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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options July 29, 2011

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Jean-Claude Éloy  Partie d'ouverture: Les foules de la mémorie / Son de méditation   Options Shanti  0:00:00 ()
Jean-Claude Éloy  Partie d'extension: Prémonitions   Options Shanti  0:51:48 ()
Jean-Claude Éloy  Flash-back / Interview   Options Shanti  0:53:45 ()
Jean-Claude Éloy  Partie centrale: Mantra des étoiles   Options Shanti  0:54:46 ()
Jean-Claude Éloy  Partie centrale: Soldats   Options Shanti  1:27:05 ()
Jean-Claude Éloy  Partie finale: Vagues Lentes, boucles de feux / Contemplation aux enfants   Options Shanti  1:29:27 ()
Jean-Claude Éloy  Partie finale: Vastitude   Options Shanti  1:51:16 ()
François Bayle  Érosphere [LP version]   Options Érosphere  2:09:21 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/29/11 12:41pm G:

Shanti (tranquillity), so far...
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:42pm bruceleh:

hello bryce
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:42pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/29/11 12:44pm Ricardo Montalban:

This is a wonderfully, dizzying show, Bryce.
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:44pm BSI:

Éloy the merrier.
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:44pm bruceleh:

bryce, did you get my response to your e-mail from last week?
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:46pm bryce:

er. bleh! no...haven't checked fmu email yet today! staring at the speakers, hahaa
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:46pm Vicki:

  Fri. 7/29/11 12:46pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/29/11 12:46pm J J:

My song ID app can never guess any of the songs on this show. Piece of crap.
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:47pm bryce:

i'm concentrating
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:47pm Mayo:

  Fri. 7/29/11 12:47pm northguineahills:

the music is very eerie w/ the news i'm reading..........
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:47pm George of Troy:

Howdy, Bryce! I'm in the process of trying to order copies of Shanti and Gaku-No-Michi from Metamkine, thanks to you :)
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:47pm Vicki:

  Fri. 7/29/11 12:49pm Vicki:

  Fri. 7/29/11 12:49pm Mayo:

she's so friendly
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:50pm bryce:

57 bile-on-wiltwick-on-blobson
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:50pm Kenzo:

this music smells like baked beans
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:50pm bryce:

hey mayo, nhg, et al :)
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:50pm bryce:

bitter almonds
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:51pm ken:

G of Troy, they used to have copies available from Miramoglu, that's where I got mine,,, PHENOMENAL SHOW BRYCE, as alaways!
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:51pm Ricardo Montalban:

This music sounds like baked beans in an over rotisserie with a side of mayo
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:51pm Kenzo:

Smiles, everyone, smiles!
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:52pm BSI:

A single quail's ovary in an ocean of mayonnaise.
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:53pm Ricardo Montalban:

Garnished with shallots and smothered in convenience store white port.
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:53pm Kenzo:

This music goes well with the Fantasy Island opening
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:53pm George of Troy:

@ken: Thanks! I thought I had checked there, but I see now that they do have Shanti in stock.
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:54pm bryce:

barley-encrusted phagocyte in a taylor ham dioxin reduction
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:54pm ken:

Rawk ON George!
  Fri. 7/29/11 12:57pm Meditator:

  Fri. 7/29/11 1:00pm Ike:

@BSI@12:52, such poetry. Say, aren't you emitting some kind of live racket around here in J-train hipsterville soon? I don't see much info about tickets or prices online. Does it cost one burning truck tire and/or a factory-wrapped cattle pregnancy test for admission?
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:05pm J J:

I haven't seen a burning truck tire in a long time. There needs to be more burning tires rolling down the streets and avenues.
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:06pm BSI:

@Ike: yessir..... 6aug at Goodbye Blue Monday. Big old festival, goes all weekend. I don't think the pregnant cattle are required for admission but I'd gladly trade a copy of the record for one......
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:07pm northguineahills:

@Ike@BSI: such news would be nice. I'm now unemployed (again) and have plenty of time to catch shows.
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:08pm Me from Here:

Somewhere in Paris, an oscillator is purring...
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:09pm Parisian Oscillocat:

  Fri. 7/29/11 1:10pm Wild Neil:

J-train ville-ahhh, the 90's....Organism, Hit and Run Theatre, the Mustard Factory!!!
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:13pm Looms:

  Fri. 7/29/11 1:16pm nic:

awesome music !!!
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:20pm hubba:

Hey all... nice heavy mellow...
..for those in the Bay Area around Sept 9-12, upcoming electronic festival with Yoshi?Tashi Wada, JD Emmanuel, Jessica Rylan, Kevin Drumm and a bunch more...
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:21pm Wild Neil:

I thought I would not like this, but it is really GREAT background music for engineering type work!!!!
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:21pm perrin:

are french whales hipper than american whales?
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:22pm Kenzo:

This is great music for industrial world office slavery
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:22pm Whales:

We don't have hips.
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:23pm Wales:

we have sheep
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:23pm French Wales:

hee hon hee hon hee hon
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:26pm Van:

As an industrial world office slave, I concur.
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:26pm The Man:

Back to the galley with you, Van.
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:30pm 3D:

@ Wild Neil-
The Organism WAS at the Mustard Factory- was this Composer/music involved?
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:31pm Man with Van:

I is cheap
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:31pm Wild Neil:

3D-No idea...but were YOU at Organism?
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:32pm Wild Neil:

WFMU was there....
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:34pm Comment Reader:

Apparently the Bryce comment board pooping giraffe left for August congé annuel a bit early.
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:36pm bryce:

nah, she's just huffing methyl ethyl ketone. it's just as well
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:39pm BSI:

isn't there a peroxide in there?
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:40pm Giraffe:

  Fri. 7/29/11 1:42pm Comment Reader:

speak of the devil.
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:44pm Giraffe:

trot>> trot>> trot>>* KICK *
<<trot <<trot <<trot
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:44pm bryce:

giraffe, i left some acacia leaves under the carpet
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:45pm Giraffe:

thank you very much please
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:48pm hamburger:

lol @ giraffe
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:51pm ms_a:

hi bryce...
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:52pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/29/11 1:52pm elephant:

nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:54pm Lifeguard:

@elephants: Did you bring your trunks?
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:56pm CIRQUE DE SOLEIL:

ugh, get these pedantic and pedestrian pachyderms packing please
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:57pm CIRQUE DE SOLEIL:

we're trying to marvel at the majesty and wonder of all things here, you insufferable quadroped.
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:58pm warthog:

wait are you talking to me?
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:59pm Looms:

Bryce's show damages brain cells: I see strange animals wandering around.
  Fri. 7/29/11 1:59pm CIRQUE DE SOLEIL:

  Fri. 7/29/11 2:00pm don:

saddle up with ed and come to my record sale, bryce!
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:00pm 3D:

I stopped in now and then- Suprized to see the reg to it and i.e the music-
It was quite an event tho-
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:01pm Pushmi-pullyu:

  Fri. 7/29/11 2:03pm PARTY DUDE 420:

man this track reminds me of MY OLD GRANNYS MUSIC LOL, SO LAME
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:04pm still b/p:

From an actual obituary in today's local paper:
"He was attempting to rescue baby elephants from a stampede, as was his way. Few knew of his elephant philanthropy, as he was so humble."
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:04pm PARTY DUDE 420:

lets all get some cheeseburgers while this guy place this lame-o stuff for geezers
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:04pm eirikur:

  Fri. 7/29/11 2:06pm eirikur:

can i steal that obituary for myself when i die?
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:07pm still b/p:

You must earn it.
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:10pm eirikur:

also, doesn't philanthropy mean helping specifically humans. what is the term for helping elephants?
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:11pm FCC:

You owe me IDs, my man.
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:13pm hamburger:

elephilanthropy surely
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:14pm FCC:

Sorry, I must have been zoning into some kind of meditative place.
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:15pm eirikur:

  Fri. 7/29/11 2:16pm Disk:

the track before sounded like Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, was it?
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:17pm Wild Neil:

In the same vein as Planet of the Apes music??
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:21pm Van:

Industrial slave though I may be, let it be known that I am working only slightly harder this Friday afternoon than Bryce is ;)
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:22pm FCC:

Bryce is working his ears to the bone, I'll have you know.
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:24pm the bone:

is where the ear begins!
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:24pm FCC:

  Fri. 7/29/11 2:25pm bryce:

fiorella terenzi!!!

letsa...do a galactic solo. okay?
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:28pm mario:

one-a spicy galactica solo coming uppa!
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:29pm hindledale:

had this streaming over another song without realizing it, then i paused the stream and realized, these sounds are like sauce or seasoning to whatever it's played upon.
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:34pm Lorange:

I've gotta go pee...
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:35pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/29/11 2:37pm warthog:

it's ok to pee here. the giraffe said so
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:39pm Lorange:

ah... warmth
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:39pm Lorange:

still gotta pee...
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:39pm elephant:

what's that smell?
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:41pm donkey:

smells like pee
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:41pm sommelier:

Pinot Lorange
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:42pm elephant:

delicate bouquet
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:43pm sommelier:

Pleasing finish.
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:45pm trolly mctrollerson:

hey! when did it start getting all experimental all of a sudden?
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:45pm Van:

I hear sparkly bursts all about
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:45pm Lorange:

May I please finish?
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:47pm Kegel:

  Fri. 7/29/11 2:48pm Kagel:

  Fri. 7/29/11 2:49pm elephant:

@trolly: when *didn't* it, is more like it.
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:54pm warthog:

something has sprouted where lorange peed
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:57pm elephant:

this bayle cd is available for only 70 bucks on amazon marketplace. they're practically paying you to take it off their hands.
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:57pm dEEp:

This must have been the hardest three hours of music to make song selections and play them.
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:58pm trolly mctrollerson:

this reminds me a bit of avril lavigne's earlier work
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:58pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/29/11 2:59pm bryce:

bye all
  Fri. 7/29/11 2:59pm elephant:

more trackin', less yakkin'
  Fri. 7/29/11 3:01pm hubba:

Eros Bleu is on the GRM box set, but it doesn't capture where it goes...
  Fri. 7/29/11 3:03pm Wild Neil:

In the same vein as Planet of the Apes music??
  Fri. 7/29/11 3:03pm Looms:

Thank you sir!
  Fri. 7/29/11 3:08pm bryce:

hey, looms :)

honestly, even the lp version doesn't capture where it goes. i sure hope it gets The Treatment one of these days. it's important.....
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