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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Cautions  Surfer's Beach   Options various - The Ikon Records Story  Frantic  0:00:00 )  
Nikki & The Corvettes  Summertime Fun   Options s/t  Bomp!  0:03:27 )  
Starbreaker  Sound of Summer   Options various - Starting With the 70s - Evan 'Funk' Davies' 2008 WFMU Marathon Premium    0:05:46 )  
Royal Purple  She'll Love Again   Options Transcendental Medication  Umbrella  0:08:06 )  
The Illusions  Wait Till the Summer   Options various - Nobody To Love: Teenage Shutdown Vol. 5  Teenage Shutdown  0:10:24 )  
Nod  Summertime   Options s/t  Baby Music  0:12:53 )  
Larry & the Loafers  Let's Go To the Beach   Options various - Hang It Out To Dry CD  Satan  0:16:56 )  
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers  That Summer Feeling   Options Jonathan Sings!  Sire  0:19:39 )  
Raspberries  Drivin' Around   Options Fresh Raspberries  RPM  0:23:32 )  
Beach Boys  Your Summer Dream   Options Surfer Girl/Shut Down Volume 2  Capitol  0:26:31 )  
Cute Lepers  She Liked Helter Skelter   Options Adventure Time  1-2-3-4 Go!  0:33:45 )  
Wrong Words  A Cold Wind   Options s/t  Trouble In Mind  0:37:03 )  
The Limiñanas  Tears   Options s/t  Trouble In Mind  0:38:42 )  
The Crimson Shadows  Nightmares   Options 7"  Screaming Apple  0:41:48 )  
Los Yetis  Mary Mary   Options Nadaismo A Go-Go!  Munster  0:43:57 )  
The Matadors  Lahev kalorii   Options Get Down From the Tree!  Munster  0:46:21 )  
Oscar & The Majestics  My Girl Is Waiting   Options No Chance Baby!  Sundazed  0:50:45 )  
Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs  Come To Me   Options various - Now Hear This! Garage & Beat From the Norman Petty Vaults  Big Beat  0:52:08 )  
Radio Birdman  Do the Pop   Options Essential (1974-78)  Sub Pop  0:58:35 )  
Midnight Evils  C'mon   Options Breakin' It Down  Estrus  1:01:00 )  
Monotonix  Before I Pass Away   Options Not Yet  Drag City  1:03:36 )  
Wooden Tit  Broke Down Engine   Options Return To Cinder    1:07:08 )  
Dex Romweber Duo  The Death of Me   Options Is That You In the Blue?  Bloodshot  1:09:39 )  
Dave Alvin  Run Conejo Run   Options Eleven Eleven  Yep Roc  1:13:12 )  
The Hook Up  Whetherley Mansions   Options Tomorrow & Today  Ricochet  1:17:50 )  
Light Bulb Alley  My Love   Options The Sound of Things  Ricochet  1:21:00 )  
Johnny Thunders  Subway Train   Options So Alone  Sire  1:26:00 )  
Sally Crewe & the Sudden Moves  Back Again   Options Transmit/Receive  8-Track Mind  1:36:15 )  
Lifeguards  Trip the Web   Options Waving at the Astronauts  Ernest Jenning Record Co.  1:38:32 )  
Boston Spaceships  In the Bathroom (Up 1/2 the Night)   Options Our Cubehouse Still Rocks    1:42:26 )  
DM3  Soultop   Options One Time Two Times Three Times More: An Anthology  Invisible  1:45:26 )  
Fleetwood Mac  Think About Me (rough mix?)   Options Tusk reissue  Warmer Bros.  1:50:46 )  
Dennis Diken With Bell Sound  So Hard To Say Goodbye   Options Late Music  Cryptovision  1:52:45 )  
East River Pipe  Summer Boy   Options We Live in Rented Rooms  Merge  1:56:14 )  
Man or Astroman?  Maximum Radiation Level   Options Deluxe Men In Space  Touch and Go  2:08:11 )  
Satan's Pilgrims  Surf Lyre   Options Plymouth Rock: The Best Of Satan's Pilgrims  MuSick  2:09:42 )  
A-Lines  Sideways   Options You Can Touch  Sympathy for the Record Industry  2:11:47 )  
Delmonas  I'll Use Evil   Options Dangerous Charms  Vinyl Japan  2:13:00 )  
Neanderthals  Hula Baby   Options The Latest Menace To the Human Race  Get Hip  2:15:55 )  
Funstigators  Dancing in Quicksand   Options live on WPRB 1984    2:18:20 )  
Flash and the Memphis Casuals  Uptight Tonight   Options various - It Came From Memphis  Upstart  2:20:49 )  
Torquays  Harmonica Man (From London Town)   Options various - Garage Beat '66 Vol. 4: I'm In Need!  Sundazed  2:23:06 )  
Occult Detective Club  Tortures   Options title cut  Red Lounge  2:26:10 )  
The Booze  Wild One   Options live on WFMU May 26, 2011    2:28:24 )  
Alto Verde  Back To Hell   Options Paper Clips    2:36:34 )  
The Impact Four  Givin' Up On You   Options various - Shout!  Biff Bang Pow  2:37:51 )  
Paul Revere & the Raiders  Call On Me   Options Hard 'N' Heavy (with Marshmallow)  Sundazed  2:41:00 )  
The Paperhead  Dear Mr. Vacant   Options Focus In On ... the Looking Glass  Trouble In Mind  2:44:04 )  
Night Beats  Puppet On A String   Options s/t  Trouble In Mind  2:46:45 )  
Disappears  Superstition   Options Guider  Kranky  2:49:54 )  
The Echoes of Barnaby Street  No Place Or Time   Options various - Psychedelic States:Florida in the 60s Vol. 1  Gear Fab  2:52:13 )  
Mike Watt  Bird-in-the-Helmet-Man   Options Hyphenated-Man  Clenched Wrench  2:53:55 )  
Replacements  Don't Turn Me Down (demo)   Options Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash  Rhino/Twin Tone/Ryko  2:56:01 )  

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/11/11 12:07pm efd:

I recognized this Starbreaker tune before the first wave sound effect! :D

Thanks for assisting with my plan!
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:09pm Joe B:

assisting? it is out of my control now! I can't stop it1
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:09pm Cecile:

you wouldn't happen to have the Lazy Cowgirls's BS Summer song or Can't You Do Anything right around?
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:10pm Fan:

Nacho Business "sun, sun".. just a suggestion.
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:16pm Joe B:

Hi Cecile! Many LC records either misfiled or gone missin. great picks though!

@ Fan - don't know Nacho Business
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:16pm Cecile:

that stinks. But thanks!
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:17pm Midwest Man:

I'm starting to detect a theme :)
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:17pm Fan:

It may be in the new section... no worries... this Nod is sling shoting me around the moon!
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:18pm katya:

Loving the summer set! It's pouring out the windows into the desert morning, mingling with the smell of blossoms and warm, sun-baked earth.
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:20pm Midwest Man:

perfect for the weather here in MN, 76 degrees, sunny, with a gentle breeze
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:22pm Bad Ronald:

Any Surf Punks handy? Their version of "I Live for the Sun" could be cool... or "Life's a Beach"... or whateva the heck you wanna play Mr. B!
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:22pm Woo:

One of Jonathan's greatest songs. Thanks for playing it.
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:23pm Fan:

"gotta, oughta, nada..." nice
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:23pm Joe B:

sorry BR, pretty sure they are not handy in the library here.

Hi all, thanks for tunin in/commenting!
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:24pm Bad Ronald:

No worries, thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:25pm Fan:

Joe - You could cause a summer rebellion here... running bare foot out into the parking lot and trying to surf the first card board box I find...
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:26pm Fan:

it is like Beach Boys and Big Star... but better
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:28pm SmokinJ:

A fine day for Rockin'! Finally a coolish late summer day. Ready for fall? I am!
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:41pm Midwest Man:

Joe, got any 99ers handy? would love to hear their version of Dynamite.
  Thu. 8/11/11 12:52pm Cheri Pi:

Crazy good set!
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:00pm efd:

Many thanks for all the pluggage!
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:01pm Joe B:

four great bands! one great show!
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:02pm KevinWho:

loving this Radio Birdman
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:04pm Del:

I'm missing Cute Lepers Adventure Time from my collection. Time to hit ebay me thinks
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:12pm Stevel:

Dex Romweber is one of the better tickets out there. Great show about six months back here in the heartland.
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:19pm Joe B:

Yes, dex brings it! Unfortunately we have to wait until November for him to come back here
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:20pm T-Zero:

Hi, Joe B. Any chance of hearing Johnny Thunders (by himself)?
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:26pm Joe B:

You got it T!
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:27pm Frank Lee:

Some Trashwomen would be cool
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:28pm T-Zero:

Thank you! I was going to ask instead for Hot Night by this California band called Summer. But couldn't find anything on them. Too obscure maybe.
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:32pm T-Zero:

Thanks again, Mr B!
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:40pm Frank Lee:

Joe, any Man or Astro-Man?
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:40pm ?:

Joe, did you say the Monkees cancelled its tour?
Drag that Buffalo Springfield decided to not do any East Coast touring. Hear they were great — not from the NY Times vague review.
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:45pm Joe B:

@Frank, I will look

@? - yup, Monkees tour is off including 2 remaining NJ dates. Springfield sounded great from the youtube clips, check them out, lotta good ones up there
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:45pm T-Zero:

@? Their Facebook page says they cancelled for "business concerns" they couldn't discus.
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:50pm Frank Lee:

Thanks Mr B. :)
Would ask if you've got the debut album by The Fuzzrites, but don't want to push my luck ;)
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:52pm KevinWho:

yes! my fave FM song!
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:54pm Fan:

I'm in love with Fleetwood mac lately (summer time to fall?)... Danny Kirwan stuff especially, but Mama McVie does the trick.
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:55pm KevinWho:

with Diken, this is a remarkable 3 song sequence
  Thu. 8/11/11 1:57pm KevinWho a/k/a Dept. of Redundancy Dept.:

(i guess since i remarked on it, it is therefore remarkable. duh.)
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:11pm Frank Lee:

grrrr server crashed, had to run downstairs and reboot the router :(
Thanks for "Man or Astro-Man?" Mr B
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:13pm GeoK:

Diken/Bell Sound @ Morris Museum, Morristown 8/20! http://www.morrismuseum.org/JerseyRocksaHistoryofRockandRoll.html
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:15pm KevinWho:

that A-Lines rawked. Joe B, you are killing today
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:17pm Joe B:

Thanks Kevin! glad everyone dug the fleetwood mac tune

thanks George!
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:18pm Keef:

Woohoo Neanderthals!
Hope they do another tour soon
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:21pm Michael K.:

THaNX for the "transistor radio on the beach" summer music JoE!!
♥ YoU!!!
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:22pm seang:

Hell Yes!
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:24pm seang:

Dickinson Rules all!
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:30pm ?:

Thanks Joe, Great show as per usual. Am really looking forward to the Deniz Tek show. How'd ya score that one? Have any idea who''s in his band?
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:30pm Nanker de Tucson:

Torquays sound a bit like old Rolling Stones
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:41pm Keef:

Torquays started up about the same time as The Stones
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:42pm T-Zero:

As many of what's been played show the influence, might I make one more surf rock request (or would that be pushing it)? Something from the very early The Ventures?
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:44pm Joe B:

running out of time to run to the library, sorry! thanks though, would love to play some. here we just have the routine best-ofs for the ventures
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:46pm T-Zero:

@Joe B. Hey! Not a problem. A completely inconsequential personal note... the very first album my parents ever bought for me was The Ventures s/t album. lol
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:49pm Stevel:

Puppet on a String=great song! Sounds like a cover, but, while there are songs past with that title, none sound much like it.
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:57pm T-Zero:

Heh, should have said first "rock" album.

@Joe B: Thanks for another great show.
  Thu. 8/11/11 2:59pm Keef:

Great show, shame you can't do the show in the library :)
  Thu. 8/11/11 3:02pm Cecile:

great show, joe!
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