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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options October 10, 2011: another sad tr.i.p.le

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Y Society  Hole in Your Pocket   Options Travel At Your Own Pace  Damu the Fudgemunk   
Falun Gong  Emotion   Options Milligram Retreat    0:02:54 ()
Genocide Organ  s.low / the lord is my light   Options Under-Kontrakt    0:06:43 ()
Bert Jansch  Blacksmith (live)   Options An Acoustic Hour With Bert Jansch  R.I.P.  0:13:07 ()
Pentangle  The Snows   Options Solomon's Seal    0:17:19 ()
Yo La Tengo  Needle Of Death   Options   cover: B. Jansch  0:20:48 ()
Harold Biffen  Frosty Murray and the Motor Company   Options The Wormhole and the Hymn    0:24:18 ()
Bee Mask  Deducted from Your Share in Paradise   Options Elegy for Beach Friday    0:25:48 ()
Zodiac Free Arts Club  Sonntags in Altona   Options Floating World    0:31:13 ()
Bert Jansch  The Gardener   Options Jack Orion    0:37:07 ()
Kevin Ayers  May I?   Options Shooting at the Moon  R.I.P. David Bedford  0:44:14 ()
David Bedford  The Sirens   Options The Odyssey    0:48:01 ()
Kevin Ayers & The Whole World  Why Are We Sleeping   Options Hyde Park Free Concert 1970    0:57:13 ()
Sun Ra, SW remix  What A Great Joke   Options V/a, Interplanetary Remixes: WFMU Reinterprets the Music of Sun Ra  you maka da pledge, you getta da disc! we all got together on this disc, ton of staff remixes, it's amazing - $100 pledges  1:09:14 ()
David Hess & John Corigliano  Odyssey / The Faces Are The Same / When Love is Free   Options The Naked Carmen  R.I.P. David Hess  1:24:48 ()
David Hess  Phillis Spills Her Guts   Options sdtk, "Last House On The Left"    1:32:36 ()
David Hess  Vagabond   Options   yerterb  1:35:49 ()
David Hess  Now You're All Alone / Mayhem Montage   Options sdtk, "Last House On The Left"    1:40:01 ()
Neon Indian  Polish Girl   Options Era Extraña    1:44:51 ()
The Martinis  Hungover   Options Charles 'Packy' Axton-Late Late Party-1965-67    1:58:40 ()
Radiation City  Summer is Not An Act 1   Options The Hands That Take You    2:01:05 ()
Still Corners  Into The Trees   Options Creatures of an Hour    2:04:49 ()
Craft Spells  From the Morning Heat   Options Idle Labor    2:08:21 ()
Pooh Sticks  I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan Mcgee Quite Well / Heroes & Villains   Options Orgasm    2:12:29 ()
Information Society  Run Away   Options Synthesizer    2:16:01 ()
Robert Lawrence & Mark Phillips  Computer Bank   Options V/a, The Hidden Tapes: A Compilation of Minimal Wave from Around the World '79 - '85    2:19:40 ()
Gui Boratto  Flying Practice   Options III    2:24:55 ()
Marcia Griffiths  First Time Ever I Saw Your Face   Options Put a Little Love in Your Heart: Best of, 1969-1974    2:29:38 ()
Vex Ruffin  Sacrifice   Options Crash Course EP    2:33:42 ()
Janis Ian  At 17 (I Got Run Over By a Traktor)   Options     2:36:45 ()
Bert Jansch Conundrum  Where Did My Life Go   Options Thirteen Down    2:40:45 ()
Eve and The Last Waltz  I Got the Message   Options Turpentine    2:47:33 ()
Mist  Mist House   Options House    2:50:26 ()
Galactagogue  Latus Rectum and His Pungent Parabola   Options V/a, Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne    2:53:41 ()
Bert Jansch  Blackwater Side   Options Jack Orion    2:56:33 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 10/10/11 2:49pm Brian in UK:

Got a modest pledge in early Scott. Spreading the wealth around the station.
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:05pm Caryn:

My only question is: who carries water in their pocket anyway? Use a damn bottle or flask or something.
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:05pm Scott W:

Sweet, thanks much Brian! Yeah, we shan't speak of it aloud y'all, but I'd love to see my pledge totals get a bit higher than 5% today! Please show some love fer the shock, the awe, and the show. thanks!
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:08pm jaycjay:

"Money falls out." No water was spilled in the making of that track.
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:10pm Caryn:

Thanks, jaycjay! That's what you get for trying to listen to the radio while your ears are blocked by the flu.
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sudden burst of enthusiastic clapping that ends just as suddenly.
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:19pm Irene:

Thanks for this one, Scott!
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:21pm Irene:

It's amazing that Bert's body of work was so consistently great. "The Snows" with Pentangle if one of the best.
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:21pm Scott W:

yes indeed Irene! wish I got to hear your Bert trib today, will have to hit the archive
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:25pm Looms:

Sweet cover. Hello!
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:26pm Irene:

Oh, it was only 3 songs. I think next week I'll do a more full-on tribute. Sweet to see which songs touched various DJs lives here.
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:27pm Scott W:

Looking forward. Hello Looms!
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:31pm BSI:

  Mon. 10/10/11 3:36pm Scott W:

sup bub?!
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:38pm raga:

scratch committed. hope it helps. and sorry for the txts out of left field, sir.
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:47pm Scott W:

Raga the mensch! thanks buddy, and don't sweat the txts - always nice to hear from you
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:53pm slab:

the thing we got in the mail for the awetober fund raiser looks a lot like the one we get during the marathon. with the levels and premiums, swag and such. I like that it is during October and the record fair being the finale, but it means I have less to give because October is usually the month I spend money on travel and such to the record fair each year. but i suppose if i bought less records and brown bagged my own beer i could save enough for a sizable pledge.
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:56pm Scott W:

"but i suppose if i bought less records and brown bagged my own beer i could save enough for a sizable pledge" you said it slab! right on
  Mon. 10/10/11 3:58pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

man, this is beautiful!
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:01pm Peter:

killer track
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:02pm Brian in UK:

Everyones talking 'bout Bert but David Bedford's demise is a great loss too.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:03pm moose:

i've only ever heard the bongwater version (picture little hearts around the word bongwater) of why are we sleeping
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:04pm Brian in UK:

They used to hold the free concerts in the Park in a little gazebo in the south east corner. Needless to say the Stones in '69 needed a litte more space.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:04pm Scott W:

Kevin ayers has done like 1000 versions of it himself and they're nearly all stellar. Our Rich Hazelton does a pretty smoking version too.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:05pm Ken:

C'mon peoples! Scott gives and gives and gives! Pledge $15 and get a slab of WFMU Miracle Soap, which actually works and which we're running out of. I'm talking suds and every damn thing.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:07pm Brian in UK:

David Bedford, Kevin Ayres, Lol Coxhill, Mike Oldfield. Some company.
Is that Ken the station manager? If so, can you tell me how honest people are with their pledging?
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:10pm Ken:

yes brian, it is I. Not sure what you mean - but there is not a way to fake a pledge - payment has to actually be made via credit card or paypal.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:10pm slab:

i am always awed by wfmu and also during this special month of awetober. wfmu never fails to awe. but I am not sure it has shocked much in the month so far. I'm talking shock value of Kenny G, station manager Ken when he goes off his skull, and the general bizarreness that seemed to happen at wfmu a few years ago but doesn't seem there as of late. am I missing something? Clay Pidgeon seems to bring on the weird and shock sometimes. so far this month has been heavy on the awe light on the shock. but maybe it should be that way.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:11pm Ken:

You cant force the weirdness, Slab. It's gotta come naturally. Now just buy a brown bag and pledge to Scott.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:12pm Brian in UK:

Come to think of it I might have been at this gig!!! I was at the Stones.
Ken. What I meant was when you ring it thru you get a bill and if the bill is not paid...... does this make sense?
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

buy a couple of brown bags, while you're at it

I thought that sounded like Mike Oldfield on that Odyssey track...wow!
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:14pm Brian in UK:

You want shock & awe Sparky?

  Mon. 10/10/11 4:15pm Brian in UK:

DCE Check out David Bedford, he passed on Oct 1st. He has produced MO & KA amongst others.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:17pm Ken:

Brian - for the marathon in March, people can make an unpaid pledge, that's true. Right now you can't. In March, 35% of those unpaid pledges never get paid. But fortunately almost all the pledges these days are pre-paid. Now I want somebody to pledge to Scott's show.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:20pm Brian in UK:

Thanks thats what I meant Ken. Bastards. This is the only way to minimise everyones workload. WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:21pm Caryn:

Whose version of "Don't Sleep on the Subway" & "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" is that playing in the background?
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:24pm Ike:

Hoboken, "way up away from... the douchey part." Har har har har har! Scott makes me laugh with the truth.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:24pm PMD:

@Ken... 35%?? That's obscene...
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:24pm Brian in UK:

Scott, have you been to Belgium?
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that is a pretty terrible statistic right ova dere
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:25pm slab:

what is the sparky thing Brian in the UK? I've heard you use that before. can we brown bag to this beer pull? when my daughter was a baby and toddler I would stuff beer in a diaper bag as a single dad (full time single dad back then, no mommy around) you can fit a six pack in the average size diaper bag.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:27pm BSI:

Oh sweetie jeezus, John Corigliano... I was 12 when Altered States came out, & played the goat-sacrificing HELL out of the soundtrack. Always wondered if he spilled blood elsewhere...
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I have two kids and I admit I have never tried that, slab. My wife would give me hell if I did.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:28pm Brian in UK:

Check the link slab, it's the same name as FMU are using for this (lowers voice) FUCKIN' FUNDRAISER right now. It's all 'bout 'lectricity hence sparky.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:33pm Ken:

Hey. thanks to whoever just pledged to Scott's show! You ROCK! I'm gonna go see who it was and then keep the information to myself.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:33pm slab:

oh, B in K. i thought you were calling me sparky. thought maybe you knew me because that is a reference to something only people in my past would have known. strange. pretty sure you used that sparky thing before when i have posted.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:34pm Brian in UK:

Scott synochronicity, you have raised 19% as has the overall total.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:35pm Ken:

Dont get too worked up by the 35% stat. That is only for phone pledges. Overall, only 8% of March marathon pledges go unpaid because over half of the pledges are paid upfront via credit card and paypal and check.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:36pm Bas, NL:

It was me that just pledged. I'm listening much easier now... ;)
Hi Scott, hi Ken, hi all!!
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:36pm Ken:

Thank you Bas! You're the best!
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:37pm Brian in UK:

Not knowingly slab.

Bas you just blew Ken's kool. Tee Hee.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:38pm slab:


and that does not include the people who paid their pledges in full with brown bags full of pennies that are still being counted by volunteers.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:39pm duri:

cut from another site:
China IS NAZI, communism NOW IS NAZI except IN CUBA, where the real ideals ARE TRYINGLY been kept upheld by good Fidel Castro. Cuba is the ONLY ever communist country THAT DID NOT fall into madness.

how do i get out of here. easy. nappie was no scumbag, folx who think like that are comfortable sofa-intellectuals, sudo-”intellectuals”.

REAL, really TRUELY being-so intellectuals like Chomsky HAVE DA FRIGGIN GUTS to to turkey and help some “dissident” getting freed. Some brave good TRUESCREAMERS like our fieldmarshall Alex Jones MyLord and Liege and OverDuke and Total OverBaron (adhere to the sad fact that most people will take the worde “total” up in a wrong way, here, so misunderstanding here solved most easily, as well :) , have the guts to call for the REAL ISSUES.

The sudo-”Fed”s.

The “Bohemian Grove” childKILLING KKK NAZI SWINE ORG.

first, I abolish dat evil KKK and MARLBORO meaning upside down “OROBL JEW”, and i never listened to vynil records from behind in a reverse manner, that i saw in some stupid docus, good ones also among them, being critical against such rubbish…… oy worlde… where art thou going, i hope OTPOR is kicked out soon and peacefully and easily…. those “DRAFT” shouters here like this mista “51″ are plain crazy… shouting WAR and stuff….. that’s what I call FEARMONGERING… panic spreading….. all SPAMMMMMMM spigeddee spamm, spam spigeddeee spammmm
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:40pm Scott W:

  Mon. 10/10/11 4:43pm slab:

what if someone pledged $5 to ten different shows, would they get the t-shirt?
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:44pm chris:

aw, RIP David Hess and the Ice Cream Song.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:44pm jeff-m:

sort of. has to be 15$ min to a show. think it says when you pledge
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:45pm yair yona (tel aviv, Israel,Earth):

hey scott.
so did I miss the entire Jansch part of the show??
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:48pm Brian in UK:

Scott This is a belter thought I remembered it, trouble played it last week reminded me of Tahiti 80 a bit.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:50pm slab:

so if i pledged $15 to 4 different shows I would qualify for the t-shirt? is it kept track of? during the marathon i do my usual mouse pledge then pledge to individual shows as it goes on. in this month i would like to spread it out too. but still qualify for the dollar amount swag that comes with the ultimate total of pledges amount.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:53pm Mike East:

slab - I've done that, and yes it is cumulative.
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

they have massive organization skills down there
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:56pm PMD:

Ken, why not steal KFJC's idea and at the meetups have people throw in their spare change? Or, jeez, you and Andy go sit out on the street and beg for spare change?
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:56pm PMD:

Though, I guess that might feel like you have to pay for Meetups. Which is not the goal... never mind!
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:57pm Ike:

Didn't Ken and Andy already beg for spare change on a 7SD episode once?
  Mon. 10/10/11 4:59pm PMD:

@Ike, I was wondering that... Yes, actually, I believe so... never mind!
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:00pm PMD:

BTW, I double checked the gifts page for pledges and I am so impressed that WFMU used the correct form of the plural of premium that I may give more money...
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:01pm slab:

when i go to the record fair i easily splay out several clams at the pub around the corner McManus pub. it is a wonderful pub and i always sneak out to pound a few pints. it is right around the corner to the record fair. maybe i can drink 35 percent of my beers there and brown bag the rest and give the savings to wfmu.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:04pm Scott W:

who's gonna help me hit the halfway mark today, hmmm? 19% is nice, but after the show I'm 50% thru my showzz fer Awetober!
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:04pm jeff-m:

this Radiation City is really nice
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:07pm Scott W:

yeah jeff i'm with you on this one, it's gorgeous
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:07pm jeff-m:

haha , and then there is this one too...
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:09pm Ken:

Yes Slab, it's all cumulative. If you pledge once and divide it between different shows, it has to be a $15 minimum per show. Of course you can circumvent that and pledge $5 to as many shows as you want but then you have to make a payment each time. Better to stick with the $15 per show.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:09pm Scott W:

mm hmm, yup~ sub pop no less
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:11pm slab:

i think i can do $15 for the show, since it counts for over all pledges. I am addicted to wfmu t-shirts and want it after $50 worth of pledges. I was going to do it all at once but it is nice to see that it can be spread out to support individual shows.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:17pm Ken:

Do it now Slab! The station is way way behind pace on this thing.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:23pm slab:

ok. now i am at the place where i want to select my pledge amount. i can click on $15 and it asks if i want soap or the wuf-mu sticker. or any amount above. if I click on $15 for Scott's show, and another $15 for Ken's show on Wednesday and another $15...and os on...will I get a bunch of bars of soap and no t-shirt?
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:27pm Stanley:

Slab - Joe McGasko will come to the rescue. Grasp the faith!
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:28pm Mike East:

I really want that TShirt too. I just got a mortgage and spent a buttload of money on furniture, moving, various other expenses. When are payment going to be due for this silent marathon (which I was hearing about all last week on 91.1 while painting with no internet)
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:31pm BSI:

great mix of sweetness & slight abrasion. here. in ears.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:34pm slab:

oh, yes. I forgot about Joe. He is on top of it all. That reminds me. I need remember to change my credit card info that i have with wfmu will expire in 2012. Joe actually called my house one time years ago saying that my card date had expired and needed a new date. i wonder how often that happens. reminder to all. i am known in my area as the wfmu t-shirt guy. an area where wfmu isn't all known. but they know it because of me and my t-shirts.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:46pm Mike East:

sorry, what I meant was - When will the payments be due for this silent marathon? I feel like my wife will leave me if I donate money in a month when I'm telling her that she can't buy any of the stuff she wants.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:47pm slab:

last year for halloween I dressed up as my luche libre character with suit and all. you know, the way the luche libre guys dress up in suits when they are not in a match and in interviews. so cool. eithere way i pledge $15 dollars to fifteen minutes left in the show. I will bring the luche libre to the area because i will be there for halloween.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:47pm Stanley:

I was once at a gig, sporting the very latest in WFMU apparel when suddenly the prettiest of girls threw herself on me exclaiming "W-F-M-U"! I thought I was in some sort of dream until I noticed behind her were two big college guys who were none too pleased at their Beau's apparent loss of control and were slowly approaching. I withdrew gracefully but the power of the shirt was truly undeniable.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:52pm Looms:

A couple weeks ago, a gorgeous female coworker told me that my "consistently inconsistent" t-shirt made her feel like twisting my nipples :(
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:54pm Scott W:

Stanley, I don't believe you. Looms, I do believe you.
  Mon. 10/10/11 5:59pm slab:

oh, yes. the wfmu t-shirt of any show our kind can make many females want to jump you. even if they don't know what wfmu is. it is something about the vibes, man, and the staion. and the shirts. that is why wfmu has so many shirts. including a luche libre shirt...which i do not have and want many!!!
  Fri. 10/14/11 3:38pm Moody Moodswing:

That was nice of you 0:)
  Fri. 10/14/11 3:40pm Scott W:

Hi Moody Moodswing! I love your donut.
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