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October 15, 2010 Options
Today, all Chileans sing in A Sharp Minor
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Tomás Ponce Reyes y Danzonera 

(Listen: )

Hey... Familia:
Así Llegó el Danzón

(Documental 1941)
Fernando Fernández
con la Orquesta de Raúl Stallworth 
Sorpresa - Tu Partida   Options Exitos de Siempre
(OA )
Conjunto Rumbavana  Negro de Sociedad   Options Rumbavana
(Egrem )
Monte Adentro  A Comer Chicharrón   Options Monte Adentro
(Caney early 1970s)
Roberto Angleró
(Vocal: Marvin Santiago) 
Abicu   Options Roberto Angleró y Su Combo
(Gema 1970)

(Adalberto Santiago)
Llevame   Options Adalberto
(Fania 1977)
Andrés Landero y Su Conjunto  La Pava Congona   Options

Beginner's Guide
to Cumbia

(Nascente 1980)

Talkover Music:
Bobby Montez 
Kon-Tiki   Options Jungle Fantastique!
(Cu-Bop 1958)

Ishman Bracey 

The Four Day Blues
(Listen: )
Complete Recordings in Chronological Order 1928-1930
(Wolf 1928)
King David  44 Blues   Options Blues From Maxwell Street
(Heritage )
Frank Frost & Jerry McCain  Homogenized Love   Options Southern Harp Attack
(P-Vine 1965)
Muddy Waters  Iodine in My Coffee   Options The Complete Muddy Waters, 1947-1967
(Chess 1952)
Roosevelt Sykes  Living in a Different World   Options

Ain't TImes Hard:
Political and Social
Comment in the Blues

(JSP 1946)
Mighty Joe Young  Hard Times (Follow Me)   Options The Way I Feel:
Chicago Blues of the 1960s
(Flyright 1966)
Buddy Guy  Mary Had a Little Lamb   Options A Man and the Blues
(Vanguard 1968)

Talkover Music:
Earl Hooker 
Can't Hold Out Much Longer   Options The Moon Is Rising
(Arhoolie 1969)

(Pankaj Kumar Mullick)

Barkha Ki Raat
(Listen: )
Songs From New Theatres' Era
(Hindustan )
Monpa Geet  Welcome   Options Voices for Humans, Ancestors and Gods
(Topic )
Mohd. Rafi  Aeji Dil Par Hua Aesa Jadoo   Options Mr. & Mrs. 55 (OST)
(EMI 1955)
Iqbal Jogi & Party  Bhairveen (Raag of the Morning)   Options The Passion of Pakistan
(Tradition )
Kalyanji Anandji  African Dance   Options Aamne Saamne
( 1967)
Badar Ali Khan  Calandar   Options The Mixes
(Baba 1998)
Charanjit Singh  Chhailla Babu   Options Bollywood Funk Experience
(Nascente 1977)

Talkover Music:
Mulatto   Options Dancing Is Beautiful:
Dance Mixes Inspired by Vijaya Anand's "Dance Raja Dance"
(Luaka Bop 1992)

Tak Shindo 

Mombasa Love Song
(Listen: )
(Edison International 1958)
Buddy Collette  Tanganyika   Options


(DIG 1956)
Kenny Graham & His Satellites  Tropical Sun   Options Moondog Suite and Suncat Suites
(MGM 1956)
François Tusques  Ne Vous Noyez Pas /
La Tierce Est-elle Bien Tempérée   Options
Le Piano Préparé
(Le Chant du Monde 1977)

Talkover Music:
DJ Food 
Dub Lion (Remake)   Options Stop and Listen, Volume 1
(BBE 1994)

Nathan Abshire 

Hip et Taiau
(Listen: )
The Great Accordionist
(Ace 1978)
Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy, D.L. Menard  En Bas du Chêne Vert   Options En Bas du Chêne Vert
(Arhoolie 1976)

Waltz of Sorrow   Options A Legend at Last
(Swallow )
Iry LeJeune  Convict Waltz   Options The Definitive Collection
(Ace 1954)
The Segura Brothers  My Sweetheart Run Away   Options Rare & Authentic Cajun Music 1928-1934
(JSP 1928)
Davous Bérard  Les Amours Sont Courts   Options The Classic Louisiana Recordings: Cajun & Creole Music
(Rounder )
Blind Uncle Gaspard  Sur le Borde de L'Eau   Options Early American Cajun Music -
Classic Recordings From the 1920s: Blind Uncle Gaspard, Delma Lachney & John Bertrand
(Yazoo )

Talkover Music:
Embona   Options Resting Place of the Mists:
New Valiha and Marovany Music From Madagascar
(Shanachie 1996)

Patrick & Lloyd 

Return of the Pollock
(Listen: )
Queen of the World
(Trojan 1970)
Al Senior  Bonopart's Retreat   Options b/w Sound Dimension: Poison Ivy
(Coxsone 1970)
Cosmo & Dennis  Lollipop I'm in Love   Options Duke Reid: Nuclear Weapon
(Trjoan )
Bumps Oakley  A Get a Lick   Options

Musical Fever:

(Trojan 1968)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/15/10 8:56am dc pat:

  Fri. 10/15/10 8:57am Tom:

Mornin! Tis Friday whoo hoo hoo
  Fri. 10/15/10 8:57am Drummer Some:

And yet, dc pat, I bet you'd be the last one outta the mine.
  Fri. 10/15/10 8:59am El Thatchmo:

Tee-Bomb Droppin In!
  Fri. 10/15/10 8:59am Parq:

Do I have the wrong stream somehow? I'm not hearing Jujus.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:00am El Thatchmo:

I am hearing the voice of Saten, and he is telling me to ....
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:01am Bob:

There's the Friday morning theme song now...
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:02am texas scott:

greetings and a mine-free world to all.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:02am Drummer Some:

Thanks for the confirmation, Bob!
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:02am marcury:

Hola and good morning from rain drenched Ulster County.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:02am Parq:

Ah, I see I jumped the gun. Turnin' it up.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:03am Mitten John:

  Fri. 10/15/10 9:06am Jack:

Doug, thanks for the email reminder! Today is Friday!
(I'm so confused)
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:06am annie:

impeccable timing on my part..
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:08am dc pat:

thanks for the vote of confidence DrummerSome.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:09am Drummer Some:

Oy Oy to five-finger Mitten John, the exalted Parq, don't drink the Marcury, livin' large in Texas Scott, El Thatchmo Grande, Tom tom club, and dear dear Annie! (and you, you, you, you, and you)
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:10am Drummer Some:

And you're a King (or maybe a queen) Jack!
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:14am annie:

in was so worried i would miss the show's opening tunes.. had to scoot over to a neighboring town to feed some cats...cut jason short.. walked in the house to the tunes of your opening bars!! wonderful..
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:16am Jack:

...and Doug, thanks for the tips and tricks for using Captain Crawl!
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:18am Drummer Some:

You're very welcome. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't share.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:24am Jill:

"A Sharp Minor" - pretty damn funny, Doug
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:25am El Thatchmo:

In The Bronx we used to call this stuff "Humpty Dumpty" music
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:28am Drummer Some:

I need a room full of Jill's to do my act.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:33am listener james from westwood:

checking in under grey north jersey skies and rising fall winds!
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:34am Drummer Some:

Just this killer Cumbia and then a blues set. All that and more, NEXT, on Earwitness News.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:40am Christian:

just tuned in from the UK. Nice tunes Doug, how about lining up some timba - Manolito, Pupy, Maraca etc
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:42am dc pat:

oh, it'll be cold and snowing soon enough, man...
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:51am Drummer Some:

Good to see you again (always) LJ from W

Yippee ti-yi-yay to you Christian.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:54am tdss:

Happy for the blues with a bit of n. african mint in my coffee, today. Blue cheers!
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:56am dc pat:

there ain't nothing that sounds like Muddy. perfect...Wolf is still #1 though.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:57am Drummer Some:

Okay, tdss, you KNOW you gotta share summa dat N. African mint. Pass it around.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:01am tdss:

this blend has a bite of cardamom. Very tasty. A round for all.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:03am tdss:

-- "green tea and peppermint with organic cardamom, ginger, licorice root, fennel clove and black pepper"
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:11am Randy:

Hey Doug! and UK Christian!
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:11am ~L:

Thanks for the heads up on your live stream. It all sounds wonderful! Try Harney and Sons Bankok Tea, it's green tea with coconut, yum!
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:12am lewis:

this time next week - winging my way into LGA
record fair here I come!
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:17am Drummer Some:

Top o' the morning Randy!

You're welcome, ~L

I'm jealous, Lewis.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:19am still b/p:

That's a lotta 'Hey,hello! ' kick in a cuppa tea!

Monpa Geet from where?
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:20am annie:

( it is beyond me why safari continues to foul up and crash.)
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:22am El Thatchmo:

Doug: You are the Warm and Fuzzy Aural Martian! Thank you for saving my planet.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:22am Drummer Some:

Monpa Geet is from NE India. Specifically Shakti Village in Arunachal Pradesh.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:23am still b/p:

  Fri. 10/15/10 10:28am Drummer Some:

You simply will NOT believe the next track.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:34am Paul Sherratt:

Taking an iodine-free coffee break ... No, I do NOT believe this track !
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:36am Drummer Some:

Hello Dr. Sherratt. You're 10:30 patient is waiting in the outer lobby.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:42am still b/p:

Is it impolite or just conspicuously goofy to say Aeji Dil Par Hua Aesa Jadoo sounded like the south Asian cousin of Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City and ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ by the Muppets?
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:48am Hugo:

Fascinating, that piece from Arunachal Pradesh. Rather inaccessible and not well documented, musically.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:52am Drummer Some:

still b/p
If you must be impolite, always be conspicuously goofily so.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:53am Drummer Some:

You would know, then, wouldn't ya!
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:53am listener james from westwood:

My mom once sent me on a quest to find Tak Shindo on CD in the late 80s up in Boston (was at school). She was an exotica/Martin Denny/Les Baxter fan way back in the Mad Men era; she still has a ton of their vinyl. And the name "Tak Shindo" has stuck in my head until I had the pleasure of being reminded of it today.
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:54am Drummer Some:

Hey everybody, dig the cover to this current record:
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:56am marcury:

Somehow that cover reminds me of a Looney Toons cartoon
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:57am lucy:

loving this
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:59am Drummer Some:

This amazing prepared piano piece is 19 minutes long and you (I) wish it would go one forever.
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:01am Paul Sherratt:

If anyone requires additional visual stimulation during this top set, see here :

I for one will not need another coffee.
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:03am Drummer Some:

You wanna see a great cover?! Check out (and download, while you're at it) that Tak Shindo record:
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:04am tdss:

  Fri. 10/15/10 11:15am Drummer Some:

I included that Tak Shindo record in one of my Mining the Audio Motherlode posts on WFMU's blog. (This one: ) If you would like to get a link to these blog posts emailed to you every week (along with links to downloads of other amazing stuff NOT in the blog posts), then send me your email and get on my weekly newsletter mailing list. To email me, click on the the little yellow envelope icon atop this playlist page.
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:28am Paul Sherratt:

I wonder how the wonderful Nathan Abshire would have translated ' La Tierce Est-elle Bien Tempérée ' ?
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:29am Drummer Some:

Hey Brother Paul, tell us a story about D.L. Menard (who's playing guitar on this track).
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:31am Paul Sherratt:

D L Menard, the lovely man, stayed with us over here in the UK some years back ( along with Eddie LeJeune ) I wonder how he's doing ...
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:32am Leigh:

Bonjour Doug, thanks for Nathan Abshire, tres jolie
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:34am Drummer Some:

Paul, tell Eddie that Iry is coming up next.

My pleasure, Leigh!
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:35am Randy:

are rumors of a Nov. Brooklyn visit true?
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:36am Alex in Illinois:

Nathan ABshire died in 1981. I think Eddie LeJeune died a few years ago in a construction accident.
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:38am Drummer Some:

Definitely coming for Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed for earlier in the month.
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:39am isis:

i love you doug schulkind
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:40am Paul Sherratt:

Woops ! Crossed posts, Doug, well DL certainly unnerved my poor neighbours when he wandered down our lane looking at the all their curious houses in his first daylight experience of England. It could have been the big hat, maybe the leather boots. Anyway they were brave enough not to call the police out ... and were able to watch him performing on bbc tv a few days later ...
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:41am Randy:

Well, the earlier potential date happens to coincide with a certain young Jedi warrior's seasonal festivities. He'd love to have a certain Jedi princess in attendance.
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:41am chumby:

I love this cajuny/french/accordion set! Many thanks!
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:44am Alex in Illinois:

I have this one on a compilation. I think it is a story about a sailor who tries to impress a woman by diving in the water to retrieve something she dropped and the sailor ends up dying
  Fri. 10/15/10 11:50am Paul Sherratt:

Eddie died of heart attack while at work. He was first to get up when he staying with us and would have another whole breakfast with each new riser. I guess he was just being polite ... Eddie was more or less the same age as me but looked at least twenty years older. At least. Totally different world Louisiana to this part of the UK.
  Fri. 10/15/10 9:53pm ?:

Hey, Douglas. Listening to your show at about the 2 hour mark (some very quirky sounding percussion) after finishing an appallingly bourg dinner (really, you have no idea. truly. I am so ashamed). Glad to be able to catch up on the part of the show that I missed whence off to work I did go. Do you really read the post-broadcast comments? (Somebody stop me, I'm starting to sound like Cheri. And I don't mean Pi.)
  Fri. 10/15/10 10:43pm Drummer Some:

Hey Question Mark (or is that Question Marc?),
Of course I read post-broadcast comments! What? You think I have a life? Keep them coming.
  Sat. 10/16/10 1:46pm Parq:

Sorry, Doug, that was me. And about a half hour after I posted, you mentioned in a mike break about how you get email notifications of post-air posts. Cool!
  Sat. 10/16/10 1:50pm Drummer Some:

Here's the crazy thing, Parq: I will get an email notification that I've just left this comment! (This is excellent because I almost forgot that I left it. Right now.)
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