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Options October 19, 2011: Today's program will teach total muscle isolation, elegant hand gestures, and intricate body gyrations

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Barberinni, by Jim Flora, ca. mid-1960s

Dan Tullis & Joel Clark (four audio formats for download)

Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Charlie Hunter  Ode to My Honda Odyssey   Options Gentlemen, I Neglected to Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid  0:03:28 ()
Erik Belgum  Monologues   Options Blodder: Ambient Fiction  0:07:30 ()
Brian Protheroe  Pick-Up   Options Pick-Up  0:15:20 ()
Moon Hooch  Number 8   Options self-titled  0:27:35 ()
Jeffrey Lewis  So What If I Couldn't Take It   Options A Turn in the Dream-Songs  0:30:34 ()
Harry Nilsson  Me and My Arrow   Options The Point  0:36:16 ()
Fastball  Fire Escape   Options All the Pain Money Can Buy  0:39:33 ()
Claude Chalhoub  Tell Me I'm Dreaming   Options self-titled  0:42:59 ()
Fountains of Wayne  I've Got a Flair   Options self-titled  0:51:44 ()
Stephen Duffy & the Lilac Time  Memory and Desire   Options The 2009 Believer Music Issue CD  0:53:56 ()
Pascal Comelade  Madame Yamilah / Cafe Mozart / Mirades Orientales   Options 33 Bars  0:58:20 ()
Bob & Ray  Mr. Trace, Keener Than Most Persons   Options The Lost Episodes, Vol. 4 (bobandray.com)  1:03:58 ()
Amanda  Empire Le Funk   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  1:07:08 ()
Jimmy Smith (drums: Art Blakey)  Billie's Bounce   Options Jimmy Smith at the Organ Vol. 2  1:19:16 ()
Shaolin Afronauts  Shaolin Theme   Options Flight of the Ancients  1:27:02 ()
The Lost Patrol  Lost at Sea   Options Rocket Surgery  1:31:35 ()
Nina Simone  Blues on Purpose   Options I Put a Spell on You  1:35:15 ()
My Disco  Young   Options Little Joy  1:43:29 ()
Von Südenfed  The Young the Faceless and the Codes   Options Tromatic Reflexxions  1:51:40 ()
Haunted Love  San Dominico   Options The 2009 Believer Music Issue CD  1:56:11 ()
Wilmoth Houdini  He Had It Coming   Options Rum and Coca-Cola  2:06:52 ()
Lee Fields  I'm a Millionaire   Options Let's Get a Groove On  2:09:23 ()
John Zorn  Forbidden Fruit   Options Spillane  2:12:58 ()
Joanna Newsom  Good Intentions Paving Co.   Options Have One on Me  2:23:04 ()
Sam Phillips  What It All Means   Options The 2009 Believer Music Issue CD  2:30:07 ()
Teenage Fanclub  The Fall   Options Shadows  2:35:17 ()
Knucklehead  That's My Money   Options self-titled  2:40:11 ()
Amy Rigby  Balls   Options 18 Again  2:42:21 ()
Mike Doughty  Pleasure on Credit   Options Sad Man Happy Man  2:45:29 ()
Final Fantasy  None of You Will Ever See a Penny   Options Has a Good Home  2:48:52 ()
Balancing Act  Whiskered Wife   Options Three Squares and a Roof  2:51:04 ()
Brian Protheroe  Gertrude's Garden Hospital   Options Pick-Up  2:53:36 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 10/19/11 3:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Irwin!
Diggin' the Jim Flora--I know you've dug him for a while!
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:03pm Mussel:

I'm feeling so isolated, sitting here on a cermaic plate...
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:05pm Customer:

Then let me down you with an elegant hand gesture.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:07pm Mussel:

Covered in hot brine...wait, that Customer, what's he doing? He's not rescuing me, OH NO HELP!
(echoes, fades)
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:08pm Matt from Springfield:

"Gentlemen, I Neglected to Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid"..Sounds like one of Irwin's previous show titles.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I am discovering plot holes
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:14pm Garrison Keillor:

This is a better story than I ever told!!
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:15pm still b/p:

Had to get my Kindle realigned when I was going too fast and hit a major plot hole.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:16pm das:

Sounds like a Scott Thompson's Buddy Cole character
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:17pm Brass Knuckles:

That is the worst Irwin impersonation I've ever heard.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:18pm Garrison Keillor:

Can anyone recommend a great 'shroom pizza!
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:18pm Matt from Springfield:

b/p: If you shake that Kindle too hard, the words move around and you get a story like that one.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:20pm Dan and Joel:

Have you heard our new ad with a hard-rock music bed? No shit! We are now TOTALLY "WITH IT" and have our eyes on Flo's demo!
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:21pm Garrison Keillor:

Is that Eddie and Flo?
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:21pm Flo:

Yeah, well just remember, neither one of you can be within 300 yds of me. Judge's orders.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:22pm Dan and Joel:

We heard that certain assholes were going around saying we were stale and out of date and way past worn out. FUCK THAT SHIT.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, this is all from the same Brian Protheroe track? This is most remarkable...
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:23pm Dan and Joel:

@Flo: Can you give us an example, BITCH.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:23pm Garrison Keillor:

Damn the cops are here again. They must have smelled the weed. I will tell them I was cooking with arugula. Be right back. Brought to you by the Ketchup Council.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:24pm Matt from Springfield:

And Dan and Joel, it sounds like they're in an action movie!

Dan: This is Dan Tullis! And I just blasted...
Joe: YOUR - HEAD! (fire machine guns)
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:27pm Dan and Joel:

@Matt: You got it, dude. Massive blockbuster Hollywood movie upcoming, with us as the standard black-white cop partners.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:28pm Dan and Joel:

Go ahead, give the DJ a widgie.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:29pm Samuel L. Jackson & John Malkovich:

The competition's fierce for those most prized roles, so we're working hard for the audition.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:29pm Garrison Keillor:

Front or back widgie?
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:30pm Pseudonyms:

Seems everyone prefers to chat using us today instead of their usual monikers.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:31pm Sue D. Nimm:

  Wed. 10/19/11 3:31pm Garrison Keillor:

Hey I am a Lutheran and Norwegian-American, so I am honest and love fish.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:31pm Characters:

@Pseudonyms: Ever occur to you they may be using US, to express themselves creatively?? Gawd, you're such a jerk!
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:32pm G:

Creativity? Who dat?
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:32pm Dictionary:

@Garrison: You've already contributed "Lake Wobegon syndrome" to us, just retire already!
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:33pm Pseudoku:

Yeah, puzzling.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:33pm Garrison Keillor:

is this Gordon Gecko from the the Belligerent Ladies? I can't retire The New Yorker wont take any of my stories either.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:36pm G:

There are rules! Don't use a name of someone who remotely might really post on FMU.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:37pm Dan B From Upstate:

There are rules?
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:38pm Walter Sobchak:

This is not nam, there are rules.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:38pm G:

Customs. Common sense (if you got it, smoke it)
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:38pm John Allen Paulos, WSJ:

Technically, of course, almost everybody can be above average; in fact, almost everybody has two arms, which is slightly more than the average number of arms.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:38pm Dan B From Upstate:

I mean aside from the unstated but widely accepted "don't be a dick."
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, you can be a dick, but you have to have a certain panache to do it right.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:39pm Matt from Springfield:

This is an interesting Harry Nilsson, never heard this one before.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:39pm Peter O'Toole:

Despite what my name would indicate, I am no dick.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:40pm abby:

this is from the movie, 'the point.'
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:40pm Your DJ Types:

What about logical incongruences? Like me appearing on the page of a DJ who never uses me?
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:40pm G:

@Matt: Sacrcasm will get you everywhere.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:41pm Ratso Rizzo:

Not one of Harry's finest
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this was also used for promoting a poorly designed mid-70s Dodge
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:41pm still b/p:

Is that the same version Harry had in Top 40 rotation in the early 70s? Seems different.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:42pm Ratso:

  Wed. 10/19/11 3:42pm Carmichael:

Nilsson's song was very contextual. If you saw The Point, you'd understand it more, and probably appreciate it just as more.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:42pm Ted Nugent:

Now, let me tell you about MY arrow.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks abby! I've heard the unusual narrations from The Point before, but not any of the regular songs.

@G: No sarcasm, I actually like certain Harry Nilsson songs.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:43pm Harry Nilsson:

I admit that Arrow song sucked
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:43pm Brass Knuckles:

Regarding this song/band, is there a term called "safe rock?"
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:44pm John Lennon:

Yeah, Harry, who knew.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:44pm Dustin Hoffman:

Matt from S'field, that song is from a Nilsson piece that became a movie I voiced called "The Point". Wikipedia says that contractual problems arose with my voice-tracks, and all later versions of the movie use a different actor.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:44pm Harry Nilsson:

John you had a few clunkers too. But your fans won't admit that.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:45pm Carmichael:

There was a pretty good tribute album a few years back, For the Love of Harry. Randy Newman, The Roches, Adrian Belew, Joe Ely, etc ... Fred Schneider does a kick-ass rock version of Lime in the Coconut.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:46pm Harry Nilsson:

So did Flip Wilson
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:46pm G:

@Matt: Sorry, I assumed sarcasm because it's a native language on comments boards, and in addition that Me and My Arrow song was heavily, heavily played when it was on the charts!
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dustin: Didn't know you did the narrations, then again I might have heard the different actor's voice--have to check that out.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:46pm Ringo:

The Nilsson doc is pretty good and well worth your time and it's streaming on Netflix.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:46pm You know my name:

Look up the number.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:47pm John Lennon's toilet (Net worth $35,000,000)):

Yer full of it
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:47pm Frank Zappa:

So who wants to hear Rat Tomago?
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

y'ins is outta control
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:48pm G:

My, aren't we energetic this afternoon. All-day rain in NYC is keeping people inside off the streets and at computers, perhaps.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:48pm Noddy Holder:

Hellooooo everybody!!!!
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:50pm Frank Zappa:

You need the secret decoder ring to figure out the track numbers.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:50pm John Lennon:

Frank Zappa stole Rat Tomago from my album Live in NY.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: You're right about the 'native language' part; however I'm 26 and never heard the original when it was overplayed.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:51pm Sysiphus:

There is no safe rock.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:51pm Decoder Ring:

Drink more Ovaltine
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:51pm Frank Zappa:

No you and Yoko with Phil Spector, stole King Kong from me. I made that mistake to invite you on stage.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:52pm Marshall McLuhan:

Using pseudonyms taken from names of deceased celebrities is acceptable to the rules, as it immediately indicates a conceptual joke.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:52pm Carmichael:

Another hour or so of this banter, and everyone will suddenly peter out and vanish.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:52pm Woody Allen:

You nothing about Marshall McLuhan
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:53pm Woody Allen:

Hey Hoagy chill out
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:53pm Yoko Ono:

Frank, you are scumbag
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:53pm still b/p:

The moniker is the message.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:54pm Mark Zuckerberg:

This is why I think it's best people are only allowed one identity on the web.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:54pm AnAnonymousParty:

Don't fall for that "if you ain't part of the solution, you're part of the problem" crap. Objective observers fulfill a vital role. Don't bow to peer pressure.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:54pm Facebook:

Many people have multiple accounts.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:55pm Frank Zappa:

Well I do give you credit for accelerating the Beatles demise. Kudos
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:56pm Jimmy Carl Black:

I'm the indian of the group
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mark: Cited as one reason you prevailed over MySpace--an .edu email was required (including when I joined), so there were less joke and alias pages. But what about now? It's slowly going to become less controlled over time.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:56pm AnAnonymousParty:

Sounds like Fountains of Wayne don't fear the reaper.
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:57pm Chaos:

Come to the dark side!
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:57pm Netflix:

We are fixing our recent mistakes! You can now stream from our combined music and movie service. Special this week: Three Coins in the Fountains of Wayne
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:58pm Pools of Ho Ho Kus:

I wish our band was as successful as the Fountains
  Wed. 10/19/11 3:59pm Napster:

Spare any change for a cup of starbuck?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:01pm Septic Tanks of JC:

@Pools: YOU have problems?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:01pm Justin Bond as Kiki LuRaine:

I've done a nifty version of "Coconuts" too. Irwin's played it. Just saying.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:01pm Owen WIlson:

Hey is Woody still here? I need my paycheck.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:02pm Shep:

D.Ring, appreciate the shout-out.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:04pm Alcohol:

So anyone up for a party?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:05pm bananas:

wow, this comment board is me today.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:07pm Tom Carvel:

Yeah bananas, you better split. Dont forget Wednesday is Sundae at Carvel
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:10pm Matt from Springfield:

It's always Empire Le Funkytown when Amanda's playing!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:11pm Luke Wilson:

I don't even understand what's going on here. Is there anyone here that can help me?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:11pm Old HIckory:

hey Bananas, Hey Alcohol.

What time is that thing? i'm dressing up like all the Pointer Sisters
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:11pm Lipps Inc:

What Matt said!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:12pm das:

Can somebody explain to me the significance of Mimi in the lyrics of Amanda?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:12pm Billy Ocean:

Wow, Old Hickory I think the party starts now!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:13pm Matt from Springfield:

@das: When Amanda sings as "Amanda", she calls the character "Mimi Cookie".
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:14pm Tom Scholz:

Yes and I wrote a song about her
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:15pm Owen Wilson:

What kind of orange background is that? I want to say it's Tangelo, but it could be a Mardigras Gold.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:16pm Martha Stewart:

  Wed. 10/19/11 4:16pm New Jersey State Color Authority:

It's either West Orange or East Orange.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:16pm Harry Belafonte:

I think it's mango.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:17pm Amandaddict:

I'll tell YOU when I've had enough! Judge of quality--I'll be the judge of QUANTITY! I need MORE!!! I'm jonesin' man!!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:18pm The Web:

Leave me alone
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:19pm jaycjay:

Not just you, Irwin. There actually are some high-level network issues today:
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:19pm AnAnonymousParty:

590 nanometers
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:20pm UCB:

I am across the streeet from an S&M club. Only $20 before midnight there.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:21pm The Heart:

This is exciting--in the sense that this jazzy rhythm is causing me to beat a little faster.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:22pm Free Clinic:

Just down the street too! Come get tested TODAY!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:22pm das:

Thanks fer explaining my Amanda query, Matt.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:23pm Irwin:

@jaycjay: can you explain those #'s to me? curious.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:23pm Hip Hep C:

Hey are you trying to get rid of me?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@JCJ: Interesting, never knew about the website. No problems with me, but Virginia (Ashburn) is running at 93, so I seem to be one of the luckier ones.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Anytime, das.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:26pm Internet:

I'm not slow. I'm bandwidth challenged.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:27pm G:

  Wed. 10/19/11 4:27pm the Organ:

Jimmy, you make me feel so ALIVE!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:28pm Al Gore:

Shut up, I own you Internet!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:28pm jaycjay:

It might be more clear if you look at the index page that North America's performance right now is notably sub-par:
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:28pm the Drums:

take it easy, Art! that hurts!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:29pm Kirk Lazarus:

This comment board has gone full retard.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:30pm Second Life:

Love your show Irwin. Are you ever going to broadcast on Second Life? I know the web is slow, but that is no excuse.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:30pm jaycjay:

@Irwin, the FAQ on the site explains it all as well or better than I could:
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:34pm 1994:

Is it still funny to yell "Skynryd" at concerts?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

People are still doing that, even at noise shows. it's so un-funny it's ridic.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:35pm Walter Cronkite:

Don't ask me.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:36pm jaycjay:

Never heard anyone yell "Skynyrd" at a concert. It was actually "Free Bird!" But in any case, no. Not funny.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:37pm 1974:

What about the fake arrow through the head, that's still funny right?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:37pm Robert Plant:

How abot Stairway? Do you remember laughter?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:39pm Old HIckory:

oh hi Billy

how you burning baby girl?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:39pm Groupie:

No, but I remember a mudshark.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:39pm Wayne:

No "Stairway"? De-nied!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:40pm 1974:

I remember the pet rock
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:40pm Robert Plant:

Well Wayne, you can take those fountains and . . .
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:41pm Frank Zappa:

Yes that mudshark of your mythology
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:43pm Tech Guy:

Throw the printer out the window or down a stairwell. That ALWAYS solves the problem.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:44pm Robert Plant:

Stairway to Printing
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:45pm Skynyrd:

Some of us are dead. Is that enough to qualify for automatic irony?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:45pm AnAnonymousParty:

@Irwin, my car's not running right, could you come over and beat the crap out of it? Or at least send it a threatening email?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Feel like a man for a change? I thought you only "Feel Like A Woman" when you're with Kenny G.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:45pm Brass Knuckles:

Like my old NES when the game wasn't working. Take out the cartridge, blow violently into it, stick it back in, then slam the top of the console a few times.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:48pm Matt from Springfield:

With technology it often depends on the person. I've found that being nice to machines doesn't work, and for me hitting machines with physical violence also doesn't.

Instead what I found works is to use mental cruelty on them--say how worthless and expendable they are, openly fantasize about their replacement--and usually they lose the will to resist.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@Brass K: Ah, fond memories! I can still mime that action--(hit the center eject panel, pull cartridge out, point towards my face, purse my lips and blow real hard at the metal shape on the bottom). Ah...
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:51pm My Cat:

Pay attention to me stat! Or else I will lie down on the ihgfurghphnerjard
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:52pm Kenny G:

Hey did you see me on SNL with Foster the People. Screw Pat Metheny!
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:53pm Pat Metheny:

What did I do?
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:54pm Kenny G:

You are a hater! Google your rant about me.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:56pm Kenny G:

Ooops I am sorry. I think you were right Pat.
  Wed. 10/19/11 4:58pm Pat Metheny:

Admitting you have a problem IS the first step.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:00pm Zamfir:

Pretending to be Kenny G. is just lame.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:01pm The Other Kenny G:

So, which one AM I?
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:03pm Slim Whitman:

I agree with Zamfir
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:06pm AnAnonymousParty:

Ooh, that's weird. I live in Worden. I'll bet I know that guy.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:06pm Matt from Springfield:

(psst . . a very QUIET thank you !)
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:07pm Matt from Springfield:

(oh, and by the way . . . ) DONATE!!!!
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@Irwin: Have you ever played the trash-talking songs by Wilmouth towards Roaring Lion (and vice versa) back to back?
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:11pm Irwin:

@Matt: those are called picongs (war songs). Great stuff.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:16pm Hey . . .:

How about some Mohammed Rafi?Jaan Pehechaan Ho for instance
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:16pm Zorn Rules:

I have this album on cassette OMG
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Occasionally I'll listen to a Muriel's Treasure archive--I can see if I can pick out the picongs from there.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:18pm glenn:

irwin, this should be right up your alley. /www.earthstation1.com/BullDada.html
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:27pm Carmichael:

1st I thought this was Todd Rundgren, then Carole King. interesting ....
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:28pm kat330:

Usually I dislike the "little girl" and "nasally" sounds, but I quite enjoy this.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:29pm Aaron Neville:

Well, it sure ain't me.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:29pm Carmichael:

Kate Bush? Jane Siberry? Never heard of this of this person, but it sounds great.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:30pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary. Should we celebrate by going to the WFMU meet-up at Maxwell's tomorrow? Do you think my wife would enjoy that?
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:30pm Aaron Neville's Mole:

I'll take credit.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:30pm kat330:

Yeah, an alto Kate Bush.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:31pm AnAnonymousParty:

You should make a donation instead of getting a gift. Classy.
The gift that keeps on giving.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:33pm glenn:

awesome. sam phillips is great. it helps that jay bellerose is easily the best drummer going.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:34pm Listener John:

That Sam Phillips song was really good . . .
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:35pm dc pat:

Try Joanna's first album--WAY better
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:35pm Herpes:

Did someone say "gift?"
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:42pm kat330:

  Wed. 10/19/11 5:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Donation is sent. Keep on rockin'!
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:44pm Travelling Knuckleheads:

Got my min set on my money.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:46pm George:

I think Snoop said it best - got my mind on my money . . .
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:46pm American Pear Board:

We have a informational brochure on how to start a pear orchard.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:49pm Matt from Springfield:

I'd be interested in a pear orchard. But do you also have advice on marketing and selling the pears?
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:51pm American Pear Marketing Board:

We'd love to hear from you. Are you planning on growing a pear?
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:55pm Legs McNeil:

Please kill me.
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

I've got a pear, but just one...what about a pair of pears?
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:56pm George:

Thanks Irwin for da show
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes, great show today Irwin! Have a good night!

Use a pear to beat that Epsom printer! You'll feel like you got a pear!
  Wed. 10/19/11 5:58pm Carmichael:

As a fan of jangly music, I look forward every week to this show. Thanks again, Irwin.
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