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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options May 2, 2011: Sorry, who's that?

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Idea Fire Company  Last Dance   Options Music From the Impossible Salon     
Yoga  Black Obelisk   Options Megafauna    0:07:05 ()
True Widow  Blooden Horse   Options Ahathhaftcttcote    0:10:43 ()
Opal  Grains of Sand   Options Early Recordings    0:16:14 ()
David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights  Diamond Mine   Options Left By Soft    0:21:57 ()
Pavement  Range Life   Options Live at Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona on WFMU May 2010    0:27:48 ()
Chris Forsyth  Paranoid Cat, Part III   Options Paranoid Cat    0:32:25 ()
Klimperei / Grimo  Orostaurs   Options Radiolaires    0:44:15 ()
Boredoms  7 (EYE remix)   Options Super Roots 7    0:46:07 ()
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Commotion   Options Green River    0:54:11 ()
Steve Wynn  Halloween   Options Live at WFMU 7/19/01 on the Three Chord Monte  get it on the FMA  0:56:44 ()
Paris 1942  Move Out Of Wichita   Options S/t    1:02:33 ()
Modern Lovers  I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms   Options Original Modern Lovers  Kim Fowley prod.  1:05:51 ()
Oneida  Give Up...and Move On   Options Enemy Hogs    1:08:22 ()
Starring  Sonnenbrille   Options The Wife Of God    1:10:21 ()
Prolapse  Slash / Oblique   Options The Italian Flag    1:16:01 ()
The Cryin' Shames  Please Stay   Options V/a, Spacelines: Sonic Sounds for Subterraneans -- A DJ Selection by Sonic Boom    1:20:50 ()
Anne-James Chaton  Événement No 23 Vendredi 26 Juin 2009   Options Événements 09    1:35:12 ()
Doxa Sinistra  Soviet Invasion   Options Via Del Latte    1:38:33 ()
Pseudo Code  Salaam   Options V/a, The Insane Box (disc 3)    1:40:44 ()
Sparkle Moore  Tiger   Options V/a, Good Girls Gone Bad: Wild, Weird and Wanted    1:43:05 ()
Johnnie Ray  Tell the Lady I Said Goodbye   Options Cry: A Proper Introduction To Johnnie Ray    1:45:38 ()
n/a  Grampa / Cake, on the phone   Options   "Cake" by Todd Colby, get 160 interpretations of it here  1:48:15 ()
Mater Suspiria Vision  WTXCHS (A Suite of Decay) feat. Shazzula   Options Crack Witch    1:50:14 ()
Puro Instinct  Everybody's Sick   Options Headbangers in Ecstacy    1:59:25 ()
Jerry Garcia  Late For Supper / Spidergawd   Options Garcia (1972)    2:04:02 ()
Dang Fire  Gone Long Rag   Options EP  aka Don Trust, get 'er 'ere  2:13:58 ()
Pedro Santos  Dual   Options Krishnanda    2:24:44 ()
Ramases  Life Child   Options Space Hymns    2:27:10 ()
The Collection of the Late Howell Bend  Dominated By Splendor   Options Beasts For While    2:33:35 ()
Xiao He  Smooth-Tha-Tune   Options The Performance of Identity - studio improvisations    2:38:51 ()
Townes Van Zandt  Columbine   Options S/t, 1970    2:43:57 ()
F.A.R.  Ophnoe   Options Presto I Topi Verranno A Cercarci    2:45:34 ()
David Sutton  Elevation   Options American Wildlife    2:47:16 ()
Zomes  The Garden   Options Earth Grid    2:50:44 ()
The Alps  Easy Action   Options Easy Action    2:53:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 5/2/11 3:01pm jeremy the listener:

ahhhh monday. hi scott
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:05pm Brian in UK:

Hello to all the Scotts. Gonna need some beer for this esoteric stuff coming at yer.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:06pm don:

slow burnin, ya
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:06pm BSI:

Yes. I only wish to discuss beer and flowers and noise. And tadpoles.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Frog tadpoles have gotta be the favorite pet of all time! I know more people who have dealt with tadpoles than goldfish... but then, maybe that sais more about the people I know than it does about pet owners in general. But I CAN tell you that raising tadpoles can be much more than just fun- it is easy and educational too!
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:12pm Sperm Cells:

We call tadpoles "King Kong".
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:15pm marq:

bet tadpoles are delicious fried up and with some beer
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:16pm Billy Bob:

  Mon. 5/2/11 3:17pm Scott:

Yo everyone! I'm more of a salamander type, but please - discuss your tadpoles and drink your beer, I'm just happy to be here.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:18pm paris:

Bonsoir Scott,
thank you so much for the music....
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

True Widow is true cool
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:23pm marq:

are not salamanders poisonous? Maybe if you cookem good it will be ok. would be good if there was a species of amphibians with built in hot sauce in em. maybe down around the Gulf there are some of these.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:25pm paris:

magnifique Opal ....hope Sandovale....
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Tadpoles absolutely depend on having fresh, clean water.
If you take the water from a local stream, creek or pond, be sure it isn't polluted. Ideally, you can get it upstream from any suspected sources like factories, sewers, etc.
If using tap water, let it stand exposed to full sunlight for 5 to 7 days. This will allow the Chlorine to be removed by evaporation.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:25pm Scott:

ohhh, nononono. she joined roback later, this is Kendra Smith
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:26pm paula p c:

today's show is just kicking my ass. sorry for the cliche Scott, but I'm humbled by how great these 25 mins have been so far...ringing guitars...thank you...
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:27pm Salamanders:

Ken hates us. We stay far away from anything FMU-related. Living in fire is easier, we got that down pat.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:27pm Scott:

Hey Paula! always a joy to hear from you - and seriously, thankee thankee!
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:28pm pierre:

Bonjour Scott Williams, and all listeners
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:30pm Cecile:

Hola everyone! I understand that lion fish are deadly - until you remove their spines and cook the remaining fish. They are supposed to be delicious. Someone on the Slate site was trying to get people to eat them because they're nasty, non-native predators...
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:31pm marq:

i'm still salivating over the idea of cooked salamanders. could just eat bones and all. maybe if they are good they could be renamed salivatormanders...mouth watering good.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:35pm pavement:

who is this clown, pavemennt? No sing, no voice?
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:35pm Salamanders:

marq, the hannibal lecter of salamanders. worse than ken.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:35pm joe d.:

great segue! damn near perfect
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:35pm still b/p:

Mmmm...newtella spread.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:36pm Guest DJ:

Range Life! 2 decades ago I guest DJ'd on a station in Annapolis and noticed they had a radio edit version of this song. A few days later I called in to request a Pavement tune ... the DJ kinda poo-poo'd Pavement generally, then relented and agreed to play Range Life. He played the CD version with the prominent "FUCK" and after the song ended blamed me as though I had orchestrated it or somethin ... what a douche!
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:36pm raga:

You know it, Gus!
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:37pm Maria D:

fun show!
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:37pm Scott:

@raga, hahahaha! Or, you know, just.... fuck!
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:38pm Ken:

I do NOT hate salamanders. That is a myth. I defend salamanders from members of the Wiccan commmunity who use salamanders for nefarious purposes.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:39pm Jim Morrison:

I'm in charge, you lizards. Behave!
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:42pm Ike:

@Guest DJ: Annapolis? WRNR or WHFS?
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:43pm Lizard of Irwin:

'S all Amanda.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:43pm marq:

someone just drove by my house and yelled "f&%# you hippie"!!. could hear it loud enough from inside the house. we live in an area where there are some people who still think that there are real hippies walking around and living. maybe the people who yelled it are in fact trapped in the 60's. by the time I made it my way out to see the car was long gone. maybe they were on their way to a drive in theater in 60's land to harass kissing heterosexual hippes because they don't know how to make out with eachother because they are not gay yet.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:44pm raga:

Chris Forsyth is coming to the burgh later this month. Will attempt to drag my sorry ass there. Shujaat Khan is performing on May 8, however, and I will not miss that for any reason.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:45pm Jim Morrison:

@marq: They were venegeful salamanders dressed up as hicks.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:46pm Guest DJ:

@Ike WRNR .... 103.1 FM!
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:48pm Staiton ID:

"WRNR Rock-N-Roll FM 103, Annapolis. Bringing You the Best in Part-Time Employee Harassment of the 80s, 90s, and Today"
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

marq, do you have a tye-dye house by chance?
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:49pm pierre:

this one is massive : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/staticfiles/NGC/StaticFiles/Images/Show/39xx/390x/3906_de-salamander-1_05320299.jpg
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh man that's FREAKY
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:52pm marq:

maybe they went to the theater and whipped out there salamanders and had gay sex all over the place. shooting their gay sex tadpoles all over each other. not that there's anything wrong with that. but I get a kick out of thinking that some very redneck guys are obviuosly gay but don't go there.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:52pm Ike:

@Guest DJ, I'm not surprised WRNR was snooty about Pavement. Not rootsy enough. They liked to say they were free-form but anything really young or indie or, God forbid, with synthesizers was apparently NOT COOL, MAN.
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:56pm pierre:

i remembered why i love your show Scott W
(happy birthday again by the way)
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:58pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

wow, haven't heard this in years!
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:58pm Guest DJ:

@Ike - agree wholeheartedly ... this was 1994-95 and it was hard to avoid the Samples/Little Feat/H.O.R.D.E. axis of mediocrity then, and it probably has not improved all that much. I am just outside of WRNR's signal these days (meaning I live 40 miles outside of Annapolis), and WTMD in Towson is comparable to RNR but still play it too safe ... then it is hard to compare anything/anyone to WFMU
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:58pm pierre:

and now CCR, merci
  Mon. 5/2/11 3:59pm Scott:

Oh, ha - thanks Pierre!
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:00pm Guest DJ:

@Ike .. I thought my guest set (which featured Halo Benders, Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, Pavement, etc.) was gonna start a revolution ... still waiting!
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:00pm jt:

How do I know you are telling the truth?
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:01pm glenn:

what's with the hating on the drive in? i love 'em.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:03pm raga:

Happy belated birthday, Scott. Keep rockin' the Talibeard too, btw.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:03pm Scott:

thanks raga, as long as the egg keeps not sticking
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:04pm Ike:

I was about to say "you'd never hear THESE awesome tracks that Scott's playing on WRNR *or* WTMD," but then CCR came on. WRNR probably WOULD play that CCR track. :) Anyway @Guest that playlist probably caused somebody to blow a gasket. Nicely done!
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:05pm Cecile:

WOW. Great version.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:06pm Little Bill Daggett:

I was tasting the soup two hours after I ate it.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:06pm Ike:

I've never been a big Steve Wynn fan before but that was GREAT.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:07pm Brian in UK:

To all the Scotts. I think that I am going to need something stronger than beer to survive this show. Station Meister Ken will stop comments within a year as they are becoming unwieldy & in danger of sidetracking the music. Tsk Tsk.
PS Happy deflated bidet.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:08pm paris:

  Mon. 5/2/11 4:12pm glenn:

the bidet. also known as the french extra toilet.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:15pm BSI:

bidet, he's a reckless WFMU commenter.
but AFTER HOURS.......
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:17pm BSI:

holyshite, scott, this Starring thing just then...
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

cool track, Starring
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:18pm Scott:

you like the Starring, you stay for the Prolapse! there's probably a better way to put that...
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:20pm Brian in UK:

You wrecked 'em, Scotts.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

prolapse is a singularly bad name....sounds like a terrible prescription
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:21pm Scott:

yeah, get your safe search on before you go googling
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:21pm Gav Bo:

oh man, prolapse - good job!
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:21pm yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Earth):

Great set Scott!
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:22pm paula p c:

you are just hitting it over and over...the "it" is just it; how can one describe it...watta show!!!! you go, Scott!!!!!
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:22pm Gav Bo:

He's Scottish, for you confused Americans.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:22pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you know us too well!

A vaginal prolapse is a condition in which structures such as the uterus, rectum, bladder, urethra, small bowel, or the vagina itself may begin to prolapse, or fall, out of their normal positions.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:23pm BSI:

having owned an iguana at one point, prolapsed cloacal tissue was a definitely odd thing to know about.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:28pm pierre:

the bidet : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF4RFFuUmew
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:28pm Cecile:

I missed a lot of mid 90s rock because I was very depressed. Just ordered the Prolapse, love that Fall-drenched sound.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

let me guess (Gram Parsons)....
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:31pm Gav Bo:

@Cecile - ghosts of dead aeroplanes is great too. I HEARD a lot of 90's rock BECAUSE I was depressed!
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:38pm marq:

iguanas. delish! imagine them spweed with tadpoles.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:41pm Cecile:

I think I was still pining for the 80s. :/
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:42pm Robin The Fog:

This is a much better Jacko tribute than 'Is This It'
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:47pm glenn:

phil spector's appeal for his murder conviction has been rejected.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:51pm moose:

poor old johnnie ray
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:56pm Ike:

Wow. Yeah. But now I want some cake.
  Mon. 5/2/11 4:57pm Joe Mulligan:

God, I'm a sucker for witch house, be it American, UK, or even Italian. (I think Master Suspira Vision is Italian, no?) thanks for playing Scott!
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:01pm Joe Mulligan:

BTW, does anyone want to see oOoOO and White Ring with me this Friday nigth at St Vitus Bar in Brooklyn?
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:05pm Robin The Fog:

@Joe Fly me out from London and I'm there!!
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:08pm moose:

no way!
was just listening to this record (JG)
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:12pm moose:

(& if i'd been here in time for the OPAL i'd've been going bananas, my favorite band)
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:13pm BSI:

Bananas have been gone, my friend. And I have no idea what that means.
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:14pm moose:

bananas is not my favorite band, opal is
but BANANAS was my favorite magazine when i was little
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:14pm duff:

Interesting Garcia piece. Good for driving across plains, deserts.
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:15pm don:

ya, am loving this
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:16pm Scott:

oh shit, it's don! if it's the don i think it is, you're next pal...
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:17pm yayson:

my dog i looking around for the dog in trouble
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:17pm don:

  Mon. 5/2/11 5:19pm Joe Mulligan:

@Robin - Mater Suspira Vision is playing in London at Old Blue Last on the 17th.. I'll fly you to NY if you get me to London.
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:21pm Robin The Fog:

Joe, in all seriousness I would actually make this happen, but just remembered my passport is getting renewed! DAMMIT! That would've been just my kind of dumb project too! But if you can get over here, I can offer you a couch?! :-)
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:23pm Robin The Fog:

PS Very fine work, Don! And a steal at $4!!!!!
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:24pm don:

franks a lot, robin the fog!
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:56pm Cecile:

You are on fi-yah today, Scott!
  Mon. 5/2/11 5:58pm Scott:

Oh, hey, thanks Cecile!
  Mon. 5/2/11 6:01pm Cecile:

my pleasure!
  Mon. 5/2/11 6:01pm Robin The Fog:

Darn fine show, Scott!!! Got to go to bed now. Stay popping fresh!!!
  Tue. 5/3/11 2:56pm Rory Hinchey/Ownness:

Hi Scott, thanks for playing music by The Collection of the Late Howell Bend!
  Wed. 5/4/11 9:30am chris m:

does this guy sell iphones?
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