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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options October 21, 2011

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Karpaty Magiczne  Plecy Utopii / Pieśń   Options Księga Utopii  0:00:00 ()
Biota  Circling These   Options Almost Never  0:16:36 ()
Kemialliset Ystavat  Älä   Options Ullakkopalo  0:41:41 ()
Scratch Pet Land  Next Is Papa Kaba Trio / Big Grey Ears   Options Solo Soli iiiii  0:55:48 ()
Frank Pahl  Ruth Perry's Pictures   Options Remove the Cork  1:01:19 ()
Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier  Valse Noire   Options Music for Violin and PIano  1:05:02 ()
Organisation  Noitasinagro   Options [bonus track on CD of Tone Float]  1:12:36 ()
Okay Temiz  Penguin   Options   1:20:30 ()
Okay Temiz  Ocean Roller   Options   1:24:24 ()
Emil Richards  Topaz   Options   1:29:46 ()
Au  Sum   Options   1:31:46 ()
Kuupuu  Kelluvat Meressä Nünkuin Muutkin Roskat   Options Kevatlauluja  1:36:04 ()
Tom Recchion  Out of the Dunes   Options   1:40:51 ()
Martin Tétreault  Induction / Dodo   Options   1:46:27 ()
Steve Moore  A Quiet Gathering   Options   2:02:32 ()
Christoph Heeman  Bounds of Distance   Options   2:24:08 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I am more than glad to be here.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:16pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:16pm Looms:

poing! pong! ping!
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:17pm 100% dc pat:

how do I be here but not at work at the same time?
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:23pm Hugo:

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

has this all been Karpaty Magiczne so far?
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:26pm 100% dc pat:

the "jews" harp has NOT been Karpaty Magiczne, but all the rest has...
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:29pm bryce:

i'm confused!
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, pat, maybe you're really only about 80%, cuz I don't follow you.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:31pm Pauly:

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:32pm 110% dc pat:

not quite ^
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:34pm 110% dc pat:

I'm looking for some of that ol' sinwai music from Korea but can't find nothing like what Doug played an hour or so ago...
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:34pm Fact Man:

The Capital of Nebraska is ____________? (10 pts.)
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:35pm Answer Man:

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:36pm jb:

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:36pm Hugo:

not Alaska
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:36pm Fact Man:

Creative response, Answer Man. You are awarded 3 pts.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:36pm jb:

sorry lincoln
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:37pm Fact Man:

Great JB - 10 pts.!
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:37pm Creative Answer Man:

can I get a cup of coffee with those points?
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:38pm Fact Man:

Hubert ___________ Humphrey? (10 pts.)

Creative Answer Man ... no coffee. A glass of Tang!
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:39pm scornhusker:

Desolate and pulseless.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:40pm Creative Answer Man:

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:40pm 110% dc pat:

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:40pm funetical:

Her Ray She Owe.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:41pm Fact Man Rewards Center:

points may only be redeemed in amounts of 1,000 or greater.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:42pm Fact Man:

Funetical is correct ... Horatio. 10 pts. awarded. Now tied with JB. Answer man trails with 3 pts.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:43pm 110% dc pat:

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:43pm Fact Man:

Real name of KC from the Sunshine Band? (10 pts.)

By the way. Tremendous show Bryce. 5 ots.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:44pm alt quizzer:

How many pounds of meat can be obtained from a professionally dressed giraffe of average adult size?
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:44pm Creative Answer Man:

Kansas Dick, and it's 725lbs of giraffe meat, mostly tongue
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:46pm still b/p:

How is an honor no-Wiki system maintained so only those who really studied get credit?
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:46pm 110% dc pat:

King-sized C***
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ok, Biota is not a google-able band name...
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:47pm Louis Anderson:

Eagle is better than giraffe. Less gamey.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:47pm 110% dc pat:

ok, Harry Wayne...I need some points.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:47pm 110% dc pat:

  Fri. 10/21/11 12:47pm Fact Man:

Sorry ... not Wayne. Close!
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:48pm Fact Man:

DC Pat is Correct! KC's real name is Harry Casey - 10 pts.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:49pm attentive ghost of Steve:

Biota = iBoat.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:50pm Einar:

Biota is Bjork's new one, right. I'm still mad about the 'Cubes
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ok, now I'm CONFUSED.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:52pm Fact Man:

The first heart transplant recipient was?
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:53pm still b/p:

Remember passing biota bags of Icelandic wine at Bjork concerts, man?
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what was in that nutella??
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:55pm Carmichael:

Bernard Goetz
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:55pm Hammerskold:

Smoking biotic reindeer droppings with Gus Gus' bassist.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:56pm Carmichael:

Smoking marijuana is more fun than drinking beer.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that is completely relative, Carm.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:58pm Jimmy "Snacktime" Rodgers:

Nutella, Nutella,
Baby, don't you hear me callin' you
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:58pm mick:

smoking marijuana and drinking beer is more fun than smoking marijuana or drinking beer
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:59pm Head East's Asst. Manager:

Listening to Boston is equally as fun as listening to Styx.
  Fri. 10/21/11 12:59pm Carmichael:

Sorry DCE, I was channeling Phil Ochs.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:01pm Carmichael:

The first heart transplant guy was Barney something.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:02pm Phil Och's Estate:

Was the gold lame too much?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:03pm Van in Dallas:

first heart transplant was a rat named Gus in some lab somewhere. Go Gus!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:03pm Fact Man:

Good guess, Carmichael. The first heart transplant recipient was Louis Washkansky, who died 21-days later. 2 "effort" points awarded.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:05pm Fact Man:

Kemialliset Ystävät hails from what Scandinavian nation?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:05pm Head East L.W. tribute:

Save my life I'm goin' down for the last time!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:05pm Chris from DC:

That'd be Finland.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:06pm Jeff Towncreek:

Flat As A Pancake, LW!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:07pm 110% dc pat:

you sounded like Gibby Haines there for a minute...
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:08pm Jeff Towncreek:

Chris from DC, congratulations! 10 pts. A three-way tie exists now between, DC Chris - DC Pat - JB - and Funetical. Here's our last question ...
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:09pm Creative Answer Man:

  Fri. 10/21/11 1:10pm Fact Man:

Who is the Lt. Governor of North Dakota. Those who KNOW the fact will generally respond quicker than Googlers/
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:10pm Creative Answer Man:

oh shit, buzzed in a little early on that one, Alec
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:10pm Margaret Meehan:

A small, vise-like object?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:10pm bruceleh:

De nada!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:10pm Mao Zedong:

Sing Little Birdie?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:11pm Fact Man:

1 bonus point for laughter, CAM
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:11pm Chris from DC:

Dang, just saw him on the news too.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:11pm Creative Answer Man:

well that sure ain't gittin me no damn coffee now is it???
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:11pm bryce:

really, thank you to all who've been able to pledge a bit. it's really amazing of you :)
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:12pm Carmichael:

Chairman Mao, would you like to play for the lounge suite??
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:13pm Trini Lopez:

Bryce, if ever a man earned those pledges, it's you.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:13pm bruceleh:

Well, it's either to WFMU or up the nose... (giguratively speaking, for myself)
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

"giguratively"...that can work!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:14pm Carmichael:

NDbob would know the answer to this one. Me, I don't give a fuck.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

not when you got ducks quacking at you in stereo...nothing else matters now!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:16pm Carmichael:

My baby's got the most deplorable taste,
and her biggest mistake is hanging over the fireplace.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:16pm Dave:

Ducks on the Wall Kinks 20 pts!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:17pm 110% dc pat:

Drew Wrigley
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:17pm 110% dc pat:

Yeah, I knew that off the top of MY 110% HEAD!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:20pm Chris from DC:

Do I get a copy of the home game for playing?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:22pm Mark Wahlberg:

Wasn't Drew Wrigley the name I adopted as an adult film star in Boogie NIghts?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:23pm apropos of nothing:

top 25 worst cities for young folks
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

boners question: whose penis did Marky Mark adopt for Boogie Nights?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:25pm Dave:

DC PAT is the WINNER! Your prize is knowing that you possessed superior intellect and quick-response skills. Carry that with you this weekend, DC Pat. Feel good knowing that YOU are our winner! Again ... from Fact Man and all of us at Bryce ... congratulations!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:28pm still b/p:

Here's where we go all Spartacus' army: "It was MY penis!"
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:28pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/21/11 1:29pm Margaret Meehan:

  Fri. 10/21/11 1:32pm Fact Man:

Correct Bryce, canceling your initial wrong answer of, Omaha.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:34pm Margaret Meehan:

Damn, and I was gonna say Corning.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:39pm more schoolin':

'Dance Your Ph.D.' Winner Announced
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:39pm Fact Man:

Corning ... birthplace of Johnny Carson, I believe. 7 pts.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:39pm Wild Kingdom:

But OUR capital is Omaha.

Come to the dark side -- We have GIRAFFES.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:41pm Carmichael:

Acid-laced Martin Denny. Me like.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

come to Ohio, we have dead tigers and such
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:45pm Father Flannigan:

Omaha ... home of Bright Eyes, 311, Buddy Miles, Warren Buffet, Froggie BEaver.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:48pm Mr. Obvious:

This track is Au Sum!
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:48pm Fact Man:

BONUS QUESTION: I played Scorpio on General Hospital. Who am I?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:48pm BSI:

What the gobbling tooth mega-hell is going on in here?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:49pm Van in Dallas:

@BSI - I think someone let the giraffes out
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:50pm still b/p:

Mental exercises to ward off later deterioration.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:50pm Carmichael:

Ted Nugent?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:50pm BSI:

  Fri. 10/21/11 1:50pm Van in Dallas:

Pre-rapture frolicking fun
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:51pm Alchemy!:

  Fri. 10/21/11 1:51pm Henry Cow:

Why no airplay?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:53pm Pitt Student:

Bryce, what type of underarm protection do you use. Most folks in here think you use Degree. I'm guess a solid, maybe Arrid Extra-Dry?
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:54pm Deoderant:

Only his pit hairdresser knows for sure
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:55pm Carmichael:

I think Bryce uses waffle batter.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:55pm bryce:

just a bit of ambergris
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:55pm hero seeker:

  Fri. 10/21/11 1:56pm Best Thing EVER:

  Fri. 10/21/11 1:57pm Whale Vomit:

Ambergris .... very valuable.
  Fri. 10/21/11 1:58pm Giraffe Vomit:

My amazing biokinetic processes are yet to be discovered.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:00pm Fact Man:

Tristan Rogers played Scorpio on General Hospital. No one wins. A general feeling of deflation descends over Fact Man. The outfit comes off. I slump into my chair. Ignored. Defeated. Spent. Useless. Staring into my Tang. Envying every astronaut who ever left Earth's weighty pull. Unsure of next move.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:01pm bryce:

Tristan Rogers
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:01pm Dud From Salem's Lot:

My character should have been fleshed out more.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:02pm ms_a:

bryce, I have your lunch ready...where shall I leave it?
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:02pm Fact Man:

Too late, Bryce. I'm halfway through an industrial-sized box of Junior Mints. We all know what that means.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:03pm Carmichael:

Dub Taylor?
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:03pm Wild Guess:

Scatman Carruthers?
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:03pm G:

@Best Thing EVER: Is that a Casablanca hommage, an Iron Chef Japan hommage, or a spaghetti western hommage?
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:04pm Carmichael:

I'm going here for lunch: http://www.poojaindiangrill.com/
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:04pm Charles Bronson:

Who gives a shit. The check cleared.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:06pm fab facts:

I've shown my advanced fact degree,
But I'm burdened with the old ennui,
'Cause I'm the Fact Man
Yeahhhh, the Fact Maaannnn...
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:06pm 2nd Best Thing Ever:

  Fri. 10/21/11 2:07pm ABSOLUTE best thing ever.:

  Fri. 10/21/11 2:07pm Alchemy!:

hey Carmichael, that Indian music on the menu page goes well with what's on now!
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:10pm Composed:

I'm enjoying myself, but I keep it reigned in. I'm wearing fall colors, but I add a splash of hot pink as an accent. That's as far as I'll go.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:11pm 120% dc pat:

Abte: that was the most INSANE scream, I've EVER heard!
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:12pm Jim Gillette:

You got that right DC Pat .... former Mr. Lita Ford.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:14pm kiemzi:

edification is for nerds!
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:15pm bryce:

blow it out your stomata, kiemzu
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:17pm bryce:

ms_a, an Unmanned Aerial Dumbwaiter
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:19pm Looms:

Great selection as always, Bryce. Bye bye!
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:20pm Carmichael:

This doesn't sound at all like R. Stevie Moore.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:21pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/21/11 2:21pm kiemzi:

well i never.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:21pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/21/11 2:21pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/21/11 2:22pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you can't kill me. I'm already dead.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:23pm BSI:

  Fri. 10/21/11 2:23pm George of Troy:

Bryce will kill us all if we don't pledge to his show. I'm making mine now, just to be on the safe side.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my neighbor caught me recording his wind chimes at 12:30am the other night. I've never even met him.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:24pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/21/11 2:25pm bryce:

ahhhhh. thanks, george, i feel like a creamsicle
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:26pm Carmichael:

Tristan Rogers.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:26pm ms_a:

mustard greens and shitake at 11 o'clock
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this gathering is growing increasingly not quiet
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:28pm 120% dc pat:

DCE: Funny, I've been in similar situations but never caught red-handed...
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, I was pretty much the proverbial dude in the headlights. I scampered away but then went back to explain myself. Harrumph.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:30pm BDR:

Unmanned Aerial Dumbwaiter? What you get if you cross Dan Bodah with a Psychedelic Furs song?
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:32pm 120% dc pat:

Some lady: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:38pm jk:

apropos of nothing, might I suggest 2:52 on this video:
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:39pm T-Zero:

Has anyone else lost the 128 stream? I'm still connected but there's no sound.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:41pm T-Zero:

Never mind. Resolved.
  Fri. 10/21/11 2:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I've lost much more than that, T-0
  Fri. 10/21/11 3:00pm Van in Dallas:

That last song made me want a beer. Just like every other song actually.
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