from Springfield:

I think the producer was Mickie Most, in his Need-to-Pay-the-Rent era.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:20pm Matt from Springfield:

You want help? Go to the shrink....
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:22pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

You want water? Go to the sink.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:25pm Laura L:

It involved other people gathered together--in an office with a desk! Weird!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

was there a sharing of ideas? Yikes!!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:26pm Mike East:

You want lizards? Go to the skink
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:26pm Laura L:

Yes! There were ideas exchanged, nervous sideways glances--I consulted a calendar. That is the thing that keeps track of what day we are on now and what days are to come.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, we've all had traumatic experiences like that...hopefully you are not scarred "going forward".
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:28pm Irwin:

No fret, LL - I repaired your typo
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:28pm aaron in chicago:

a record of future days? witchcraft!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Irwin the omniscient editor. That must be why my comments list went to the top just a minute ago.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:30pm Laura L:

Thanks for the fix--you see, I could barely even spell it anymore. Calendar. It even shows the days for "next year." Spooky! On a going-forward basis, I think we made good headway and at the end of the day we're all on the same page.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:31pm teatime:

is it just me, or does robin zander sound like Amanda?
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

as long as no one was being proactive, I think you'll be ok.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:31pm aaron in chicago:

i'm brainstorming a viral social media strategy as we speak
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:32pm Shoot the Moon:

YAY! One Two All Out But You! This is what I tuned in to hear! Of course, I will be tuning in a lot more often now that I've heard this show :)
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:32pm Lisa:

  Wed. 8/4/10 4:33pm Shoot the Moon:

Hi Lisa! It's Kris's wife (!) Karen :)
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:34pm Shoot the Moon:

Thanks for playing that, Irwin!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:34pm Lisa:

Hey Mrs. Randazzo! How's it goin? I want lapel pictures! xoxoxo
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@Laura L/DCE: The other thing that impedes uninterrupted WFMU listening is "confering". Someone wants to show you something, or ask you a question. And you have to get up, and possibly miss whole songs!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I've had that happen, and it's such an infringement.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:51pm Laura L:

I hate when that happens too--it often occurs when the thing with the curly cord that I keep on my desk rings. I pick up the instrument and someone who clearly has no idea it's WEDNESDAY wants to confer about a matter.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:51pm Hmm:

Sounds like Dewan met his Wate Loo
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:52pm Denise in DC:

For a few minutes there during the war song, I thought I was listening to KGNU, the Pacifica station in Boulder.
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:52pm Danne D:

Yay DJ Keili!!!
  Wed. 8/4/10 4:59pm Lisa:

Yay Danne D!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:03pm em:

the worst part is when people in other cubicles confer on their own plastic devices with curly cords, and even though i am not involved in the conferring, it interferes with my wednesday wfmu appointments.
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:05pm Matt from Springfield:

"Happiness Is A Warm Gun" -- I was wondering where that twangy riff came from for a moment there. Tim Hardin, O+S, Staple Singers, a very fine set you got here Irwin!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:09pm Matt from Springfield:

If everyone listened in on Wednesdays, we wouldn't have a problem with confering. So how do we do that? Blast speakers around the office! Pretty soon everyone will run out and there won't be anyone around to interrupt you! Amanda keeps serious discussions away!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:11pm Amanda Fanclub:

Amanda is as serious as a heart attack. You betcha.
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:17pm Laura L:

Great Beth Orton piece--try her Chemical Bros. vocal appearance sometime, a song called "Where Do I Begin"; it's a gooder.
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:18pm eh?:

amanda is serious as a gas attack. (you can't hear, but i;m at home making fart noises right now.)
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:18pm Peteski:

What did I miss?
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:20pm Ms. Miss:

You missed whatever you weren't hear for.
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Only missed a fabulous Beth Orton track that takes you to the ends of the galaxy!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:28pm Floor:

We look so pretty all vacuumed!!!! Thankeys!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:28pm KC in MKE:

I'd ask for more Amanda but I don't want to offend Tommy
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:29pm hon:

fucking jam !
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:31pm Emo Kid:

Leave Tommy alone!!!!!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:33pm Danne D:

Yay! Cracked Latin!
Been listening to this as it came in my swag goodie pack as I won it as a prize for this show :D

Thanks again Irwin :D
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:35pm nestor:

your show today is MUCH cooler than the struggling A.C. in my apt.
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Irwin, are you trying to EDUCATE us during your block? I see through your nefarious plan...
@nestor: For sure! Today's show has been especially cool.
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:38pm Irwin:

Nestor, little hottie, your apt wouldn't be so climate-challenged if you would get OUT of it. You're boosting the temp by ten degrees with your very presence.
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:41pm texas scott:

dang,nestor...show us your underalls!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:45pm hon:

anyone mind if i cry...? think i'm gunna cry..
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:46pm Kleenex:

There, there, hon. Blow!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:47pm hon:

*snif* ..too late.. *sob* .. *teardrop explodes*
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:47pm nestor:

  Wed. 8/4/10 5:48pm hon:

thanks kleenex... you always NOSE just what to say to calm me down
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:48pm Kleenex:

That blew.
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:49pm Danne D:

Thanks for a great show Irwin :)
Have a great night folks!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:49pm hon:

luckily didnt just spit out my drink, kleenex..
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:50pm Nicolas Sarkozy:

Sacre Bleu!
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:51pm 7SD listener:

Same high quality as ever, eh?
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:55pm Avant Thinking Award:

...goes to Blind Alf Reed.
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:58pm carla bruni:

maybe i should buy a basketball tonight on my way home from work?
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:59pm KC in MKE:

You are still the best Irwin. Our hero
  Wed. 8/4/10 5:59pm listener john:

Before the show is over, I want to assure you all that my cats are NOT racists, and that it is false to say that all cats -- or even a few cats -- are racists.
  Wed. 8/4/10 6:00pm Hilter Cat Corps:

So you say, john.
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