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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options May 6, 2011

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Wabi Sabi  Wabi Sabi   Options Wabi Sabi  1995  2-channel mixdown of a spatial work by marcus schmickler  0:00:00 ()
Arno Peeters  Aeroson   Options Aeroson  1996    0:35:00 ()
Christian Marclay  Groove   Options Records  1982    1:16:27 ()
Tom Recchion  Out of the Dunes   Options Chaotica      1:21:39 ()
Tom Recchion  Dubby Struts in Trenchtown (RIFS #2)   Options I Love My Organ      1:27:11 ()
Paul DeMarinis  I've Always Loved You   Options The Edison Effect    playing cylinders w/a laser &c.  1:33:32 ()
Martin Tétreault & Kid Koala  Drum-O-Scope   Options Phon-O-Victo    live @ victo  1:40:12 ()
Martin Tétreault  Relachement / Abandon / Induction / Dodo   Options La Nuit Où J'Ai Dit Non      1:45:27 ()
Philip Jeck  Vinyl Coda I   Options Vinyl Coda I–III      2:11:21 ()
Thomas Brinkmann  Befragung des Glücks_questionary about luck   Options Klick Revolution      2:33:32 ()
Thomas Brinkmann  Die Schiefe Ebene_inclined plane   Options Klick Revolution      2:36:59 ()
Milan Knizak  Composition no. 2   Options Broken Music      2:43:35 ()
John Cage  Imaginary Landscape No. 1 [excerpt]   Options       2:49:54 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/6/11 12:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

and a wabi sabi to you, as well
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:10pm Tonto:

Kimo Sabi?
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:13pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 5/6/11 12:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I was trying to think of that hot horseradish-y stuff....
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:15pm dc pat:

dang, that is cool. I have to name a song and album after my next group.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:15pm ---:

¿quien sabe?
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:15pm Joe Mulligan:

waSABI! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td_-syaHl2M
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:16pm Your Man in Abu Dhabi:

"How to Speak Ubbi Dubbi"

  Fri. 5/6/11 12:16pm Joe Mulligan:

Bryce, do you have the new THOMAS ANKERSMIT/VALERIO TRICOLI CD 'Forma II' on PAN? would love to hear it if you doo.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:16pm annie:

oobie doobie
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:16pm Carmichael:

Roy Orbison can speak Ooby Dooby.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:18pm ?:

  Fri. 5/6/11 12:21pm Daniel:

War of the worlds
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:22pm hamburger / london:

Has anyone googled this show's description? Someone's put this on a dating website...
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:23pm hamburger / london:

sorry ignore me......
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:24pm Carmichael:

Bryce does seem a bit lonely at times.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:24pm Tonto:

Yeah, but are women avoiding that dating account?
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:24pm hamburger / london:

  Fri. 5/6/11 12:24pm still b/p:

Golly Wally, don't get all hoity toity and drunky monkey with the willy nilly wabi sabi chitter chatter.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:25pm Carmichael:

You'd think women would flock to a guy who never miscues a record.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:27pm bruceleh:

And guys who like all the notes, in any order, yeah, chicks really dig that.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:27pm bryce:

hahaaa, wow!
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:27pm Daniel:

Especially one who plays dope music
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:27pm swf:

"...seeking cranial cuisine pioneer..."
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:28pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

dope music for smart folks
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:30pm βrian:

Donna seems to like that profile.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:32pm bruceleh:

I once had a lady of, um, a certain profession visiting my house...
She was a highly skilled professional, but had the most stereoptypical Longuyland Jewish woman voice and personality I've ever encountered in my life. I thought what can I play that will get her out of here ASAP? So I played 'Yankees' and she couldn't get out the door fast enough.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:35pm βrian:

"Yankees" ?
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:36pm bruceleh:

oy, the kids today!
You have to explain 'Yankees' on chat board of the most 'out there' show on WFMU?
Especially in the context of the story?
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:37pm bruceleh:

  Fri. 5/6/11 12:42pm βrian:

Yep. Shoulda said "John Zorn." That would suffice.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:43pm bruceleh:

Well, then it could have been that surfer/loungey stuff he's made recently
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:48pm OM:

Oppenheimer's interview & his quoting of the Bhagavad Gita always gave me chills.


Interesting to hear it here.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:54pm George of Troy:

Hey Bryce! Spotted you and Fabio at EMPAC last week. You guys were one level below us... gave you a shout on our way into the theatre, but somebody had you ear at the moment.
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:56pm Looms:

Hello everyone!
Enjoying the trippy sounds :)
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:56pm John:

Yes, the souds of the phones ringing drove everyone in my office crazy. thanks
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:57pm Mike East:

How was that show, George? and Bryce?
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:58pm jaycjay:

re: Yankees: Sample clips of each track are available here:
  Fri. 5/6/11 12:58pm βrian:

Nothing happens when I press "one."
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:04pm Rich in Washington (the rainy one):

tuned into your show at random.
This is great stuff.
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:04pm Carmichael:

Is that a theremin I hear? Such a beautiful sound.
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:08pm still b/p:

I'd like the arms promo soundtrack music to accompany my every move this weekend.
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:08pm jesse:

I just had to turn down the radio quickly before I attracted the trekkie in the office next to me. I don't want to have a conversation about romulans today
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:09pm Rich in Washington (the rainy one):

HA!! Me too! Plus the video game sounds!
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:09pm Rich in Washington (the rainy one):

is this still Arno Peeters the whole time?
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:10pm George of Troy:

@ Mike East: I enjoyed it. I was expecting the field recordings to be less identifiable in the mix, but as it turns out, the name "Hyper-Rainforest" was very apt. It felt like it was a full day cycle in the rain forest condensed into 70 minutes... it had the feel of moving through different times of day. Here's a little write up on the performance: http://keepalbanyboring.com/2011/featured-hyper-rainforest-empac/
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:11pm βrian:

This much I know: Romulans come from Wayne County, Michigan.
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:12pm jesse:

oh no! vintage computer stuff...he'll be here any second
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:13pm tahomajohn:

This tune is doing an iBoolean on my organic cpu.
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:14pm bryce:

aw crap, george, i'm sorry. totally didn't hear you! figured, maybe you were already inside.

waaaah. :(
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:15pm tahomajohn:

I am playing with Otomata in another tab of IExplorer while i listen... somehow it all meshes perfectly.
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:15pm Rich in Washington:

It's times like this where I fake that I'm doing a phonecall, then slowly close my door.
Plus, my hellish neighbor is about to come in, aka 'he who rings his phone loudly on speakerphone and talks much louder than is necessary in a voice that sounds like someone playing a clarinet out his ass"
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:16pm trekkie:

Hi Jesse! Why didn't you tell me you were on the comment board?
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that otomata thing is cool. thanks for pointing that out!
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:23pm tahomajohn:

yeah, otomata is a blast. i hope another version comes out soon with a few more options like speed, volume, and tone adjustments... but as it itsa blast... especially when played along with the awesome stuff Bryce plays:)
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:24pm still b/p:

So, for a li'l joke, how could Arno Peeters sneak in an uninterpreted authentic-source sample of long-time New Yorker cartoon contributor Peter Arno's work in an audio pastiche without altering the delivery & experience of the cartoon by reading/describing?
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:24pm βrian:

"Uncle Fester's lullabye"
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:26pm George of Troy:

@ Bryce: No worries. Hope you guys had a good time up this way.
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:27pm Hugo:


just got hold of, from Japan, "Catch Wave '97", a follow-up to Takehisa Kosugi's original 70s version. If you liked the original, you'll like this one even more. Thought I'd let you know.
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:39pm bryce:

Hugo— wow, hadn't heard! does he do something similar? photocells & oscillators?

George— yeah, was lovely! we had fun wandering around troy too. got some great photos in front of dalbec audio, hahaa. and empac is just an astonishing place, visually, technically, in spirit....GREAT weekend. :)
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:43pm pheezy:

I just saw Paul DeMarinis at a talk with Trimpin down at Stanford last night. I've never heard his work before. And now turned on the radio to find his music playing. Thanks for filling in the gap!
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:44pm BSI:

Lurking late & digging the ghosts.
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:49pm Pedant:

  Fri. 5/6/11 1:50pm Pedant:

  Fri. 5/6/11 1:50pm terry bozzio:

certainly was cut up excerpts of zappas "Black Page"
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:51pm tahomajohn:

Is their a free realtime mixer/processor available online that somebody could recommend? I would love to be able to process this Bryce/Otomata mix concoction i am putting together with a few more options...
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:52pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/6/11 1:54pm Pedant:

But it's the E I was pedanting about, TetrEault!
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:55pm tahomajohn:

uh, i dunno what unicode is... like an ode for unics?
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:55pm Just asking:

Would you like to fuck my unicorn? (Would probably make a better song than "Do You Want to Date My Avatar")
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:56pm Pedant:

Wuv u, Bryce:)
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:57pm UNIHORNY:

all on board the unicorn train
  Fri. 5/6/11 1:57pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/6/11 2:00pm tahomajohn:

unico de mayo... or dia de la codex? its all so confusing...
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:02pm Looms:

Damn/bless you Bryce & WFMU! I'm gonna spend some money on records again.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:10pm tahomajohn:

It's amazing how all those analog sound waves at WFMU get reduced to on/off bits, Onanistically emitted online and then reconstituted as analog sound waves again here in the nether world. Decimated by a hex or blessed by the hexidecimal? You be the judge.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:13pm Pedant:

Bréyce! Still wuvving u!
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:15pm tahomajohn:

Okay, i am pre-occupied with the the word Onanism and had to somehow fit it into my yak. It was inappropo and i withdraw it prematurely... post haste:)
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:19pm Hugo:

Yes, the Catch Wave 97 is quite similar to the 70s original with violin, voice, oscillators, though more elaborate and longer, approx. 45 minutes
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:19pm BSI:

@tahomajohn: aint NUTHIN' as inappropriate as the comment I'm likely to make about cabbage in the next few minutes.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:20pm BSI:

(not to do with cabbage......YET): another winning track. This here is enormously cool.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:23pm tahomajohn:

omg.. i am all in a tizzy with suspense... For god's sake...release the cabbage tension!
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

boil that cabbage brother!
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

peel and slice some carrots too
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:28pm tahomajohn:

My god man, can you not smell it? The cabbage is nearing overcooked! Boiled with corned beef...mmmm... some potatoes. Yes, carrots! Rye bread on the side. When's lunch?
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:30pm Ike:

As long as it doesn't involve kimchi. Surely that would be too perverted even for *these* freaky unicorn-fondlers.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:33pm Joe voltage:

Ello Bryce!!! Got that Staff Carpenborg record. I digs it. great show!! I likes this track!
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:33pm freaky unicorn fondlers local 625:

become one with us, Ike. I've got a MEMBERship card here for you.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:34pm freaky unicorn fondlers:

One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:34pm BSI:

I do, so, wish I could love kimchi.... I fear I don't stink up the ofc.nearly enough with the curry/garlic naan... Must find something that can fight against the DAMNED FOUL EVIL of microwaved popcorn.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:35pm freaky unicorn fondlers local 625:

hey, buddy, you've got to join the union!
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:38pm Joe voltage:

If your talkin to me. I can't because it would interfear with my shaved sheep sniss union membership
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:43pm BSI:

any Strotter Inst. in your bag of tricks, Bryce? Would fit in nicely... oop, look at the time...
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:45pm tahomajohn:

Tired of that nauseating burnt popcorn scent at work? Wish it would just go away but it won't? Makes ya wanna leave the room but you can't? Well then, the time has come to try New! "Unikorn Fart in a Can" - from Kraft/Dow Foods and Enviromanagement. It's time to freshen up your world with a new magical smell... download it today on your iBrain!
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:45pm BT:

That Anne-James Chaton spoken/beats disc in the new bin...
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:47pm tahomajohn:

@BSI .... cabbage....cabbage...cabbage... CABBAGE... CABBAGE....CABBBAGE...CABBABABAGE...CAAAAABBBBAAGEGGE .....
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:49pm BSI:

christ, it's that hallucination again... must caress the Ernest Borgnine bobblehead until it subsides...
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:49pm βrian:

All aboard the choux-choux train.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:50pm Mae:

"Is that a bobble-head in your pocket?"
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:51pm Carmichael:

@BSI: "and don't forget the Pumas, who hide in the crevasse!"
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:51pm still b/p:

Google "Kimchee scented Kleenex" and read about a little tempest in the you-know-what pot.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:52pm BSI:

  Fri. 5/6/11 2:53pm ?:

this music sounds broken
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:58pm tahomajohn:

Wasabi is to kimchee what cabbage is to babbage. It's true.
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:58pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/6/11 2:59pm tahomajohn:

cheerio Bryce you incredible musicologist
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:59pm βrian:

What's the difference, engine?
  Fri. 5/6/11 2:59pm BSI:

  Fri. 5/6/11 2:59pm Ike:

You bastards, now you've got me wondering what a unicorn fart would smell like. You're all SICK. Damn.

Glitter and caramel and papaya and chewed-up ferns, right?

Great show Bryce!
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