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Options October 26, 2011: Disregard previous. Disregard anything I've ever said or sent.

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It's a Gift, by Jim Woodring

What listener Ike thinks of the host:
"Your strained, self-important contrarianism is exhausting, Irwin."

Dan Tullis & Joel Clark (four audio formats for download)

Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Freddie Hubbard  Philly Mignon   Options Here to Stay  0:03:24 ()
Astro Age Steel Orchestra  Little Girl Lost-and-Found   Options Happy Living  0:08:41 ()
Dangerous Girls  MO7S   Options 7" single  0:22:03 ()
Monkees vs. Cream vs. Iggy Pop vs. Doors vs. Radiohead vs. Rolling Stones (ccc mix)  Lust Train   Options ccc (Chris Shaw) mash-up  0:25:50 ()
Foo Fighters  Headwires   Options There Is Nothing Left to Lose  0:29:07 ()
Fred Lane  French Toast Man   Options Car Radio Jerome  0:33:56 ()
The Fall  Living Too Long   Options Living Too Late (12")  0:36:39 ()
Charlotte Hatherley  White   Options White EP  0:49:43 ()
The Rezillos  My Baby Does Good Sculptures   Options Can't Stand The Rezillos! The (Almost) Complete Rezillos  0:53:43 ()
Amanda  Conflicting Odors Traveling Through My House   Options Lungfish Buffet  0:56:46 ()
James Kochalka Superstar  Justin Timberlake   Options Evil Wings  1:00:27 ()
Charlie Hunter  Every Day You Wake Up New York Says No   Options Gentlemen, I Neglected to Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid  1:04:02 ()
Phoenix  1901   Options Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix  1:15:56 ()
My Disco  A Turreted Berg   Options Little Joy  1:18:52 ()
Andreas Dorau und die Marinas  Fred vom Jupiter   Options Telefunken 7"  1:23:00 ()
Moon Hooch  Number 5   Options self-titled  1:25:59 ()
Red Guitars  Good Technology   Options Slow to Fade  1:30:20 ()
Lord Commander  You Can't Finish Pleasing People   Options Calypso Atrocities (Cook LP)  1:34:50 ()
Gilbert O'Sullivan  Get Down   Options The Berry Vest of Gilbert O'Sullivan  1:43:08 ()
Mizutama Shobodan  Shinkuu Pakku Toraberu   Options A Reference of Female Fronted Punk Rock (disc 4)  1:45:29 ()
Ken Stringfellow and Gaffa Man  Dawn of the Dub of the Dawn   Options Soft Commands  1:48:06 ()
JZ Barrell  Brand New   Options Here's the Surprise ...  1:50:02 ()
Blue Cheer  Come and Get It   Options Louder Than Hell: The Best of Blue Cheer  1:52:08 ()
Young Widows  Future Heart   Options In and Out of Youth and Lightness  1:55:10 ()
Brian Protheroe  Dancing on Black Ice   Options I/You  2:01:56 ()
Kate Bush  Wild Man   Options Wild Man  2:05:31 ()
Traffic  No Time to Live   Options self-titled  2:12:50 ()
Mark Robinson (Cotton Candy)  Fantastic and Spectacular   Options The 2009 Believer Music Issue CD  2:17:55 ()
Mike Pride's from Bacteria to Boys  Inbetweenwhile   Options Betweenwhile  2:25:58 ()
Mahavishnu Orchestra  Birds of Fire   Options Birds of Fire  2:29:37 ()
Richie Hass & The Beatniks  B.F.I.   Options Obscure Independent Classics, Vol. 3  2:35:27 ()
Jesus Couldn't Drum  Theme   Options Obscure Independent Classics, Vol. 3  2:35:53 ()
Cake  Short Skirt, Long Jacket   Options B-Sides and Rarities  2:38:15 ()
Tracy Byrd  Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo   Options Greatest Hits  2:41:46 ()
Tom Mabe  Buy Me a Beer   Options Revenge on the Telemarketers  2:44:14 ()
Amanda  Friday   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  2:48:17 ()
Miley Cyrus  Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah   Options Disney Mania 4  2:51:28 ()
Temptations vs. Aerosmith and Run-DMC  My Girl Walks This Way   Options Voicedude (DJ Joel-Steven) mashup  2:54:37 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 10/26/11 3:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

so you've repented?
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:03pm Matt from Springfield:

If I disregard everything you ever said, that means you WILL be participating in Single Going Steady! Hope you got a 45 cued and ready to go!!!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:04pm Matt from Springfield:

But wait, that also means you were never on the radio to begin with, and I wouldn't know you Irwin, and I'm typing away to nobody and...oh dear Lord...
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ultimately it's an existential void, Matt...don't GO THERE
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:05pm earwax:

Does that mean we should disregard this statement too?
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:05pm Denise in DC:

Damn. I had to fight my work computer to get the stream.

Do we have to disregard that awesome Jim Woodring piece?
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:06pm Capt. Renault:

Round up the usual commenters.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:06pm Caryn:

Matt, who is this Irwin you speak of? There's no DJ with that name on WFMU? Actually, are you even reading this? Is this all in your head?
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Or perhaps we should only disregard last week's episode, about the gyrations?
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:07pm Laura L:

No comment.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:07pm Existential Void:

Oh yeah, we're going there this week!!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:09pm Turlet:

Don't you existentially void in here, bub.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:10pm Van in Dallas:

I love when this show comes on. It means my Wednesday work day is winding down.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:11pm G:

Irwin's Slot: The End of the Hump.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Ruthann Friedman's song! With washed-out steel drums, this is trippy!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:11pm Ricardo Montalban:

Wow! This is one of the weirdest things I've heard in ages!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:12pm Paul Lynde:

Perfect...we'll be in touch. NEXT!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:13pm Alvin Chipmunk:

Expect a call from my attorneys.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:16pm Ricardo Montalban:

I've found a couple of weird children's steel drum records lately. One is even a gospel record
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:16pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm glad this song is longer than I would have guessed.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:16pm David Seville:

..or from my witchdoctor.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:17pm don:

this is incredible
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:18pm Wynona:

I'd steal drums.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:19pm Ricardo Montalban:

I hear Richard Branson flew down to Jamaica to offer Alvin the lead singer position in DEVO when the Chipmunks broke up.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you'd club seals
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:19pm Matt from Springfield:

That last one could be a single! An extra minute to "Hey Jude"--play it, go to the bathroom, and refill your coffee too!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:19pm Denise in DC:

I'm glad I have given up trying to post amusing comments. The pressure was killing me.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:20pm G:

"Singles" = only play one track at a time. Problem solved.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:20pm Sick Joke 1:

@DCE: A baby seal walks into a club...
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:21pm Sick Joke 2:

A baby seal walks into a tavern..."What'll you have?" asked the bartender. The seal replied "ANYTHING but a Canadian Club on the rocks."
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:23pm No Longer Relevant Joke #1:

Bartender: Sorry. We don't serve neutrinos in here.

A neutrino walks into a bar
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@Denise: You probably won gold and silver medals in your time, right? Back in '08 perhaps? This is a young person's game, don't keep pushing yourself for too long or you could get hurt. (resumes comment training)
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh hell Jerry Rice, Jerry Rice for god's sake!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:25pm Disembodied punchline #1:

...he only took tips...
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:25pm Ike:

Your strained, self-important contrarianism is exhausting, Irwin.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Wed. 10/26/11 3:27pm Matt from Springfield:

You need to play 30 or so at once, to get a whole SGS show over with in 3 minutes.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

now this, this is brilliant!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:27pm Irwin:

Ike, that's one for the resume. If I ever compile one.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:28pm Matt from Springfield:

CCC! He's good!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:28pm Who Knows:

Your politically-obsessed intolerance isn't exactly alluring (or free-form), Ike :-)
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what's the Radiohead reference to? I don't know any Radiohead song with that beat.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:29pm still b/p:

God bless Roosevelt for establishing the Civilian Conservation Corps so they could work on projects like this and develop character.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:29pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ike: Irwin leaves bait all the time, but he won't just take it. You need a full fledged psychological operation to counter-contrarian Irwin. He may have already planned for that, so you'd probably have to counter his own counter-contrarianism.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

good use of government stimulation
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

..."one of these band just doesn't belong"...
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:31pm still b/p:

...so that's contrarianism to Irwinfinity.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:31pm Droll:

I think working Radiohead into a mashup has become the genre's Wihelm Scream.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:31pm Pensioner:

Lousy government! They say all their Stimulus funds are used up! They never even got to me, and I haven't had any Stimulus since Evelyn died!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:32pm Ike:

Nothing political about that one. I was just pining for the old days of Irwin doing funny voices. But if you want something political THAT badly, I'll throw it in for free: Why would Irwin ever need a resume? He can pull himself up by his own bootstraps, surely! @Matt, good point.

Also, that CCC mash-up killed. I dig this Foo Fighters too.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:33pm Blllllah:

hooray, finally someone to champion that sleepy band the Food Fighters
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@b/p: Irwinity! Since Irwin is so hard to crack, we may even be witnessing an "Irwingularity"--no jokes and sarcasm can escape him.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:35pm Matt from Springfield:

  Wed. 10/26/11 3:35pm Roberto:

  Wed. 10/26/11 3:35pm Disembodied punchline #1:

wow! I had no idea the French TOast Man was a single!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:35pm Roberto:

Jinx, Matt!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:37pm Joe Bacon:

Mmmmmm! Got to have some French Toast!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:38pm disastrogirl:

French Toast Man! It's a huge favorite of mine. I never thought I'd hear it on the radio.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:38pm Who Knows:

Ike's graduated to show motto. Congrats!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:39pm Matt from Springfield:

@disastrogirl: I'm surprised how many have heard of it! The first time I heard it here, someone commented "...And don't be late for school!" at the very beginning of the song. I was thinking WTF? But then I was astonishing they actually knew the ending to it! Must be an underground classic!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:40pm Raoul:

The FALL - there is none better.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:40pm Lana Turner:

The French Toastman Always Rings Twice?
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@Roberto: One time, I commented at the same time as someone else--I forget just what now, but it was the EXACT same thing! Same capitalization, same FOUR exclamation points (it's 2 vs 3 here). It was eerie.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:48pm Ricardo Montalban:

Polio's coming back too! (thanks, Jenny McCarthy!)
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:48pm wILd nEIl:

Hunting for you own food is coming back. Too. And growing your own.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Hipsters in Williamsburg Brooklyn are now sporting 18", 20 pound rotary cell phones. Or will imminently. Get ahead on this trend!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:49pm Roberto:

I normally eschew multiple exclamation points, but it's FRENCH TOAST MAN DAMMIT!!(!)
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:50pm wILd nEIl:

Autstralia recently minted a one ton gold coin.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:55pm wILd nEIl:

Isn't this a cover? This IS a cover!! of Who???
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:56pm Raoul:

Me old band used to do a pretty killer cover of this Rezillos tune.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:57pm Raoul:

wILd: this is the original.
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:57pm das:

Great tune, better title!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Conflicting Odors? Wow, not so familiar on this one! Lay it DOWN, child!
  Wed. 10/26/11 3:58pm Wiseass Query:

Was this a cassingle?
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:00pm Droll:

I remember calling Hot 101 to play this Amanda tune when it was topping the charts. Busy signal for hours. Didn't this bump Bananarama off?
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:00pm Whit Whitlesly:

Flexi-single I believe
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@Wiseass: I think Amanda was cass-everything.

  Wed. 10/26/11 4:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Great gargle at the ending!
I think Amanda-san can teach us a lot here: if you feel like a fool, then jump in the nearest pool. Then you'll be cool.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:02pm Goat:

  Wed. 10/26/11 4:03pm PMD:

Justin Timberlake!
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:03pm What it's starting to sound like:

Jump in-to the lake / Jump in-to the lake / Jump in-to the la-a-a-ake...
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:05pm Dick in a Box:

I don't even understand.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:07pm Matt from Springfield:

@Richard: It's about shopping at Mondegreen's.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:08pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this is chill
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:09pm wILd nEIl:

Is this a 45 played at 33?
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:10pm G:

@WildNeil: Only in the player's head.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:11pm Lizardner Dave:

I thought you didn't have a TV anymore Irwin. How were you watching the game - online?
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:11pm Parq:

Just stopping by to say that "Justin Timberlake" is one of my favorite tracks ever. I would happlily listen at full volume to a 12 minute version. Thanks for airing it.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:11pm Matt from Springfield:

@Irwin: If that puts you into a sad existential void, just wait till MLB ends, the NBA still won't start, and you'll have nothing to watch at the bar!
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:13pm G:

FWIW, Liz D., mlb.com offers online streaming tv these days, all over the world, except where a local blackout applies to avoid violating other agreements...
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:15pm PMD:

I don't remember if I supported you... how sad is that. You might thus get another pledge out of me...
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:19pm Matt from Springfield:

"WFMU -- forget if you donated to us? Then donate again! Don't blame us, we're so poor, we can't PAY attention!"
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:19pm Stu:

It's that car commercial song again.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:24pm disastrogirl:

Fred Lane. I first heard him in my friends garage full of LPs back in the late 80's. Back then you really had to work to find the weird.

Now git off my lawn!
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Fred from Jupiter is a funky little electro-number!
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:27pm Denise in DC:

James Kochalka is a very nice guy. Saw him at the Small Press Expo and told him that the DC Psychotronic Film Society used to present regular sing-alongs to the video of his "Monkey vs. Robot." He seemed tickled.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:29pm Denise in DC:

Aargh. Has the stream crashed for anybody else?
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:29pm Irwin:

JKS is very cool. Recommend his comix, too.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:31pm lewis:

streaming fine here in Madison (wisconsin that is)
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Early Cocteau Twin-like guitaring here, at least before it got a bit twangy toward the middle.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:34pm Sean Daily:

Well, I'll admit that the freezers full of body parts sounds pretty kick-ass...
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:34pm Carmichael:

Just back from a BBQ. Ribs 'n'Irwin!
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:34pm Ricardo Montalban:

God! I had forgotten about this song! So long ago!
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:37pm Matt from Springfield:

You Can't Finish PLEASING People, so you got to PLEASE yourself. My Calypso lyric for today.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:44pm Ike:

Sadly, I probably can't make it to the Record Fair this year. Family stuff. Next year, I hope! If I somehow DO make it on Sunday afternoon, I'll prob. be in the A.V. Lounge.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:44pm Denise in DC:

Frighteningly enough, I know all the words to this Gilbert O'Sullivan song.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ike Speaking of which, I heard you mentioned on the Thunk Tank meetup broadcast last night! How was that? Were you a *problem listener* there? :)
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:45pm Stanley:

Gilbert O'Sullivan?!?! You're perverted, Irwin.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:46pm PMD:

Boy, I wish I could participate in events...
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:46pm wILd nEIl:

This song blows.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:46pm Carmichael:

Gilbert rules!
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Denise: This sounds like a product of its AM time, a Power Country Crossover Pop single. I can see this being in the charts of the time.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:47pm cglenn:

love that 'Get Down' tune just right now...
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:48pm wILd nEIl:

This song, on the other hand, kicks some serious ass!
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Unique form of Japanese female Punk! Love this!
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:52pm Ike:

I'd like to think I was well-behaved last night, @Matt. I only got boisterous after Jay read his censored filthy story.
  Wed. 10/26/11 4:56pm Tom:

Blue Cheer! Went to the Fillmore East in early '68 and they sounded great!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:01pm Carmichael:

Give 'em hell, brother Ike! Censorship sucks!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Not that I mind, but hard rock warning about slipping on black ice sounds very Spinal Tap to me!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:08pm Matt from Springfield:

NEW KATE BUSH! It's coming out soon!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:09pm Katya:

What listener Katya thinks of the host: Your strained, self-important contrarianism is hot, Irwin.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:10pm Who Knows:

If I could only have one of two people approve me, I'd really have to pick Katya over Ike.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:13pm glenn:

strainy hotness. my favourite kind.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:14pm Listening Out There:

self-important contrarianism = SIC
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:15pm Matt from Springfield:

It's difficult to be self-important--that's why it's so STRAINED! And contrarianism, obviously, is hot*.

*No it isn't!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:16pm glenn:

the quality of hotness is not strained.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:17pm Katya:

Matt, you always make me laugh! Thanks for that!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:20pm Irwin:

Is it warm in here?
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:21pm Who Knows:

No. It's hot in here.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:22pm Ike:

Hey @Carm, I didn't give anybody hell except for the FCC. I get animated when talking about their arbitrary absurdities.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@Katya: Thanks! You must be a fun person then :)
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:26pm Smoking Gun:

Irwin, don't you understand?? It's a COUP!! The summer schedule used to be only 1/3 a year, then extended to almost half, now it's going to EXCEED HALF! The "temporary" summer is now the new normal! WAKE UP! Ken is holding you regulars down, and he doesn't care because he's on both!!!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:26pm Katya:

Get a load of this strained, self-important contrarianism! Bravo! So hot!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:27pm Listening Out There:

Drive...or Be Drivel. That's what I say...
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:28pm Irwin:

perspiring ... a little ...
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:29pm Katya:

Contrarianism for listeners, as well! Too hot!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:29pm Matt from Springfield:

(resumes contrarian training)
No, no, not if that's how you see it!, I used to see it that way--you STILL do?, no, nuh-uh, ain't happenin'...
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:30pm Kindergarten Teacher:

You say contrarian, I say doesn't play well with others.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:31pm Katya:

Every time I go to the playlist on Irwin's show, it detracts from the show, because you folks always make me laugh. Love it! (Matt, I wish we were neighbors.)
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:31pm Contrarianism:

Keepin' the free in freeform. Sheeple have their own flock already.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:33pm Innuendo Parser:

By neighbors, what she means is hubba hubba.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:34pm Contrarianism:

you mean Innudendo Perver
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:34pm Matt from Springfield:

@Katya: We could be--where do you live? In the Washington DC area?
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:34pm cglenn:

this song makes me think the '70's
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Probably is--John McLaughlin, he was "the Mahavishnu" so this is probably his album.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:35pm Katya:

We used to be neighbors. Not so much now.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:37pm G:

Birds of Fire was the classic fusion album, just as Close to the Edge or Selling England was the classic prog album. So early/mid-70s (a/k/a pre-punk) it's not funny!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:38pm Doug S.:

Give the Jesus Some.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:38pm Mott:

true dat G. but i still look back on that era fondly..
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Did you once live in Springfield VA?! Quite a few FMU listeners have passed through the area--PMD used to live pretty closeby, and Van in Dallas just told me he used to live in Alexandria.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:39pm Katya:

Nope, DC punk kid. Then up to NYC metro area where I discovered the joys of strained, self-important contrarianism in long jackets
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:40pm Matt from Springfield:

@Irwin: <injoke> The Cake?? Do you realize who you're going to summon with this??? </injoke>
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:40pm G:

Me too, but I was trying not to cheerlead for or against anything in that comment, just give context, since that had been raised (i.e., where was Birds of Fire located, culturally)
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:41pm G:

@Matt: Fortunately that problem has never existed on this board. Absit nomen!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@Katya: That's cool--all that was before my time, but I'm proud of what DC has given punk -- other than Black Flag (Rollins), I learned about that stuff mainly from this station.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Cuervo's some fighter, no one ever makes it to 15 rounds with him.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes! The full length cut of this recording!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:49pm Don Julio 1942:

Why do people insist on drinking shit tequila after they've had every other alcohol concoction? Don't mix your drinks, Tracy Byrd
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:50pm Katya:

Mimi and Jody!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Wednesday afternoons are just as fun, thanks to Amanda!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

They lock up "Song of the South" permanently, yet Disney allows THIS to circulate?!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:54pm Katya:

Get your own copy at the WFMU Record Fair this weekend!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:55pm earwax:

Miley Cyrus and Amanda are the same person
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:56pm Jesus H. Christ:

My name!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:57pm Listening Out There:

Haven't heard this in a while It's good. Guess I'll stick around...maybe...
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:57pm G:

@earwax: Right after Miley disappeared from this show's playlist, Amanda began appearing here weekly. Coincidence? You be the judge.
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:58pm G:

Great show, as ever...
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:58pm Stanley:

That's Free Form Radio for ya!
  Wed. 10/26/11 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Fantastic show Irwin! Great comments everyone!
  Wed. 10/26/11 6:00pm glenn:

amanda montana?
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