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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options September 12, 2011: featuring the jampackedenest new bin i've ever seen!

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Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Haunted House  Millie's Not Afraid   Options Blue Ghost Blues  Northern-Spy    0:00:00 ()
The National Fanfare of Kadebostany  Fast "King Rashaa" Mercedes   Options Songs From Kadebostany  Mental Groove    0:09:31 ()
The Oscillation  Future Echo   Options Future Echo  All Time Low    0:14:16 ()
Your Food  Leave   Options V/a, Bold Beginnings : An Incomplete Collection Of Louisville Punk 1978-1983  Noise Pollution    0:19:47 ()
Eric Copeland  Whorehouse Blues   Options 7"  PPM  yep, Black Dice guy in gutbucket blues mode  0:22:27 ()
Wolfgang Voigt  Kafkatrax 1.1   Options Kafkatrax  Profan    0:25:00 ()
Banda Black Rio  Deixa Estar   Options SuperNovaSambaFunk  Farout    0:31:11 ()
Polyphony  Forty Second Thing in 39 Seconds   Options Without Introduction  Gear Fab    0:35:45 ()
cohen-core mini-set
Case Studies  From The Blade of My Love   Options The World is Just a Shape to Fill the Night  Sacred Bones    0:49:15 ()
John Terlazzo  The Old Code   Options Honour Among Thieves  private press    0:49:17 ()
Bela Tarr  Likuim   Options Pulsar  Uganda    0:54:13 ()
Angel  Dark Matter Leak   Options 26000  Mego    0:57:54 ()
w/ Karen Carpenter  Superstar Isolated   Options V/a, Snooki Pickled Your iPod!    Pseu Braun's 2011 WFMU Marathon Premium CD  0:59:56 ()
Patrick Burke  Factory Melody   Options Silence And Timing    solo project from Parasites of the Western World member  1:04:38 ()
High Wolf  Swallow Pills With Ganga River Water   Options A Guide to Healing 7"  Bathetic    1:07:19 ()
Zombie Zombie  The Thing Main Theme   Options Plays John Carpenter  Versatile    1:13:52 ()
Karen Carpenter  Superstar Isolated   Options V/a, Snooki Pickled Your iPod!      1:20:49 ()
Barn Owl  The Darkest Night Since 1683   Options Lost in the Glare  Thrill Jockey    1:24:27 ()
Count Vertigo  X Patriots   Options 7"  Mississippi    1:41:07 ()
Transparent Illusion  Malice Way   Options Still Human  Anna Logue    1:43:23 ()
Lich King  Lich King III (World Gone Dead)   Options Super Retro Thrash  Stormspell    1:45:44 ()
Essendon Airport  Re-funkt   Options Palimpsest  Chapter Music    1:51:27 ()
King Crimson  Neal and Jack and Me   Options Beat  EG    1:55:44 ()
Standard of Living  Don't Worry   Options Six Songs EP  Vinyl Records    2:00:06 ()
Blank realm  Hey! Little Child   Options 7"  Negative Guest List  cover: Alex Chilton  2:02:38 ()
M  M Factor   Options Pop Muzik 7"  Sire    2:06:40 ()
Isolation Ward  Absent Heart   Options S/t 12"  Crépuscule    2:09:12 ()
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  Secta Nefaria   Options INRI  no label    2:13:11 ()
The Electric Family  Careful With That Axe, Eugene   Options Ice Cream Phoenix  Sireena Records    2:17:47 ()
Kiyohiko Senba + The Haniwa All-Stars  unknown title   Options     yerterb  2:32:07 ()
Rockfour  Me, Me, And What Keeps Us Apart   Options The Man Who Saw It All      2:37:18 ()
Two Tears  Senso Unico   Options Eat People 7"  Kind Turkey    2:41:29 ()
Ruth Veln Kiss  Pleasure   Options I Was 21 Yrs Old and Now No More  Sometimes    2:44:46 ()
Gold Leaves  Hard Feelings   Options The Ornament  Hardly Art    2:46:53 ()
Palindromes  Parity * Indicate   Options Deified  360 Records    2:50:51 ()
Shitty / Awesome  Avalanche   Options S/t  Guestroom    2:52:05 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 9/12/11 3:04pm Wild Neil:

This is some frightening shit, Scott!
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

feels like it's going to build and BUILD
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:08pm BSI:

Freaking wonderful. Reminding me of some of that choice Ax Genrich solo material from a while ago. You gots, boss?
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:11pm Wild Neil:

As my classical guitar teacher (who was really a JAZZ) guitarist used to say, tension then release etc etc...as you said DEC.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:11pm Wild Neil:

err..DCE,. sorry!
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

works with sex too
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:13pm Brian in UK:

Push it Scott Push it.

PS Hello. Ever been to Shropshire?
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:16pm Scott W:

Dudes! Wuddup? Brian in UK, nope; BSI, dunno will check!
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:16pm BSI:

These have been my very favorite seventeen minutes of recent memory.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:17pm F.Z.:

"You should be diggin' it while it's happenin!
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:19pm Wild Neil:

I actually like these songs alot! Keep this vibe up, man, it rocks!!!!!
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I had a great 17 minutes over the weekend...but yeah, this ranks right up there with those 17 minutes.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:22pm Scott W:

whoah, BSI / DCE / 17-min club, sweet, thanks!
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:23pm T-Zero:

Scott, glad to hear The National Fanfare of Kadebostany, being played again. Joe McG played it last week and it nabbed my attention then too. Great piece. I'd missed them being played on other earlier programs, to my misfortune.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I never made it to the mile high club, though
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:25pm Alex:

More Heaven 17!
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:27pm Domenic:

this is great....the whorehouse stuff
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:32pm Marky Mark:

Come on Come on Come on. Feel teh vibration.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:37pm Hairy Palms:

This song...I feel sexy.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:38pm Scott W:

39 seconds, huh hairy palms?
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:40pm BSI:

Did somebody's pet peeve all over the headphones?
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:40pm Wild Neil:

I dislike AutoCad strongly, it is 2D not 3d.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:41pm Brass Knuckles:

Is this some kind of sexual analogy? I'm 10. I don't follow.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:44pm John Madden:

You see, what you gotta do is penetrate the gap and make sure to beat off the guys coming from the left side. Or you could settle and just lob it in between the goalposts and see if you can at least score.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:45pm mustafa Ben loaded:

I have some sauerkraut fermenting. Another week it will be perfect to have with that Brian turner sausage
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:54pm Carmichael:

Yikes, hi everyone. Interesting comments board reading right out of the .. uh ... "box".
Brian, Isn't Shropshire where Fairport have their annual reunion?
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:55pm the glowing one:

sounds like Last Year's Man
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:01pm BSI:

  Mon. 9/12/11 4:02pm Wendy del Formaggio:

It's just the radio...
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:04pm dc pat:

Karen Carpenter gives me the willies...
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:04pm Upchuuck:

Do you feel better now?
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:05pm Wendy del Formaggio:

DC Pat, it's Richard who really gives me the creeps, at least the Richard portrayed in the Todd Haynes movie. This song doesn't need him, and neither did Karen.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:05pm tony:

Yeah, especially with the addition of the alienating sound effects.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:07pm dc pat:

I dunno, something about her too cheery voice and dietary secrets make me want to run away.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:08pm Rygar G. Tate:

Bulimia...it's what's for dinner then dessert.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:09pm Carmichael:

Paul Williams gives me the creeps. He wrote a bunch of their stuff (although not Superstar), and I get a vision of that helmet-haired hobbit every time I hear her sing.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:10pm Scott W:

watch some live footage where she takes the cheery out of her voice -- she's just the best
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:10pm Wendy del Formaggio:

DC Pat, those aren't dietary secrets, sadly. Lots of other people use them, to similar ends.
See, her "cheery" voice is what kills me, in a good way. She was so painfully sad, and on the surface, her voice sounds cheery, or at least "up," but upon ever-so-slightly closer examination, the cheer falls away and something more is revealed. I find her voice clear, beautiful and heart-renderingly sad.
Goodness, where did that come from?!? I blame cheese.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:12pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I agree with Carmichael on Paul Williams, though. Ever since I was a kid and I had to see his creepy mug on the Muppet Show, I've been leery of him. Did nobody ever find him with kiddie porn? I mean, really. His visage screams "diddler."
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:14pm BSI:

speaking of which, I still need to see Phantom of the Paradise. Can't imagine why I haven't done this yet.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:14pm FBI:

we can't indict Paul Williams on hearsay.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:16pm Wendy del Formaggio:

FBI: Of course not, but it goes toward "state of mind." Sorry. I watch way too much Law & Order.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:17pm dc pat:

hmm ok but I'm still going to run away...In fact time to go home and watch US Open final..................................what?!
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:17pm CIA:

Guilty of crimes against taste.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:18pm Serena:

You're unattractive inside.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:20pm Carmichael:

BSI, Phantom is so wonderfully dated. Hip 70s rockers making statements about society, with Paul Williams as the devil. Most of the songs are unlistenable, which is why I love it. Except for the Juicy Fruits and their song "Upholstery".
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Mon. 9/12/11 4:24pm Bobby Darin:

Good thing I'm not really a Carpenter. I don't want to have anything to do with this!
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:25pm Jesus:

Did someone say carpenter?
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:27pm Torture chamber:

Black metal Carpenter.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:28pm jaycjay:

Carpenters of Black Metal, if we're going to stick with precedent.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:28pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh, hey Jesus, we got this door that needs fixed, and the cabinets in the kitchen are sort of saggy and...
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:31pm DOCTOR SCIENCE:

Barn Owl was rad and LOUD at the Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh this weekend
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:32pm jaycjay:

Hey Doctor Science, did you happen to catch White Ring at Hopscotch?
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:32pm Randy in NC:

@DS -- You were Hopscotching? Me too. I only got to the outdoor shows though...
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:33pm BSI:

We got Barn Owl down here in DC for the Sonic Circuits fest this week. Sunday. Looking forward to that like crazy-legs hellfire whoopie stuff.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:34pm DOCTOR SCIENCE:

Sorry, no White Ring for me at Hopscotch. First rule of Hopscotch is that you can't see everything
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:37pm jaycjay:

heh, yeah, no doubt. Just curious because the singer is my roommate. She got back from NC late last night so I haven't had a chance to ask her how it went.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:38pm slab:

I had that carpenter song in my head way before he played it. Must be that Scott played some kind of warped slowed down version of it my subconscious brain picked up on
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:46pm BSI:

Count Vertigo: great sound. Leaves me a-hankerin' for Feederz. Lovely sounds.
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:54pm the glowing one:

it's over and I already thought that SID file was looped
  Mon. 9/12/11 4:59pm Jack K.:

Now we are on the road.
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:00pm the glowing one:

nice song transitions, Scott, one song fits to the next
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:00pm Randy in NC:

Scott thanks for playing this! Anyone going to the Belew/Levin shows?
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:04pm the glowing one:

Standard of Living... have they been re-released on CD?
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:05pm hubba:

late today... horrible, horrible day. Hey Scott... was listening to End of an Ear this past week... Las Vegas Tango pt.1 is pretty sweet. Thanks for the tunes today.
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:07pm Scott W:

Sorry to hear Hubba! Have a seat, take a tonic. the glowing one, I don't think so. mp3s yo
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:10pm Mr. Lowry:

Whoa, major flashback.
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:10pm Carmichael:

I may be mistaken, but I believe that Standard of Living song kicks ass.
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:11pm Lounge lizards:

  Mon. 9/12/11 5:12pm the glowing one:

@scott: I thought so. btw, I found a picture of a mint shrink wrapped Six Songs EP... http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1120314
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:12pm hubba:

Robin Scott... wish I would've held onto that Sunbeam reissue... kinda weird that he did folky stuff, and THIS
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:13pm Hauswolf:

  Mon. 9/12/11 5:14pm the glowing one:

the Disques du Crépuscule label was a good one
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:30pm the glowing one:

  Mon. 9/12/11 5:31pm Jack:

Lich King, I would have to imagine that it refers to the fantasy trope of an undead magician, a lich. if it's nerdy metal, it's almost certainly that
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:34pm Jack:

by the way, what is the music you're speaking over? is that the rite of spring?
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:34pm Scott W:

Thanks Jack and the glowing one. So how's it pronounced?
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:35pm Scott W:

that was Ravel's Bolero, done by the Quebec disco production known as Kebekelektrik
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:37pm the glowing one:

I would say either "like" or "leek" as it means corpse and corpse is pronounced either way in germanic languages.
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:39pm Jack:

derp! when I hear bolero, I always imagine the dinosaur sequence in Fantasia, which I know is the rite of spring, which never comes back into my head
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:39pm the glowing one:


/laɪk/ -> like
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:47pm Jack:

and for anyone who cares, I just realized I picture the dinosaur sequence from Fantasia when I hear Bolero because, in the satire of Fantasia, Allegro Non Tropo, the sequence ribbing the Rite of Spring plays Bolero.
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:50pm Droog:

YOU are a Wholly man!
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:54pm Sandy in Houston:

Awesome show today Scott!
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:56pm cap:

yeah, great show!
  Mon. 9/12/11 5:58pm Carmichael:

Thanks, Scott!
  Mon. 9/12/11 6:01pm Ike:

"Shitty/Awesome" is kind of an awesome name for a band. Nifty show, Scott.
  Mon. 9/12/11 6:08pm m p:

another great 3 hours, scott
  Mon. 9/12/11 6:15pm Scott W:

thanks very much everyone! was big fun today
  Wed. 9/14/11 4:28pm Waqas:

i drove to college while listening to your show. one of the best 60 minutes i've spent :)). wfmu does that a lot with me. your music works really well while in motion. also love the 8-bit electro sound.
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