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August 27, 2010 Options
Still missing Eddie Jefferson
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Hafiz Burhan 

Çargah Gazel Tempolu
(Listen: )
Great Voices of Constantinople 1927-1933
(Rounder 1933)
Eleni Labiri & Vasilis Tsitsanis  Zitisate Gynaika   Options Rebetika, Volume 1: Original 78 Recordings
(?? )
Marika Papagika  Sta Salona   Options The Greek Song in USA:
Recordings 1918-1929
(Hellenic )
Kostas Dousas  Iy Trata   Options Café Rembetika: Birth of the Greek Blues
(Nascente )
Yorghous Ikonomidhis  Jealousy   Options Greek Swing 1946-1950
(Hellenic )
Xristina  Ta Heria   Options

O Magos

(Pan-Vox 1973)
Nikos Xilouris  Rave Ksilone   Options Sillogi
(EMI 1974)

Talkover Music:
Bora Rokovic 
J.B.W.   Options Ultra Native
(MPS 1972)

All but the second track in this set came from
Pure Heart Travelers 

Satan Is Riding
(Listen: )
Call the Angels
(Versa )

Drowning in the Sea of Sin   Options Cross Jordan
(Savoy 1977)
Famous Ward Singers  Contract With the Lord   Options b/w Handwriting on the Wall
(Savoy 1961)
James Cleveland w/the Gospel Chimes  Sit Down Servant   Options b/w There Is No Failure in God
(Savoy 1962)
Harmonizing Four  Go Tell the Angels   Options Old Time Religion
(Vee-Jay 1966)
(actually, this IS the Dixieaires) 
The Lord's Alphabet   Options Swing Hot Sweet Chariot
(Time )
Willie Cotton  Use What I Have   Options b/w Last Mile
(Proverb ca. 1967)

Talkover Music:
Marc Ribot 
Los Teenagers Bailan Changui   Options Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
(Warner Bros. 1998)

Chiquinha Gonzaga 

(Listen: )
A Maestrina
(Revivendo 1904)
Pixinguinha e Sua Banda  O Casamento da Filha do Thomax   Options Pixinguinha e Sua Banda
(RCA/Victor 1957)
Orlando Silva  Quero Dizer-Te Adeus   Options Enquantro Houver Saudade
(RCA/Victor 1966)
Trio Irakitan  Neurastênico   Options

Nossa Casa de
Cha Cha Cha

(Odeon 1961)
Osmar Milito  Rita Jeep   Options Tudo Ben: Jorge Ben Covered
(Mr. Bongo 1971)
Luiz Melodia  Pra Aquietar   Options Pérola Negra
(Philips 1973)
Gerson King e a Turma do Soul  Mal-me-quer / Jardineira   Options Brazilian Soul
(Polydor 1970)

Talkover Music:
Clifford Coulter 
Big Fat Funky Shirley   Options East Side San Jose
(Impulse! 1970)

Sevil Öztatli 

Seks Seks Seks!
(Listen: )

(Coskun )

Lament of the Astro Cowboy   Options Saturn Rings
(ABC 1969)
Banda 4  Walking on the Beach   Options Psychedelic Portugal:
Hard Psych & Progressive Sounds From Portugal Underground Scene 1968-1974
(Lysergic Emanations )
Gruppo D'Alternativa  Messaggio Libero   Options Ipotesi
(Harvest 1972)
Polanie  A Ty Pocalujesz Mnie   Options

Wrenchin' the Wires: Wild
'60s Bloc-Busters from Poland

(Zuma 1967)

Talkover Music:
Sonny Simmons 
Cosmic Funk   Options Jewels
(Boxholder 1991)

Whistler & His Jug Band 

Low Down Blues
(Listen: )
Clifford Hayes & the Louisville Jug Bands,
Volume 2
(RST 1927)
A.V.R.O. Dansorkest w/Hans Mossel  Boris on the Bass   Options A.V.R.O. Dansorkest w/Hans Mossel
(?? ca. 1936)
Georgia White  Alley Boogie   Options Sings& Plays the Blues
(Rosetta 1937)
Coleman Hawkins  Body and Soul   Options The Indespensable Coleman Hawkins
(Jazz Tribune 1939)
Eddie Jefferson
(Watch this 50-minute tape of Jefferson performing two days before he was murdered.) 
Body and Soul   Options The Jazz Singer
(Evidence 1959)
Ted Brown Sextet  Foolin' Myself   Options Free Wheeling
(Vanguard 1956)
Sadao Watanabe & Charlie Mariano  Palisades   Options Iberian Waltz
(Takt 1967)

Talkover Music:
Thelonious Monk 
Body and Soul   Options Monk Alone: The Complete Columbia
Solo Recordings 1962-1968

(Columbia/Legacy 1962)

Gwen McRae 

It's Worth the Hurt
(Listen: )
Rockin' Chair
(RCA 1975)
Ernie Johnson  I Can't Stop the Pain   Options Eddie & Ernie: Lost Friends
(Kent 1967)
Reuben Bell  Another Day Lost   Options Shreveport Southern Soul:
The Murco Story
(Kent 1968)
Geraint Watkins  Bring the Me the Head of My
So Called Lover   Options

Dial "W" For Watkins

(Yep Roc 2004)
Freddy Cole  Brother Where Are You   Options The Cole Nobody Knows
(Sonorama 1977)
Darondo  Didn't I   Options Let My People Go
(Luv N' Haight 2006)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/27/10 9:02am Drummer Some:

Fasten your seat belts, ladies and germs...
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:06am texas scott:

nobody can hold back the drummer when he wanna go!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:10am olgu:

good morning doug!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:11am Bill:

Great interview in the Examiner, even if they did cut off your head!

BTW, I don't think the link on the front page is right. It goes to last week's playlist.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:13am Drummer Some:

Hopa! to you Olgu! and to you, Texas Scott, and Bill and you and you and you.

I will alert the FMU folk to update that link. Thanks for the alert Bill. They changed the photo at Examiner, but it is still cutting off (part of) my head!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:15am annie:

good morning!!! good thing you have savvy listeners, doug to know the back door to the playlist!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:19am Drummer Some:

Right you are Annie!

Hey everyone, please don't be bashful about letting me know about any technical or audio problems. You will often know about certain problems before I do! (Plus, I just like to hear from you.)
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:21am annie:

speaking of which, doug, it's good to hear the stream playing more randomly now...
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:23am Drummer Some:

I still have tons more stuff to load on the stream. The more that gets added, the greater the variety and randomness.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:25am texas scott:

random is good.
i will be broadcasting tonite, in?
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:27am annie:

sure nuff scott... is it possible to get a clickable link for winamp?
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:28am Bill:

TS, when/where will you be broadcasting?
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:28am treeve uk:

Bin listening to the stream all morning, wonderful stuff! not a single duff tune in the 5 hours i was plugged in... Thanks Mr drummer.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:28am Paul Sherratt:

I was away last week and haven't had chance to check that show but this week's (Greek ) stream sounds really full and sparkling.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:29am trs:

Hey annie, that's probably on your end. 'File associations'
They wear funny hats, too, like water buffalos.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:31am Paul Sherratt:

Treeve ?
Is that a Cornish name like the one given to our esteemed leader Cameron's new child a few days back ?
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:31am trs:

(buffaloes? tomatos ? plurals??)
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:33am annie:

on the station website, there is no link for the winamp app.. and pulling up the website directly on winamp browser doesn't allow me to bookmark it in the play list, unless i am unaware of the way to do it.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:33am Liz B.:

Fixed the homepage link, sorry about that!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:34am texas scott:

no link to winamp,annie.i checked.
8 till 12 eastern time @
.no mic that works,yet,so no mic breaks.
sorry for the shameless plug,doug.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:34am trs:

you should be able to open a .pls file in winamp
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:36am trs:

oh. I think I'm wayyy in the outfield. Back to it, then.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:37am treeve uk:

You know it Paul, it's not a moniker I particularly enjoy but sadly it's the only one I've got!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:37am annie:

i won't try til tonight... but the player on the radio station website just plays on the site.. no windows open at all.. and the sound is not manageable..i'll see do i create a pls. on winamp aside from just adding as a bookmakr?
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:37am seang:

Good morning folks, cool tunes
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:38am Al:

Sounds great, Doug!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:41am Drummer Some:

We aim to avoid the duffness, Treeve! Hiya Brother Paul and trs, thanks Liz! top o' the morning SeanG, so glad you're with me Al!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:43am Paul Sherratt:

Well Treeve, that name sounds rather fine to me !
Doug, good day to you. And don't forget, Satan Is Real !
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:44am Frank MealsWheels:

I spent a couple weeks in Evia, Greece fixing a 80 year old woman's fishing boat. Fought off the heat with Retsina, which I think is wine laced with turpentine. Danced late into the night with the best food I ever ate and some incredible Greek white lightning called tschipero.
Hearing this music sent me right back.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:49am Drummer Some:

Pass the bottle, Frank!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:53am Hugo:

I'm using Winamp, both for this and the regular FMU stream. The procedure for Winamp is the following:

1. Go to File menu
2. Go to Play URL
3. Enter
4. Click Open
5. Once the stream is running, add it as a bookmark.

The URL is what comes up in View File Info on the File menu.

This should work, I think.
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:53am Frank MealsWheels:

Stini yasus!
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:55am Drummer Some:

Thanks Hugo. Hey, Lincoln has a girl from Norway in her 5th Grade class!
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:02am seang:

Oh Yeah, Postizos!
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:07am annie:

hugo!! thanks for the knowledge... but... i have both drummersomes on winamp already bookmarked.. i'm hoping to bookmark texasscott's broadcast tonight..
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:13am Paul Sherratt:
A little more on Chiquinha Gonzaga here for the inquisitve !
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:14am monica:

hi there, dougelah! am loving this orlando silva track. sweet!
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:15am Drummer Some:

There won't be a quiz, but if anyone would like to read the interview with me now up at (with a new photo that still cuts off my head, like the last one) it is here:
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:15am Hugo:

Annie: Ah, I see, can't help you with that, unless I know the URL for the station.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:17am Drummer Some:

Hi Monica! Hi Monica!
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:17am Jill:

hugo - when i play the show on winamp, it just shuts off after about 5 minutes, then i have to restart it. is it me or do you have the same issues?
Top o' the morning to ya, Doug!!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:18am Paul Sherratt:

"Pick a favorite? That's like asking which lung do I like to breathe with"

Ha! I think I'll steal that one ...
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:18am Hugo:

Doug: These vikings are all over the place, aren't they?

Re. the interview: Noted with appreciation your admiration for a certain record label. Can't argue with that.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:23am Hugo:

Jill: Streaming without interruption here, but the line is quite reliable - we're tagged on to the university, so it oughta be good. Could be "rush hour traffic" on your end ...
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:25am Alex:

I wish I were in Brazil! Sort of. I don't like guns and stuff, but otherwise the music's great.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:25am Drummer Some:

Jill, other listeners have reported the same problem with Winamp. If anyone ever has problems accessing a stream from WFMU, please send email to our Stream Team:
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:26am annie:

hugo: many thanks for the help.. i'll try tonight to figure it out.. i have some small amount of expertise with winamp, which is why i love it so much; very easy to use.. and this newest upgrade is actually not as scary as i thought... winamp is my player of choice, without a doubt
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:33am Alex:

Never had a problem with winamp--i-tunes needs rebuffering all the time
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:37am texas scott:

Sevil sounds seksy!
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:38am PMD:

I use foobar. Never seem to have a problem. Sneeze sneeze sneeze.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:39am Bill:

I thought she was singing "sex! sex! sex!", but I guess it's really 666.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:40am annie:

pmd: is it my turn yet?? i've been keeping the screen on the go game..
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:40am Drummer Some:

Bill, isn't that the same thing?!
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:42am Bill:

I guess we're going to the devil either way, but I prefer to go with "sex! sex! sex!"
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:42am annie:

drummer, you just wanted to say the word three times.. ;)
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:44am Drummer Some:

Actually it was a song about the mosque at Ground Zero: "Sects, Sects, Sects." (Speaking of which, are we a nation of idiots or what?)
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:45am annie:

the answer is: WHAT???
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:45am olgu:

haha! in reality it's seks seks seks.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:46am Carmichael:

Holy Moly, I finally found this page! But I can't listen to pls files. Is there any format or secret software??
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:47am Drummer Some:

Hey Carm!

For stream help, send email here:
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:47am still b/p:

Missed too much of show so far. Where's the work/life referee to blow a whistle on such interference?

Google Sevil Öztatl, then for the link that comes back in the results, select " Translate this page" to read some nice lines of lingual cross-wiring.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:47am texas scott:

@Doug,The sheeple of us are easily led.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:47am annie:

carm try winamp and bookmark the stream.. it hooks up within seconds
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:47am Mitten John:

Auction ends at Noon EDT. Formidable boat! Proceeds to WFMU!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:49am Frank MealsWheels:

Talk about dumned down news (and public), NYC news has been covering Bed Bugs every day for the last 2 weeks on all networks. What's with that? Are they getting similar coverage in other cities?
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:50am Listener Dave from NH:

I find the timely manufactured outrage over the mosque to be extra amusing given that no one's complaining about the OTB or strip club in the area.
I am not sure what this says about us as a nation other than we've got no shortage of really shitty journalists.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:51am Carmichael:

I don't have Winamp. I have whatever work lets me have. I'll investigate ....
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:52am annie:

...and here's the irony: this music is not labeled by title the way it is on all the other playlists..but the drummer stream lists the song titles..
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:55am still b/p:

The bedbug alarm ain't new. Heard the same stories of resurgence a couple of years ago, but, speaking of sheep, the news herd is itchy all over with it again. And I re-encourage finding & viewing Isabella Rossellini's turn as a mating -- yes, mating -- bedbug.
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:56am Bill:

Have they managed to make a connection between the bed bugs and the mosque yet?
  Fri. 8/27/10 10:57am annie:

give em some more days, bill, and they will..
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:03am annie:

doug, having lost BW to the evening one-hour section of FMU, i'm selfishly happy that you have created this way of still hearing the joyful noises of your musical wisdom.
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:05am rey:

Hey Doug,
Read that article on NYT. I can't wait til that treasure trove music is released. I would gladly shell out my bucks for it
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:06am Drummer Some:

Annie, being able to do this makes me happier than you'll ever know. So glad you get to sit shotgun on my joyride.
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:07am Drummer Some:

You and me both, Rey.

And let me just say HELLOOOO to Listener Dave from NH. (Uh, hello.)
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:09am Carmichael:

I have sound!! I didn't realize I had Quicktime. All is well ....
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:09am monica:

Now you're talkin, Boris!
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:10am Jill:

thanks for putting up the Mp3 of Eddie Jefferson's Body and Soul. While Hawkins may have been "king of the saxaphone" - it is a toss up between Jon Hendricks and Jefferson as to who may be "king os vocalese" - fabulous none the less...
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:13am annie:

carm: i "like" your status...
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:16am Drummer Some:

Jill, Hendricks is wonderful, but I am a radical Eddie Jefferson zealot!
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:18am Tex:

Great show today, Drummer Some!
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:18am rey:

Bless my soul, Eddie Jefferson's wonderful!
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:23am Drummer Some:

Eddie Jefferson, born August 3, 1918. In... Pittsburgh!
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:50am monica:

Geez, has there been another Geraint Watkins album since 2004? This is such a great one.
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:52am Drummer Some:

I learned about it from you, Monica. Of course.
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:52am seang:

Oh man, Geraint! he's opening for and playing with Nick Lowe!
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:57am texas scott:

oh man,this Darondo track is on my playlist for tonite.
great minds...
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:57am Bill:

This is a great song.

Another great show!
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:59am seang:

how cool would it be to toss a few back with Geraint and Paolo Conte? Hi Monica , Texas Scott
  Fri. 8/27/10 11:59am monica:

Another great find from ye olde WFMU new bin (circa 2004). This Darondo is super soulful. Another fantastic show, kiddo!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:01pm Listener Dave from NH:

Yeah, this Darondo track is tickling the parts of my brain that needed tickling.
Lovely show.
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