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Options March 8, 2011: Fundraising Marathon with Liz Berg as Co-Host!!

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Lime Spiders  25th Hour   Options   0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Patti Smith  Glitter In Their Eyes   Options GIVING AWAY THIS DVD!! 800-9889-9368  0:10:43 (Pop‑up)
Shrinebuilder  Blind For All To See   Options Giving Away this CD !!! Support WFMU!  0:13:53 (Pop‑up)
Mighty Sphincter  Mental Mansion   Options   0:28:39 (Pop‑up)
Coliseum  Lost in Groningen   Options GIVING AWAY THIS CD !!! 800-989-9368  0:41:40 (Pop‑up)
Tinsel Teeth  The Warden   Options GIVING AWAY THIS LP NEXT!!! 800-989-9368  0:53:21 (Pop‑up)
Napalm Death  Twist the Knife Slowly   Options   0:57:09 (Pop‑up)
DOA  DOA   Options WIN THIS Joey Shithead Bobble Head Doll 800-989-9368  1:06:21 (Pop‑up)
DOA  Unknown   Options   1:09:19 (Pop‑up)
Easy Action LIVE at WFMU   She Ain't My Girlfriend   Options   1:10:48 (Pop‑up)
Angry Samoans  Right Side of My Mind   Options   1:24:36 (Pop‑up)
Titan  Sweet Dreams   Options This CD is up NEXT!! Please pledge to wfmu!!  1:24:57 (Pop‑up)
Kylesa  Drop Out   Options Giving THIS CD away next!!  1:45:34 (Pop‑up)
Kowloon Walled City Live on WFMU  Bone Loss   Options GIVING AWAY THE LP VERSION OF GAMBLING ON THE RICHTER SCALE!!! Pledge Now!!  1:50:26 (Pop‑up)
TSOL  Sounds of Laughter   Options   2:05:21 (Pop‑up)
Slayer  Die By The Sword   Options SLAYER BOXED SET- 10 LPs!! Must pledge $180 or more to be in the running- drawing at 3pm!!!  2:17:05 (Pop‑up)
Culted  Spirituosa   Options   2:27:01 (Pop‑up)
Gary Moore  Over the Hills and Far Away   Options Giving away this DVD next!!  2:34:35 (Pop‑up)
Monochrome Set  I Don't Know   Options Giving This LP away next... if you've got it, we NEED it!!  2:46:47 (Pop‑up)
Harvey Milk      2:58:49 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Tue. 3/8/11 12:06pm pierre:

Bonjour Diane !
Bonjour Liz !
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:07pm boop:

is that kris, or jillers?
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:07pm Richard from Venezuela:

Second that pierre. Greetings to Diane and Liz. Rocking On!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:11pm fred:

pledge people pledge!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:15pm Cecile:

People have the Power. Pledge now.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:15pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Prizes up for grabs now (pledge $15 or more to get in the running):
Patti Smith DVD
Shrinebuilder CD
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:17pm fred:

The station's always there when you need it -- just think of the archives -- so for Bob's sake are you going to come through in its hour of need?
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:17pm Cecile:

This is a sexy slowcore zombie stripper kind of groove. I dig.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:18pm zombie:

i am as one with cecile. pledge now, or say goodbye to your brains.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:19pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

....with Dale Crover in bikini briefs.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:20pm Cecile:

Okay, that will take a lot of tequila to scrub that image out of my memory bank.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:21pm Jim Idol:

Hi Diane
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:21pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Adam, you are hilarious! But I too will have that image burned in my memory now!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:21pm fred:

Anyone who digs strippers -- zombie or otherwise -- pledge right now! Anyone who's offended by strippers -- zombie of otherwise -- pledge right now!
Stand up and be counted, and say where you stand on the stripper issue in your pledge form comment. Just pledge, will ya?
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:21pm zombie stripper:

we have to move slowly, or we just kinda, you know, fall apart.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:23pm dc pat:

said it before, I'll say it again. "zombies are real" so be careful, folks.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:25pm Cecile:

Crystal Falls, MI! That's not far from where my dad grew up. Upper Peninsula REPRESENT.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:26pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Thank you, Liz! I know, trust me I know. Agreed. The first time it happened to me at a Melvins show it marked me too. Haha.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:26pm Carmichael:

Sounds like it's a good thing I don't know who Dale Crover is.

Hey, maybe you guys can play The Zombies?!? It's all making sense ...
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:26pm ?:

I think the show's only 1/6 of the way through...
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:27pm Cecile:

Or Drunks with Guns' Zombie
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:27pm glenn:

don't feel band carmichael, neither did i.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:28pm glenn:

sorry, bad. don't feel BAD. but you probably shouldn't feel the band either. not while they're playing, anyway.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:28pm fred:

If only I wasn't so broke because of previous pledges, I'd so be in the running for that grand prize! Seize your opportunity, people
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:28pm Carmichael:

'bout time to order another Zombie, bartender.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:29pm zombie:

a werewolf, a vampire and a zombie walk into a bar........
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:30pm Cecile:

hey zombie, songs about brains, better get on that!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:30pm fred:

I'm reduced to playing cheerleader, can I at least get a honorary zombie cheerleader title?
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:31pm zombie:

that's all i got. me not do punchlines.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:31pm Zombie Sidekick:

... I said "wolf brains", not "wolfbane"! <huge laughter and applause>
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:32pm ian:

  Tue. 3/8/11 12:32pm Eddie from PTV:

Hey Diane: If you leave for SXSW next Tuesday, Psychic TV will be performing at Elysium at midnight that night....Also a shout out to the generous people at Legacy Recordings for supplying that Slayer box set!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:32pm dc pat:

hey zombie: BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:32pm zombie:

imagine................... glee with zombies.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:33pm zombie:

thank you, sidekick. me like.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:33pm Richard from Venezuela:

Glee with zombies is thriller by muchael jackson. A complete visionary.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:33pm Cecile:

I think it would be lovely. Colin Blunstone's and Rod Argent's melodies are perfect for close group harmonizing.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:34pm Eep:

Pledge to FMU to avoid the kudzu of Radio Consultant thinking, which goes something like this:

"The easy way to fix this is to make the :57 song the first song of your hour and do your computer drop update going into your stopset at :52 (or whatever the time is). Or take a drop song from a good category—so what if that library power or recent recurrent is dropped? It’s already played a ton on the station and at least you are not suddenly playing KC & the Sunshine Band on a Hot AC. Or take the advice of Arbitron for PPM and break around the quarter-hours, not at :23 and :55 with the filler at :40 as we often do now."
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:37pm miss victoria:

Hi Liz!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:39pm fred:

OK, Eep, the zombie theme has run its course. Romero has nothing on the corporate kind.
But anyone could still pledge to voice another take!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:42pm zombie stripper:

hair blood and boobs is gonna be the name for my new burlesque troupe. thank you liz.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:43pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Prizes up for grabs (pledge $15 or more to get in the running):
Coliseum CD
Tinsel Teeth LP
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:44pm ian:

whoa, THIS is Coliseum?? Radical departure, eh? I like.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:45pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Grand prize alert! Pledge $180 or more to get in the running to win the Slayer 10-LP box set, "The Vinyl Conflict"!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:50pm ian:

I bet Kerry King wanted to call the box set the Vinyl Solution.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:55pm wigwambam:

This is Julie from Rockville...was my pledge entered in the drawing for Patti Smith or Coliseum? Patti Smith is cool and all, but I REALLY would love a chance to grab that Coliseum CD :)
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:55pm Richard from Venezuela:

That slayer box set cost much more on ebay. Please faithful or random listener, pledge.
pd: kvelertak is so good.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:57pm Cecile:

This sounds just like Scratch Acid...
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:57pm fred:

Why is some air time still spent on -- admittedly delightful -- banter when Liz should be gasping for air while struggling to keep up with incoming pledges? Next time you'll have Andy cohosting every single show.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:59pm wigwambam:

are there any original members left in napalm death?
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:00pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

@Fred: could not have said it better myself. Seriously, those who haven't pledged yet, now is the time!!!! Napalm Death in the day?!?!? 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:00pm dc pat:

wow. scratch acid. haven't heard anyone utter that name in YEARS.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:03pm Cecile:

Joey Keithley also works.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:04pm fred:

And to those who thought this was a good thing: Andy wouldn't even show up (though that might be a plus). Dead air might be better than Andy, but definitely not than Diane! (How's that for aiming low?)
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:04pm Jim Idol:

  Tue. 3/8/11 1:05pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Joey Keithley: greatest employee the Starfish Room in Vancouver. B.C. ever had!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:05pm jljl:

FYI, Coliseum track listing actually starts at 2 so Lost in Groningen is track 8 (I think). You can hear the lyrics "lost in Gron." sun in that song.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:06pm dc pat:

here's a pic of Joey bobblehead: http://www.aggronautix.com/products.cfm?productid=15
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:07pm glenn:

doa does a great version of takin' care of business.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:07pm glenn:

and the video's hilarious, too.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:08pm Jim Idol:

  Tue. 3/8/11 1:08pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Prizes up for grabs (pledge $15 or more to get in the running):
Joey Shithead (of DOA) bobblehead doll
Titan CD
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:08pm chris:

Diane, Napalm Death has fostered a need for me to move up to Mouse of today on my swag for life plan. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:08pm Cecile:

Dude, they have Andrew WK and Milo bobbleheads, too. Wow.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:10pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Let's ALL get WFMU to the goal this year!!!!!! It's not the Maysles' "Salesman." Just amazing vanguard radio!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:10pm dc pat:

if they make a d. boone bobblehead, I'll have that in 2 seconds...or maybe Dez Cadena
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:11pm Jim Idol:

I have the GG Allin one..it comes with poop and blood on it..(not real of course)
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:11pm glenn:

jeeez, i still have the original 45 of disco sucks.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:12pm Cecile:

I have a repress of Hardcore 81.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:12pm Cecile:

I like the idea of John Brannon.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:12pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Chris, you're a Tyger of Pan Tang! Kudos!!!!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:13pm glenn:

1965 to 1975
Joe Keithley sees his first band at his sister's wedding and decides he wants to be a drummer. He starts saving paper route money to buy a drum kit. In high school in suburban Burnaby, he starts his first band, which includes future Subhumans' singer Gerry Hannah and Ken Montgomery, aka Dimwit. He falls in love with both Black Sabbath and Greenpeace activism. He decides to become a civil rights lawyer and enrolls at Simon Fraser University, only to drop out four months later. Joe becomes increasingly disgusted with mid-‘70s rock, particularly hometown heroes Prism. "Years later, we were doing a big benefit for the APEC protesters, and one of the guys from Prism came up to say, ‘Hey Joe, really nice to meet you, I'm a longtime fan.' I told him it was nice to meet him too, but I didn't have the heart to tell him how much his band sucked."
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:13pm holland oats:

gophers aren't boring!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:13pm Carmichael:

OK, I liked Easy Action. Perfect music by which to proof legal documents.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:14pm Cecile:

I'm a Diamond Head myself.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:15pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

@Cecile: true, true! :-)
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:17pm Cecile:

I had no idea Tesco would react so well to my mention of the Cult Heroes. LOLOLOL! Made it worth going to their shows back in the day for that.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:17pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

WFMU is north of heaven!!! (groan) haha. Take my life please. ZA-ZING!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:21pm Carmichael:

Way to go, 'Cile!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:23pm andymorphic:

its "Joey Keighley" ....G....not "TH'
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:24pm glenn:

that's an excerpt. here's the article : http://exclaim.ca/Features/Timeline/doa_is_alive
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:24pm Cecile:

I saw it spelled the other way as often as Keighley when I looked it up.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:24pm glenn:

it's definitely TH
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:25pm Cecile:

But, yeah, I should have gone with the other one.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:25pm Cecile:

Apology withdrawn.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:26pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

$180 pledge to get you in the running for the SLAYER BOX SET can be broken up into payments of only around $15 per month. Great deal! 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:26pm andymorphic:

a friend was briefly in doa and he slept on my mum's friends couch..i have seen doa like 20 times..its Keighley
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:27pm Cecile:

Let's just all call him Shithead. That we can agree on.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:29pm Cecile:

I'm not going to give too much of the plot of the cartoon Megamind away, but there is a funny running joke where someone named Titan insists on spelling their name "Tighten."
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:30pm andymorphic:

i am always wrong...especially if a assert a point....but it was great to hear those tracks...those early records are killer. everything out of vancouver at that point was great.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:30pm glenn:

i will double my pledge if that is the case.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:31pm Cecile:

Diane should just Skype him and ask.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:41pm Jim Idol:

Diane should auction off the BLACKY from VoiVod guitar pick
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:42pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

If WFMU disappears the bandwidth might be absorbed into a 24-hour-a-day Puddle of Mudd niche market station. Your heart will stop. 1-800-989-9368 wfmu.org
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:45pm wigwambam:

Season of Mist - such a good label
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:47pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Prizes up for grabs (pledge $15 or more to get in the running):
Kylesa CD
Kowloon Walled City LP
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:48pm Richard from Venezuela:

second that wigbambam. Season of Mist rocks!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:52pm hamburger in Hong Kong:

seriously, Kowloon's Called City?? :)
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:52pm ian:

  Tue. 3/8/11 1:57pm Jim Idol:

  Tue. 3/8/11 2:01pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

The word on the street is that for a $1,000,000 pledge Liz B. will wear King Diamond makeup for a solid week (various periods).
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:04pm ian:

Minor correction: "Bone Loss" was not on the FMU live session -- that was the LP version.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:05pm ian:

that *was* "Bone Loss," but it was the LP version. I don't think we played that one on the radio session.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:08pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Sure, why not Adam?
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:08pm Cecile:

Ian, how cool of you to write a song about osteoporosis. Remember - get your calcium and exercise!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:09pm Cecile:

Don't be like Mark E. Smith.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:09pm Cecile:

Unless it's a Mark E. Smith that exercises and eats green leafy vegetables.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:10pm ian:

lol @ Cecile
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:12pm Cecile:

Liz, hurry up and butter your face!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:12pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

I love that hunch-backed bag of bones, Mark E. Smith.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:13pm Cecile:

he is my spirit animal, but he needs a Boniva drip, stat.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:14pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

His marrow is a scotch-based slurry.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:15pm Cecile:

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Well-played, Adam. Well-played.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:15pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Sorry, slurry-aaahh.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:16pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

;-), thanks, Cecile.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:16pm Cecile:

  Tue. 3/8/11 2:17pm Cecile:

ian, ponder KWC backing Sally Field in a Boniva campaign. think about it! I'll bet she's really metal.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:18pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Prizes up for grabs (pledge $15 or more to get in the running):
Culted CD
George Romero - Survival of the Dead DVD
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:20pm ian:

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS vintage Slayer! I got Hell Awaits and Haunting the Chapel on the same day in, jesus, 1984 or something? Those records scared the shit out of me.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:20pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Don't forget about the Grand Prize! Diane is giving away a 10-LP Slayer Box Set, and anyone who pledges $180 or more gets in the running!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:21pm Cecile:

they scared me so much that my friend had to tell me Kerry King was an atheist and Tom Arraya a practicing Catholic to get me to listen to them! LOL! THat was when I was about, erm, 40?
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:22pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

I made my pledge today in remembrance of the late Chris Athern who showed me his signed poorly xeroxed copy of a Slayer magazine photo on the school bus in Juneau, Alaska in 1986.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:26pm Cecile:

aw, that's very nice.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:28pm Cecile:

I think the novelty has worn off. Diane's all jaded.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:28pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

He completely impressed me with his story about seeing them in a club in Southern California, and carrying around a crumpled up signed piece of paper like a talisman. Haha.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:29pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

He also looked tuff in denim and leather.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:33pm ian:

awesome story, Adam.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:33pm Cecile:

ITA, ian. Very cool.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:33pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Thank you, Cecile and Ian!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:35pm Jim Idol:

Love Gary Moore
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:35pm ian:

ARRRRGH, Monochrome Set AND Harvey Milk?!? I shoulda waited to pledge!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:36pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Prizes up for grabs (pledge $15 or more to get in the running):
George Romero - Survival of the Dead DVD
Monochrome Set LP
Harvey Milk CD
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:36pm ian:

seriously, Diane?? This is my favorite Gary Moore track. Oh man. So good!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:39pm R I S K Y !:

  Tue. 3/8/11 2:41pm patrick:

is there a term for Moore/Big Country bagpipe guitars, besides just "Celtic Rock", are there other six-string bagpipers?
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:43pm Jim Idol:

we <3 Diane
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:48pm ian:

Patrick, does this count? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a3FCugMNZE
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:48pm Bas, NL:

Sorry to say, but it's the voice Diane..
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:49pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Hurry up and pledge, people! Less than 15 min left!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:52pm Cheri Pi:

I am so happy, in advance, to the Slayer Boxset winner!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:55pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Show. love. to. Diane. and. Liz! That Harvey Milk cd is a monster!!! 1-800-989-9368. wfmu.org
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:58pm Marathon co-host Liz B.:

Last chance to get in on the Slayer box set! Pledge $180 now!
  Tue. 3/8/11 3:02pm ian:

epic show.
  Tue. 3/8/11 5:31pm patrick:

No, but yes.
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