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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 23, 2011: Mike Viola is our very special live musical guest!

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Artist Track Album
doug gillard  thing with a hook   Options  
mandy moore & mike viola  merrimack river   Options  
major labels  richard randolph   Options  
l.e.o.  nothin' will ever change   Options  
kelly jones & mike viola  there goes my baby   Options  
infant sorrow  furry walls   Options sndtrk - get him to the greek 
the wonders  that thing you do   Options sndtrk - that thing you do 
the connells  new boy   Options  
girls  honey bunny   Options  
jim capaldi  anna julia   Options  
hot knives   lovin' you   Options  
bird & the bee  my love   Options  
the bats  it's not the same   Options  
michael shelley  mix tape   Options  
ivy  this is the day   Options  
jim noir  ping pong time tennis   Options  
freedy johnston  california thing   Options  
jd souther  say you will   Options  
van dyke parks  come to the sunshine   Options  
quinn scharber  summer   Options  
sea lions   as times change   Options  
sunbears!  they think they're sooo philosophical   Options  
valley lodge   21st century man   Options  
jett brando   impossible to know   Options  
badfinger  flying   Options  
beady eye   for anyone   Options  
slovo   weebles fall   Options  
hospitality   eighth avenue   Options  
aqualung  left behind   Options  
noel gallagher's high flying birds  stranded on the wrong beach   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/23/11 9:10pm G:

[crosses fingers]
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:14pm Michael McCartney:

Enjoying the show this evening in Hawaii where the sun is still up on this Christmas Eve Eve. The musical output of Mike Viola is simply amazing.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:16pm Sister Hairy Hymen:

great stuff like these bands
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:20pm Ben Drinken:

still kinda feel good sunset suns rise kinda music feel good stuff. I am singing off!
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:21pm pseu:

ready for some Mike Viola live in the studio...
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:22pm James in ATL:

Yes! Waiting for this show all week.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:27pm Darth Vader:

Impressive. Most impressive.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:27pm Wendy del Formaggio:

PSEU! Happy holidays to you and The White Russian and all the studio and playlist pals.
Wait a minute, that's not OUR Kelly Jones, is it?!?
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:28pm eastvanhalen:

Way too good. Evening, all.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:31pm pseu:

evening, Michael, evh and Wendy, james, g, and Darth Vader and...Ben...
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:34pm Destroit:

Merry Xmas pseu & everyone! Totally looking forward to the show. Now engaging cheese & crackers.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:34pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Thanks sooo much for this show, Pseu! There's nobody like MV!
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:38pm PB:

That cover version of Fun Fun Fun by Girls was pretty good. Are they paying royalties to the Beach Boys for that "originial" song.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:40pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Mmmm! Jim Capaldi!
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:40pm Randy in NC:

I missed them, but The Connells played a rare show here last weekend.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:41pm pseu:

I don't think the Beach Boys are rich enough, PB nor do I think anyone should honor their influence, that's just criminal.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:42pm pseu:

also, it's spelled "aboriginal".
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:43pm PB:

Pseu, their is "honoring someone's influence" and then there is blatantly and unashamedly ripping someone off.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:44pm pseu:

oh, jeez, get a grip. Welcome to 1913.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:45pm pseu:

We have some Beach Boys experts on this board right now. Let them weigh in.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:51pm James in ATL:

I am no expert, but the beach Boys Surfing USA is a direct lift of Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry.
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:54pm Michael McCartney:

YEAH BABY! Digging it!
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:57pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Electro De Perfecto is easily one of the beat albums of the year!
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:58pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Read that as best, not beat. Jeez....
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:01pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Save this link for later. An early acoustic version of, "Soundtrack...."
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:02pm Destroit:

I've never heard of mike v. This is great great music. Now I Know.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:07pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Another link for later....
I'll be quiet now....
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:08pm Destroit:

Rub rub rub...I cannot believe I've never heard of him, this is wonderful...its like I have a new toy to play with. :)
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:11pm G:

I got my first Viola music after hearing a track of his on this show back in June or July.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:12pm Kieran:

Great music. Thank you Mike Viola.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:12pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Hey G, what Viola music did you get?
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:14pm G:

Got "Falling Into Place" first, then several others after listening to that...
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:15pm Destroit:

If mike v. And David gedge f,d each other, had a baby....I'd like that baby
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:16pm G:

  Fri. 12/23/11 10:18pm MaryL:

Good God -- can I actually buy this song anywhere?
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:19pm Michael McCartney:

Yes. Amazon and iTunes. Some actual music stores. Also his own website - MikeViola.com
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:21pm Destroit:

I feel like I'm listening to Costello and Joe Jackson for the first time. Yeahhhhhh! Best gift ever!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:22pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

YES, MaryL!
Electro De Perfecto is the album!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:22pm MaryL:

Thanks, Michael! I've been rooting around and can find it on eMusic, too, so that's lined up for my next download. (Which track had the hook "Blame it on the Beatles and the Stones"?)
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:23pm James in ATL:

Terrific stuff! This song sounds like a great NRBQ song.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:23pm R Stevie Less:

I missed the talk sets, can you please repeat everything you said during the next one?
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:24pm Andrew:

Hi Sue & everyone! ^_^
Hope you're having a good pre christmas (it's christmas eve here)
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:27pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

MaryL, that track was, "Closet Cutter".
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:29pm MaryL:

Ha! I just went through the excerpts on eMusic and found that out, Dr.! Yeah, I'm buying the whole thing one way or another, but that minor chord change on CC just KILLS me. God bless plangent singer-songwriters with husky voices.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:29pm tramshed:

I demand you play ebook renditions of popular fantasy book songs.
I also demand you call it "Pseu's Thing With A Book"
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:30pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

MaryL, you may want to consider buying the CD (or vinyl) from MV instead? :)
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:32pm Michael McCartney:

I got the vinyl from Mike directly. It sounds amazing.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:33pm MaryL:

Yes, I support artists directly when I can -- getting my credit card out right now!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:35pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Yeah, Mike. I bought the vinyl from Mike at his Portland, Maine show, then digitized the LP, and burned a CD of it. The CD has 2 tracks. Side 1 and Side 2. Sounds AMAZING!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:38pm Destroit:

Gedge, McGowan, Costello. Lennon, Mascis and now mv. I don't usually listen to lyrics. You, mv, had me listening to words, not sounds, and that is hard to do. Thank you and keep movin!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:39pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Let's Have' A Baby!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:41pm Destroit:

All night
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:44pm MaryL:

Gah! Such a backlist to catch up with. Hey Mike, any touring plans? Toronto on the schedule?
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:46pm Destroit:

I forgot Billy joel in my lyrics hall of fame...all night
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:48pm glenn:

it's very cold in t.o. tonight. he'd be happier staying in l.a.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:49pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

MaryL he was in Vancouver awhile ago. He's in Boston a couple times a year in a tiny, intimate club. You should make the trip!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:49pm Marmalade Kitty:

Merry Christmas Pseu & all!!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:49pm MaryL:

We have houses and furnaces up here, you know.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:49pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Andrew Gold cover! Wheee!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:50pm Andrew:

hey i know this song... summers day
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:50pm Dirk Diggler:

Love this song.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:51pm glenn:

yes, i know. my house in the junction has a very lovely furnace.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:52pm Destroit:

Marmalade! Did not expect this tonight. Too good.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:53pm MaryL:

I'm in the Junction, too, but I'm originally from Québec, so I haven't even turned on the furnace yet. Got tourtière to keep me warm.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:54pm Marmalade Kitty:

Is this Mike V? The Playlist stopped updating on the bats?? Sounds great.. Hi Destroit!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:55pm MaryL:

Yes, this is Mike V. How the hell have I never heard of him before?
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:57pm glenn:

tourtiere is tomorrow night.
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:58pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

MaryL, MV isn't all that well known, unfortunately. Glad you know who his is now!
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:58pm tramshed:

with the flash player, its incredibly easy to rip the streams
  Fri. 12/23/11 10:59pm glenn:

ripping streams doesn't pay the artist.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:00pm Destroit:

Im darn near 40. Top ten ever. Again, thank you for running this stuff.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:00pm tramshed:

trying to buy albums that arent available also doesnt pay the artist.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:01pm G:

@glenn: to have this particular performance, not as a substitute for buying legal music
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:01pm Andrew:

thanks mike & pseu. I gotta head off now, presents to wrap & all (im not at home right now, gotta get home)
hope you all have a great christmas! ^_^
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:02pm glenn:

both those points are correct. i am humbled.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:04pm tramshed:

tis ok, there was a fair chance I was just being an asshole anyways. Im pretty drunk
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:04pm MaryL:

humble pie < tourtière -- meanwhile, merchdirect.com is down for me. I'll have to try later.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:05pm glenn:

anyway, maybe it's just me, but i find flash player plays havoc with my computer.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:06pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

MaryL, please contact me at drrknrl@gwi.net. I have an official MV sampler CD I got at a recent show that I'd be happy to send you. Glad you discovered him!
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:07pm glenn:

soundscapes may have it, maryl.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:10pm tramshed:

its only alive until you kill and eat it.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:11pm MaryL:

Thanks for both offers, guys. I can get instant gratification with YouTube, so I'll buy the album when the site is up for me again.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:13pm pseu:

hey all, tramshed -- WFMU's Free Music Archive will make this whole set available for FREE in HI FIDELITY AUDIO, this is Mike's and our gift to you! I'll let you know when that happens over here: http://www.facebook.com/events/215110331902414/ after the holidays -- no idea how long it takes, we're a volunteer organization.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:16pm MaryL:

Van Dyke Parks? SRSLY?
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:21pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Thanks again for this Christmas present, Pseu!
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:23pm pseu:

you're most welcome, Dr.!
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:23pm Marmalade Kitty:

I'm wrapping presents while listening to the show No rest for the wicked :D
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:24pm MaryL:

pseu, I'm a newbie who has to set aside time for your show from now on. Love it!
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:26pm glenn:

besides, listening to pseu is far less painful than watching les habs lose yet again.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:27pm MaryL:

  Fri. 12/23/11 11:29pm James in ATL:

This has been the one of the best live performance sets I have heard on WFMU. I immediately bought Electro De Perfecto online. Thanks Pseu for this great show.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:32pm glenn:

welp, night all, and merry hookmas.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:33pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Thanks for supporting MV, James!
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:42pm Michael McCartney:

Ooooo...Badfinger's "Flying". Nice.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:43pm Kieran:

Pseu, thanks for another great show.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:47pm pseu:

Danke all!
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:55pm D. Lux G.:

I moved away from N.Y. for 20 years and have just recently moved back. I would just like to say, "Hello old friend; I missed you, Radio."
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:57pm WFMU Radio:

missed ya buddy.
  Fri. 12/23/11 11:58pm MaryL:

Bloody maudit hell, this is a GREAT playlist.
  Sat. 12/24/11 12:16am D. Lux G.:

Sing to me Johnny.
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