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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options December 2, 2011

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
William Parker  Mary Waiting   Options Lifting the Sanctions  No More Records  0:00:00 ()
Melvin Jackson  Dance of the Dervish   Options Funky Skull  Limelight  0:22:06 ()
Brother Ah  Sweet Illumination "Chile Woman"   Options Move Ever Onward  Ikef Records  0:29:02 ()
Art Ensemble of Chicago  Theme De Yoyo   Options soundtrack to "Les Stances a Sophie"  Universal Sound / Soul Jazz Records  0:38:31 ()
The Terje Rypdal Group  Ved Soerevatn   Options Gittin' to Know Y'All  MPS Records  0:47:41 ()
Pharoah Sanders  Black Unity   Options Black Unity  Impulse!  0:57:58 ()
The Contemporary Jazz Quintet  Action # II   Options Actions 1966 · 67  Atavistic  1:35:08 ()
Frank Wright  The Lady   Options The Complete ESP-Disk' Recordings  ESP-Disk'  1:42:50 ()
Frank Wright  Aurora Borealis   Options Uhuru Na Umoja  America Records  1:50:06 ()
Bobby Few  Simone   Options More of Less Few  Center of the World  1:59:30 ()
The Clifford Thornton New Art Ensemble  Free Huey   Options Freedom & Unity  Atavistic  2:07:03 ()
Sony Simmons  Interplanetary Travellers   Options Staying on the Watch  ESP  2:20:33 ()
Albert Ayler  Our Song   Options Live in Greenwich Village  Impulse!  2:30:26 ()
Alan Shorter  Beast of Bash   Options Tes Esat  America Records  2:35:07 ()
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath  Night Poem   Options Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath  RCA  2:37:56 ()
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath  Union Special   Options Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath  RCA  2:59:02 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/2/11 12:11pm bruce:

am i first to comment?
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:12pm bryce:

i was just trying to figure out who to give this $10,000 to...
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:13pm bruceleh:

Who is this 'bruce' usurper?
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:13pm bryce:

what the
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:14pm bruce:

i had the name 60 years
i think that gives me the righto use it.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:15pm Lionel Palpus:

Hello, it's your dear friend, Lionel Palpus, speaking. By sheer luck, a pair of tickets has come into my possesion this afternoon. It's difficult music and so I thought of you.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:15pm Brace:

Brace yourselves!
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:15pm corduroy moccasins:

  Fri. 12/2/11 12:16pm bruceleh:

OK, many Bruces, but only one bruceleh
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:17pm Brice Krispie:

William is Spiderman's brother.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:19pm Looms:

Hello Bryce, hello masochist fellow listeners!
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:19pm bryce:

do re mi
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:20pm bryce:

snap snap snap snap
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:20pm Brews:

Where's my copper and hoppy treat?
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:21pm bras:

water! water!
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:22pm Frank:

It was a weird track.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:22pm brahs:

  Fri. 12/2/11 12:25pm BSI:

Some tourist hiker is shoutin' in the canyons of my mind.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:26pm still b/p:

Would that be in the Bryce Canyon of your mind?
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:30pm BSI:

at least i didn't mention food... ACH, DEMMIT!
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:31pm food:

eat me
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:34pm Record Faire Slave:

I'd rather drink this music
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:35pm Record Faire Slave:

(nothing against you personally, food)
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:35pm Record Faire Slave:

Bryce is in top form today, I say.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:35pm bryce:

wait, you're supposed to be chained to a pole in the basement
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:36pm Record Faire Slave:

basement? I thought it was the Swag Warehouse
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:37pm Record Faire Slave:

(that is, if you're "talking to me")
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:38pm A Pole:

Slev is oferpowered me and iscaped. I worked best Krakow basements. Nivver lost one slev.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:38pm Cheri Pi:

I love this AEOC song!!
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:39pm bruceleh:

ooh - awesome tune... note the usage of the f-word!
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:39pm Looms:

Classic! :)
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:40pm Cheri Pi:

  Fri. 12/2/11 12:40pm bruceleh:

"your voice is like a long fuck that's music to my brain"
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:42pm Cheri Pi:

I thought that was long fork, lol...
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:43pm bryce:

we'll fix it in post
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:43pm Cecile:

I thought it was a fork, too.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:44pm bruceleh:

Like the Norfolk Bible College cheer:
"We don't drink,
we don't smoke,
Norfolk! Norfolk!"
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:44pm Marmalade kitty:

this is great.. turn it up!
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:44pm Cheri Pi:

Damn. We need an authority on this one.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:45pm bryce:

sorry about the droput.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:46pm Cheri Pi:

  Fri. 12/2/11 12:46pm bruceleh:

  Fri. 12/2/11 12:46pm Cheri Pi:

shovels, forks, oil wells, sperm whales
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:48pm still b/p:

That's a more interesting game than rock paper scissors.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:48pm bruceleh:

Bryce, a search on wfmu.org shows that you are not the first person to play this tune, did the other DJs beep or dropout that word?
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:48pm Marmalade kitty:

i wanna hear it again
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:49pm northguineahills:

Just downloaded the wfmu app for the iPad, listening from Mexico city today. Yeah Bryce!.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:53pm bryce:

which one, "fork?"
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:54pm bryce:

hey, ngh!
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:55pm bruceleh:

I once suggested to Liz Berg a premium idea, asking the DJs, if the FCC rules were dropped, what would be the first currently verboten track that they would play.
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:58pm bryce:

that would be lots of 2 live crew for me
  Fri. 12/2/11 12:59pm Cheri Pi:

Stranglers: Peaches
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:00pm BSI:

great goblin butter, haven't heard Black Unity in ages.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:04pm Cecile:

Youngster on the Force by the Left.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:05pm bruceleh:

Brion Gysin, "Luvzya"
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:07pm Bryce Creamcohn:

Is this Pharoah on ABC Impulse?
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:07pm bryce:

man, i would spin so much benny bell
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:09pm Dill Magnet:

Prince says Sexy Mother-----r 26 times on the song Sexy Mother-----r. Just so you know
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:09pm bryce:

you are conically correct
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:10pm 86:

Now lowering Cone of Silence
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:12pm bruceleh:

  Fri. 12/2/11 1:17pm still b/p:

  Fri. 12/2/11 1:18pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/2/11 1:20pm Cheri Pi:

Nice long fork Brycey.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:20pm Other Sanders:

  Fri. 12/2/11 1:21pm Colonel Sanders:

11 herbs and spices, mofos! how's that fer unity??
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:24pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/2/11 1:25pm Ned:

Tuning fork vibrations can cause slow tooth loss, I've read.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:25pm Cheri Pi:

Classier, but still adds to the innuendo:
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:26pm bruceleh:

bryce, btw, awesome forking set!
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:26pm bryce:

next you're gonna tell me i should stop playing my glass armonica
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:27pm Cheri Pi:

Look at him fork those meat slices.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I once speared an olive with a pickle fork, and my hosts were mortified. MORTIFIED.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:28pm Swimming Pool Cue:

  Fri. 12/2/11 1:30pm Cheri Pi:

How loathsome DCE!
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:30pm bryce:

you are uninvited from my quadrille ball
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:30pm glenn:

well, duh. that's what the olive fork is for. :)
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

surely I am among the lowest of wretches
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:32pm Bluto:

I went to Mount Olive and Popeye got mad!
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:32pm Brian in UK:

Hello Bryce. I'll be watching Pharoah next Thursday, looking forward as it's been over 30 years since the last time.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:32pm Cheri Pi:

Why the deuce did you do that?? I'd still be perturbed.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:32pm glenn:

who even uses a tuning fork anymore?
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

musicians without batteries
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:33pm glenn:

my old postal code was L0P 1B0. - look out popeye, i boinked olive.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:34pm Shelley Duvall:

let's back this boinking Olive Oil shit up RIGHT NOW
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:38pm Brian in UK:

Cheri Pi the use of 'loathsome' reminds me of Peter Cook.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:39pm Bob Seger IV:

Glenn, Is that a neumonic device?
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:39pm Jeep:

I mark the point where Popeye jumped the shark.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:40pm Click and Clack-ese:

...Just back from the Peter Tork, New York, Long Fork, Kitchen Dork, Pulled Pork, Chianti Cork, Leg of Stork, Mork from Ork, Twizzler Torque and Sundaes by Bjork Annual Andrew Sorkin Tribute Dinner...
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:40pm glenn:

are you done spreading slurry on surrey? *more laughter* mnemonic, yes.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:40pm Gazoo:

I mark the point where The Flintstones jumped the shark.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:41pm REM:

We're getting back together!
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:42pm Fonzie.:

Aaaay. The Flinstones never jumped the shatk.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:43pm Fonzie.:

Ooops shark. Betty probably jumped the Shat a couple times.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:46pm Fred Flintstein:

Holy shatk..Wilma's gong to be shteamed. Where's my liddle Barney Rubbula..?
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:47pm wi ldneil:

Zappa, eat your heart out!
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:49pm Frank L. Wright:

Frank's an ok musician. Shitty architect.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:52pm Know Your Glues:

Mucilage is a thick, gluey substance produced by most plants and some microorganisms. It is a polar glycoprotein and an exopolysaccharide.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:55pm Admiral Byrd III:

Are there Southern Lights from the South Pole and why am I not hearing them touted?
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:57pm cultural studies:

Polar glycoprotein amd exopolysaccharide That's interesting, because people in northern polar regions know a thing or two about e-glues.
  Fri. 12/2/11 1:59pm Van in Dallas:

The robot will fork you over
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:02pm Young Brooklyn Indie Band:

Where's the airplay you promised when we were all wasted that night?
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:04pm müesli:

ich bin in den chuchichäschtli
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:11pm Limahl:

Is this what is called swing?
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:17pm Young Brooklyn Indie Band:

Sorry. Untrue. Kidding. Not funny. Apologies.
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:18pm jiveass:

what the hell is the line up in this art Ensemble!!!!?????
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:23pm jiveass:

  Fri. 12/2/11 2:23pm bryce:

kenzo! more columns!
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:24pm bryce:

wait, you mean The art ensemble art ensemble?
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:24pm Loren:

Great show Bryce! If you're in the mood, Alan Silva by chance?
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:25pm jiveass:

yes that art ensembe - sorry meant Thornton's
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:27pm Internet:

* Alto Saxophone – Sonny King
* Bass – Don Moore, Jimmy Garrison (tracks: 7, 9, 10), Tyrone Crabb (tracks: 1, 8)
* Cornet – Edward Avent (tracks: 1, 8)
* Drums – Harold (Nunding) Avent
* Engineer – Orville O'Brien
* Reissue Producer – John Corbett
* Trombone [Valve] – Clifford Thornton
* Trumpet – Joe McPhee (tracks: 7, 9, 10)
* Vibraphone – Karl Berger
no need to threaten bryce.
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:27pm bryce:

funny, i almost grabbed some mr. silva!

sonny king, alto
karl berger, vibes
don moore, bass
harold (nunding) avent, drums
joe mcphee, trumpet
edward avent, cornet
jimmy garrison, bass
tyrone crabb, bass
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:27pm Internet:

p.s. show some initiative.
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:28pm jiveass:

wow- this is the best set you've played in your life Bryce- or my life Thanks
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:29pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/2/11 2:32pm Daniel:

Gawd, I loves me some Ayler bros.
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:51pm Bryceotope:

Really great today, man. Fine, fine show.
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:53pm corduroy moccasins:

where can I get the score to this? I wanna play it on my keyboard!
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:54pm bryce:

i can send you a .mid
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:58pm bryce:

thanks, everyone, and bye, everyone, and thanks
  Fri. 12/2/11 2:59pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/2/11 2:59pm Van in Dallas:

Enjoyed, thanks Bryce
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