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Playlist for 09 November 2011 Options | An Annoying New Format!

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Artist Song Album Format Comments New Approx. start time
Barry Gray  Herald   Options Stand By For Adverts   
*   0:00:00 ()
Rheingold  Fluss   Options Rheingold   
*   0:05:44 ()
Monopol  City-Nacht   Options Self-Titled   
  0:10:22 ()
Lio  Mona Lisa   Options 25 Years In Pop 1980-2005   
  0:13:35 ()
John Cale  Paris 1919   Options Self Titled   
  0:19:31 ()
Hatfield & The North  Share It   Options The Rotter's Club   
  0:23:21 ()
Tom Waits  Hell Broke Loose   Options Bad As Me   
*   0:28:26 ()
Liquor Store  Oilin' Up My Boy   Options Yeah Buddy   
*   0:32:08 ()
Gimmicks  Cigarette   Options    

  0:35:04 ()
Gelbart  Please Please Me   Options Please Please Me 2015   
*   0:38:21 ()
Strawberry Switchblade  Sunday Morning   Options Safe as Banana Suicide: Scott Williams' 2011 Marathon Premium (V/A)   
*   0:44:13 ()
Daniel Johnston & Beam Orchestra  Walking The Cow   Options Beam Me Up!   

via This Isn't Happiness. Click for the full size image
*   0:46:43 ()
Alvarius B.  Dirty Angels   Options Blood Operatives of the Barium Sunset   
*   0:49:20 ()
Wildman Fischer  The Circle Wubmachine Remix   Options    
  0:53:33 ()
bd594  Bohemian Rhapsody   Options    
  1:00:29 ()
Sudden Infant  Pee Godzilla Pee   Options The Wicked Mothers  Cassette    *   1:07:57 ()
Wevie Stonder  Brucie   Options The Horse of Wooden Troy   
  1:11:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
DJ Female Convict Scorpion 
Track 8 - The Unmentioned Track!   Options Inri   
*   1:19:48 ()
  Whats Going On?           1:29:07 ()
  I forgot the Fish           1:29:18 ()
Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project  Pompton Turnpike   Options Seriously   
*   1:31:43 ()
Oranj Symphonette  Arabesque   Options The Oranj Album   
  1:36:29 ()
N.A.D: Niu Abdominaux Dangeraux  Ghosts   Options Ghosts   
  1:39:57 ()
Buttress O'Kneel  Pstairway Part 2   Options Compop 14.6 Avant Tard Tardcore   

Click for the full size image
*   1:43:43 ()
Davuid Shea  ScrewySquirrel   Options i   
  2:00:52 ()
Orchestra Peter Thomas  Power Boost   Options Orion 2000   
*   2:02:44 ()
The Modernist  Remodernist   Options Kompakt Total 12   
*   2:05:57 ()
The Field  Arpeggiated Love   Options The Field   
*   2:14:11 ()
Rachid Taha  Barra Barra   Options Black Hawk Down Soundtrack   
  2:24:04 ()
Crash  Vaughan's Ballad   Options Poutre Apparente - WFMU Bimbo TPower Special   
  2:29:56 ()
Matias Aguayo  Ay Ay Ay   Options Title Track   
  2:35:19 ()
Boom Bip  Goodbye Lovers and Friends   Options Zig Zaj   
*   2:41:38 ()
Greiegut Fraktion  MischMachine SoulPhiction   Options Rekonstruktion   
*   2:55:58 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 11/9/11 9:01am Sam:

Hola los freakos!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:02am Sam:

Go for it Ken. Nachum dead.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:02am seang:

epic start
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:03am Sam:

Ca promet aujourd'hui.......
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:04am Marmalade kitty:

this is good! :)
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:05am Dan B From Upstate:

Ed Norton keeps waking up at very opportune times!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:07am Sam:

That beginning was truly ground-breaking radio.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:07am anne:

hooray wednesdays!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:07am Heil!:

Kraut-rock! Ya!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:09am Sam:

Hi Marmalade Kitty, nice to see you. How's everything?
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:10am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo (:

Good morning, Ken, fellow commenters!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:11am Marmalade kitty:

Hola Sam! Great start ken! then it tailed offf..?
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:11am TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod:

Nice channeling of Jean Shepherd for the intro. I'm ready for my Wanda Hickey story now.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:12am Michael:

Comma zero, comma zero, comma zero....
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:12am Sam:

I think Ken's got a few more tricks up his sleeve
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:15am Ken:

Tricks?! I dont even have sleeves today.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:16am Sam:

See? I knew it, you just got off a great zinger
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:17am Heil!:

If I become your unpaid intern, Ken, will you promise to make untoward advances?
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:18am Dave B:

Greets! Taking this show on the road. There's an app for that!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:19am Marmalade kitty:

Is it Kens Birthday?
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:19am Jack:

Is this a Twitter show?
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:19am seang:

I got ankles in my pockets
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:19am yayson:

i approve of the new 'one song to play all show' format. next week- julio iglesias 'feliz navidad'!!!!!!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:20am Lizardner Dave:

Merry almost Krampus?
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:21am michael in london:

this john cale track is exactly what i needed. great.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:21am Webhamster Henry:

Ken, you should play the Soldier String Quartet's version of Paris 1919.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:22am Detroit Mac:

By a Waterfall, I'm calling you-oooo-ooo.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:25am Sam:

Today is not Ken's birthday. Not by a long shot.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:26am Vicki:

Mornrngnggnggg Ken
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:27am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo ):

Hmmm...That piano solo sounded suspiciously like prog rock. I was trying to picture Rick Wakeman but Cain's eyes deter me to do it.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:28am Heil!:

Where's WFMU's smoking campaign manager?!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:28am Sam:

  Wed. 11/9/11 9:29am Aaron in JCity:

I have to get this Track20 and turn it into a ringtone! - where can i get it Ken - I'll post for everyone
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:29am casey:

I'm taking this show to work with me this morning. My co-workers are in for a treat.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:29am triish:

fuckin' A!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:30am Mark:

This is the good one from the Tom Waits album
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:31am seang:

Hell Broke Luce
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:31am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Hello Vicki! Are you aware of this If so, any other tools you'd suggest?
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:32am MD:

Tom Waits for no man!!!!!!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:34am lee:

Tom waits for no one
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:34am Mark:

Last Leaf on "Bad As Me" is interesting as it a duet between Tom and Keith Richards
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:35am Ken:

Heil! rIGHT?!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:36am Detroit Mac:

It might NOT be Ken's Birthday... but it is Roy Woods!
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:41am Mark:

Tom's preferred spelling is "Hell Broke Luce"
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:44am other david:

in awe
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:45am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Ken, at least you don't have all your savings in Italian euros.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:46am Mark:

Roy Wood's birthday was yesterday. He is 65.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:47am other david:

BRB solidarity smoke
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:48am mark from VT:

Rebolledo do you have a cigarette...I don't smoke, I don't smoke.
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:49am Detroit Mac:

Mark... you are right, and I AM behind the times again... still there is a great collection of clips at Dangerous Minds:
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:51am Sam:

You know it's fun when you rearrange the letters in something and get something else.
For example:
Sarah Palin Tea Party Bullshit =
Hitler Stalin Shut Arab Paypal
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:58am Marmalade kitty:

666? ..thats no coincidence
  Wed. 11/9/11 9:59am BSI:

This level of mindless energy is desperately needed for the next ten hours. Do not call a physician. Maintain!
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:00am Sam:

Or if you prefer, Hitler Stalin Arab Papal Tushy
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:00am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Amazing remix. I can barely notice Wildman's original.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:01am BSI:

I always prefer a good papal tushy. Who doesn't?
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:02am Sam:

Altarboys don't apparently
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:02am MD:

  Wed. 11/9/11 10:03am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:


Or "Sarah stabs Hitler in his butt with a skull".
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:04am Mark:

gee way to ruin a perfectly good pizza dude
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:04am still b/p:

...the VatiCAN.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:05am BSI:

you can't pape the willing.
or so they say.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:05am Sam:

The Vatican can cuz he mixes it with wine and makes the world taste good
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:07am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Well, at least is not the BIG sausage pizza, 0,0,0
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:08am mark from VT:

Ken isn't going to be on the air today when all stations across the nation do the emergency broadcast service at the same time 2pm.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:09am Sam:

At Vatican's Pizza every pizza comes with a big sausage. Whether you ordered it or not.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:11am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

...delivered by none other than boys. I mean, delivery boys.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:12am BSI:

oh hell, is the big FEMA freakout today?
excellent! I'll have a shot of something see-through and very dangerous on standby...
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:13am Lizardner Dave:

Congrats, I had to mute the show until this Sudden Infant song is over. Hard to proofread a report to this.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:14am Lizardner Dave:

And I'm back.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:14am Mark:

it appears as though Thurston may be is enjoying a pizza bagel maybe
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:15am Mark:

and I might know how to write an intelligible sentence
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:16am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

may be, mark, may be.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:20am Mark:

my cable company sent an email suggesting that the emergency broadcast test might get stuck and how to reset your cable box if it does
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:23am Jamie Lee Curtis:

If things are stuck after the emergency broadcast system activation, a little Activiation should loosen things back up and restore program regularity.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:28am BSI:

Lizardner Dave @10:14 -- oddly I read that with Tony Coulter's voice in my head...
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:35am Detroit Mac:

Just take these Emergency Broadcast Wires and stick them in your eyes and ears... this is only a test. (Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth. And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings)
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:41am Sir Lee Bonds:

Nobody slips me. Nobody.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:42am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Pigeon guitarists rioters. This is what students protesting at London need today.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:49am Carmichael:

Howdy Kenneth and listener people.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:51am ?:

Was it a boy or a girl?
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:54am Ghengis Jung:

Hey. Just got out of Gitmo. Did I miss anything?
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:54am Ike:

The opening stalling sequence was wildly inspirational to me. I will procrastinate all day in honor of it. But I've been out commuting for a while. Did I miss the stalling tape? I want the actual, genuine stalling tape. I demand it. DEMAND!
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:54am Mark:

nah, you didn't mess anything
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:55am Denise in DC:

I messed my panties.
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:55am Mark:

was never used on 9/11
  Wed. 11/9/11 10:56am MD:

  Wed. 11/9/11 10:58am Jamie Lee Curtis:

Denise -- then a little more caution is advised for you in taking my earlier recommendation.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:02am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

It would had been cooler if the FEMA test was this Friday at 11:11hrs, 11/11/11.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:03am Mark:

but was used later in that year for thunderstorms
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:03am MD:

iT WILL BE USED ON 12/12/12...
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:03am triish:

Name that cartoon in 10 notes.
Or the last 3..
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:03am The Vast Government Conspiracy:

oh, we've got something else planned for 11/11/11
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:11am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Whoa, there are loads of new stuff in today's show!!! <3
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:14am seang:

Aretha Franklin's "Freeway of Love" would sound good
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:26am Mark:

the request for "Freeway of Love" has stunned the listener comment board into silence
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:29am seang:

yeah dude
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:30am seang:

that dude has got some moves
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:30am L.:

Watching that robot dance to Barra Barra ranks up with my Top 10 All-Time Excellent WFMU Listener Experiences.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:32am Jenniqua:

I can't stop watching that squirrel launch gif. It reminds me of some old photos I saw of some Russians getting a pig drunk and blasting him up in a tiny rocket. Check it -
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:33am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Vaughan's Balad + Dancing Robot... does it for me!
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:33am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Vaughan's Balad + Dancing Robot... does it for me!
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:35am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

You better must be rickrolling us, Jenniqua.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:39am Lizardner Dave:

I will be listening to Amanda's show on the Give The Drummer Radio stream at 2pm. Will I be able to enjoy the EBS test? I'm thinking the answer is "no".
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:39am Mark:

and then they all had fresh ham
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:40am Ike:

No, LD, that's our FEMA/FCC escape hatch! Isn't it?
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:41am ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Is Facebook and Twitter participating in the test? Otherwise I see it pointless.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:42am Carmichael:

GTDS radio is a private stream, and therefore out of the enormous auspices of the FCC. Make sure and use the F word liberally while commenting.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:42am Sam:

Wasn't Facebook supposed to be destroyed by those anarchists on Nov 5th?? I was counting on that. How the hell will we ever destroy Facebook? It will take a D-Day of epic proportions.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:44am Government Bureaucracy:

@(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:: Dear Innocent Citizen,

We are always way behind the curve on everything. Haven't you been paying attention for the last century?

Regards, Your Incompetent Overlords
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:44am Ken:

No Amanda's show will not air the EAST test. If you want to be part of our national freakout, you must tune into as many AM, FM & TV stations as possible. Do it.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:45am Lizardner Dave:

My dilemma is I *want* to hear the EBS test. Guess I'll have to switch to the FM stream to check it out.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:45am Mark:

I hope our Alaska listeners are doing ok in the mammoth Bering Sea storm
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:46am Government Bureaucracy:

Do a music-EAS mashup by running two streams. See, we *try* to be a little less out of it.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:46am Lizardner Dave:

I was kind enough to warn the receptionist at my place of work not to freak out at 2pm - there are six different TVs tuned to six different channels on the walls surrounding her.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:49am J J:

Ha. Agree about the vocals. Started listening to the station and after a while I was like who's the DJ playing this jack ass crap? Oh, nevermind.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:49am Sam:

Self-loathing sucks. Self-loathing people should be ashamed of themselves. They should loathe themselves! Get confident, stupid!
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:49am BarryO:

We need the announcment system solid, people, so if I am forced to postpone the election next year due to a huge national security emergency because I'm just too far behind in the polls, I can get everyone's attention in a really impressive way.

Can you say "leadership"? I knew you could.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:51am Mark:

oh dear the same thing was said about George Bush the second postponing elections
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:51am Sam:

Core meltdown in four minutes.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:51am MD:

Whart we all need to do at 2PM...Run about,run about, wave your arms and shout!!!!!
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:51am Ike:

Wait, what did I do?
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:52am MD:

I said whart and I ment Whart!!!
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:53am Mark:

Danzig, kitty litter nuff said:
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:54am Michael:

Does Nardwar _have_ to use that voice, or does he just want to re-awaken the urge to kill that's left me ever since Barret Eugene Hansen left the air.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:54am nyc:

What's playing behind you right now, Ken?
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:54am BarryO:

Hey, the economy is sucking big time. What choice do I have but to be the international emergency president? It's right in the official Presidential Playbook they gave me when I won.
  Wed. 11/9/11 11:55am Carmichael:

David Crosby IS a statement.
  Wed. 11/9/11 12:01pm Dan B From Upstate:

30 seconds? I heard 3 minutes...
  Wed. 11/9/11 12:02pm ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ fofo:

Thanks for the show! Full of surprises! See ya everybody! Good luck with the test! Some one record it for me, please!
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