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August 13, 2010 Options
The one who guides you through the light and
feeds you Pittsburgh Candy
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Lonzo & Oscar w/with their Winston County Pea Pickers 

There's a Hole in the
Bottom of the Sea
(Listen: )
bw/ Girls Don't Nag Your Husbands
(RCA/Victor 1947)
Eddie Miller & His Oklahomans  Motel Time   Options Release Me
(BACM 1949)
Ray Mayo  Who Winds Your Clock   Options b/w Mended Heart
(S-Kay (Starday Custom) 1955)

(Joe Rumore w/Happy Wilson &
His Golden River Boys
I Butted In   Options b/w This Heart of Mine
(Vulcan 1948)
Tommy Castle  I've Done More Accidentally   Options b/w Wanderlust
(Starday 1956)
Salty Holmes  The Ghost Song   Options

b/w The Mama
Doll Song

(Decca 1954)
Ramblin' Ed Bailey  8 Weeks in a Barroom   Options God Less America
(Crypt )

Talkover Music:
Bobby Montez 
Kon-Tiki   Options Jungle Fantastique!
(Cu-Bop 1958)

Beny Moré y Su Orquesta 

(Listen: )
Pare...Que Llegó el Bárbaro
(Discuba 1960)
Cheché Abreu y Sus Colosos  En la Casa e' Pablo   Options Asi Es Mi Tierra
(Zuni Internacional 1979)
Miguel Santana y Su Conjunto  Contestacion al Pichonsito   Options Con Tavito Peguero & Mingo Reynoso
(Ansonia )
Los Zafiros  Mírame Fijo   Options Las Voces del Siglo
(Chanson 1966)
Victor Irizarry  El Son del Pilon   Options Victor Irizarry y Su Orquesta
(Tico 1976)
Luis Quintero  Mano Guayabo   Options b/w Borrachon Pelero
(Ansonia )
(Leonardo Paniagua)
Mi Secreto   Options Bachata Roja:
Acoustic Bachata From the Cabaret Era
(Iaso 1970s)

Talkover Music:
Freddie Hubbard 
The 7th Day   Options The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard
(Impulse! 1963)

The Octaves 

The Battle
(Listen: )
b/w Jackie Mittoo: Sure Shot
(Coxsone 1968)
Keith Hudson w/ B. Ragga  Blackbelt Jones   Options Entering the Dragon
(Magnet 1974)
Native & Little Madness  Mother Country   Options

Life Goes in Circles:
Sounds from the Talent
Corporation 1974-1979

(Pressure Sounds 1977)
Freddie McKay  100 Pounds of Clay   Options A Lonely Man
(Dynamic Sounds 1975)
Sylvia Hall  Don't Touch That Thing   Options Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay
(Numero )
Barry Brown & Sound Dimension  Give Love   Options b/w Alton Ellis/Zoot Simms: Misty
(Music Lab 1982)
The Jay Tees  Learn to Live Right   Options b/w Learn to Live Right (pt. 2)
(Coxsone 1976)

Talkover Music:
Sound Dimension 
Mojo Rock Steady   Options Downbeat the Ruler:
Killer Instrumentals From Studio One
(Rounder mid-1960s)

Lonesome Sisters 

Rain and Snow
(Listen: )
Lonesome Sisters with Riley Bagus
(Tin Halo 2004)

Big Blood
Slumber Me   Options Strange Maine 11/04/06
(Big Blood 2006)
Henry Flynt & The Insurrections  Missionary Stew   Options I Don't Wanna
(Locust 1966)
Peter Grudzien  Kentucky Candy   Options

The Unicorn

(Parallel World 1974)
Johnny Dowd  Heavenly Feast   Options Wrong Side of Memphis
(Checkered Past 1998)

Talkover Music:
Oliver Sain 
Night Time   Options St. Louis Breakdown:
The Best of Oliver Sain
(Avi )

Wright Brothers Gospel Singers 

After a While
(Listen: )
Mighty Day: 25 Gospel Greats
(Document 1941)
Evening Light Singers  Walking Around Me   Options Get Right With God: Hot Gospel
(Heritage )
Jordan Singers  I've Been Searching   Options I Want to Be Free
(Checker 1970)

Andrew Wartts
and the
Gospel Storytellers
Rich Man, Poor Man   Options There Is a God Somewhere
(Now Again early 1980s)
Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens  Am I Asking too Much?   Options What Have You Done, My Brother?
(Daptone )
Prophet & His Deciples [sic] 

You Fool, You Fool
b/w The Pusher
(Pressco )

Talkover Music:
Roy Brooks 
The Free Slave   Options The Free Slave
(Muse 1970)

Sali Sidibe 

(Listen: )
(CMcalls c. 1987)
Max Massengo  Françoise   Options Massengo et le Negro Band
(Pathé/Marconi 1976)
Sunny Blacks Band  Mi Fon To O   Options b/w Dinvile
(Badejo's Sound Studios late 1960s)
Migan Célestin & l'Orch. Super Men  Fausse Accusation   Options

b/w Au Cinéma
(EB )
El Rego et Ses Commandos  Zon Dede   Options b/w Pettte Posette
(L.A. Aux Ecoutes )

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/13/10 9:02am north guinea hills:

Anyone else have volume issues w/ the stream?
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:03am Drummer Some:

Too loud or too soft?
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:04am north guinea hills:

no volume whatsoever. I tried a few other streams for comparison, and they work fine.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:05am Bob:

Yeah, I'm not hearing anything either.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:05am Bill:

I have the problem - no volume at all.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:05am Drummer Some:

OK, trying to figure it out
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:06am Jon:

Nothing on this end. Stream was fine before the live show started
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:07am ?:

good morning doug!! we'll energize the volume to pop on!! move that plug and then move that other plug??
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:07am annie:

  Fri. 8/13/10 9:07am Bob:

It just kicked in... and very funky.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:09am Drummer Some:

Anyone hearing anything yet?
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:09am Bill:

Yes. Got it now. Superfunk.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:10am annie:

yup. it's live!! not memorex
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:10am Drummer Some:

Anyone hearing anything yet?Not sure whappen?!?
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:11am Bob:

Hearing some Bollywood now
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:11am annie:

wait..... i think this is the stream, not the live bit
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:11am north guinea hills:

ok, there it is! (my freaking ears! [left the volume on way too loud])
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:12am annie:

what are you playing? i hear malkit singh
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:12am Hugo:

Unmistakable sound of bollywoodfunk or sumthin' coming through now.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:12am Bill:

I've got Bollywood too. Is that what we should be hearing?
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:13am Drummer Some:

Nope, the stream was lost. Trying to get it back.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:13am Bill:

This is pretty good in the mean time.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:14am Bob:

I wondered, because the tune before this to the Bollywood tune was a cross fade, which we usually don't hear in your live shows.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:15am annie:

joe bushkin now....
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:15am Drummer Some:

Having trouble getting the live to kick in. Hang with me...
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:19am Drummer Some:

Weird. Think it's fixed. Listen for the opening theme...
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:20am Drummer Some:

Tell me if you hear the theme. I hope to Huckabee you do.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:21am annie:

  Fri. 8/13/10 9:21am Bill:

Yay. There's the theme.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:21am Hugo:

Intro tune coming thru now.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:21am Drummer Some:

  Fri. 8/13/10 9:22am annie:

which reminds me of a question i've had about the drummer stream: is it on random play? i seem to hear the same tunes each time i turn it on.. no matter the time of day.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:22am trs:

My timing is off. No, my timing is spot on. Hrmm.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:24am Mittwn John:

Oh the drama!
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:28am annie:

wonderful, the playlist is up.. you got goin' drummer!!
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:32am Drummer Some:

To answer your earlier question: We are still tinkering with the server to get it to "see" all of the MP3s loaded into it. There are more than 10,000 -- and I just delivered another 3 or 4 thou -- but it isn't recognizing them all. Thus you are hearing repeats. This is a problem we're working on.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:34am annie:

i thought so... i am a patient soul... it will all get ironed out..
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:34am Jack:

Sorry I'm late....
Hey Doug! Sounds good here.
Love the hillbilly music (my Daddy was a Melungeon.)
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:37am Drummer Some:

Like the old ditty: "It was dark as a melungeon... "
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:40am still b/p:

Hi, Doug - Switched over from WFMU live stream and you seem hot...even up to some distortion unless these older tracks partially account for that quality.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:41am Drummer Some:

Thanks b/p.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:45am Jack:

Hearing you loud and clear (but not too loud)
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:46am hamburger:

does Drummer Some and Inner Ear Detour air on the same station? how does that work - radio-wave-wise?
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:46am Drummer Some:

Could you hear me speaking on mic? I just installed this new mic and it is VEERY different.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:47am Drummer Some:

Inner Ear Detour is on WFMU's main broadcast stream. Give the Drummer Some is live on an alternate stream from WFMU called Give the Drummer Radio.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:47am Jon:

You are coming in fine for me. Lovin the hillbilly music.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:48am Al:

Hey Doug, it's great to hear you live on the stream again - sounds great, but plenty hot!
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:51am Drummer Some:

Hey Al!
Still trying to rejigger the levels. Things are screwy today...
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:51am hamburger:

is the alternate stream internet only? seems only your show appears at the same time as other shows, what happens to the alternate stream when your show ends? sorry, just confused about this!
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:54am Drummer Some:

My show ran for 23 years on WFMU proper. I had to move to Pittsburgh last month, which kept me from continuing on WFMU's main broadcast. A new alternate stream was started on which I broadcast LIVE at the same time as my old show, Fridays 9-noon (ET). When I am not live, the stream is a continuous 24/7 jukebox of MP3s I have curated for it.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:57am Jack:

Wow! I didn't know that about the 24 hour stream. That's great; I got to check it out. You mean I can listen to the Drummer Some all de time? Awesome.
  Fri. 8/13/10 9:57am hamburger:

Ohhh thanks for clearing that up! :)
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:02am Drummer Some:

The stream IS like a 24-hour Give the Drummer Some. The only time that I am actually coming on and talking about the music is Fridays, 9-12. The rest of the time it's like a jukebox on steroids.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:03am still b/p:

Now if I only had the tech-equip-o-linkage to have it all while I'm driving...ahhh.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:04am Drummer Some:

Hands free, still b/p, hands free.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:38am Alex:

I am listening too. There is something about listentening to the show live, that is just better than listening to it in other forms
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:40am Bill:

35. I would have expected a loyal band of thousands of listeners given how great the show is.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:41am Alex (different one):

I was nervous that the format (streaming only) would feel different, but it doesn't really, and in some ways it's better (the stream never breaks up on me like it used to).
But I'm really only commenting because Doug asked for comments.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:42am Alex (in Illinois):

Since I am in Illinois, the streaming format is all I have ever been able to use.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:42am Drummer Some:

Thanks Alex, Bill and Different Alex! It is going to take a while to rebuild the audience for this show and all the other programming I hope to be including on it.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:43am Hugo:

Here's a link to a whole heap of Studio Oners
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:44am Drummer Some:

You're a good man, Brother Hugo!
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:45am monica:

mornin' doug! pleased as punch that you're back. today's show sounds delectable as always.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:46am Tex:

Also saying just popping in to say hello. Doug, I'm digging the Starday Customs comp from the last edition of MTAM.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:47am Paul Sherratt:

We have the rain here ... and a dog barking too. Lovely version of Rain and Snow that but Obray Ramsey's ( original? ) version is also recommended to all listeners !
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:48am Drummer Some:

Hey hey Monica!

Glad you dig those, Tex. There's a whole blog devoted to those Stary Customs. but it shares no downloads (:

You heard that dog, too, eh Paul?!
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:48am Frank Meals Wheels:

I hear ya Loud 'N Clear!
Slumber Me is so spooooooky.
That Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea is so topical. Talk about total corporate control of the media and government!
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:49am Hugo:

Was that on the White Lightning lp, Paul? I have that one.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:49am north guinea hills:

I thought this might be Big Blood.
  Fri. 8/13/10 10:53am Drummer Some:

Hey Frank Meals Wheels,
BP implanted nodes in my molars that MADE me play that song.
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:01am Paul Sherratt:

I have it on a Shanachie collection ' The Music Never Stopped ' - Roots of The Grateful Dead
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:05am Paul Sherratt:

Johnny Dowd.

That thought transfer worked well ..
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:06am Drummer Some:

Yeah well, you'd like a chainsaw into Johnny Down, Paul.
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:14am Hugo:

Here's the White Lightnin' lp, but "Cold rain and snow" is not on it, though. Still a good one, but "modernised".

Seems to be here:

I'll report back once I've checked it out.
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:21am Hugo:

Yep, track 6. One for next Drummer Some, I reckon ...
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:26am Drummer Some:

Just a warning to put on your protective asbestos cummerbunds for the track coming up after the next one. You'll thank me.
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:40am pat in park slope:

You sound happy as a clam, Doug. Squirrel Hill must be treating you right.
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:41am Drummer Some:

Pat in Park Slope,
I would't go THAT far. Some other bi-valve, maybe, but clam? Not there yet.
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:47am north guinea hills:

Mmmm, I just went quohog & mussel digging in Narragansett Bay last weekend.
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:48am Drummer Some:

Aren't quohogs just shellfish that just want everything to remain the same?
  Fri. 8/13/10 11:58am puaL:

Shellfish care only about themshellves.
  Fri. 8/13/10 12:00pm PMD:

darn western time zone and sleepoing late.. hi and bye!
  Fri. 8/13/10 12:00pm north guinea hills:

Thanks for good show, Doug!
  Fri. 8/13/10 12:02pm trs:

ornery work tasks made bearable headlines
  Fri. 8/13/10 12:03pm still b/p:

Had to leave for a big chunk, but will retrieve. Great music.

(re: shell-dwellers -- In southern waters you can find real conchservatives.)
  Fri. 8/13/10 12:44pm Al:

Thanks Doug - Great show!
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